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Kim walked behind Twilight through the streets of Canterlot, observing the architecture. Baldur had made his point known that there was an inter galactic war raging in the Orion arm of the galaxy, wishing to strike a pact with the Equestrian's for the UNSC in the instance the Covenant decided to attack the planet. Twilight had teleported them to the city, Kim recovering from the nausea quickly upon arrival. They had taken the main road, ponies watching the Six foot five inches tall being clad head to toe in dark blue armor as he followed the unicorn through the streets. Mother's shielded their children as he passed, aware that the weapons he had were powerful. Several times a guard or two had approached them, Twilight always turning them away under urgent pretenses. Two of them had stayed with them, each carrying swords and flintlock pistols. Kim had dropped back slightly, talking to the one with the most ranking signs. "So," He began, trying to be friendly. "What's your name?"

"Sapphire Shield," She said, not looking from her path and resting a steel clad limb on her pistol. Kim had a side-viewing camera take several stills of her, observing them as he navigated the crowded streets. She was tall for a female, around five feet and eleven inches. Her weight seemed to be slim, but her musculature differed. He guessed the pony's weight at around two hundred lean pounds, not wanting to piss her off.

"I take it you're rather high ranking here," Kim said, trying to strike up conversation. "The way you command respect from the other guards says you either have a high position, or a deadly reputation." Sapphire scoffed, smirking slightly. Kim glanced at her, cataloguing her blue skin and hair also.

"Both," She said. "I am guard captain for the Celestial Guard." She raised her right arm, tapping her right leg afterward. "These are a full metal prosthetics. I lost my limbs during the third Griffin war, successfully ending a five day siege on their capitol in the process by myself." Kim nodded, sure that she had to have molten steel in her veins to end a siege single handedly; more reasons not to piss her off. "What about you?" She asked, catching him off guard. "You seem to be a soldier of merit, considering the amount of scarring on you armor." Kim looked at his plating, noticing deep scores and scars he had missed.

"I'm a lieutenant," He said. "And I usually work alone, so any combat I encounter ensures a hit taken no matter how careful I am." Sapphire spared him a glance, appreciating the way he had the suit configured. "I think this one," He said, pointing to a long but shallow tear in the chest piece. "Was from a grazing blow from an energy sword. Hand to hand combat with an Elite swordsman is something many beings never survive." Sapphire chuckled to herself, already liking him.

They continued in silence, walking down the stone paved street. Canterlot looked like something from a fantasy novel to Kim, the buildings and walls being made of an opalescent stone of massive scales. Everything stood at two stories or above five, the blocks un-mortared and held together by sheer weight. It was built in the ancient Greco-Roman style; the only modern looking things were the black cables that ran from pillars to the buildings. They turned a corner at the center square, the castle falling into view. It was of equally massive scale, being well over seven hundred feet tall at the spires. It spanned nearly an equal distance as the city; the walls separated from the city walls by a hundred feet of barren land and possible explosives. The gates opened out as they approached, two horned guards in gold armor holding their arms towards the massive doors. Their horns glowed with a color like their skin, what had been explained to Kim as Magic in play.

They walked into the gardens behind the doors, trees of massive size and floral displays that hurt Kim's eyes to observe all around. There were servants tending to the foliage, stopping and nodding to Twilight as she passed. She would wave back, shooting them smiles like old friends. They continued through the garden, Kim thinking it was more of a strategic barrier than a display. The trees were placed tactically, each branch knobbed in enough places to hide a camouflaged soldier if they needed to. They exited the foliage, the sunlight having a ruddy glow at high noon. Before them were the doors to the inner castle, before the open doors a tall woman with wings and a horn. It was three times as long as Twilight's, seeming to glow with a white light. The ponies bowed, kneeling in the presence of the being. Kim remained at attention as he had been, showing respect but not fealty.

The woman descended the stairs, he stride lithe and smooth yet commanding an air of power. She slowed her walk, circling Kim like a prized trophy. Kim observed her also. She had pastel white skin, her wings of the same color along with her horn. She was a few inches shy of Kim; even if she hadn't been wearing three inch heals that brought them to eye level. She wore light blue leggings that hugged her form, a gold armored corset on her torso. Her hair was a rainbow of pastel colors, waving softly in a non-existent breeze. She wore a dappled green cloak like a hunter of old and a golden crown with a large star sapphire of red inlaid in the center. "Why do you not kneel?" She asked, her voice calm but firm, like a mother fed up with her child's antics. "You are in the presence of royalty, and yet you stand as if a statue. Unmoving and stiff as marble." Kim slowly turned his visor towards her, the black polarized glass reflecting her image.

