Saturday 8:00 a.m.

October 4th

Well, I'm awake; Mom and Dad are still asleep. Good, because if they were awake I would through my breakfast burrito at them. And then my mom would've totally freaked out because she would've been covered in ground beef. My dad would've laughed and then he would try to psychoanalyze me.

Of course, I could go in there and draw stuff on there faces with a sharpie. But they probably have some royal meeting or something.

I just cannot believe this, right when I began high school a month ago, and just when I start getting interested in boys they drop this on me. And the fact that my mom went through the same thing, and she did it to many anyway is beyond me. Seriously, you'd think she would've learned.

But no, here I am, a freaking Princess. At least Ryan totally understood, he freaked out a little bit yeah, but he was completely sympathetic. I can't tell Artimis though, she would go insane, and start running around telling everyone she's best friends with a Princess. No one knows about Genovia anymore anyway. I barely knew anything about it myself. My parents always told me we were in the back roads on London when I went to visit them. Because, like the dumb person I am, I didn't think twice about it.

Why are my parents so stupid? Why am I so stupid? I am praised for my intelligence, so how could I have missed this? I guess my dad is a total genius, because he had to have put this together. My mom, honestly, isn't smart enough to plan a football game; sure, she's an amazing novelist, but come on.

Lily is furious by the way. After I went to bed, I could hear her totally chewing my parents out. I mean, she raised me. She felt like I was her daughter. She became even more maternal to me when I was three, and her husband died, thus having a miscarriage. So I didn't blame her in the slightest when she went all Postal Worker on my parents. They had completely crushed me, and my dreams. I would be pretty pissed too. Heck, I am pissed!

Oh, Ryan just texted me; she says:

Leprechaun: Hey, u doing ok?

Adler: No. Why r u up so early?

Leprechaun: My dog is being stupid and barking at birds.

Adler: Lol, at least your parents aren't snoozing away contently now that they've rested the burden of Hell on my shoulders.

Leprechaun: Did someone eat a bad burrito this morning?

Adler: No, I'm just a princess.

Leprechaun: You make no since. L8r. Take it easy.

I'm sorry, but is that not the sweetest thing? Ugh! Must stop bowing to the power of men. My Aunt will kill me! After she's wiping my parents guts off her hands first of course.

Oh my God, my parents are up. Wish me good luck!