Ch. 1 My New Beginning

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Author's Note: This is my newest Gilmore Girls story. This story is about five years after the show. If you have any questions please ask. Oh and in this story Lorelei and Chris never divorced. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. I will try to update this story as much as I can but, my other story Liz's kids is my main focus right now. Thank you to everyone again.


(Rory's point of view)

I have my first assignment at my new job today. I am working for Food Network Magazine. I am both nervous and excited. I moved to New York a few months ago.

I had been working for travel digest. I had gotten to travel all over the world. Though I have to say I need a place to call home. Now New York is home.

Mom and Dad are both doing well. Along with Gigi they have given us a little brother. Dylan just turned three. He's so cute.

Mom and I are still best friends and close as ever. Mom, Gigi, and I have girl's day at least once a month. And once or twice a month we have family dinners. Grandpa and Grandma are traveling a lot now but when they are in town we all get together.

The strangest change in Stars Hallow is Luke. After Mom and Luke broke up it seemed that Luke would be alone forever. Then Jackson cheated on Sookie and Luke rode to the rescue.

Sookie had just had her and Jackson's third child Jenny when she came home and caught him in bed with Crazy Carrie. She was shattered. Luke started helping Sookie out at the Inn and then with the kids.

Mom was the first to notice there was more between Luke and Sookie. Strangely enough Mom enlisted Dad's help in playing match maker for them. They've been together two years.

Lane and Zack have added a daughter to their family. Kim is so beautiful. Kwan and Steven are both smart big boys who love rock music. Lane and Zack still have their band and they also run a music store.

Doyle and Paris recently got married. As you can imagine Paris was a bridezilla. Poor Lane was her other bridesmaid. Being her Maid of Honor made me ready for anything and everything.

As for my exes yes I have been in contact with all three. Dean is married again and now has two kids. He and his family live in Chicago. Jess actually lives two buildings over from me with his girlfriend Chrissie. We are all good friends.

Logan got married six months ago. I was in Stars Hallow so I went to the wedding. It was good to see everyone even Logan. And though I do miss him and I did love him I made the right decision to move on.

I live in a shoe box. That's what my family and friends call it. It's a small studio apartment. Both my Grandparents and my Dad have tried to get me to move.

Now back to my new job. I have to admit a being a reporter wasn't easy. My previous job was extremely busy. I was practically in a different city every night.

Now I am making a career with the Food Network. I'm not a chef or even near it. Most of my life my food was carry-out or pop tarts. My first assignment is the Food Network Challenge. It's a show where four pastry chefs make specialty cakes.

The prize for making the best cake is 10,000 dollars. I will be interviewing the host, judges, and contestants. My new boss said that I could do a feature piece if I found a story. I was determined to find a story.