Stephanie showered, long, and hot. She shampooed about 3 times and shaved about 4. She laid out her favorite outfit that she owned and straightened her hair and put on her make-up before putting it on. She thought she looked perfect. As if she would make a really good first impression if she came across someone, whom she hadn't met before. But then she started to question her outfit, considering the fact that this was a client, not a stranger, and a possible new friend not a person who she would usually walk right past. Then she thought about putting something more comfortable on, more inviting and friendly.

Not quite sweats and not quite a sundress, but a grey skirt, with a pearly white design stitched along the hem of the skirt with a white, silk kami and a bright pink jacket. Topped off with a large pearl necklace, and sparkly silver pumps. She decided to go with it before she changed her outfit again and would end up being late. She got in her grey Camry and drove off. She drove so fast she ended up being 15 minutes early. It seemed as if Rebecca had felt the exact same way because she arrived at the exact same time.

They hugged and almost started crying again as if they were in the same situation as they had been in yesterday. Stephanie ordered a turtle cappuccino, and Rebecca a dark chocolate iced latte. They sipped, and sat, and spoke. They hadn't been so calm since before the jobs and troublesome kids had come along. They never wanted this Starbucks visit to end. But they both had much more important things to get to. They said their goodbyes and went their separate ways before figuring that they would see each other later when they met for the pre court-hearing meeting.

They realized that within 24 hours they had gone from client and service provider to Best friends. And they didn't mind one single bit.