"I bow to nothing," He said in a not unkind tone. "I am possibly the most powerful soldier in the known galaxy, so why should I bow to you?" He wanted a genuine answer, for her to earn his respect. The horned monarch circled him once more, Kim following her with his visor as she passed his left shoulder. She tapped his chest plate as Zecora had, pulling her gloved finger away and observing the particles that had collected on it.

"I know of where you come, human," She said, surprising Kim slightly of her knowledge of his race. "You were once the dominant race in the galaxy, ruling alongside the Forerunners. But this is no more." She removed her white gloves, her arms bare now as a servant produced another pair for her. She slipped the arm length gloves on, returning her left hand to the Rapier at her hip. "You say you have an offer for my ponies, and I shall hear it. Captain," The monarch turned and walked back inside, Sapphire pushing Kim gently forward.

The Foyer of the castle was ornately done, tapestries depicting a stylized sun and moon hung on the walls at every recess, gold and silver hammered into the blocks of stone for mortar. Kim followed the Monarch down the hall, Sapphire keeping a firm grip on his arm as she lead him down the way. The servants and guards along the way kneeled as she passed, returning to their duties as she moved on by. They neared a set of iron bound oak doors, two guards kicking the wood hard before kneeling to the sides. The doors opened out, two more horned guards using their magic to open them. The monarch led them into the throne room, another horned and winged being in a seat of silver. Beside her was a throne of gold, empty save the cushion of red velvet. The white skinned monarch took her place, sitting in her gilded throne and motioning to Sapphire. The Captain pulled with her mechanical arm on Kim's, attempting to force him to kneel. He refused to budge, even when the soldier's arm whined from the strain. She gave in, making a gesture of futility. The white monarch motioned with her hand, dismissing the soldier from the room. She bowed, turning on her heal and exiting. The monarch touched herself on the bosom. "I am Princess Celestia," She introduced, waving a hand to the black being next to her. "This is my sister Luna. May we learn your name, Reclaimer?" Kim adjusted his hold on the BR55, attaching it to the back of his armor.

"I am Kim Levinson," He said, nodding slightly. "Spartan three graduate Alpha 578." He opened the pocket in his chest plate, withdrawing a black box like before. "I do not have the clearance to offer this pact, but the AI under my care does." He removed the data card from his helmet, placing it into the black box and pressing the red button. He tossed the projector into the middle ground, a full sized image of Baldur taking form. He was six feet tall, dressed in a tunic and pants with a beard to his waist.

"Greeting's princesses," He said, bowing slightly. "I am Baldur, the Artificial Intelligence under this Spartans care." He walked around his limited range. "I am here to inform you that there is a galactic war going on outside your system between the humans and an enemy more powerful than you can imagine. They have the ability to turn planets to barren wastes, decimate any and all defenses in a matter of moments and a religious zeal that out rates any know other. They have cast a genocidal campaign against all things related to humanity in even appearance. Thus I believe your planet to be at risk of an attack should they discover it." He stopped pacing and spread his arms. "I offer you a pact of cooperation between the UNSC and yourselves. Should the covenant appear, you have only to send us word and we shall arrive with a force large enough to turn them away. All you need is this device." Kim produced a cube from his pockets, holding it out. "You activate this device, and within the month we shall be on your doorstep to aid you. The choice is yours, princesses. I leave you decision with my friend here." and with that he disappeared. Celestia motioned to a servant to return the projector to Kim, the box being back in his possession immediately. He removed the data card, replacing it in his helmet.

Kim stood in the center of the throne room as the sisters discussed the offer, weighing the pros and cons of having to run to a single military force to escape another. They continued to talk as Kim returned the projector to his pouch, clasping the pocket shut with a click. The sound was nearly deafening in the room, the sister's falling silent as it echoed through the chamber. Celestia sat up in her throne, as did Luna. "We have discussed this offer," She said. "And if what you say is true of his enemy, then we have no other choice than to accept." She motioned for him to leave, getting up and walking him out of the castle with her sister. The guards closed the doors, taking up position behind heir princesses. "I must inform you, Spartan," Celestia said as they walked through the foyer. "Your circumstances are rather crude. You are abandoned on our planet, demand to talk to us, and then force this kingdom into a corner we cannot escape from. This will not sit well with the Council of Three, so I warn you that they may find you to be a danger." Kim scoffed in amusement.

