Darkness still lingered in the sky, the sun not yet up. The sounds had stopped but Fire didn't let that drop her guard. Something was out there. Someone was out there. She took a delicate step outside, whipping her head around to catch any movement made. Fire thought that maybe whatever made the noise had left.




It was still there. Whatever "it" was. By mow, Fire had tracked the noise to the roof. How was she ever going to get up there? The answer quickly dawned upon her. On the wall of the manor, were thick, strong looking vines that traveled up the side and onto the roof.

Fire grabbed a vine and hauled herself up. The vines hardly bent, promising that they wouldn't break when she put her weight on them.

Maria had gone outside then and looked around frantically for Fire. She was nowhere to be seen, and dread filled Maria. What if whatever was making that noise took Fire? What she had been kidnapped? What if- Her train of thought was interrupted by a scrambling sound above her head. When maria looked up, there was Fire, scaling up the wall like a spider.

"Uh" she gulped, her foot dangling in the air. Her fingers were slowly, ever so slowly, slipping off the vine. She had to move fast, or she'll plunge down to the ground. Fire tried to climb back up, but she was to late.

Maria screamed, and Robin, who was still hiding in the shadows, gasped as well.

Fire had fallen.

(A/N) I know it's short. Didn't have to many ideas. But it's still something. So enjoy and check out my story on Fictionpress under the same pen name.