Spider-man, Scourge, and Fury are en-route to Gou's headquarters when suddenly, the three receive an urgent message. "Spidey, hey are you there?" Prowler's voice comes over the headset.

"Hey, whats up?" Spidey answers.

"We just took down Negative. Turns out Roderick Kingsley was pulling a lot of the strings. Got him too and we're sweeping the area for the remaining Inner Demons. Gou seems to have gotten the message as well and he's scrambling his remaining men over the city. Oh, and some kind of ship just crashed into the river. Don't know what it is or where it came from but it's swimming now."

"That's good news. Looks like it's close to being over." Spidey says as the three stop on a nearby rough.

"Aw, and I wanted to cause some more needless destruction." Fury says riding her glider.

"It's not over yet. I got a call from my contact in the city. Somehow Gou traced the signal and his men are storming their hideout right now. You guys need to get over there before its too late." Prowler says.

"We don't have time for a rescue mission. We stop to help your friend and Gou hardens his defenses in the meantime. It'll be impossible to get to him then." Scourge says.

"Woh, who put your undies in a knot." Fury says before laughing.

"You think this is funny? Gou killed my father and you're just going to let him get away?"

"I never said we were going to let him go, but we can't ignore someone who needs help either. We'll get Gou I promise." Spider-man says as he can tell that even under her mask Sable is very much determined to see her mission through to the end. "Alright, Fury and I will go to help Prowler's contact. You head to Gou's location and scout it out for us. Give any of us a call if he makes any suspicious movements, but don't try to take him on your own. We'll be back as fast as we can; alright?" he says as she gives a silent nod before heading of on her board.

"You sir, are a master negotiator." Fury says jokingly.

"Nah, not really. After all, i'm still teamed up with a psychotic goblin."

"Hey how about some show tunes on the way there?" she says as she hops on her glider.

"I'd rather you didn't." he says slightly annoyed by her as she begins singing anyway. They fly through the city at full speed to the coordinates Prowler gave them and reach an abandoned building near the river. On the roof they spot three jet troopers keeping guard. "Alright, here's the plan. You draw them off and i'll get inside and save the hostage. Got it?"

"Okay, but can I blow them to bits?" she asks with a wide, disturbing grin.

"I'd rather you didn't. Just distract them and i'll take care of the rest." he moves to get into position as Fury takes center stage.

"Oh boys." she says surprising them by extending her left leg from behind an air conditioning unit. "Going my way." she laughs at the three as they give chase.

"That is one wacky girl." Seeing his opening, Spidey makes his way inside. He climbs on the ceiling as he makes his way down a hall and sees the familiar face of Snake Marston. Alongside him is another of the jet troopers who is holding onto, who Spider-man assumes is Prowlers contact. "Hey Marston, whose your new partner? Whoever he is, he's definitely an improvement over Harrison." He says as he descends on a web.

"Bug. You just don't know when to keep out of my way do you?" Marston says as his forked tongue sticks out.

"Well he is Spider-man boss. If he did we wouldn't be in this mess." the jet trooper, Mouth says as he still holds onto the arm of the contact. "Plus we wouldn't be a part of this awesome fanfic."

"Wilson, what are you blathering about?" Marston shouts at him.

"Can't you see them? Out there watching us through their computer screens." he says pointing in front of him as the other three look out into the direction, seeing nothing.

"What's this guys deal?" Spider-man asks.

"No idea. I just got stuck with hi..." Marsto doesn't get a chance to finish before the web-slinger knocks him out, leaping onto his back and into the concrete floor. He then webs him down and approaches mouth and his hostage. The criminal holds the hostage close to him.

"Before you pound me into jocky paste, can I just say one thing?"

"Alright, what is it?"

"Thank you Warp for losing this belt! BAMF!" he says as the two disappear in a flash of light. Spidey instinctively looks around, knowing they couldn't have gotten far. He turns and sees a light appear off in the distance from one of the windows. He leaps up and outside and reaches the location on top of the nearby Brooklyn bridge, where Mouth is hanging the hostage over the side.

"Alright let's all stay calm and not do anything rash."

The trooper simply looks over the side, then begins speaking. "What's that hostage? What's that you say? You want to be thrown over the edge into the water below? Well that seems like a really odd request but okay. Woops." he says as he lets them go over then rushes toward Spider-man, grabbing two short swords off of his back, the hero charging toward him as well. "Banzai!" he shouts out only for Spidey to deck him with one punch, causing him to fall back onto the steal beam. He then leaps off the bridge after the contact.

He dives as fast as he can to reach his intended target. Just as he reaches out, Mouth is already on his tail, his pack on full power as he dives down on the two. Spidey spins around and dodges the attack, grabs the mercenary by the legs and spins him through the air, causing him to lose control of his pack and spiral out of sight into a building. His attention now refocused, Spider-man grabs the contact, quickly fires a webline to the underside of the bridge and swings up feet above the water. "Sorry for the rough ride partner, but it sure beats the alternative." Spider-man swings around and lands the two on the bridge.