"I take it you are warning me to watch my back for my own good," He said, getting a nod from the white monarch. He shook his head, tapping himself on the chest. "I doubt you have the means to harm me. Especially while I am in full gear." They stopped at the door, Captain Sapphire taking up position beside Kim. Luna stepped forward and took Kim's hand, pressing something into it before releasing him. It was a choker style necklace, a design of the Diarchy emblazoned on the leather.

"This will protect you from any magical attack," The dark princess said. "While we do not trust you completely, you have shown a compassion not expected. This has proven you to be of valor and honor, a being of trustworthiness. Please, remove your helmet." Kim did as he was asked, the guards being sent back as the vacuum seal hissed. Luna's eyes widened at the sight of his features, being surprisingly like that of an earth pony. She took the choker, placing it around the skin of his neck and clasping it behind his neck. She adjusted the length to fit snug, reducing the chance of chafing and discomfort. "You are now an honorary member of our race," She told him, bringing his head down and kissing him on the brow. "Do not besmirch this gift, Spartan." She said, releasing him. Celestia motioned to Sapphire, sending her with him through the garden.

"So why are you following me?" Kim asked as they exited the courtyard, finding Twilight sitting on a bench reading. She shrugged as Twilight approached, taking off her helmet. Her hair fell to the small of her back, being deep blue and having a slight radiance.

"I have orders to study your tactics and ethic code," She said, placing the Greek style helm in the crook of her elbow and hip. "You should get used to me following you, because I shall be watching you until I deign fit to return to the castle and brief the princesses on you further." She draped a traveling cloak over her shoulders, adjusting it so the dual swords on her back poked out of the hooded garment. "Also, I wouldn't mind seeing my brother again. He lives in Ponyville, playing music for a living." She nodded to Twilight, getting one in return. The violet unicorn touched both of them on the shoulder, concentrating on the teleportation spell.

Kim was assaulted by a white light, feeling like he was being thrown through an industrial washing machine. The nausea set in fully just before they arrived at their destination, Kim swaying uneasily as Twilight released his shoulder. Sapphire grasped his arm, supporting him as his vertigo receded. "I don't want to do that for the next week," Kim said, looking around the area. They were back at Zecora's house, the Zebra standing beside the door now with the bag of weapons beside her. Kim nodded to her, slipping the bag over his shoulders and shouldering his rifle. "Thanks for watching these," Kim said, getting a slight bow in return. He turned around, looking back over his shoulder toward the wood before retuning his view to the fore. "I left some gear back in the woods," he explained, turning around and walking towards where he had left the bike. "I'll catch up at town," He shot back disappearing into the trees. Sapphire swore and drew a curved shamshir from her back, hacking her way through the underbrush behind him.

"You aren't getting away that easily," She yelled over the sounds of snapping wood and slicing vegetation. "Hey, Slow down some!" Twilight watched the two disappear into the forest, left alone for the trek back to Ponyville.

"Well," She said, waving goodbye to Zecora. "It's only a mile at least." She started off along the mildly worn path, Fluttershy running after her from inside the hut.

Kim pushed through the underbrush, his progress unhindered now that stealth was not an issue. He plowed through most everything, lazily stepping over a fallen tree trunk as Sapphire leapt from tree to tree. She would land on a branch, leaping off to the next tree and scoring the trunk deep with the claws on her right arm. The mechanical sounds were becoming irritating to Kim, but he couldn't complain too much; at least she was done trying to chop down the whole forest. Kim checked his Heads Up Display, noticing he was almost to the site where he hid the bike. He walked up to the stand of bushes, moving the shrubbery aside to reveal the large one seat dirk bike. "You are a highly advanced alien from space," Sapphire said, landing next to him and tossing her hair out of her face. "And you bring a bag of guns and a large bicycle?" Kim shrugged, getting a ping from Baldur on his map.

"I found a piece of the Huntress!" The AI exclaimed rather happily. "Even if it's a slab of hull plating, we have to check it." Kim nodded to himself, sliding the BR55 between the duffle bag and his armor. He grabbed Sapphire by the shoulders, setting her down on the bike seat and climbing on behind her. He started the bike, the machine lurching forward.

"I suggest you hold on to me," Kim said, revving the bike, letting it jump again. Sapphire squeaked slightly, reaching behind herself and clutching onto Kim's legs. He stood up on the pegs, gunning the bike and fighting the forks around towards the fragment of the Huntress Moon. They zoomed through the forest, Sapphire exclaiming in fright as Kim hugged close to the trees at close to sixty MPH. He jumped the bike over a ditch, causing her to scream and clutch onto him tighter. "I told you to hold on tight." He said loudly, projecting his voice past the rushing wind. Sapphire shook her head rapidly, thinking him insane in the extreme.

