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Pasedena, California. 11:45 A.M.

Caltech physics' department lunchroom

"Do you honestly think that I, Dr. Sheldon Cooper, require a post-doctoral assistant" Declared a boisterous thin man.

" And one working in such a paltry field as Plasmonics."

"Sheldon Cooper doesn't merely dabble in things others have discovered for profit. Ohh no Sir-E-Bob. "

"I work on the forefront of theoretical particle physics. I find vast new things, and dimensions that you could never fathom, "doctor" Han Zhang"

"But, but sir. The applications of such to the electronics industry would be a great boom to university's honor and could make you a great deal of money." A small neatly dressed young Chinese with a tightly trimmed bowl cut uttered.

"Yes, yes these things seem interesting to engineers and such but there is nothing that would interest a superior mind such as mine." He rebutted coldly.

"We would greatly enjoy your help with my research and I would not allow any of my focus off of your calculations and experimentations, I know you're not a huge fan of the technical aspects of my work but think of the benefits."

"Benefits?" Pondered Sheldon moving ahead in the cafeteria line.

"My financial backers are prepared to offer Caltech a $100, 000 donation to the Physics research department and offer you personally a $30, 000 consulting fee for each year I work under you."

"So let me get this straight." He quipped, moving further up the line and grabbing a tray "You'll give the University barely enough money to buy anything decent in cutting edge equipment so most likely it will go to some hack like Hofstadter." "Hey" erupting from the crowd.

"And devote your time to 'helping' me with my research, while still completing your own mind you, and pay me for such a opportunity"

"$30, 000" Han replied in a dead serious tone.

"Well as much as the prospect tickles my ego, you little Chinese spy, the greatness of Sheldon Cooper is not for sale. A good day to you sir." Sheldon announced, while watching studiously at the work of the cafeteria worker, ensuring the quality of his lunch service.

Leaving the food line Sheldon walks right into trouble.

Dr. Eric Gablehouser, Head of Caltech Physics department.

"Since when did Caltech turn down funding Sheldon?"

"Bad move Coopa, bad move" Kripke interrupted, in usual fashion.

"I believe that you should go talk to Dr. Zhang again and seriously consider his proposal" Gablehouser crossed his arms and shuffled with intimidation.

"My research is above such things." Cooper stood tall and puffed his chest

"Alaskwa, Coopa, Alaskwa" Kripke smirked at Cooper who was now glaring at him.

"Barry be quiet." Gablehouser turning from Kripke to Cooper. "Seriously consider it"

Sheldon rolled his eyes and went to his usual spot at his table of friends.

Leonard was once again mystified at the obscurity that what his roommate Sheldon.

"$30, 000. How could you turn that down Sheldon" Leonard put down his drink and questioned.

"It was nothing, no more assistants no more postgraduates, they are all needy and useless."

"Hey." Raj called out in outrage putting his fork down.

"I stand by my statement." Sheldon replied in banality before digging into his lunch.

"So Penny texted me this morning, said she had some big news." Leonard announced trying to avoid the silence caused by Sheldon's sociability.

"Big news?" Raj pondered the grabbed for his drink as Leonard did the same.

"She's Pregnant?" Howard guessed causing an explosion of soda from both Raj and Leonard.

Food now soiled with pop, Sheldon pushed his tray to the middle of the table while Raj and Leonard coughed exhaustively.

"What?" Leonard demanded.

"Just a guess, you two are together again?" The Indian man made inappropriate hand gestures.

"That would make sense, they were performing coitus the Wednesday before last, so a home pregnancy test would show just about in time for her morning bathroom break." Sheldon estimated looking at his watch.

"That's not what it is, She wouldn't just text me 'big news' and leave it at that if she was pregnant. Would she?" Leonard fought out while shaking in worry.

A course of shrugs met his response. After a few moments of silence in which Raj and Howard ate with smirks on their faces and Sheldon texted Amy, undoubtedly, his recent hypothesis on Penny and Leonard's news, Leonard broke.

