Hi Everyone! :D This is my first Spring Awakening story and I hope all goes well. Please let me know how you like or dislike the story.

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Pandora 3

Chapter 1

Deep in the forest stood a defiant young man: Moritz. He could never do anything right. It was always wrong. He could never please his father, his teachers, his friends, and at times, himself. In his left pocket sat a small gun. His heart was racing out of his chest, his pulse racing like never before.

"Awful sweet to be a little butterfly…just winging over things and nothing deep inside…" Moritz says, tears begin streaming down his cheeks. He tries to wipe them away but voices stop him cold in his tracks. He could hear voices; loud, crisp and clear. The first was like a blow to the skull from behind him. He whirled around quickly to find nothing but a patch of elm trees. Suddenly, the voice appeared again but in angry bellows: the voice of his father. 'I'm glad my father never lived to see the day that my own son has failed". Moritz felt the harsh slap across his face, knocking the wind out of him, leaving him gasping for air. The painful stinging of abandonment and a father's hard hand.

Next, there came the bitter voice of a man of strange tongues: his Latin teacher Herr Sonnestitch. 'Herr Stiefel! Recite it again! Perhaps if you weren't slumbering in my class, you could finish the following sentence…" Next came the soft voice of a familiar friend, Melchior Gabor: 'Moritz! Here is that illustration you wanted. Is this what your dreams were about, the woman with….legs….and blue stockings?'

Finally, there was the sad familiar voice of a woman he had adored since childhood, his dear friend Ilse. He turned behind him again, as if she were standing behind him. 'Please come home with me! Just walk to me to my house at least. Maybe I wouldn't end up on a trash heap again tonight?'

The last voice pierced his heart, making his chest hurt in angst and sadness. Suddenly, the voices began swirling around his head, echoing and screaming. His head felt as if it were about to explode. "ENOUGH!" he screamed and threw his gun to the underbrush, falling to his knees. Moritz had to escape, escape this world…those voices, all that he's left behind. A cool breeze blows against his warm face, his head turned towards the abandoned gun. He picks up the gun and slowly puts the end of the pistol into his mouth. A final tear falls down his reddened cheek as his finger, shakily, is placed on the trigger. He could do it. He could leave this cruel world behind him with just a pull of the trigger. "I'm ready now. I'm ready to be an angel". Finally, there was a single shot and then silence. Nothing but silence.