"You didn't tell me this thing went so fast!" She screamed, clenching her hands into his armor as the bike skidded to the sides in a patch of loose gravel. Kim laughed, not having had this much fun since he was a child. "What the buck are you laughing at?" She panicked, ducking a branch the snapped over Kim's chest plate. "This is not funny!" Kim saw a large black and gray object in a stand of trees, the hunk of the Huntress Moon holding part of the ship's name. He clenched down on the brakes, the bike easing up onto its front wheels as it slowed to a stop. Sapphire jumped off the bike, holding onto the ground with both hands; she had never been so happy to see dirt in her life. Kim dropped the kickstand, getting off the bike and laying his bag on the ground. It was the rear section, or at least part of it. The enormous lettering read "UNSC 689 Huntress" across the scarred and stressed Titanium-A Battle plate. Sapphire looked up at the hunk of metal, astounded by the sheer size of it all. "What is that?" She asked quietly, afraid and intrigued at the same time.

Kim walked up to the aft section, Baldur listing off what might be inside as he ran a gloved had over the surfaces. "This is my ship," He said, his voice unchanged despite the astonishing fact that any of it had survived the Shaw-Fugikawa failure. "It was destroyed above the planet." Kim walked along the hundred yard section, finding a tear in the hull and framework. "But I was apparently wrong in that thought," He said, slipping into the structure. Sapphire jumped to her feet, following him into the structure. She hit her head on something immensely hard, cutting her scalp and getting knocked back on her flank. A white light flashed into her face, the illuminated beam turning around and revealing Kim handing her a fire arm. "It isn't loaded, so you don't have to worry about shooting anything. Think of it as a rather bulky flashlight." Sapphire took the weapon in her hand, using Kim's offered hand to stand again. "Ouch," he said upon seeing her head wound.

The cut went under and back into her scalp, a quarter inch of blue skin floating freely on her forehead and cranium. Kim touched the wound, Sapphire slapping his hand away as the pain became obvious. "Don't touch the damn thing," She hissed through clenched teeth. "Lets just get done here and make our way to Ponyville so I can get some stitches." Kim nodded and turned back into the darkness, lifting his M7 and looking over the area with the flashlight. It was part of the vehicle depot and ammunition replacement bay, the majority of the machines destroyed save a few. He walked into the bay, Sapphire trailing behind to marvel at the size of the structure. The ceiling was higher up than that of the castle, lights hanging from the ceiling by black bundles of cords and wiring. "How are these things made…" She asked, trailing off as she saw the destroyed husk of a Scorpion tank. The barrel caught her attention, noting it wasn't as large as a cannon, but that it still had immeasurable power to compare to one. Kim looked back at her, watching the blue Equestrian look the tank over with a sense of awe and fear. He turned back to his current target, an ammunition replication machine.

"The same way everything my race makes," He said, checking the brass and cordite reserves. They were full to capacity, the marines having missed any action ship to ship since their last refit and re-arm. "On a planet in the home system, there is a massive factory. It almost covers the whole of that world, building and assembling nearly everything we need to fight the Covenant. They produce ships of massive proportions and almost every weapon and vehicle we use." He returned to his search, inventorying the remaining vehicles. Baldur listed each one on his HUD, noting at the fore what repairs were needed and if another vehicle had too many disabilities. There were enough here to rebuild each model of Warthog, save the rocket model, two working Mongooses, one tank that would be a long shot, and a hornet that he would have to fabricate parts to fix. It was a daunting task, but if he could find the Titanium and Tungsten to form the parts it wasn't impossible. He also had to manufacture Hydrogen for fuel, find the chemicals to replenish the artificial lubricant they used, but above all he had to find the back up power generator to power the section of the ship. "How fast can you have a contingent of guards here?" Kim asked her, snapping his fingers o get her attention. Sapphire gave him a confused look. "This cannot fall into the wrong hands, and there is to much that is salvageable to just destroy it." Sapphire shrugged, walking up to a warthog with a cargo cage in the back platform.

"If I had my radio," She began, sitting in the passenger seat and looking over the dash displays. "I could have them here in under thirty minutes. The Unicorn guard would arrive first, followed by the Pegasus guards and last the main force." Kim nodded, looking over the Warthog she was in. "Do you have a radio I could use?" She asked, getting a so-so motion from Kim.

"I have one, but not that you could use." She nodded, about to get out of the vehicle. She stopped when Kim sat down and started the vehicle. He pressed a series of buttons on the dash, entering a code before the frame shook. The engine purred quietly, Kim patted the dashboard appreciatively when it refused to show signs of damage. "What's the channel?" He asked, tapping a touch screen on the dash before picking up a small receiver.

