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Myles and Lucy walked down the jet way, lugging their carry-on bags behind them. Lucy had her purse and tablet. Myles had a laptop and large carryon bag. Lucy glanced back at Myles shaking her head. She simply rolled her eyes and continued to the baggage claim area. After Myles pulled off his third bag from the conveyor belt, Lucy turned to him.

"What exactly do you have in all of those bags Myles?" She asked with a touch of distain in her voice.

"The essentials." He replied, matter-of-factly.

"Really? For who? Lady GaGa?" She commented with a chuckle.

Myles huffed toward Lucy as he picked up his suit bag. Lucy finally spotted her bag- and took it, walking toward the exit.

"Hardy har har har." He replied. "Just because we're going to a middle of nowhere town does not mean I can't still look my best." He said snootily.

"Ummm..." was Lucy's only response as she walked away from Myles letting him arrange for the car.

Lucy sat on the passenger side of the car, taking out her tablet. She started taking notes. Their first stop was the local police station. As they drove through the town, Lucy noted how busy it was. There were businesses lined alongside each other the entire length of the streets. Shoe boutiques, toy stores, and eateries nestled between industrial buildings and strip malls. The street leading to the police station was littered with people and pets. In the town square there was a fund raising doggie parade. Lucy smiled at the little children who were dressed identical to their pets. Frilly tutus and top hats could be seen for blocks. Lucy chuckled as they passed the parade. Myles just frowned.

"Oh, what? You can't say that's not the cutest thing ever?" Lucy said while laughing.

"I can, and I am." Myles retorted. Lucy grimaced and rolled her eyes. "What? You can't tell me that you find that interesting." Myles stated more than asked.

"Myles, you need to find the fun in life, you know that?" Lucy said rather disturbed by the fact he was so serious all the time. 'Hmmm, I'll show you fun... just not now... we have a killer to find.' He thought to himself.

The relatively large building sat on top a slight hill in the center of town along with the town hall. It seemed to be a 'thing' in these small towns Myles noticed. They found a parking spot in the lot to a liquor store across the street. Lucy nearly jogged up the stairs and opened the door for the winded Myles. She giggled at the fact she wasn't the least bit bothered by the 20 step climb to their first stop.

"How do you run in those things? I can't fathom even trying." He stated.

"Myles, you have 20 pairs of shoes... I have 3... these are my running heels." She stated just as matter-of-factly back to him. She walked into the police station leaving him in the entry way, wondering if she was serious.

"Afternoon." The officer behind the glass offered. "Something I can help you folks with?" He asked.

"Yes, Sir. We're Lucy Dotson and Myles Leland from the FBI. We're here to speak with Officer Tedesco." Lucy answered as she and Myles produced their ID's.

The desk sergeant nodded toward them then to the bench by the door. He picked up the phone and called; who they assumed was Officer Tedesco.

"Friendly bunch, aren't they?" Lucy whispered to Myles, leaning into him as she did. Myles felt something stir inside him. He began to contemplate what exactly it was he'd felt when a large man wearing a street uniform entered the waiting area.

"G'afternoon folks. I hear you're lookin for me?" He asked.

"Officer Tedesco?" Myles asked, offering his hand.

"That's me." He answered shaking both Myles' and Lucy's hands. "What can I do for you?" He asked.

"Is there somewhere we can talk?" Lucy asked.

"About?" The officer asked.

"A kidnapping/murder." Myles answered.

He led them down a short narrow hall, into a room overstuffed with desks and people, all bustling with a controlled chaos. Myles noticed an overabundance of 'ladies of the evening' he thought to himself. They passed an entire bench of dunks handcuffed to that bench for their own safety. Lucy scrunched her nose as her nose involuntarily reacted to the smell of the alcohol and vomit. They passed a briefing room that was filled with the balance of the crew, getting briefed on their daily assignments. Officer Charles Tedesco ushered them into a small office and closed the door behind them.

"Sorry about the confined space, it's a bit more crowded than usual." The policeman offered.

"Convention in town?" Myles asked sarcastically. Lucy smacked his arm harder than she'd intended. Officer Tedesco was a big, burly man. He was nearly 6' 5" Lucy surmised. He was pushing 300 lbs., easily. His hair was more salt than pepper thinning just enough to notice, his moustache curled on the ends, with his wooly beard nearly all white. His eyes glistened, and his cheeks were rosy. He reminded Lucy of a young Santa Claus.

"As a matter of fact, we do. You'd think these 'ladies' would figure it out by now... whatever they make, we're taking in fines." He stated, his Southern twang just thick enough to notice.

