Definitely Not In Kansas Anymore

Disclaimer: Don't own The Wizard of Oz, just this version. And the character names. And Katara's clothes.

Katara gave an uncomfortable sigh as she continued down the yellow brick road. Her stylish heels were greatly hurting her feet. She stumbled off to the side, taking a seat on a tree stump.

"You okay, missy?" Saslor asked.

"I'll be fine," Katara replied. "I just need to rest."

Saslor and Ayden sat down on either side of the brunette. Said brunette began looking around the area, taking in the questionable sights. She spotted several apple trees and an orange tree or two. She also noticed a large chunk of rusty metal a ways away from their resting place.

"What's that?" she asked Saslor, nodding towards the metal heap.

"I don't know." Saslor answered, adding, "I'll go check it out."

He wandered over to the pile of metal heap in question and peered down at it. He grabbed a nearby stick and began poking the metal container. Said container groaned in response, causing the easily-frightened scarecrow to jump back and drop the stick in surprise.

"It's alive! I don't know what it is but it's alive!" he cried. Katara made her way over to the shaking bag of straw and grabbed the fallen stick. She poked a dent in the container, earning another groan.

"Stob boken me." it said.

"Did it just talk?" Katara asked, looking at Saslor.

"I think so." Saslor replied.

A rusty squeal was heard as one piece of the metal heap turned, revealing a face.

"Of course I can talk." the face said.

"What are you?" Katara asked.

"What do you think?" the face replied. "I'm a tin man."

"Well what are you doing rusting on the ground?"

"It's a long story."

"I have time."

The tin man sighed. "Surely you know about Gwenda and Oniix and all of that?"

Katara nodded.

"Well, they needed someone to chop trees and stuff like that, so they had Vallen create me. But as you probably know, he's a heartless bastard and tried to make me into one as well." the tin man explained.

"How so?" Katara questioned.

"He didn't give me a heart, though I still show more compassion than he ever could. And as for me rusting on the ground, we are the land of rain. The weather just decided to live up to its name when I was in the middle of working." The tin man sighed again.

Katara turned to Saslor. "Think that wizard guy could help him?"

Saslor shrugged. "I don't see why not."

"You're going to see the Wizard of the Rain? No one ever goes to see him without being summoned." the tin man said, his eyes wide.

"That may be so, but I wanna go back to where I came from." Katara responded.

"Well, lemme go with you. I've moved around more than Saslor has, when the weather's nice. I can help keep you safe 'til we get there." the tin man insisted.

"Sure, why not. Did Vallen give you a name?" Katara asked.

"Tatum. What's yours?"


"A pleasure to meet you. Shall we be on our way?"

"Might as well."

Tatum tried to move the rest of his body, only to be reminded that he was completely rusted.

"Would you mind grabbing that oil can by the tree and helping me up?" he asked.

Katara grabbed said oil can and squirted all of the tin man's major joints. With help from her and Saslor, Tatum pulled himself to his feet, stumbling as he tried to walk.

The four set off to continue their journey to the castle, slowing down every so often to catch Saslor or oil Tatum.