The wagon drove into the Moonacre land. After her parents died, she was left to go there. She had heard it was nice, but she thought it would be really boring. This 'she' is Issy Merryweather, called Fire by everyone who knew her. Quite a rebel, and very strong, since Fire did boxing. Even though she's a girl, Fire beat more people than you could count.

Fire had straight blond hair that cascaded down her back, earning her many suitors, and had brilliant green eyes. Her bangs were pushed to the side, framing her face. She was thirteen and had a crazy life. It was the year 2012, but something went wrong with a new time machine and everything was back to the 1800's. Except for the fashion many people kept.

The wagon rolled to a stopped. "Why did we stop? Are we there? Can I get out now?" called Fire, not pausing for a breath between questions. No one answered back. "I swear that Hat Guy is death..." she muttered. Hat Guy was the nickname she gave to Digweed.

A hand grabbed her and she was yanked outside the wagon. Fire's defense mode was automatically on. She spun, punched, connected with a persons chin. The attacker released her and she back flipped with one hand, and saw who her opponent was. A boy with curly brown hair, a bowler hat, and a black choker with four brown feathers sticking out of it. Fire approved of his dark look, then put her mind back into attack and defense mode.

She glared at him before lunging forward, throwing punches and kicks. The boy was a rather good fighter. He pulled out a dagger and began attacking her once more. Fire grabbed a short tree branch and fought him back. She kicked his hand and the dagger flew to the ground.

The boy got a punch to her stomach and Fire grabbed his shoulders, banged her head into his, and kneed him in the gut. He doubled over in pain and other boys, all in the same dark fashion came out of the shadows of a forest Fire hadn't noticed. They all circled her, shooting glares that gave her an idea of tough they were.

The wagon was beginning to move. Fire backed up a little, turned, ran for a tree, climbed in and balanced her way across a branch. All of the people stared at her and Fire made a jump for it. She hit the ground hard, rolled, and ran for the wagon. It went through a gate that was just beginning to close. Fire put on a burst of speed, rolled under the gate a few seconds before it closed.

A sigh of relief escaped her and the attackers glared at her before running into the forest. "Bandits. I was just attacked by bandits and won." Fire said then shrugged. She ran up to the wagon and swung in through the window.

Before long, it was growing dark and they had stopped in front of what looked like a castle. "Welcome to Moonacre Manor Madame Issy." said Digweed as he opened the door of the wagon. Fire plopped down a foot. "It's Fire, not Issy. And don't use that 'Madame' thing on me." Fire told Digweed.

"Very well Mad... Fire."

She rolled her eyes and said, "Whatever." They were in front of a stone door that was thrown open to reveal a large man. "Hullo. I'm your Uncle." He took in Fire's dark purple combat boots with silver laces, neon green skirt, black fishnet leggings, and gray tee shirt with a exploding heart on it. He frowned then waved it away. Since he was going to have to live with this girl, better get used to it.

"I'm Fire." the girl said and frowned, rubbing her stomach.

"You okay?" asked Uncle, seeing her bruises and splintered hands. She nodded and shoved past him in the house. Uncle scratched his head. "I'll show you to your room in a second. Come down Maria!' he called.

A girl that looked thirteen with coppery hair came down some stairs. "Yes Uncle?" Her eyes caught sight of Fire and they regarded each other curiously. "Why don't you show Issy to her room?"

Maria nodded and walked up the stairs, Fire following. "I'm Maria. Your Issy right?" she asked, trying to make conversation. Fire looked at Maria and shook her head. "Don't call me Issy. No one does. It's Fire." Maria was quiet and observed Fire,as Fire did the same to her. To Maria, Fire look dark and strong and stubborn. To Fire, Maria looked dainty, like a china doll made of glass with a blue dress that had a simple flower print and darkish purple bow.

They climber more stairs until they reached the North Tower. "Here's your room." Fire nodded her thanks and walked in, where her luggage had already be set on the ground. After unpacking and putting everything away, she put on her pajamas and fell on the bed, the room dark. "I'll explore this castle tomorrow. 'Getting lost here seems fun...' she thought. Her mind wandered back to the fight. Who were they? A thought came to Fire. If they were in a group, there must be more of them in the forest.

Fire drifted off the sleep and dreams haunted her till morning. But when she woke up, they all fled her mind, not even a echo left. When she looked out the window, everything was dark. The sun wasn't up yet. Fire smiled at the thought that she woke up before the wouldn't come again so she got up. Fire changed out of her pajamas into her black skinny jeans, dark green tank top, and knee high red converse with dragons on the side. After combing her hair, she pulled on some fingerless camo gloves that went to her elbow and had a hole for her thumb.

A surprise waited for Fire when she went down to the living area. Maria was up too, but still in her white night gown and her coppery hair all over the place. "Hey." called Fire. Maria jumped, not realizing that Fire was there. "Morning." They smiled at each other awkwardly. Then a loud noise was heard outside.




They sounded like shots being fired. Instinctively, Fire went down on her stomach. Maria copied her and lay on the ground, her face pale and scared. "Say here. It sounds like guns being fired." Maria nodded and Fire crawled to a window. She peeked out then went to the door, She opened it a crack and looked out.