Story Summary: The Ashrak sent by Cronus gets to Sam and Jolinar before Teal'c and Jack can reach them. Jack suggests a sarcophagus the team found a few weeks earlier on a deserted world, although at the time it didn't appear to work. Sam believed it would have, if a body had been placed in it. As Jolinar and Sam flat-line, and Dr. Fraiser can't revive them, Hammond tells them to go. They take her there, and it does work when a body is placed inside it. It works fine, and Sam and Jolinar leave it fully revived. But Jolinar comes out of it with a few extra body parts. Parts that are now permanently attached to Sam. Modified by a long absent, highly advanced race, it has abilities far beyond reviving the dead.

Chapter One Summary: The Ashrak kills Sam and Jolinar, but SG-1 takes her to a planet where they know there is a sarcophagus. It works and both of them are returned alive and healthy…sort of, that is.

Rating this Chapter – PG

"Italics" - Symbiote-Host Communication

To Make a Queen

Chapter One

Death and Rebirth

Janet Fraiser slammed her fist down onto the edge of the emergency cart causing her people to jump in startled wonder. Dr. Janet Fraiser did 'not' lose her cool. Of course, she didn't usually have to watch, as her best friend died, while she stood by unable to do anything to save her, either.

The Ashrak had gotten to them and now they were both dying. Sam was stronger than the symbiote, but she was fading, too. She'd been doing fairly well, and then suddenly it was as if she just gave up. There had been some very short activity that almost looked as if the symbiote and Sam had talked and then Sam had begun to die, too. Janet had no idea why. The symbiote had rallied and it was fairly obvious they she had tried to help Sam, since she had rallied a little, too. But then it had stopped and nothing Janet Fraiser did seemed to help them.

SG-1 and General Hammond stood to one side as the drama unfolded. Jack O'Neill was feeling mega guilt. She had told them that they couldn't protect her. She'd been proven very right. They'd lost good men over it, too. Because he was too damned stubborn to listen.

"You had no way to know that she spoke the truth, O'Neill," Teal'c's quiet voice broke into his thoughts.

Jack snorted. "Really, Teal'c? Funny. Daniel began to believe her and was worried. You were beginning to believe her, even though you didn't say much. And you agreed that this Ashrak hunter thing could possibly get to her. So, I think that maybe I had a clue or two that said I should have listened."

Daniel looked up from where he was staring at the floor. "It was Sam that time, Jack. I would bet every cent I own. Jolinar wasn't lying about the Tok'Ra. The 'legends' Teal'c's heard of were not just legend, and we may have missed the only opportunity we'll ever have to find them and try to ally with a resistance group actively working against the Goa'uld. And I'm as much at fault as you are. I didn't try to look beyond her attitude and listen to her until it was too late, too. Neither of us was smart enough test our own assumptions."

Suddenly, Jack jumped up, saying, "P7X-553."

"What?" Daniel, for once didn't make the metal leap to follow him. At least not at first.

Not until Jack turned to the General, saying, "Permission to head up a mission to take Carter to PX7-553, Sir. I think it could be done. There was no one there, when we scouted it. The place was deserted."

"The sarcophagus. There was a sarcophagus there." Daniel turned to the General, saying, "Sir, we should consider it. I mean, it's not like she'd become addicted to it from using it once."

"Dr. Jackson, wasn't that the one that Captain Carter said seemed to be hooked up to some type of recording device or something? If I remember, she wasn't even sure it was in working order, although she thought that it might be. Area 51 people are due to take a look at it in a few months. They don't have any personnel free until then."

"Sam told me that she was pretty sure it was in working order, and that it had probably been used to monitor what went on during the process. She was fairly sure it was a laboratory. She was fairly sure it worked because they wouldn't have left a non-functioning sarcophagus in a lab. What would be the point? They couldn't have studied how it worked if it didn't work. At least, that's what she told me, and I think that's more or less what her report said, although, she added that she couldn't be sure that it was even in working order. I think that we should consider trying it General. I agree with Jack on this. We can't just let Sam die because we were negligent. Not…not if there's an alternative available."