Myles and Lucy shared a side glance, both trying desperately not to laugh at the irony of the whole thing. It couldn't be more cliché if they'd wanted it to be.

"So, you mentioned murder/kidnapping? I imagine you're here about Davey Light? What a shame." He stated as the sadness washed over him.

"Yes, we've read your report, but we wanted to talk to you, get your feel for what happened. Did you ever have a suspect? Someone who looked good for it?" Lucy asked. Myles looked shocked at her. She smiled inwardly as she noticed him staring, but ignored him.

"Nah... no one really ever stuck out. We were thinking it was random, some freak passing through town." The officer offered.

"What makes you say that?" Myles inquired.

"We just couldn't find anyone who had contact, knowledge of him, the family, or the living arrangements, that had any reason to do something like that." Charles said.

"Do you have a body of water near the house?" Lucy asked.

"As a matter of fact, we do. There's a pond about 1/3 mile down the road or so. What makes you ask that?" He asked Lucy.

"Just a hunch." She answered.

"How far is the highway from that point?" Myles asked.

"Hmmm, can't be more than 3 miles I would guess." He answered.

"Who found the body?" Myles asked.

The officer pushed himself out of the chair he was sitting in, making the feet of the chair stutter across the hard wood as he did. Lucy watched him carefully as he reached over her, and closed the door quietly. She thought maybe even too quietly.

He reached into a filing cabinet that was over stuffed. He pulled out a file filled with hand written notes and photographs.

He walked to the other side of the room and poured three cups of coffee, handing one to each of his fellow investigators. He gulped his cup down in two mouthfuls before he even left the coffee pot. After making himself another, he dropped the massive file down in front of the FBI pair.

"That's what I have. I made copies for you guys, but kept the original. There was a car that blew a tire. The woman got out of the car, and walked down the embankment a little bit, to get away from the traffic to call the auto club." He said, as he flipped through the file. "The guy she was with needed to take a wiz... uhh, I mean, needed to relieve himself. You'll have to excuse my terminology Miss; we don't get too many pretty women down here..." He said in a weak attempt to apologize.

"No worries, I've heard worse." Lucy reassured him.

"So, when the passenger went to relieve himself in the woods, he found the body of the little boy?" Myles surmised.

"Yeah. Weirdest thing too. He was lying like he was asleep, holding a stuffed animal in his arms." Tedesco said.

"Sign of remorse. It's how the killer is dealing with his guilt over killing the boy." Myles stated, shaking his head.

"After what he did to that little kid, he should be sorry." Tedesco said.

"How do you mean?" Lucy asked.

"Molested him, tortured him." Tedesco replied somberly shaking his head.

"Wait... he was molested? Are you sure?" Myles asked, confused.

"That's what the coroner said. He said there was evidence that proved it. Doc McGregor thought at first examination that he'd been raped." Charles said.

"Could you direct us to the coroner's office?" Myles asked.

Charles wrote down some simple quick directions on a paper. He gave Myles the file, asking only that he get it back when they were done with it. They all shook hands, and the FBI team left in the direction of the medical examiner's office. It was a short drive across town. The town was busy, every day goings on were happening all around them. Mom's driving children to doctor's appointments and soccer practice, business men and women headed for a late-morning cappuccino or just another boring meeting. It was just an ordinary day...

Lucy and Myles walked silently side by side down the bright, abandoned hall. There was a low hum from the air conditioning unit, and a whir from the fans above their heads. The only other sound was the clicking of Lucy's high heels. They finally reached the door for the medical examiner's officer and walked inside. Dr. David McGregor was in the examine room, conducting an autopsy on an 89 year old woman who was found dead in her home.

Myles let out a shiver which Lucy could see as they sat.

"You OK?" She asked.

"Yeah... just these places give me the woolies." He admitted.

"I know what you mean." Lucy said with a heavy sigh. Myles reached over and gave Lucy's hand a gentle squeeze. Just then, a man in his mid-thirties walked through the door. He was handsome, and single- the first things Lucy noticed. He looked exhausted- the first thing Myles noticed. Lucy smiled coyly at him, almost flirtatiously. Myles noticed and made a 'oh please' face at her. Both agents stood to greet their host, shaking hands. Dr. David McGregor tall and slender well built with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Lucy noticed his eyes sparkled when he smiled.

"Good afternoon folks, I'm Dr. McGregor." He said shaking hands with Lucy then Myles.

"Myles Leland, this is Lucy Dotson. We're from the FBI, if you have a few minutes, we'd like to speak with you." Myles said, both showing their ID's.

