Definitely Not In Kansas Anymore

Disclaimer: Don't own The Wizard of Oz, just this version. And the character names. And Katara's clothes.

Katara gave a pained groan as she rolled over onto her back, the back of her hand resting on her forehead. She opened one eye and peered up at the blinding sun above her, quickly closing both eyes and covering them with her gloved hand. She carefully sat up, groaning again at the sharp pain that zipped through her body. What in the world had she landed on that caused her to hurt so much? She looked around, taking in the sights. Beside her, her best companion, a large black wolf, was laying down in an attempt to rest. He must have been hurt as well. In front of the two was a twisted road consisting of red and yellow bricks. The road was in a spiral shape and the colors were arranged in such a way that it resembled a giant lollipop. Small cottages of several different and very vivid colors flooded the area, as well as trees that held every kind of fruit you could think of and so many flower beds you'd be amazed there was even room for the road. Overall, it was an incredibly colorful location. But one question remained in Katara's mind. Where the hell am I?

She glanced over at her wolf, Ayden, before standing up. She glanced down at her body, breathing a sigh of relief when she noticed that her clothes had remained the same. She wore a royal blue bustier with a white ruffled trim, a matching petticoat, fishnet tights, black knee-high high-heeled boots, and black elbow-length gloves. Her emerald eyes were lined with black eyeliner and mascara, and her dark brown hair hung down over her shoulders.

She slowly began walking towards the colorful village with Ayden in tow. She looked around as she took each step, as if expecting a monster of some sort to jump out and attack. She relaxed ever-so-slightly when she managed to walk across the questionably-painted street without having to fight, but she continued to take slow, cautious steps. After a minute or two of walking, a cloud of red and pink sparkles appeared in front of her. The sparkles morphed into a person, a woman to be exact. She was quite pretty, with long, crimson hair and a pink, purple and white dress. On her back were large, pink fairy wings of the sparkly sort, on her head was a shiny, silver tiara, and in her hand was a white wand.

Katara stared in disturbance and amazement at the woman before her. What was she? A fairy? A witch, perhaps? Katara honestly couldn't tell.

"My village thanks you for killing its biggest threat, the Wicked Bwitch of the Northwest." the woman greeted Katara, giving a slight bow.

"Did you just say 'bwitch'? What's a bwitch?" Katara asked.

"I would prefer to use the 'B' word, but it's not appropriate for my children's virgin ears." the woman replied.

Katara stifled a laugh. "Fair enough. How exactly did I kill her? I just woke up, and as far as I know, I've never killed anyone."

"When you landed- well, rather, when your method of transportation landed- it crushed the witch. Therefore, you killed her. But don't worry; it's not a crime here. You're a hero now."

"Uh-huh… Alright then. Can you tell me how to get the hell out of here?"

"Only you can truly get yourself out, but I can give you a hint or two."

"Greaaat." Katara whined, before adding, "By the way, who are you?"

"Oh! I'm Gwenda, the Good Witch of the Northwest. In case you're wondering, the witch you crushed was my criminally insane sister-in-law." the woman answered.

"Good to know. So how about those hints?"

"Uh-uh, not so fast. You must meet my children and let them thank you properly. They're all so excited to be free." Gwenda then waved her wand over the village as if casting a spell. Almost instantly, small people, about half Katara's size, piled out from the cottages. A few even wandered out of the trees.

"What is your name, girl?" Gwenda asked Katara.

"Katara." the brunette replied.

"Children, this is Katara, your savior. She killed the Wicked Witch!" Gwenda cried happily. The small people jumped and cheered in response, chanting the brunette's name in triumph. Said brunette watched the whole scene with a disturbed expression, not quite sure what to make of it.

"Uh, yeah, okay. Can I get those hints now?" she asked the good witch.

"Oh, alright. Anything to get you to stop asking. Hint number one: Follow the yellow brick road." Gwenda replied.

"That's it? Can you tell me anything else?"

"I'll pop in an out along your journey if you desperately need the help, but for the most part you must make it on your own."

Sighing, Katara turned to Ayden, who was patiently sitting in the middle of the road, watching everything with apparent amusement.

"Let's go, boy." the girl said, waving her wolf over to her with her hand. She looked down, making sure to step on the yellow bricks. Heaven forbid she step on the red ones instead.

"Good luck, Katara!" Gwenda called after her. Katara waved a hand in the witch's general direction in her own form of a goodbye.