The General looked at Teal'c as he waited for him to weigh in with his opinion. Finally, the big Jaffa nodded. "I, too, believe that we should take the chance, General. Jolinar of Malk'shur warned us that she and Captain Carter would die at the hand of the Ashrak. We were at fault for not believing her."

Suddenly the beeping from the area around the table where Sam was lying turned into a solid flat tone. The medical team tried everything they could, but Sam's heart just refused to come back to life. Janet's shoulders slumped. She'd lost the fight, and it was all she could do to remain standing.

The sound penetrated the General's mind and heart. He watched as they applied the paddles and finally had to admit defeat. He'd known this woman since she was a very young child. Turning back to the remainder of SG-1, he jerked his head toward the bed. "Do it." Then he turned and headed toward the control room to have them dial the world where they might or might not be able to save Captain Carter's, Sam's…Jacob's daughter's life. The one who had tried to tell them she was about to die…before it happened. The one none of them would listen to or believe.

Jack and Daniel looked surprised and stood staring, as he left the room. Teal'c was already across the room, demanding, "Unhook Captain Carter, immediately. We must take her now, if we hope to have it work."

Seeing what Teal'c was doing, O'Neill smacked Daniel on the arm and nodded toward the door, saying, "Suit up. Weapons." Daniel nodded and followed him from the room, trusting Teal'c to bring Sam. They would bring his stuff.

Janet, unaware of what happened on the other side of the room, looked at him in surprise. "Teal'c, what…"

"We are taking her to see if the sarcophagus we found will work, Dr. Fraiser. There is no guarantee; however, we must leave at once." Hearing him, the entire medical team sprang into action, removing equipment. As soon as the last piece of equipment was disconnected, Teal'c scooped her up and started running toward the Gateroom.

He was fairly sure that the General would have the Gate already connected to the planet to which they were going. It was a good thing that what they needed was not too far from the gate. They only had a short time to revive her, no more than a few hours at most and the sooner they placed her within the sarcophagus the greater chance that it would revive her.

He wondered if anyone realized yet that it would also revive Jolinar of Malk'shur. He thought it was a good thing. The Tok'Ra were real, and since that was the situation, the Tau'ri needed to ally with them. To have allies that were already working against the Goa'uld would be a very beneficial occurrence. He hoped the Tau'ri would realize that. He was fairly sure that between the two of them, he and Daniel Jackson could convince them. After all, they took him in, and he brought nothing but himself. It was to be hoped that through Jolinar, they would be able to work toward an agreement.

He stopped at the bottom of the ramp and waited for O'Neill and Daniel Jackson to catch up with him. They left the infirmary to gather their weapons before Captain Carter was completely unhooked from the machines, and they would bring his staff weapon, as well as their own weapons. It would not take them long. As they both rushed into the room, he nodded to them. Daniel Jackson carried his staff weapon and had his sidearm, as well.

As they joined him, they walked quickly up the ramp. None of them heard the General tell them they had a go; they were already gone.

Stepping out on the other side they were greeted by a warm, sunny day. Nothing had changed since the first time they'd been here a couple of weeks ago. No one approached, and they felt again that this was a planet that, for whatever reason, had been abandoned. That was not necessarily a good thing, since they didn't know why it had been abandoned. On the other hand, it also meant that there was no one to stop them, or interfere. The three men strode swiftly down the path toward the area where they found the laboratory. It had been found under several modern looking buildings. They had found no bound books or papers to explain what the laboratory was for, but they did find recordings and they managed to build something to play them back. Unfortunately, whatever the language they were written in was, it had so far eluded their attempts to translate it.

Within fifteen minutes, they were inside the building and heading for the stairway that lead down to the laboratory. A few minutes later, they were in the room with the sarcophagus. They all stopped and took deep breaths. This was it. The big Jaffa's arms tightened slightly around his friend's lifeless body. This was Captain Carter's only chance.