"Nice to meet you Myles, Lucy." He said, looking past Myles right to Lucy. He smiled just a touch too long at Lucy, holding her hand that extra second. Myles seemed to flash the fine doctor an evil snare.

"Um, what can I do for you two today?" He finally asked, breaking his trance.

"We're investigating the disappearance and murder of Davey Light. Officer Tedesco said he was molested?" Myles questioned.

"Ahh, yeah, I remember that case. It was too bad; no one should have to suffer through what he did, never mind someone so young." The ME said.

"Do you have proof of his molestation?" Lucy asked.

"Yes, it's in my report." The doctor answered.

"Why didn't we see that report?" Lucy asked.

"I can't answer that, I don't know why you weren't given a copy. I handed over my findings to the police." He said.

"Was that listed on the boy's death certificate? Lucy asked.

"No, it didn't contribute to his death; there would be no need to add that." He answered.

"Do you know how he was molested?" Myles asked. Lucy looked at him quickly, and disgusted.

"Sodomized, probably with something smooth... wooden." Dr. McGregor began.

"Why is that?" Myles asked.

"I found splinters in his rectum, obvious sign of forced entry trauma. It couldn't have been a good last hour of his life. That little man suffered." He continued.

Myles shook his head mumbling under his breath "Sick bastard." He all but whispered. Lucy teared up and didn't try to hide the fact she was crying as she bit the side of her lip, and wiped the drops that spilled onto her cheeks.

"I can't say I disagree with you Agent Leland. I see this sort of thing too often." The doctor commented.

"Any ideas what it might have been the killer used to sodomize him?" Myles asked.

"It was a treated, hard wood. My thought was a baseball bat, or maybe a pool stick. I honestly hope you find him before he strikes again." The doctor said.

"We do too. Is there anything else you can think of? Did you find anything out of the ordinary on the body?" Myles asked.

"No. I can tell you, he was carefully placed in the position he was found it. There was very little debris in his hair or on his body." Dr. McGregor said.

"If something else comes to mind call us, please." Myles said, handing him his card.

"I will definitely do that. I'm sorry I wasn't more help to you." He said, shaking Lucy and Myles' hands, holding onto Lucy's a little longer than he probably should have. "It was nice meeting you" the doctor said staring at Lucy, "both." He added quickly. Myles again looked at him with a threatening look. He opened the door for the agents to exit. As soon as the couple reached the outside, Lucy finally gave into her need to cry. She began sobbing. Myles grabbed her by the upper arm, and pulled her into his chest, wrapping his arms around her to comfort her. She didn't pull away. After a few minutes of much needed stress relief, Lucy realized she was wrapped in Myles' arms, and pushed away, slowly. The two walked away toward their car, not saying a word.

Once back at the hotel, Lucy and Myles logged onto their computers for the daily teleconference with the rest of the team. They logged their details into the spreadsheet that Tara had created. They were beginning to compile a large amount of information.

Myles set up his laptop on a small table that was in Lucy's room, Lucy had her tablet on her bed. Myles could see she was typing too fast for it to be part of the conference, but tried to ignore the clicking.

Lucy kept her head down as if she were concentrating on the task at hand, but would sneak a peek over at Myles when she thought he wasn't looking. Myles was doing the same thing. Lucy had felt something when she was being held by Myles as she allowed herself a minute to mourn the suffering of those poor children who'd been taken by the vicious animal they were hunting. Lucy looked over her tablet at the same time that Myles did, both jerked their eyes away and back on their own electronic devices, lying to themselves that they hadn't just caught the other looking back.

"Who are you chatting with over there?" Myles asked, trying to draw the awkwardness away from them.

"Sue. Why?" Lucy replied rather bluntly, nearly sounding upset that he'd asked.

"Oh, umm, no reason. I-I was just curious that's all. I can hear your nails clicking 100 mph on the face of the tablet, that's all." Myles answered with a half-smile.

"Yea... well, it's none of your business who I'm talking to." Lucy snapped.

Myles looked rather shocked at her. She hadn't been that mean since they'd first broken up. "You know Luc, I was just trying to make conversation. I wasn't trying to pry." He said in a huff. He picked up his laptop, and walked to their adjoining door. "I'm going back to my own room. At least the hard mattress, cold water, and air conditioner that's stuck on high will be better company." He said angrily as he slammed the door shut. Lucy just looked in his direction, and threw a pillow at the door as it closed, growling at him.

"Sorry... grrr..." She wrote to Sue.

"What's going on?" Sue asked.

"MYLES!" Lucy replied.

"Myles?" She asked.

"Long story, I'll tell you when we get home. How'r things with you guys? Make any progress?" she asked...