She lifted her head from the couch, clutching her book in her hands. Well, it was actually his book. She'd finally begun reading the Nikki Heat series over again, embracing her new summer freedom.

"Hmm?" she inquired, crossing her legs over one another as she lay back on the couch.

He smiled up from her computer across the room, chuckling a little. "Hey, love, so what's going on with your iTunes?"

She furrowed her brow and dropped the book onto her chest, clutching it tightly to her as she sat up and stared at him. "What do you mean?"

"Your iTunes… This music is so… random" he inquired, scrolling down her playlists.

"Shut it Castle. It's not like you have the perfect playlist either."

"Yeah, but mine isn't this out there. You go from classical to rock to… Katherine Beckett, are these show tunes?"

With that, she flew off the couch and to her desk, hopping in front so she say perched on the edge, quickly coving her screen with her hands. "I think you've perused the contents of my computer quite enough."

"Ooh no" he growled. His hands spanned her thin waist as he tugged her into his lap, his lips moving toward the crease between her neck and shoulder to devour her skin.

"C-Castle, release" she sighed, her body leaning toward his as she contradicted her own words.

"Not happening Beckett" he whispered, sucking on the sweet spot of her neck.

Her hands flew up and gripped his shoulders as she leaned back on her desk. Her head draped back and to the side, her long brown hair flowing back as she leaned against her desk on her elbows. His mouth felt perfect against her skin, eliciting sounds from her that she'd tried so hard to keep back. "Castle" she whimpered, her nails digging into his skin.

Castle smiled and leaned more into her, causing her to fall back onto her desk. Her elbow hit the spacebar on the keyboard, and music slowly escalated through the speakers.

Beckett's face turned a bright shade of red as she pulled back from his lips, spinning her head quickly to stare at the computer screen, her hair whipping his face in the process.

"Ow!" he yelped, taking a hand away from her hip to rub his face. "Kate, what are you doing?"

"M-music" she stuttered, still having not fully gained her brain function back from their previous state.

"Yeah, you hit the keyboard. Come on, it's fine."

Beckett shook her head and began giggling, bringing a hand up to cover her mouth. "The music, Castle. Don't you hear it?"

He finally shut up and listened to the music coming through her speakers. Though it was quiet, he could still hear a 'Hot Honey Rag' from the musical 'Chicago' coming through. "Never would have pegged you for a musical girl."

Beckett turned back to him and leaned in, pressing her lips softly to his. Her left hand pressed into his chest as her right caressed his cheek where her hair whipped him. "Oh, so many layers to the Beckett onion." She kissed him again, trailing her lips over his jaw and up to his ear before capturing it between her teeth. "How ever will you peel them all?"

"Slowly. Very, very slowly." He kissed her lips fully again, his hands returning to her waist as the song changed to the 'We Both Reached for the Gun'. They stayed together for a while, kissing slowly, as the song changed to 'All That Jazz', and then to 'Cell Block Tango'. "Really, Beckett, do you have the entire soundtrack."

She stayed silent, her eyes averting to the side.

"Oh. My. God. You do, don't you? You have the entire 'Chicago' soundtrack on your iTunes."

"It's a good movie, okay? The music is good and the dancing is phenomenal and the Broadway version is just to die for. Yes, Castle, I have a show tunes guilty pleasure. You have no room to talk Mr. Metrosexual. Or should I just call you Carrie."

"Hey now, we discussed that" he frowned, kissing her cheek. "I only watched that show out of the corner of my eye while Mother had it on… That still doesn't sound too convincing."

She shook her head and leaned down, kissing him fully as her arms wrapped around his neck. "Not quite."

They sat like that for a minute, soaking in the music, before she started toying with the buttons on his shirt, unbuttoning a button for each word she sang in the song.

"Pop… Six… Squish… Uh Oh… Cicero…. Lipshitz."

"Beckett, what are you doing?"

"You insist on teasing me, then I'm just going to tease you back" she whispered in his ear, trailing her lips over the tendons of his neck.

She raked her nails over his chest and skirted his lips over his skin, singing the words of the song low in his ear.

"Kate" he growled, his hands gripping her waist tightly. "Stop."

"Oh come on Mr. Castle, can't handle a little fun?" she murmured, kissing his jaw.

"What I can't handle is you dragging your… Oh" he groaned as her hips moved over him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and stood, her legs automatically wrapping around his hips as her she kissed his neck. His hands slid down as he held her against him, squeezing her bum in his hands.

"Castle!" she yelped, pulling away from his neck, smiling as she saw the smirk on his face. "Oh really… Well then, if that's how you want to play, you want to know a little secret?"

"What's that?" he asked, walking them toward her bedroom.

"You've seen the movie, right?"

"Chicago? Oh course. Have you met my mother? Watching that movie in my house was practically a requirement. Why?"

"Well, the forms of the… clothing… from the musical might be in my closet" she whispered in his ear, toying with the hair at his neck.

His eyes widened and he stepped into her room, dropping her onto her feet.

Smiles shown on both of their faces as he kissed her fully on the lips. "Go. Please."

Beckett smiled and began to walk into the bathroom before he reached out to her again. His hand circled her wrist as he tugged her back toward him, pulling her flush against his chest. "Wait" he whispered, kissing her soundly on the lips. His hands rested on her hips as he pulled back from her. "I love you."

She beamed up at him and kissed him fully, her fingertips tracing the lines on his biceps. "I love you too."

Castle spun her and pushed her gently toward the bathroom. "Now go change." He spoke eagerly, like the nine year old on a sugar rush she'd known him to be.

"As you wish, Billy Flynn. As. You. Wish."

This will be a story as a series of one shots based off of different songs that I have on my incredibly random running playlist. Let me know if anything should change grammar wise. Hope you like it!