"Really? They expect me to fight for this mess of a man? There's no way this trial will go well," Stephanie said, "I mean, see right there is a good example, he has broken in to a local store 7 times! 7! See right here, high-lighted in pink, he quotes 'I only do it for the thrill' that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! There's no way that somebody needs that much of a thrill. Brandy, have Rebecca come in here. I need to speak to her." Stephanie Miller was the #1 lawyer in the entire South-West area of Colorado. But nothing prepared her for the journey that lay ahead.

Ever since Stephanie was 7 years old, she's dreamed about being a successful lawyer. She was going to be the nicest one that there was out there. And here she is telling her client's mother that she was losing her damn mind if she thought that she could win this trial for Shawn. He was trouble and Stephanie had no way to make anything he did, make sense. Rebecca came in with her pale face, light pink lips quivering. She took a seat in the red leather chair across from Stephanie's large wooden desk.

They sat there for what felt like an hour then Rebecca spoke, "So, do you think you'll be able to do it, to keep him out of prison?" Rebecca's eyes became bold, and focused. "You're bad-shit crazy if you think that I can do this. Yeah, I may have completed the un-thinkable, but not the impossible. Rebecca, sweet-heart, I'd love to do this for you but it can't be completed. There's no way I can keep him out of prison."

"He's giving me nothing to work with. I mean robberies, bad grades, suspensions, gang fights. He's done nothing good, or said anything, that explains why he does these things." Said Stephanie. Neither Rebecca nor Stephanie said a word for nearly half an hour. Stephanie pushed the button that connected her and Brandy's speakers. She leaned into the microphone and said," Brandy, could you come escort Mrs. Connells out of my office, immediately.