It wasn't open, just as it had been before. Daniel walked over to it and opened it, standing with his back to the other two men, for a brief moment, as he looked inside to be sure there were no surprises within it. There weren't. It was as empty, as it had been before. He frowned as he looked inside it again. Something was tugging at the back of his mind, but it just wouldn't come forward. He finally shoved it aside. Whatever it was, it didn't really matter. This was Sam's only chance. If it didn't work, as it hadn't the day they were here before, then they had wasted their time. Sam was sure it was because there was no one inside. It had no reason to power on. She had felt fairly confident that had there been an injured or dead person in it, it would have had power. Well, it was time to find out if she was right or not. He stepped aside and looked at Teal'c.

"It's empty, Teal'c, just as it was. Nothing's changed. All we can do is hope that Sam was right."

Remembering something else that Sam said that day, he turned to the bank of panels just behind it. Going to one of them, he remembered that she had done something here, and it had convinced her that, if there was a body to go into it, it would have worked. Damn. What had she done? She had pressed this one…then…that one, and one of these. Taking a deep breath, he turned to the other two of them as Teal'c laid her inside. "Do either of you remember what Sam did over here that day? I know that she pressed this one, then that one, but then it was one of these. Do either of you remember which it was? Of course, if it doesn't work, we can try a different one, I guess. It probably just won't do anything if it's the wrong one, right?"

Jack looked unconvinced, but as he gazed at his second-in-command's dead body, Jack turned to Daniel and glancing at what he was talking about, he simply nodded in agreement. "Just…just try something, Daniel. The longer she's—not breathing—the less likely it will work. As you say, if it doesn't seem to work, then we'll try another one. Push it."

Daniel drew a deep breath and pushed it. The lid had remained open after Teal'c placed her within it, which wasn't really normal, since it should have shut on its own. As Daniel pushed the last button, it immediately began to close. Daniel breathed a sigh of relief, and he could see Jack and Teal'c doing the same. Evidently, Sam had been right. All it had needed was a body. One of them should have gotten in it that day, and why they didn't Daniel didn't know. Probably the distrust of them in general, he supposed.

Suddenly lights began to blink and numbers, he thought they were numbers, anyway, popped up on one of the panels. Then lines of text that he couldn't even begin to understand began to scroll across the screen on the panel he had pushed the buttons. He pinched the bridge of his nose. He really wished he'd been able to figure out at least some of this, so that he could read what it was saying. Sighing, he shook his head. It really didn't matter. She was dead, if they didn't do it, so unless it turned her into a raging Goa'uld System Lord type, she would at least be alive. Of course, he suddenly realized—so would Jolinar of Malk'shur.

Well, she wasn't Goa'uld. She was—she was Tok'Ra, and they'd better start to think of her in that way. After all, she said that if Sam wanted her to, then she would leave her, as soon as she could find a new host, and he believed her. The others might not, but he did. Just as he now believed that it was Sam talking to Jack. If only they had listened. If only. If only he had taken Sha'uri and Skarra with him to the cartouche room that day. If only. If only they hadn't gone to Nasya that day. If only. If only they knew more about the universe, and the threats that it held. If only. If only they had listened to Teal'c about Jolinar of Malk'shur.

"Daniel, I'm going to go take a look around. I don't feel comfortable leaving the area unchecked, with us down here with no way to know what's going on up above us. After all, someone could arrive, and we'd probably not know it, until it was too late. Besides, Makepeace and his team should be here before long now. It's been almost thirty minutes, and the General said he was going to send backup, since we had no idea what we might run into once we got here."

Daniel nodded. "I'll stay, Jack. Teal'c if you want to go with him, I'll be all right here alone."

Teal'c frowned. "I believe that I should stay here, Daniel Jackson. Should something go wrong, and we need to remove Captain Carter's body, I should be here to help you."

Jack O'Neill nodded. "Good idea, Teal'c. I'll station Makepeace and his team around and then come back later. If she wakes up before I get back, just come up there. I'll be sure that someone is in the upstairs doorway." He gave a laconic smile, as he told them, "Probably me."