"Don't worry about it." the hooded figure says. "I'm used to it by now." the contact pulls off their hood to reveal a young woman with long blonde hair. "Hey Peter."

"Gwen? Your alive?" Spidey says in disbelief. "But how?"

"Can we get somewhere safe first. You know, away from all the flying, shooting mercs?" he swings the two a short ways away, on top of a building. In the building that Wilson, a.k.a. Mouth has crashed into, the mercenary shakes off his injuries and stands up. "Ha, you think that can stop e web-head? I'm Wade Wilson, i'm invincible!" as he shouts this his damaged pack explodes in a dazzling flash of light that engulfs the entire room.

"So what happened? I mean I saw you...we all saw you..." Peter asks Gwen now that they are a safe distance away.

"When I decided to go after the Hobgoblin I knew I'd have to come at him smart. So I used an LMD."

"A what?"

"LMD, life model decoy. Mysterio used them all the time to avoid getting caught. I gave it all the tech and sent it out after Hobgoblin."

"But it had the symbiote. How did you manage that?"

"You told me it was weak against high frequency attacks. So I programmed the LMD Gwen to emit a pitch that weakened it enough to subjugate it to my will."

"So you controlled the robot while it controlled the symbiote. Clever."

"Yeah and when the plan failed to work it was simple enough for me to have officer DeWolfe confirm it was my body and pay the coroner to do the same."

"So why have you been hiding out?"

"I've been doing the best I could to help out behind the scenes. I contacted Prowler while he was visiting his brother and we worked out a system to coordinate a plan for you guys. Just never knew you'd be bringing so many friends."

"Why didn't you try to contact me? I-I thought you were dead. I left because I couldn't protect you. Because I let you..." he is interrupted by a surprise slap to the face.

"Get it together Peter! If you left the city without a hero because you let someone die, what kind of hero does that make you? What would my father have said if he knew you threw away the sacrifice he made?" she stops for a moment and hugs him. "Still it's good you came back. Sorry for putting you all through this. But maybe we could go over all this once it's over, okay?"

"Alright. Let's do this."

"Not without me I hope." Fury says as she lands her glider down and jumps off. She looks Gwen up and down and stands in front of the girl, who is giving her a very hateful look. "Gwen Stacy? No no, can't be. Killed her. Must be hallucinating." She reaches her hand out to touch her and confirms she is real. "Real? Wow. Different you, must be. Different me too! Hey Spidey we going or not?"

Gwen takes Spider-man to the side, leaving Fury by herself. "What is she doing here?"

"Look, I don't like it anymore than you do. But I talked to Prowler. What she did wasn't her fault. She was being manipulated like MJ."

"Yeah, i've got screws loose!" Fury exclaims loudly.

"True, Kingsley tried to do the same to me. Lucky I had the LMD though. Sorry about shooting you back then. Had to make it convincing." she stops to think for a second. "Alright, I can put it behind me. What's next?"

"Scourge is headed toward Gou's HQ so we should head that way. I can drop you off at the hideout if you want."

"Thanks but i'll find my way."

"Then take a handful of these, they solve all my problems." Fury tosses her three pumpkin bombs.

"Uh thanks." Gwen then parts ways with the two as they race to Scourge's position. As the two arrive, Spider-man gives Fury a signal to hang back while he investigates. He stealthily moves around the perimeter, but sees no guards outside of the building nor can he make contact with Scourge, attempting several times to contact her. "That's strange, not a single guard. Fury, I'm heading inside, if things get messy I'll give you a call."

"Got it." she responds over her headset.

He quietly removes the ventilation shaft screen on the side of the building and makes his way in. Moving with the utmost stealth, he enters the main hall of the large HQ,clinging to the ceiling despite still not seeing anyone. Suddenly he sees two guards patrolling the hall just ahead of him and decides to make his move, leaping down on the first guard. "Twas the night of a gang war and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except your friendly neighborhood Spider-mouse." he jokes as he grabs the second guard and throws him against the wall, webbing him in place. A few seconds later, several guards rush in, guns drawn. Just as he thinks he'll have to fight them all, one of the guards stops and pulls out his cellphone. "He's here boss. Right. Boss says to let him thru. Seventh floor Web-head." the guards move to the sides and allow a hesitant Spider-man to proceed.

Spidey makes his way to the elevator and slowly presses the button that takes him to the appropriate floor. He steps out of the elevator to behold an astonishing sight; Bernard Gou tied up at the feet of the now unmasked Sable Manfredi, her guards around the room, Comet standing at her side. "Sable, well I guess you didn't need the back up after all. But how did you...?"