"That's it I'm calling her" Pulling his cellphone out he started dialing.

"Speakerphone" Raj inquired, earning an elbow from Wolowitz. "What?"


Amongst a cacophony of noise and clashing dishes


"Penny?" Leonard sheepishly replied while the group sat astute to what she had to say, Raj holding back a fit of giggles.

"Leonard why are you calling at lunch time, it is really busy at the Cheesecake Factory, my supervisor is giving me a stink-eye and table three hasn't gotten their drinks yet." Penny blabbered before turning from the phone "You'll get your pitchers just hold your horses!"

"Jeeze who has a pitcher of beer with lunch?" Penny mumbled back into the phone.

"Drunks?" Howard suggested.

"Penny, you said, you had big news to tell me this morning? could you elaborate a little." Leonard pipped in worry.

"Ohhh Yeah!, My god I nearly forgot! You'll be more shocked then I was." shouting as she danced around behind the bar.

"Told you she was pregnant." Sheldon crossed his arms and grandstands

"What?" Penny screamed, drawing attention to herself ,which she then waved off "Sheldon I'm not pregnant." Leonard let out a sigh of relief and the boys relaxed around the lunch table.

"I won a contest."

"A contest?" Leonard postured

"Acting contest?" Raj questioned Howard and Leonard looked at him with creased foreheads.

"Don't be ridiculous." Sheldon proclaimed.

"Hey" Penny barked once again drawing attention to herself at the cheesecake factory. " I was collecting all the PINs from all the soda sold at the Cheesecake Factory as using them to win online contests and I won."

"Real professional"

"Is that even allowed"

"Bored much"

"Hey, Hey,Hey... So Penny what did you win?" Leonard asked wondering what he would be so shocked about.

"I won tickets to the premiere of 'The Avengers' in New York city. I can pass head-shots onto all the big-wigs and we get to meet all the actors and see the movie before everyone else and free trip to New York and First class and" Penny rambled on.

The boys were all in shock and had massive grins on their faces.

"That's great news Penny" Leonard was ecstatic.

"I'll have to clean my suit" Howard remarked.

"Oh, my god. I'm so exited."

"Uhh guys."

"I won 'two' tickets."

The group looked at each other

"So only me and Leonard will be going." Penny guiltily told the group.

"Leonard and I" Sheldon corrected when a dark look came over him.

"Wait, wait, hold on a second. You are going to the Avengers and your bringing Leonard not me?" Sheldon yelled.

"Uhh, yeah. He's my boyfriend."

"But under the roommate agreement subclause 6, pertaining to movie viewing, if one roommate.." Sheldon listing was cut short by Leonard.

"Sheldon. Penny won the contest and thus it is not privy to the roommate agreement laws." Leonard fought back.

"Plus Stan Lee has a restraining order out on you." Raj added.

"You think he'll be there" Wolowitz asked Raj

"Totally he is at like all the marvel movies"

"Leonard I have to got to go, the guys from from table three are trying to do keg stands from the taps" Penny called over the voices around her as she hung up the call.

The boys sat there in wonder, two were proud of their friend Leonard's luck, the other trying to actively acquire the ability to control the minds of others. namely Penny.

Two Weeks later


"Come on Penny let's go" Leonard hurried Penny through the airport dragging three large suitcases.

"Did you really need to bring so much?" he questioned Penny.

"I have to be ready, If I get a shot to get a role I better have enough mugshots, makeup and clothing to look like I can play any role"

"Penny. this is a movie premiere and we won a contest. I highly doubt anyone will give us the time of day so lets just try to have fun."

"Shut up. If anyone asks you're my manager, I got business cards and everything."


They boarded the plane and were excited to sit first class. Pushing their carry-ons into their overhead compartments they sat down next to a sleeping man.

"Ok Penny you can say you are an actress but I'm not being your manager and you are not handing out any mugshots, and I'll take you to a play on Broadway, deal?" Leonard pleaded

"Fine" she pouted and jostled the seat next to her.

"I'll pretend to be your manager if you let me go instead." came a disturbingly familiar voice.



