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After we finally got out of reach of the Admiral Akainu the captain thought it'd be best if stopped on a new island to restock on supplies (much to everyone's pleasure) and to see if that island had any reasonably good ships for our taking. As soon as we docked everyone went off on their own and went to whatever they pleased. Burgess was trying to fix the raft the best he could so it would last till we got an actual ship while Doc Q was busy falling over while trying to feed Stronger who had also fallen down at the same time his master fell. Devon and Shot tarred half the town apart looking for fine booze and fancy clothes while the rest of us were resting on the docks, but in Wolf's case, the ocean.

Van Augur was once again staring off into space but at least this time he was staring at the setting sun when I strolled right up beside of him, tapping my feet against the ground every now and then.

"Ah, the absolute perfect mixture of orange and yellow for this time of the season, don't you think Auger"? I questioned as I gave him a smirk. As usual he didn't say a single word but this time he seemed to nod in agreement with my question so I went on. "Hmm, this is the kind of sunset that would make a girl fall into a man's arms and melt into his fiery passion". The smirk on my face slightly fell a bit as I realized that my words were being a bit dramatic, so I went onto a different topic. "Do you happen to have a girl waiting for you"?

He visibly seemed to blink himself out of his trance and turned his head towards me, and for this I blinked in surprise since it was rare that he'd ever show this much effort in a conversation.

"No… she broke up with me when I left my hometown to become a pirate". He sighed. "She didn't want that kind of life and she didn't want to be affiliated with anyone who lived like one". He lowered his head just a bit and silently glared at the sunset before raising his head back up and looking back to me. "Do you have a girl waiting for you, Laffitte"?

I looked to my feet as the grip on my cane became deadly as it was fueled by rage. Feelings of hate and betrayal came flashing back to me as I remembered my hometown and how I lashed out against each and every one of them as they lashed out against me. Still, I managed to pull a happy smile and hummed for a few seconds before responding to his question.

"I don't really have her yet but I know she is waiting for me to return, although she doesn't know I'm banned from the town… well the whole region if I'm being perfectly honest with you". I spoke as a speck of sadness ran through my eyes.

"Your hometown, I presume"? Van questioned.

I nodded slowly and he turned back to his sunset, and I was starting to leave but he spoke up once again and once again much to my surprise.

"What was she like, Laffitte"? He asked.

"Short brown, silky hair, about my height but still a few inches shorter, strong arms and legs, cute little laugh, small tempered, stitches on her back due to an accident, brown and black swirled eyes, and she was so compassionate to me and everyone around her". I hummed in delight as I felt closer to her as I talked about her. "Alas, her remembrance in my mind only makes me miss her even more. Thankfully I'll never have to deal with her about why I was gone for so long and why I was banned from my home because I'm here at sea, and besides I'm a pirate. No girl in her right mind would marry a pirate, and no one in their right mind would ever love me or even say it with a straight face. She's just a memory now and that's it. In my mind she has died but yet in my heart she still lives on". The smile on my face went away as I found out that I was rambling on and I stopped after I said, "At least I got to talk with someone who knows what it's like to feel like the sparks in a fire are still burning, and that much I'm thankful for, Van".

After that I turned away from him and started walking away only to here one last remark.

"My condolences, my friend". Van smirked. He turned his eyes back to the sunset and resumed his trance while I tried to keep a straight face instead of a sad one and walked over to Doc to place him back up on his horse.

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