Daniel nodded, as he looked over the bank of panels again. The only things that were different on them were the supposed numbers. Everything else about the panel appeared to be the same as far as he could tell. Not that he could tell all that much. He should see if Sam could stuff just enough knowledge into his head to help him know when the pretty lights were just pretty, or if they'd turned dangerous. He snorted to himself. Yeah. Right. He enjoyed listening to Sam talk about these things, but to read about and learn this stuff. Ah, no. Just…no. "Sure, Jack. It probably would be a good idea to check things out around the area. It wouldn't be the first time a group of Jaffa arrived somewhere, after we did. Go on. Teal'c and I will be fine."

Giving a brief salute, O'Neill headed up the stairs. He just wondered why it was taking so long. He'd always thought that they worked quicker than that. Of course, it was usually injuries that he'd actually seen taken care of, so someone that wasn't—breathing—probably took a lot longer. It would work. It would. Shaking off his worry, he became hyper alert to what was going on around him. There was activity to the left. He stepped back into the shadow of the doorway, as Makepeace stepped out of the tree line.

He stepped outside the building and waved them over. As soon as they reached him, he ordered, "The perimeter hasn't been checked for a while." He wasn't about to tell them that he'd not even thought about doing it. "A couple of you need to do that. Someone needs to stay here, so that if some threat suddenly materializes, they can get down to the lab and warn them. I'll stay here and do that."

Makepeace nodded and with a few brief words and gestures, he sent his team off to start checking stuff out and keeping watch. "Nothing happening yet, Jack?"

O'Neill shook his head. "No, nothing as far as we know, but evidently Carter was right, and it was the lack of a body in it that caused it not to activate. She was pretty sure at the time that whoever was working with it had it rigged up, so it wouldn't come on by itself. She figured they managed to disable its power source, so they could use their own and keep better control of whatever it was they were trying to do with it. Since not even Daniel has been able to figure out what any of the stuff we brought back with us says, we really don't know what they were experimenting on or doing with it."

Makepeace nodded, before he cleared his throat. After two false starts, he finally managed, a few words, "Everyone is hoping this works, Jack. Captain Carter." He stopped there for a moment and turned his head to look towards the woods, then began again, saying, "She was really well-liked. So damn smart it was scary, but a really great person. If…well, she would really be missed." Before Jack could answer, he told him abruptly, "I'd better check on Roberts and Duncan. They tend to find the only trouble on the entire planet. I won't be gone long," he called the last over his shoulder, as he strode away in the opposite direction to the one the two men he mentioned had taken.

Even as he scanned the tree line for any movement, Jack was also taking in the other attributes of the planet. It was a really pleasant area and the planet was beautiful. Mountains off in the distance, what looked like a lake not too far away from this place. Trees, blue sky, flowers comfortable temperatures. He sighed and saw Makepeace making his way back toward him. That hadn't taken long. As he approached him, he said, "I wonder why they abandoned it. Whenever we find a planet that seems really great, but there's no one left around it, that makes me nervous. There are no bodies, so they didn't just up and die. There's been no war; nothing is destroyed. Why did they leave? What happened that caused them to decide that they shouldn't stay here?"

Jack looked at him as he nodded. "Yeah. I know what you mean. The buildings have no damage. It's like they up and left it, but planned on returning. I mean, it looks as if they could just move back in and take up their everyday business, as if they'd never been gone."

The other man frowned, before saying quietly, "Maybe they do, Jack. Maybe they come here at certain times of year, stay for a set amount of time, and then return somewhere else. I suppose it's possible that they migrate between worlds. Maybe their main world has times of the year when it isn't a viable place to live, or this is just a much nicer place at that time. And if that is true, and they return here during a time when it is nicer here, as nice as this place seems right now, they could return any time."

"Thanks, Makepeace. That makes me feel so much better." Jack sounded exasperated. It was bad enough to worry about Jaffa suddenly turning up. He didn't need to worry about the original owners of the place coming along, too.