"You didn't come just so you could persuade Penny into taking you to the premiere instead of me? " Leonard glared at his eccentric roommate.


"But you hate air travel. How'd you even get onto the plane?" Penny asked.

"Wolowitz gave me some of his mother's muscle relaxers and now everything feels just fine" Sheldon slurred

"But you have tried to convince Penny for the last two weeks straight, you even offered to take back all of her strikes if she let you go. And she still refused. What makes you think you can get a different result now?" Leonard balked.

"Did Malcolm Reynolds give up when he lost the war with the alliance"

"Well kinda he did." Leonard remarked.

"No he stayed loyal and at the last moment the chance came and he defeated the alliance."

"The alliance was far from defeated, Sheldon, and that's besides the point this is a romantic trip for me and Penny to New York and we don't need you tagging along."

"But I won't be a bother will I? Penny?" he asked his blonde neighbor who seemed to be deep in thought

"Weren't Amy's a parents coming to visit this weekend?" Penny inquired


"And shouldn't you, the boyfriend, be there as well" and angry Penny continued

"Raj, Howard and Bernadette will be there, so it should be fine." Sheldon theorized

"Sheldon Cooper" Penny glared at Sheldon and rose out of her seat to hover over the good Dr. Cooper.

"Ummm Air Marshal. This woman means to assault me." The man, on hearing the bulk of their conversation, turns his back to the trio and goes back to his magazine.

"Air Marshal?"

New York, Finch's Library

Same Time

A face appears on the screen after typing the numbers.


Sheldon Cooper

The bespectacled man behind the screen dials his phone.

"John we have a new number, hope your not too busy." he added sarcastically.

"On my way." Is the only reply from the gravelly voice on the other side of the mic.

As more files pour onto the screen Finch reads up on the newest irrelevant.

"So a serial killer this time?" John asks as Finch jumps unaware of the stealthy entry of his dangerous employ.

"Very funny John, yes this man does seems quite unassuming but we always have to be wary, but for now we can rule victim for the most efficient approach to our operations." Finch brings up some screens to show John.

"The man appears to have a larger online profile then most, an avid gamer and internet searches appear to be varied between the technical and fictional."

"Well it says he is a physicist and pages on comic books, so geek and nerd. In short."

"Yes but atypically so, he has a very high IQ and it appears he will go a step too far in proving he's right, often offending various large groups. and also appears to have a couple restraining orders from." clicks his mouse a few times.

"Leonard Nemoy and Stan Lee, both prominent figure in the Comic/SciFi crowd." Finch looked closely at the screen.

"So obsessive fan? You figure any of these men are in danger?" John studied the faces of men he would know, if popular media played any role in his life.

"No, though Stan Lee is in town for a movie premiere, nothing in his psych report shows any sign of violence in his behavior." Finch stated.

"You hacked his psychologists files? What kinda psychologist puts their files in servers that people like you could hack."

"You'd be surprised John, but I did not need to hack his shrink's computer, his girlfriend is a neurobiologist and has posted a full examination of Dr. Cooper's psyche on her Facebook page."

"So back to victim, I take it?"

"Sure for now." Finch reached into his desk and pulled out a press pass.

"John Demuire" John tried it out.

"Sheldon Cooper is leaving California with his roommate and his neighbor, the later two won a contest and get to appear at the premiere of 'The Avengers' this weekend."

"Is this perhaps the same premiere Stan Lee will be at?" John questioned

Finch laughed heartily at this statement.

"Were you ever a kid, John, seriously. Yes the same event"

"You are to work as security for the event, I modified the event planner's email to make it look as if you are part of the staff for this event so there should be no problems moving around when at the event. But outside of that you should be able to manage the rest of New York on your own Mr. Reese." Finch spins in his chair to face John.

John looks at the screen for a bit more and turns to leave the library, new faces being memorized.

"Their flight is landing at Laguardia just after 6 P.M., I'll keep you informed." Finch called out while returning to his keyboard to continue probing into the life of a lanky professor.