Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Kagamirella.

When she was young, she was a very happy girl. She grew over six feet tall and developed very noticeable abs and biceps because she played a lot of basketball. She was the most beautiful girl in the land.

But then one day her father died. It was very sad. To make things worse, her mother married another man who didn't love Kagamirella one tiny bit. Her stepfather showered all of his affection onto his daughters and completely neglected poor Kagamirella.

Kagamirella's stepsisters were especially cruel. When they first met, Akashi tried to stab Kagamirella with scissors. Aomine kept leaving her dirty magazines around the house for Kagamirella to pick up. Midorima made Kagamirella drive her around in a rickshaw. Murasakibara ate all the candy, and that made poor Kagamirella very sad and upset.

But Kagamirella was brave and always cheerful. She took comfort in how ugly and ungraceful her stepsisters looked when they wore dresses.

One day, beautiful new dresses arrived at the house. The stepsisters were invited to go to a ball held by the handsome Prince Kise. It was called a ball because they played basketball. Kagamirella loved basketball but she didn't dare ask to go because she knew her stepsisters wouldn't let her. So while they put on their mascara and wore skimpy dresses and went to the ball, Kagamirella stayed home and cooked dinner.

Suddenly, Kagamirella heard a voice. "Excuse me, Kagamirella-san." It was Kagamirella's Fairy Godmother!

"How did you get here?" asked Kagamirella.

"I was here this whole time but I am afraid you did not notice me, Kagamirella-san," said the Fairy Godmother. The Fairy Godmother had very little presence.

"Speak up sooner, you goddamn shrimp," said beautiful Kagamirella.

The Fairy Godmother explained that she intended to let Kagamirella go to the ball. Kagamirella was uncertain about this because she was wearing rags. How could she go to the ball in rags?

The Fairy Godmother smiled and flicked her magic wand. Suddenly, Kagamirella was wearing the basketball shoes Michael Jordan wore when he won the NBA Championship final in 1993. "Now for your coach," said the Fairy Godmother. "Bring me five mice and a pumpkin."

Kagamirella soon returned with what the Fairy Godmother asked for. With another flick of her wand, the mice turned into horses and the pumpkin turned into a beautiful coach.

Kagamirella could hardly believe her eyes. The horses, who were named Hyuuga, Riko, Izuki, Mitobe and Koganei, drew the coach along all the way to the prince's castle.

Before they went inside the castle, the Fairy Godmother stopped Kagamirella and said, "Be careful to come out before midnight, for that is when the magic wears off."

Inside the castle, the ball was already underway and it was very busy.


As she spoke, she noticed Prince Kise, who had already finished played basketball with all the other ladies and was looking very bored. When he saw Kagamirella, his eyes lit up and he offered to play with Kagamirella. She happily accepted.

It was such a fun game. Kagamirella soon lost track of time.

"Oh, Kagamirella," said Prince Kise, looking Kagamirella in the eyes. "I want to play basketball with you for the rest of my life. Will you be my Power Forward?"

Kagamirella was about to reply when suddenly the clock chimed midnight. It was only then she remembered what the Fairy Godmother said. She picked up her skirt and ran, accidentally leaving one of her basketball sneakers behind. Soon she was gone and she vanished into the night.

Prince Kise picked up the smelly, odour-filled shoe and said to his ministers, "Go and search every house until you find the girl whose feet fit this sneaker!"

Meanwhile, Kagamirella attempted to stow away with her Fairy Godmother.

"Idiot! Can't you cast an invisibility spell on me?"

"It is not invisibility. It is misdirection."

"Hey, why'd you do all this for me?" Kagamirella asked suddenly. It was something that made her curious. "It's not like I've done anything for you."

"Kagamirella-san," said the Fairy Godmother, looking very serious. "It is my wish for you to become a shining star, one that stands out brightly even among the Generation of Miracles. I am a shadow, but it is through my role that I may be able to help you."

"Heh," said Kagamirella. "Enough of this confusing talk. Let's play basketball together. That's the best way to get things across."

The Fairy Godmother looked at Kagamirella blankly before slowly smiling.


As for Prince Kise, he looked all over the country to find the beautiful girl who owned the basketball shoe, but because Kagamirella was too busy playing basketball with the Fairy Godmother and the Seirin mice to be at home, he never ended up finding her.

"Oh, woe is me!" cried the heartbroken Prince Kise, for he had been very smitten with the fair maiden he called Kagamicchi.

The last house Prince Kise visited to try and find the shoe's owner was Kagamirella's. The stepsisters all tried wearing the shoe. It was too big for Akashi, too small for Murasakibara, too unlucky for Midorima. Then Aomine tried it on and it fit.

Prince Kise was overcome with joy and promptly married Aomine.

And they all lived happily ever after.

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