Makepeace grinned. "Well, didn't you say that it was a really nice planet, when you were here before? Beautiful weather, great lake, scenic. If that's what they do, then I think they'd already have arrived. If not, we apologize for trespassing, and hopefully, leave."

"Yeah." The Colonel's eyes lingered on the doorway at the top of the stairway down to the lab. It had been over an hour. What was taking it so damned long?

Daniel was studying the scrolling information again. Right after Jack left, a new monitor type panel came on and started scrolling even more information. He wasn't sure, but he hoped that was a good sign and not a sign that it was having to boost power or something because it wasn't working. Don't go there, Daniel, he chided himself.

Teal'c had settled into Kel-No-Reem shortly after Jack left, and Daniel was simply trying to keep himself occupied. He looked at the information flow one more time, sighed again, and allowed himself to sit down on the floor between the panels and the sarcophagus. There was just nothing to do but wait. He frowned as another panel popped up. It was just a mass of jumping lines. Most had a rhythm to them, but every so often, several of them would go crazy, then other panels would light, soft buzzes would sound, once or twice a switch actually clicked on and then back off. After watching it for a while, he shook his head. None of it made sense to him. When several switches suddenly clicked on and whole banks of lights came on, he gasped. Oh, Goddess, please, please let this not mean it wasn't working. Make it mean that—well crap. He couldn't think of one good scenario that would cause a myriad of panels and lights to suddenly be turning themselves on and off. Not one.

Jolinar of Malk'shur was aware of intense pain in her body as something…grew. Grew? Grew what? How? Quickly regaining her mental faculties, she attempted to contact her new host. "Captain Carter? Samantha? Can you hear me?"

"Yeah, Jolinar. I can hear you. Um, do you know where we are by any chance?"

"No, I do not, Captain Carter. You have control. Slowly move your hand out to your side."

"Jolinar, call me Sam, okay? We don't need to be so formal."

Jolinar nodded her agreement, saying, "Very well, then, Samantha."

Sam's hand felt something hard…like a wall. "It, uh, appears that we are near a wall. Man, it is totally dark, wherever we are. This is what I would say is pitch black. True dark."

Sam could see Jolinar frown. She almost giggled. It just seemed so—odd, to be seeing something that no one else would see. She sobered quickly as a shaft of pain hit her low on both sides of her lower abdomen and then heat poured into her; heat in the area just above her pubic bone. She gasped. "Jolinar? Do you know what's going on?"

Jolinar couldn't answer, for a moment, as pain blossomed, and then ripped through her, but as it slowly let up, she sighed and told her new host, "I was under the impression that we were dying, Samantha. In fact, I am fairly sure that we did die. You…you refused to relinquish me and let me die alone. I thank you, Samantha. Considering our very rocky beginning, for you to do that was…it meant a great deal to me. I…" It became obvious that emotion was not allowing her to continue.

Sam swallowed, and then realized that she had to say it, verbalize what she felt. "Jolinar, when the time came to allow you to die…I've never felt such desolation, as I felt at that thought. I…I couldn't allow you to die without me. I don't understand, considering our beginnings, but the day that we had together, after I stopped fighting and began listening—it's as if an unbreakable bond formed between us. I know that you didn't plan to blend with me, but I think it happened anyway, and I suspect that it was my fault. I believe that I did something that caused it to happen, while you were asleep, didn't I? When I went through all of your memories? I started to understand how you felt about…a lot of things. And I found myself wanting to share that with you. I'm sorry, if you didn't want me for a host, and I won't make a fuss if you decide to leave me. You don't have to stay with me, if it isn't what you want, okay?"

"I guess I should explain what happened to me during this whole thing. You have to understand what happened to me. We'd never heard of the Tok'Ra. I was panicked, furious, and scared. I've seen your thoughts prior to becoming my symbiote. There was no true intent to take an unwilling host. You were very upset when you realized what happened. So that is all pretty much a moot point and can be forgotten."

