Hey, this is my first Adventure Time story :D I saw the parody version of Adventure Time and thought that Marshall Lee and Fionna would make such an awesome couple that the world would explode from the perfectness! Just like Fin and Marceline would ;) Anyway, hope you like it. Please review, but don't be too harsh. Constructive critism is good, not hate. Thank you!

"Cake! Help!" Fionna cried as the Ice Queen's penguins crowded around her, ready to attack.

Several of the penguins were already lunging for Fionna when Cake grabbed her. The Ice Queen became even more furious, which Fionna didn't think was possible. She sent ice shards toward Cake and Fionna. Cake, luckily, saw them too and dodged them. The penguins were still chasing them around the ice castle. Cake was headed towards the window and Fionna managed to climb onto her back. Once they jumped out the window, Ice Queen shrieked loudly.

"I'll get rid of you sooner or later, Fionna! You won't keep me from the princes of Aaa forever!"

"She's getting even crasier than she usually is..." Cake frowned.

"Must be the menopause finally getting to her..."

Cake and Fionna laughed loudly. That was until they heard a loud hiss from the forest beneath them. Fionna remembered the rumour going around that the vampire king, Marshall Lee, had escaped from the Night O'sphere. Cake shuddered, but Fionna kept thinking about the vampire king. Everyone that saw him had been scared senseless. None of them were harmed, luckily, but he still went around scaring the pants off of everyone. Fionna didn't like that he was freaking all her friends out. She wished she could stop him, but no one who saw him remembered what he looked like. They were too scared to remember anything except that Marshall Lee was the one who scared them.

"When we get home, you need to go to bed... Remember the new school finally opened and Prince Gumball told me to make sure you went," Cake reminded Fionna.

"Uggggh! Do I really need to go to school? I mean, all I'm going to do my whole life is defend Aaa and it's princes. I don't really need to learn anything for that!" Fionna complained.

"You have to go because an adventuress shouldn't be all muscle. She needs some brain too, honey. So you're going one way or another tomorrow. Do you fucking understand me?" Cake's voice managed to scared Fionna.

"Alright, I'll go. But if I don't like it, I won't go anymore!"

"Fionna you're my little sister and I love you, BUT YOU'RE GOING TO SCHOOL WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!"

Fionna let it go. Cake wasn't going to change her mind about it. Honestly, Fionna would rather deal with a hundred Ice Queens than deal with an angry Cake. They finally reached their tree house and Cake ushered Fionna to bed. Fionna got into her pajamas and climbed into bed. Strangely, the only thing that went through Fionna's head was Marshall Lee. She really wanted to meet him somehow just to see if he was as scary as everyone said.

Fionna was awoken by Cake shaking her almost violently. She shouted at Fionna to wake the fuck up and pretty much pushed her out of bed. When Fionna looked at the clock, she realized it was only seven in the morning. She had never been awake this early in her life. Slugishly, she got dressed in her usual outfit. A light blue shirt and a dark blue skirt. She didn't bother brushing her tangled mess of hair. She just tucked it into her white bunny hat, except for her bangs which covered most of her forehead. Then she grabbed her backpack, which Cake had emptied and filled with school things for her. Even her sword was gone.

"Cake, I need my sword."

"No, you don't need it for school. Ice Queen won't be there and neither will anything be there that you'll need you sword for. You have everything you need in your bag. Now get going!" Cake pushed her out the door. "I'll be there once school's over to bring you home. Bye!"

The door to their treehouse slammed shut and Fionna sighed. She then started walking to the school. It wasn't very far from her house. Fionna saw it a lot when it was still being built. Now that it was open, Fionna wish it was never built. She saw others walking to the school. They were from almost every kingdom. Even children from the fire kingdom had shown up. Maybe they'll burn down the school and I won't have to go anymore, Fionna hoped.

Once she got to the school, she saw some of the candy children. Some of them said hi to her, the others were running around and being cute. The bell rang way too soon and Fionna looked at her schedual.

1 Aaa History Rm. 32

2 Sword Fighting Gym

3 Litterature Rm. 69

4 Lunch

5 Mathmatics Rm. 16

6 Chemistry Rm. 53

7 Kingdom Legends Rm. 70

Fionna was happy that she had sword fighting as a class. At least she'd have some fun here. Also Kingdom Legends sounded pretty interesting. Mathmatics, litterature, and chemistry... Not so much... Well she couldn't do much about it. She walked around the school looking for room 32. When she finally found it, most of the desks were taken. Sadly, the flame people didn't catch anything on fire unless they wanted to. Fionna remembered her interaction with the Fire Prince. She shuddered at the thought as she sat in the back where there were two empty seats right next to each other. Sure there were other empty seats, but Fionna didn't want the teacher to see her fall asleep.

The bell finally rang and the teacher (who looked like Peppermint Maid's brother) stood up from her desk in the front of the room. "Good morning everyone. I'm glad to see you all are here. Now let's take roll. Raise your hand when I call your name, please."

Just then, a student came into the class room. He was greenish and had black hair. His black eyes had a bored look in them as the teacher grimanced at him. He had on a red and black checkered button up shirt and blue jeans. Fionna noticed how every one of the students grew very quiet. She wondered why...

"Now, young man, why are you late for my class?"

"I wanted something to eat before I got here," even his voice showed how bored he was.

Fionna was hoping to see the teacher blow up at this, but he only continued his questions.

"Next time you're late, I'll give you lunch detention. What is your name?"

"I'm Marshall Lee the Vampire King," a smile appeared on his face.

The teacher stuttered something and back up a few steps. "Oh, Mr. Lee... Hello, I saw your name on my list, but I didn't believe you'd actually show up."

"Niether did I, but my mother said I had to go or she'd have me dragged back to the Night O'sphere. Once you get out, you don't want to go back."

Fionna was shocked. She hadn't expected Marshall Lee to go to school. She stared at him, trying to figure out what was so scary about him. He looked pretty unscary to her. The teacher told him to sit wherever he wanted and picked up the roll sheet. Marshall Lee looked around until he fixed his eyes on Fionna and then the seat next to her. Fionna begged in her head that he wouldn't sit next to her. Of course, he did. Very uncaringly too. When Fionna grimanced at him, he only smiled showing off his fangs. Fionna's breathing quickened and she looked back at the teacher.

"Fionna the Adventuress."

Fionna raised her hand quickly.

"Oh, Fionna it's nice to finally meet you. My wife, Peppermint Maid, has told me a lot about you."

"I didn't know she was married..." Fionna raised her eyebrows at him.

"Oh yes, for seven years too. We can speak more later, though," he then moved onto the other students.

"So you're Fionna the brave Aaa Adventuress," Marshall Lee smirked at her. "I thought you'd be unattractive when I heard about you. Guess kings can be wrong too."

Fionna felt her cheeks get hot as she blushed. He thought she was attractive? She looked up at him, though.

"And you're Marshall Lee, the scary vampire king. I thought you'd be scary looking. I guess adventuresses can be wrong," she smiled wickedly at Marshall Lee.

He narrowed his eyes at her and Fionna turned away from him. She heard him mutter out a fuck you, though. It was only the first day and she was already making enemies...