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Marshall Lee was laying in his bed. All he could think about was what had happened with Fionna. He hadn't been thinking when it all happened. It wasn't like he regretted any of it, but he still was confused. She seemed to always do that to him. No wonder he ended up making out with her right behind her house.

A smirk appeared on Marshall's face. He wondered what PG would be thinking if he knew about all this. For someone as smart as Gumball was, he was pretty stupid. He had never noticed Fionna's crush on him. It was more than obvious. PG would probably be jealous and not even realize.

That smirk faded when he thought about the confrontation he would be having with Gumball soon. Because he was so certain of Gumball's guilt, Marshall had to talk to him. But the thing was, even if they weren't really friendly, what would PG's motive behind the scarings be? It wasn't like he had really done anything that would warrant something like this. But there really wasn't much Marshall could do at the moment. He just had to wait until he could corner Gumball into telling him everything.

His mind quickly went back to Fionna, though. He couldn't help, but think about how soft her lips had been and how amazing of a kisser she was. He'd kissed a few vamps back in the Night O'Sphere, but none of them were as good as her.

Sighing, Marshall rolled on his side and tried to relax.

Fionna woke up around noon. She could barely get any sleep at all. Her mind wouldn't let her. Her imagination had kept recreating her kiss with Marshall. All she could think of was how good looking he was, how he made her react, and how good a kisser he was.

Of course he was her first kiss, but she could still tell he was really good.

When she finally woke up, she found a note in the kitchen.

Dear Fionna,

You were still sleeping when I left so I decided to let you rest. I went out with Lord for lunch and some fun.

See you later tonight, sugar.

Love Cake

Cake's letter made Fionna smile. She was happy that Cake was so happy. Her and her boyfriend were a prefect couple. They connected so well despite the war between their species.

Fionna knew that Marshall was planning to come over sometime today, but she wasn't prepared to be home alone with him. Well, how much trouble could they get into? It's not like Cake couldn't come home at anytime.

That was enough to make Fionna feel a bit better about the whole thing.

There was a loud knock on her door. She rushed over, forgetting that she was still in her pjs, and opened the door.

"Hey, Mar-" Fionna stopped as she saw who was at the door. "What are you doing here-"

They grabbed her and rushed out. Leaving a note on the door for Marshall Lee.

Marshall was beyond confused. He hadn't been able to get any rest at all last night and now he was going over to Fi's house. He hoped that she hadn't used all this time thinking and ended up changing her mind about him. He was mostly confused by the strange feeling that was washing over him.

When he finally made it to her treehouse, he noticed a note on the door.

Dear Fang Face,

Fionna belongs to me! I've brought her to my castle where she will be staying with me.


Give her up. She never loved you. Who could honestly? You're just a night dwelling monster who tricked her into thinking you had a soul. I know better though. For her safety, and your own, I'm suggesting you don't come trying to save her. She loves me. I know, she knows, everybody with eyes could see that.

So keep away. Or do I have to scare more of her friends to get her to realize you're a monster?

The worst part is that you thought Prince Gumball was the cause of all this. You never noticed that maybe, just maybe it could have been me.

From The Flame Prince

Marshall Lee couldn't believe it. He had been wrong? And now Flame Prince had Fionna? Had he gone insane?! If Fionna really loved him, then he wouldn't have had to kidnap her! She wouldn't have kissed Marshall Lee either.

"Marshall Lee," a familiar voice came from behind him.

He turned to see PG running up to him. "I saw Flame Prince running off with an unconscious Fionna. What's going on?"

"He kidnapped Fionna because he's jealous that she likes me or something. Read this note. It explains everything."

Gumball took a minute to read it before looking up at Marshall surprised. "Seems like Flame Prince has gone unstable again. These type of things happen at times. Usually if he falls in love, becomes jealous or angry. Things like that."

"What are we supposed to do then?!"

"Save Fionna. What else can we do?"

They both nodded and went off towards the Flame kingdom.

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