"Samantha, I could not find a stronger, more compatible host, if I searched for months. Even when you were fighting me, I admired that you continued to do so—even if it did make life rather more difficult. You had a right to be enraged, and I do not blame you. Yes, our joining was a mistake, but my behavior afterwards cannot be explained away so easily, and I regret very much allowing my needs to return to the tunnels to overcome me to that extent." She sighed. "As for the blending, I am afraid that you are correct. We are so compatible that you were able to take our blending deeper on your own. I am sorry, and if you wish me to leave I will, but—I have no real desire to do so. I realize that there will be problems with our respective lives, and how we will meld them; however, if you wish us to remain together, we will work something out, I assure you." She felt the breath of relief that Samantha released.

"I don't want you to leave, no. As you say, we'll work out something. How much more do you have to do to blend us completely?"

"I can do that at once, if it is truly your wish. You did a great deal of it yourself, Samantha—a rather impressive amount actually."

"Should we find out where we are first?"

"I can do both, if you would not mind. As far along as our blending is, it will be a help if I complete it now. You…and I, too…will continue to feel as if something is missing, until I complete the process. It will tend to distract us."

"Okay. Do it." Jolinar sent her agreement, and Sam could actually feel the bonding taking place and removing that bereft feeling that Jolinar had mentioned.

Once she began the process, she waited for a moment or two, and then said, "Reach out in front of you. We are lying on our back."

Sam moved her hand out from her body and about ten to twelve inches above her head, there was another wall. She frowned, and then moved to the opposite side from the one she felt before. Crap. There were four walls around them. She'd just about bet that there would be ends on their box. They were burying them alive. She frowned again. No, that couldn't be true. Embalming would have killed them, since the Ashrak evidently didn't. Again, she frowned. She agreed with Jolinar. They died.

Jolinar broke into her thoughts. "I do not believe that we are in a…coffin, Samantha."

Sam frowned. "No, I don't think we are, either. Not after thinking about it logically. Where we are, though, I don't know."

It is my belief that we are in a modified sarcophagus."

Sam gasped. "A sarcophagus?" Then the modifier kicked into her thoughts and she asked, "What do you mean by modified?"

Jolinar sighed this time. "I have no idea how it has happened, Sam, but unless I am dreaming, and I do not believe that I am, we are in a sarcophagus that has made some major changes in both my body—and yours."

Her voice grim, Sam asked her, "What kind of changes, Jolinar? I don't feel male. In fact, I'm fairly sure that I have all of my original equipment."

"Yes, you do…but…"

"Yes? But?"

"Yes, but I believe that you now have, um, more of everything."

"More of everything? What do you mean?"

"I do not know any other way to tell you this, Samantha. I had no idea that anyone had perfected this type of technology. If the Tok'Ra had known, they would have used it long before now, I assure you."

"Used what, Jolinar? Cut to the chase and just tell me, damn it."

"Very well. You and I…we are now…we are now Queens of the Tok'Ra, Samantha. Unfortunately, if what I believe I am feeling is true, we are permanently connected. This…sarcophagus…has turned me into a Queen symbiote, and it has attached my female organs to yours. Permanently, which in several hundred years could become a problem, although I am hopeful that our people can find a way to, ah, disconnect us. I am sorry, Samantha. I have never seen this technology before, and, since we know nothing about it, I have no idea how to—disconnect us, without it killing one or both of us."

Sam felt like laughing hysterically. Well, at least they had decided to stay together before they found this out. As the thought drifted through her mind, Jolinar answered it, "No, Sam, I had not yet made a survey of our bodies to find the problem before we talked. I was just getting ready to do so, and then became distracted by what we were discussing."

Sam nodded her understanding and then smiled slightly, at the warmth that flooded her. Her team, trying to save them, had brought them to the only sarcophagus they knew about. She had known it was being used in experiments, although not what kind. She sighed.