"Please Spider-man, like my summer in Belgium, this little tale is best left untold." Gou says shamefully.

"I don't believe I gave you permission to speak." Sable says pointing a gun to his head. "Thank you Spider-man. I knew if we pressed Gou enough he'd slip up somewhere. You wouldn't believe how easy it was to infiltrate the building."

"Uh, glad I could help. Now what?"

"Now, now I pick up what's left of this morons mishandling of my interests. With no other competition left in this town, it's ours for the taking. You and your friends will of course have a place in my organization. Right after I take care of one last issue." she pulls out her pistol and aims at the back of Gou's head, causing him to panic.

"Woah, hold on a minute!" Spidey fires a web-line onto the gun and jerks it from her hand. "I never agreed to this! You can't just..." he is cut off as she moves with lightning speed to attack him. He dodges the first few hits but is hit with a powerful kick to the chin. Her guards follow suit, firing their weapons at the hero as Gou, still bound, gets to his feet and dashes for cover. Spider-man counters, taking out several guards as he evades Sable's blows. He is finally taken out from a blast from Comet that knocks him to the ground as he falls on his back. Sable puts her foot to his neck, making it difficult for him to breath as she leans down toward his ear.

"You know I had a feeling it would end this way, Peter." she whispers. Hearing his name alarms Peter as she notices this. "That's right. You see I wasn't completely honest with you on not peeking under that mask of yours. Now here's what's going to happen: you're going to do exactly what I say from now on and in return no one will ever know your little secret and go after your dear old aunt."


"You'll what? Try to stop me? We both know you'll fail, but you're welcome to try. Of course, if you're really not interested." she signals to one of her men, who hands her a double-barreled shotgun, which she points right at the hero's head.

Watching from a nearby building is Black Cat, who has witnessed the entire scene. She contemplates back and forth on whether to intervene or not. She decides to aid her on again off again friend and leaps forward on a cable. She smashes through the window, surprising everyone. Moving with greater speed then she has ever moved before, she takes out the first guard before he even has a chance to react, bringing her left arm against the back of his leg, causing him to fall back. She punches the next guard in the groin as he spins around as he fires his weapon into the air before falling to his knees. She bounds over him, kicking a third in the face, then vaults forward, taking out Comet as he fires his wrist guns. She rolls forward, knocking the last man to the ground, giving her a clear line of sight to Spider-man and Sable. She fires a cord from her wrist launcher that wraps around the barrel of Sables gun. She then pulls hard, causing the female Maggia boss to fire into the floor right next to Spider-man's head. "Yikes!" he says taking in a deep breath. Cat then pulls the gun from her hands and whirls it around, hitting Sable in the back of the head, knocking her to the ground.

"You alright Spidey?" Black Cat asks him standing confidently.

"Yeah, thanks for the save."

"Don't mention ahh...!" she kneels down clutching her side. Spider-man steps over and sees she's been hit.

"We need to get you out of here. I know someone who can help." as he says this Sable gets back to her feet. "Kill them!" she shouts as the recovering guards open fire on the two, who take cover behind some furniture. She then takes the opportunity to make her way toward the elevator with two of her men. Meanwhile Gou crawls over to Comet who is busy firing as well and gets his attention. "Look pal, I don't know what Sable offered you but if you get me out of this I'll triple it."

"Buddy, you just said the magic words." Comet says freeing him, then grabbing him by his shirt and flying out the broken window. As they make their escape Fury flies past, clipping Comet's pack as she passes. He temporarily losses control, crash landing several blacks away with Gou. Fury soars into the building, opening fire on the group as they jump out of the way. Seeing her coming Sable and her guards rush into the elevator, Sable firing several shots at the goblin, two shots hitting her. She then leaps from the glider as it continues to speed forward as the elevator door closes. The glider smashes through the doors, severing the cables, sending the box plummeting down the shaft.

The guards attempt to get up, only to be webbed up by Spider-man, who then rushes over to check on Fury. "You're hurt." she jumps up to his surprise. "Nah, i'm good. Body armor plus goblin formula equals no go on gunshots." she says excitedly. "Too bad about my glider though. Hey look at that!" she runs over to the wall where Sable's hover board is sitting and takes it for herself.

"You know how to work it?" Spidey asks, which she gives a nod. "Good, head to this location and drop Cat off."

"Come on Spider, I'm still good to go." Black Cat says strained.

"No go. You've done enough saving my skin. Take a break and we'll see you when this is all over." she gives him a quick nod before heading off with Fury.

A few blocks away Gou and Comet have recovered from their emergency landing. Comet sits up on the ground and looks over at Gou. "Well, we got away. Now, where's my cash?"

Gou stands up shaking himself off. "Just one more thing and you'll have your pay. Have you got a cellphone? I've got a call to make."