By: Rebanut

This story is a bit dark, it has a very serious story line to it. Sadly, it's based on something that happened to someone close to me. It's something that's haunted me since I was a child, and I have finally found a venue for it. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think, but as always, please be nice.

As always, I do NOT own ANY part of Sue Thomas FBEYE… no matter how much I want to. This is just for fun and the enjoyment of the STFBE fans.

Chapter 1

The sun was just peeking above the horizon, already bright yellow with tinges of orange. The early morning light shone through the bare windows of Sue Thomas and Lucy Dotson's apartment. It was unseasonable warm for early March in the capitol city so the two best friends had decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and start their spring cleaning early. The pair had worked tirelessly from early in the morning, cleaning every nook and cranny of their apartment.

The windows were open to allow the warm breeze entrance into their home. It made everything feel fresh and summery. The problem was, it was also giving the friends cabin fever!

"What do you say, lunch?" Sue asked.

"Hungry?" Lucy asked. Sue shook her head yes, and Lucy smiled in agreement. "How about lunch in the park with Levi?" Lucy suggested.

"That sounds good." Sue said as she climbed down from the step ladder she was standing on to reach the top shelves of their dish cabinet. "Done!" she announced. Lucy shook her finger "no" and pointed to the curtain she'd just finished ironing. The pair worked together to get the new window cover up on the wall.

"Now, we're done!" Lucy said smiling.

They each grabbed a sweater, and a ball, called to Levi as they quickly walked to the door.

Levi ran happily around a fence in doggie area of his favorite park. He played with other dogs and their toys, and even shared his favorite ball with a couple of his canine pals. His human companions sat on a bench outside the fence enjoying their lunches. They chatted about local upcoming events, work and Jack.

"Did you happen to notice a certain adorable coworker of ours yesterday? He couldn't take his eyes off of you. I think he liked that dress you had on." Lucy teased.

"Well, I know that Bobby likes the color purple." Sue teased back.

"I'm not talking about Bobby and you know it!" Lucy scolded. They both laughed. "Why can't you just accept the fact that Jack Hudson is crazy in love with you?" Lucy began. Sue blushed and began to protest, but Lucy beat her to the punch. "I know, I know, you're only friends. You keep telling yourself that, I'm pretty sure you're almost convinced of it." Lucy said giving her best friend 'the' look.

"Luce…" Sue said, protesting. "You know as well as I do, Jack and I can't ever be more than we are now. There's really no point in even talking about it." Sue stated.

"Sue, how can you just sit there and be in love with that man and never act on those feelings?" Lucy asked.

"Because there isn't anything TO do about nothing. We're just friends." Sue said.

"Speaking of hotties… here comes one now." Lucy said giggling. Sue turned to see none other than Jack Hudson jogging up the path leading to them. He seemed to be casually looking around for someone. "Hmmm." Lucy said softly. She tapped Sue on the shoulder. "Ever wonder why he jogs in the park near our apartment instead of the one near his own place?" Lucy said with a suggestive smirk on her face. Sue blushed a deep red. "Hi Jack!" Lucy called out to him.

Jack noticed his friends sitting on the bench near the dog enclosure and smiled big as he waved to them. He seemed almost relieved to see them. He jogged up to them smiling.

"Hi. What are you ladies doing in the park this afternoon? Enjoying the beautiful day?" Jack said, trying to act casual.

"Something like that." Lucy said smirking at the both of them.

"We're taking a lunch break from spring cleaning. What are you doing on our side of town?" Lucy asked coyly. Jack picked up on the comment, but didn't say anything. He also noticed as Sue smacked Lucy playfully in the arm.

"Just out for a jog." Jack answered.

"Really? Hmmm, don't you have a park closer to your house?" Lucy asked teasingly. Sue gave her dagger eyes, and Lucy took the hint to quit, and make her leave.

"I think I'm going to head back and catch the news. See you later?" She said to Sue. Sue shook her head yes. Lucy took Levi with her and walked back to the apartment, leaving Jack and Sue alone to talk. She turned one last time to check out what her best friend and her love interest were doing.

"Sorry about that." Sue offered.

Jack laughed and shook his head "It's ok. She ok today? She seems a bit… over the top I guess would describe it." Jack asked curiously.

"Too much dust I think." Sue offered. "So, what are you doing all the way over here?" Sue asked.

"I just started out jogging and found myself here." Jack said. "I guess I'm on auto pilot. Are you guys done with your cleaning?" he asked.

"Not really. We got a lot done for today… I think we just have the hall clos…" Sue stopped. Jack's eyes had nearly glazed over. "You don't really care, do you?" She asked.

"Sorry, spring cleaning and I aren't exactly friends. I just pay the cleaning company down the street from me to take care of it… sorry." Jack said smirking.

"So, besides jogging, what do you have planned for the rest of the day?" Sue asked.

"Well, I was hoping to have dinner with a good friend." Jack said. "Interested?" He smiled at her, offering her his hand from the bench.

"I'd love to… but I need a shower, and to change." Sue explained.

"How's 7 sound?" Jack asked.

"Sounds perfect." She answered. Jack walked her back to the apartment and said goodbye as she walked up the stairs.

"What time is he picking you up?" Lucy asked as Sue opened the door.

"7… were you sitting there with binoculars?" Sue teased.

"No, but I figured he was going to ask you out when he showed up in our park, and looked like he was looking for someone…" Lucy answered with a smile on her face.

"Come on, let's finish up." Sue said as she picked up the paper towels and the glass cleaner and headed to the front windows." Sue sprayed the window pane and tried to act casual as she looked to see if Jack was still out on her step. Lucy noticed and just smiled. The girls finished up the windows and the closet.

"Go take your shower, I'm going to try to catch the weather." Lucy said.

A little while had gone by, and Sue emerged from her bedroom wearing a tight pair of jeans and a lavender blouse and her hair down- just the way Jack likes it.

"…The story we were following from the very beginning, has ended on a sad note." A voice came from the television. "Five year old Ally Mattea's body was found this morning, just 5 miles from her house, one mile over the Oklahoma border in Texas. The police are not giving any details to the condition of her body or how she died, but are calling her death suspicious." The voice concluded.

"How sad."Lucy commented, more to herself than Sue.

"What was that Luc?" Sue asked.

"Oh, sorry. I was just commenting on the news anchor's story. They found that little girl that was missing from Oklahoma." Lucy said, sadly.

"I take it from the look on your face, it wasn't a good outcome?" Sue asked, afraid of the answer.

"No." Was all Lucy said. "Crossing state lines makes it a federal case, doesn't it?" Lucy asked.

"Yes. We won't end up with it." Sue said. "I feel bad for her family, those poor parents, what they must be going through right now." Sue said, tearing up. "I can't even imagine."

"I pray we never do..." Lucy said as her voice trailed off.