Her team didn't know what would happen either. Well, there was no point in throwing a hissy fit. Not only was she going to be Tok'Ra, she was going to be a Queen. Well, so be it—She was alive and so was Jolinar. Jolinar had some very serious information to get to her base. What they would do, when they left here, she didn't know, but she was very hesitant to return to the SGC. They would be locked up and maybe even experimented on. She shuddered. No, she wouldn't go back to that. She wasn't sure how to get around it, but she had to, even if they had to make a break for it from here. She could probably convince Daniel to lie and say that the Sarcophagus ate them or something.

Jolinar, following her though process, asked her tentatively, "Am I to understand that you believe we may be incarcerated again, should we return to your base? No, that is not acceptable. I will not allow them to do that to you. If you do not have me, then they will not lock you away. I am sure that my people will find a way to disconnect us."

Sam shook her head, telling her, "We need to get to your—our—base, as soon as possible. You have a traitor running around, and from what I've seen, you need a Queen desperately. No, we aren't undoing this." Sam paused for only a moment before telling her gently, "Jolinar, your…our, people need us badly. We have to begin to spawn as soon as possible. I think you know that."

"I just have to make some decisions. If we can ally our two peoples, and spend at least part of our time, with my people…assuming they don't want to dissect us, then I'm willing to remain your host. I'm not willing to go completely with the Tok'Ra, unless there is a problem for us on Earth. As I said, I won't be experimented on or locked up as a Goa'uld. I'll leave and never go back, before I allow that to happen to us. For one thing, as I said, we need to spawn as soon as possible."

Sam's nimble mind was trying to wrap around the "how to" of doing this. There was no way that the General would just let her go. Not that she wouldn't attempt to get away, but still. That might not be in their best interest either. She almost groaned aloud. They had to think of something, because Jolinar was correct. Being locked up in a cell and interrogated by that ass Maybourne was Not an option she was willing to accept.

She paused, frowning, before saying, "Wait! Don't we need a DNA donor?"

"Code of Life, yes, however, we, um," she paused for a long moment, before flashing an image in Sam's eyes. "We have mates already, Samantha. We will have DNA as you call it."

"Martouf is the human male, and Lantash is his symbiote. I will not allow my love for them to overwhelm you. You will allow your own feelings for them to grow…and even if I am the one to say so, they are both quite irresistible, and you will fall in love with them yourself, before I allow you to experience the fullness of my own love for them. I believe that it would be overwhelming for you, and it would influence you too much right now."

"This is freaky. I feel…something…when I see them. What's going on, Jolinar?"

"Nothing that should not, Samantha. You are feeling my emotions, which, should you allow it, will become yours as well. You will blend in your own love of them as it begins, and continues to grow, and I will feel that; however, as I said, I will not allow the fullness of my love of them to affect you in that way, until you are ready for them to do so."

"So we…what, love as if we are one entity? What if I don't want to love them?" Her eyes widened and she whispered, "Jolinar, what if I don't even like them? What do we do then?"

"Should you decide that you either dislike them, or do not want to love them, then you probably will not. Just because we blend that does not mean that we lose our individuality. You can reject my feelings and refuse to accept them…however, before you choose to do that, I would like for you to at least meet and come to know them. As for our Martouf and Lantash, at least, give them the chance to win your heart."

"Win my heart? They don't even know me. Why would they want to do that? No, I have an even better question. How can they do that? What if they don't even like me, let alone love me? Then what? What happens then?"

"A new host only very, very rarely dislikes their mate's mates. It is a very rare thing to have happen. Most Lifemates share their emotions fully. As I said earlier, I will keep my love of them back from you, for a while, so that you can be sure that it is you that cares for them."

"It is also very, very rare that the symbiote's mates do not come to love their new mate. The length of time for it to happen varies, but sometimes it actually happens quite quickly. They will want to spend a great deal of time with you to come to know you. They will fall in love with you, Samantha, not only because it is the Tok'Ra way, but because you will appeal to them very much. They loved Rosha; they will always love her. But that love will not stop them from falling deeply in love with you. Trust me on this. I know of what I speak, for we have been mates for almost a hundred of your years. Lantash," she murmured even more softly, "will very probably fall for you at once. I do not know why I say that, but it is what my instincts are telling me, and I am almost never wrong if I follow them."