"101-52-001," She said, Kim adding the numbers and getting a steady amount of chatter out of the speakers. He handed her the microphone, letting her call it in. "This is Sapphire Shield, Guard Captain. Does anypony hear me?" They waited for a response, the line falling silent save for a couple of reports of an arrest.

"This is Stormbrand," a male said, his voice hazy on the frequency. Kim adjusted a knob as he continued, bringing it into full clarity. "I thought you were on a special assignment captain." Sapphire pressed the button, waiting the standard second.

"I am," She clarified as Kim got out and continued his search for the generator. "I need a contingent of guardsponies to this location," She pulled out a map and found where they were, marking the location with a finger. "North 45 degrees by fifty two, west sixteen degrees by eight. Copy, over." The pony reiterated her coordinates, issuing several orders away from the mic that were barely audible.

"Full copy, Captain," Stormbrand said, a loud pop sounding from out side the section followed by exclamations of awe and surprise. "The Pegasus guards should be there soon. I've already sent the Unicorns, they should be making their way to you now. Over and out." The radio went silent, the usual chatter returning a moment later. Sapphire stood up in the seat, leaning back on the roll bar as fifteen Unicorns in mixed gold and black armor entered the artificial cavern. They were awestruck, not a single one had their eyes anywhere but on the machines and super structure.

"Hey!" Sapphire yelled at them, shining her flashlight on them as four jumped in fright. She laughed at them, waving them over after her fun. "I have orders for you," She informed, the soldiers snapping to attention. "You are to set up a barrier around this… place. Nothing gets in or out without my or Kim's confirmed permission, understood?" The fifteen ponies clasped their fists to their chest plates, saluting in their fashion. Kim came out from behind a corner, his M7 raised behind himself. There was a sound resonating through the area now, a sort of scratching and clicking sound. The ponies looked around, each drawing a sword or charging a spell into their palm. The sound increased in number, followed by several growls. "Kim, what is that?" Sapphire asked, getting a raised hand as he scanned the area with the light. He held the sub machine gun at his waist, knowing all to well that the Shaw-Fugikawa failure was no accident now.

"The reason I'm stranded here," He said, laying his light on an air vent above them. Four Skirmishers dropped ten feet to the floor, raising Needle Rifles at him. Kim began to stalk sideways to his right, turning off his helmet mic and activating the radio. "Sapphire," his voice crackled quietly on the dashboard com line. "There is a rather large gun on the vehicle next to you. Get on it and press the red button on the right handle, followed by the black one on the left." She disappeared into the vehicles as the Skirmisher's began to fan out, trying to encircle their target. Kim continued to stalk around them, keeping all of them in his line of sight as Sapphire mounted the LAAG on a Warthog. Kim had them turned with their backs to her, firing into one of them as she rotated the barrels on the machinegun. The bullets began flying now, Kim ducking away from he fire as the Covenant forces were decimated by the gun. Indigo blood sprayed and spurted like a dying fountain, coating the walls and floor in color as the bodies of the aliens were cut to ribbons. When she stopped firing the enemies were little more than blue heaps of armor and flesh, the barrels steaming and smoking from the sustained fire.

A unicorn guard ran off, the sounds of vomit echoing from behind the Scorpion tank as he took in what had just happened. The other Unicorns stared on at the decimated corpses, switching their view to Kim and his weapons. They had never seen any firearm that effective before. All of Equestria's guns were either shot based blunder-busts, or flintlock rifles that you had to aim low to his high. The Weapons he held were fully automatic, especially the mounted turret Sapphire had fired. The tracer round were still fling in their minds, the glowing orange lights chewing through the aliens like paper. "Nightmare Moon, Sapphire…" A gray unicorn in black Lunar Guard armor said, shell-shocked by the event. "You just… Damn…" Kim Picked up the Skirmisher he had shot, slamming the corpse onto the hood of the Warthog Sapphire was in.

Kim fired into the creatures body cavity, turning it over and slamming his elbow into the things back. Indigo blood coated the nose of the vehicle, turning the green metal blue and prompting the unicorn that returned to run back and vomit again. Kim let the body fall, kicking it aside as he approached the turret. He held out a hand, helping Sapphire down in the cramped quarters. "If those were responsible for this ship being destroyed," He said, turning to face the unicorn guards. "Then you might want to remember what you saw here. if any more of those show up, or any tall ones with jaws that open sideways, you get on one of these guns and do the same thing she did. Right red, left black." The guards saluted again, Kim raising his hand to his helmet brim in a navy salute.

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