Author's Note: This marks my first time at many things. First multi-chapter FanFic. First crossover. And first FanFic that I'm not going to make up as I go. Enjoy.

Also, this is a prologue to the story.

And finally, the incarnation of the Joker in this is a combination of two different versions.

Chapter One: Go Out With A Bang!

His hand twitched with anticipation. It was taking all of his self-control to not push the big blue button on the remote in his right hand. His wild green hair was as messy as ever. No event was worth changing your image. He smiled at the chaos in front of him.

Standing at both of his sides were the three women, sekirei, as they called themselves, he had created all this war and destruction with. They too were looking out at the city, listening to the beautiful sounds of people suffering, fighting, and dying. All three of them were somewhat like him. They all loved to hurt and, if necessary in their case, kill people. But only one of them was almost as dangerous as him.

She too liked killing people in the blink of an eye with no second thoughts. She held no remorse for the lives she took or ruined. The only difference between her and her Joker was that she killed those who she felt threatened by, were stupid enough to fight her, or got on her bad side. Joker loved murdering innocent people he had never seen before for no reason at all except for the fact that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he felt like doing something random.

"Kara?" he beckoned her over. She stepped over to him and wrapped herself around his left arm. She loved it when he called her by the nickname he called her by. She felt the pleasuring heat that always coursed through her when she embraced her Joker. She had always viewed humans as worthless beings, but then there was that night when he got the drop on her, landed a few blows, made her bleed, and got away from her. After that, she began to believe that he wasn't entirely human. And what he was about to do would prove that.

"I think it's time to add a little entertainment for this little party. You?" He turned his head to look at her. She loved that malicious smile that was always on him. And the scars only exaggerated his signature grin.

"I think you're right." Karasuba whispered in a seductive voice. She kissed him. When their lips separated, wings of light formed on Karasuba's back, and slowly faded.

Benitsubasa and Haihane, whose Ashikabi was practically at the Crazy Cown's mercy, didn't even go near him. They were genuinely afraid of him. Karasuba had earned the right to bale to not fear him, to be safe within his presence. She had kept him the most entertained the whole time they had known him.

"So, wait," Haihane said, scratching her head, forgetting her clawed gauntlets were still on her arms. "Ow! Anyway, just one more time; what are we going to do?"

"You brainless moron!" Benitsubasa shouted. "After Joker sets off his traps, we all go out and terminate as many Sekirei as we can!" She smiled triumphantly to herself. She was sure Joker would be impressed with her, and would probably stop monitoring and threatening Natsuo.

Instead, Joker chuckled to himself. "You just called the kettle black, Beni. What I would prefer is Ashikabis, but Sekireis are fine if that's out of the question." Benitsubasa turned a dark shade of red.

"My fair ladies," the clown announced as he turned his head forward back to the anarchy. "Get ready to raise some pure Hell." He cackled as he lifted up his left hand and prepared to put his plan in motion. Haihane and Benitsubasa ran toward the edge of the roof, getting set to leap into the battles, just like he had instructed them to.

Karasuba didn't move at all. She stayed by her Joker's side. He turned to her, and raised an eyebrow. Without having to hear his question, she gave him his answer.

"I'm going to be your protection. I know this is too big for you to pass up on and watch from a distance. Anyone who even thinks about hurting you, they will die slowly."

He no longer held confusion on his face. He didn't show anything for a moment. This worried Karasuba. He'd always been one to express how he felt with a loud voice and fireworks. Seeing him with a silent blank face made her uncomfortable.

Slowly, he wriggled his arm free from her. She felt much rejected with this. But then he raised his limb, and placed his hand on the back of her neck. His face finally showed his routine grin.

"Well then, let's put a smile on their face," he tensed up his hand on her neck. "And make them go out with a bang!" He pulled her face into his, and kissed her. Feeling the orgasmic heat throughout her entire body, Karasuba wrapped her arms around him and kissed him back passionately. As their tongues wrapped around each other, Joker pushed the blue button, and Benitsubasa and Haihane leaped forward off the roof and into the chaos. Its purpose gone, Joker clenched his hand around the remote, and crushed it into tiny worthless pieces. With both of his hands and arms free, he wrapped them around Karasuba and lifted her up, still swapping saliva with her. After a few very long moments, they finally separated, mostly to catch their breath and start again. When Joker noticed that Karasuba had white patches of skin all about her lower face, he couldn't help but giggle.

"What?" she asked playfully. "Did I take some of your face away?" She looked down to his mouth, and saw that his makeup was either smeared or gone.

They shared a fit of laughter while the city, and everyone unfortunate enough to be in it, began to know how it felt to feel the Joker's wrath.