"I see. If I don't fall in love with them on my own, will your emotions affect me?"

"If you allow them to, yes."

Sam nodded. "All right."

Jolinar almost gasped at the calm acceptance in her voice, as she agreed. "Samantha how can you accept that so calmly? This is usually one of the more delicate problems that arise, when there is a new host. Many of the women become quite upset at the idea that the mate will not love them, or that they, themselves, may not 'come to love them for myself, first'."

Sam shrugged. "Well, I'm willing to see how I feel about them. I hope I do fall in love with them. Even if I don't, though, I can allow your emotions to influence me. Once I claim them, they become mine, whether they were originally mine or not. So I will love them one way or another. The love you feel for them." She paused before whispering, "I found it the other night, and it awed me. It is deeper than anything I've ever felt, and I want that kind of love."

She could feel her new—well, boarder—she supposed, sigh in relief. Sam gave another shrug. What would be, would be. There was no point in becoming angst-ridden over something about which she could do nothing. That type of response was a waste of time, energy, and emotions. She had seen Jolinar's memories of the two of them. Not only were they very attractive, they were also a lot of other things that she liked and admired. She would go on from there. Remembering the man, or—men—she felt a shiver go through her. Maybe Jolinar was right. She'd surely found them appealing in Jolinar's memories. They were very good looking and—hot. Oh, yeah, very, very hot.

They both became aware of their pain intensifying. Just as Sam thought, she would have to scream, it left. It was completely gone and a slight warmth was the only thing left behind. "Jolinar? What about, um, ova? Was that taken care of with everything else? Do you continue to make eggs? I mean, you spawn large clutches, right? So, where do they come from? Do you have ovaries now that are full?"

"Yes, they are, however, should I somehow manage to spawn all of them, then new would be grown. We will not run out, Samantha."

"Good. I mean, according to your memories, your numbers are falling, so we need to get some young going, right?"

"Yes. We do. The sooner the better."

"I understand. I've seen your memories, Jol. I know what's at stake."

"I thank you, Samantha."

"You're welcome."

A grinding sound got their attention. "Ah, the last of our transformation must have taken place during the last round of severe pain. I believe we are to be released from here."

"Yeah, um, I should keep control, if you don't want them to think you're Goa'uld, Jolinar."

"Of course, Samantha. I will not take it from you again, other than in an emergency where I would be better able to handle it."

"That's good. Once they get used to seeing me, they'll be more accepting, I think."

"The sarcophagus is opened. Open your eyes, Samantha."

Sam opened her eyes, squinted in the light that was very bright, after the total darkness they had been in, and determining that it was Teal'c and Daniel, she gave a half grin, saying, "Hi, guys. Nice save. Thanks."

Daniel grinned shaking his head, and even Teal'c allowed a small smile to grace his lips for just a moment.

"Are you ready to leave, Captain Carter?"

Sam sat up, and then took Daniel's hand, as he helped her to stand and step out. The sarcophagus closed behind them.

"I think that I need to talk to you guys first. I may not go back with you."

Daniel's eyes widened. "Sam? Why not?"

She sighed heavily. "Because I won't allow myself or Jolinar to become lab rats or criminals and be locked away. I'll go to the Tok'Ra, before I'll do that, Daniel. So, you probably should get the Colonel."

"He'll go ballistic, Sam."


When nothing more was forthcoming from her, Teal'c bowed his head, saying, "I will retrieve O'Neill."

"Sam, I take it that Jolinar came back, too, then?"

"Oh, yeah, Daniel, but she did more than that."

Daniel just looked at her.

She shook her head. "I'll tell you after the Colonel gets here. It's another reason I won't go back, if I'm going to be treated as either something to be experimented on or as a prisoner. This is too important to the Tok'Ra for me to give into the pressure to return, Daniel. In fact, it's a matter of life or death to the Tok'Ra as a whole."

Daniel just blinked at her.