"Yeah?" Chelsy Corbin said picking up her phone on the nightstand. Turning on her back, she fought a yawn as she pulled the covers over her face and brought the phone to her ear.

"Are you still asleep? Girl, get up! I'm on my way to pick you up. We have Spa day, remember? I am in dire need of a mani and pedi, " her best friend, Kay, tells her. Looking at the time on the phone and seeing its already noon, Chelsy groans thinking about the festivities going on tonight. A huge party was being held at the clubhouse for the recent members being patched in. Only two new guys were patched, one of them was her older brother, Derek, and the other was a local Tacoma resident named James. Being the daughter of the president of the Tacoma charter as well as the sister of the new sergeant at arms demanded she dedicate more and more of herself to the club as she gets older, which she has no problem with, but its less personal freedom. Ever since she graduated from high school, her parents have demanded she keep herself available to the club. But these constant appointments to the spa and house visits to Old Ladys to help with house shit and babysitting were getting on her nerves. Her mother always told her, "Keep yourself presentable for the rank you help uphold." The spa was for her appearance and the rest was to integrate herself into the club. She may not be an old lady, but Chelsy is her father's daughter as well as the granddaughter of the first Nomad president. Vincent Kane made the Nomad charter into what it is. He may not have been one of the founding nine, but he defined what it meant to be a nomad for the Sons of Anarchy. Thankfully, her grandpa is still living and making a visit to Tacoma from Bellingham where he's decided to retire.

"All right, I'm getting ready," Chelsy tells her before hanging up. Looking into the mirror, she pushes her brown natural curls into a ponytail and starts brushing her teeth. After finishing in the bathroom, she rushes to finish getting ready putting black skinny jeans on and a loose black t-shirt with the SOA logo on the left side over the heart.

"Chelsy? Kay's here," Her mother yells at her from the hallway.

"Coming!" She replies grabbing her stuff.

Fran's Spa-

"All right, so what is going on with the volume of riders that keep riding into town? This is insane," Kay remarks looking out into the street at the newest batch of SOA members riding by.

"It's a big, huge ass party and the induction of a new ranking member. They don't need anymore reason than that to come and get piss drunk," Chelsy replies leaning back to get comfortable under the hair dryer. Chelsy decided on large, loose curls for tonight to match her tight mini royal blue dress.

"Jesus Christ. I feel really sorry for the prospects," Kay replies causing both of them to laugh.

"Yeah, but we've had induction parties before. This is insane! The nomads, Las Vegas, Oakland, Charming, everyone's coming. They're here for more than just a party," Kay says. Being the daughter of the current Treasurer, Kay knows if more than two charters ride into the same clubhouse, its business related.

"We'll just wait and see, I guess," Chelsy says opening the Vogue magazine in her lap.

Finishing up at the spa, Chelsy walks out and laughs, running her newly painted black fingers through her hair as she sees Kay admiring her red nails.

"You know, honey, we need to get laid tonight," Kay says.

"Laid? The only people gonna be present tonight are members and prospects. I don't fuck with either for my own sake, okay?" She replies slowing down as she sees another group of bikers drive by. "Hmm. Mother Charter's here."

"There's a lot of talk from certain crow eaters about the President's son, ya know?" Kay says poking her in the back.

"What about him?" Chelsy replies.

"Nothing, just that the name has come up a lot. It makes me wonder," Kay says.

"About what? The size of his dick?" Chelsy says laughing. "Get in the car." Chelsy says placing her sunglasses on.