Hey... Okay, so I went against what I wasn't hoping for: story spitter. This is another idea that I have. Shame on me! Anyway that's not the entire point; I want to share this idea with you all. This story involves Greek Mythology, and I know that the idea is not new. I'm not sure if there are other stories involving Cupid, but I assure you all that I did not commit plagiarism. I came up with this in a Target parking lot.

Just tell me how you all feel about this.

Chapter One: Cupid

The god of love, Cupid, was laying atop a mound of cushions when he complained, "I'm so bored." He rolled over onto his stomach and childishly kicked his legs as he wondered what to do to minimize his boredom. Messing with mortals has become boring for the god of love; even his wife tells him to occupy himself something less human.

"Damn it all!" complained the god as he threw up his hands in frustration. He buried his face in his red silk pillow and groaned. Then his head shot up. Why not mess with the dead or spirited? With that thought, Cupid jumped to his feet atop his pillows with a determined look. He jumped from his pillows and landed on the porcelain floors of his home. Cupid pushed aside the white lace curtains and flew toward his pot of love.

"Hello, lovely," he said to the golden pot. Cupid poked the pink contents with his finger and watched the liquid swirl. He was giddy with glee and pride, for he was going to try something completely new. Something that involved spirits. Cupid clasped his hands together in happiness when an image appeared. He placed both hands on the pot and leaned over to get a better look.

Cupid jumped when an image of a flash of energy appeared. He smirked and grew more interested. Then he saw an orange haired man dodge another flash of energy. How fun, thought Cupid as he eagerly drank in the new beings. He then spotted another creature with blue hair. The two figures were engaging in an all out battle. Then the pot skipped toward an image of a fair strawberry haired maiden and a green haired child.

The most interesting image appeared when the blue haired man made a energy flash at the woman and child, who were protected by the orange haired man's body. Cupid grinned when the man was still in one piece with a mask over his face. Cupid frowned, then he peered closer. Interesting, he thought, that man made a mask appear on his face. The blue haired one also has a quarter of his mask. Cupid hummed to himself as he evaluated the beings in his pot.

Then a large explosion came into view of his pot. Such distasteful creatures, thought Cupid. He withdrew his hands from the pot, making the liquid go clear. Cupid turned from the pot and walked toward a golden wall, where his quiver of arrows and bow rest peacefully. "Mother always said I was a good archer," mumbled Cupid as he took down his bow and quiver. He strapped the quiver onto his back and slid the bow into the quiver with his arrows. The arrows gleamed white, while the bow gleamed red with pink ribbon. The quiver, however, was a deep black.

There is too much hate down there, thought Cupid as he smoothed his hair. It's about time I went down there and spread some love, especially between the two with locks of orange and blue. Cupid chuckled darkly and laughed, "The end rhymed." With a smile as large as can be, he sprouted his white eagle wings and lifted into the air. Cupid soared out into the open of Olympus, where clouds floated by and the building's shimmered a golden white.

He flew to the gates of Olympus and bid them to open. When the gates opened, Cupid chuckled and flapped past the gate. He turned to look at his home and said, "I shall return." He dove downward.

In Hueco Mundo...

Rukia ran out into the open. She was glad to have caught up with Ichigo, who was still busy trying to beat Grimmjow. She looked toward a pillar, where she sensed Orihime and another. Her head whipped around by Ichigo when she heard him scream. "Ichigo!" she called out to him. The girl flash stepped toward the scene.

Ichigo heard Rukia, and he could sense her. As he rose from the rubble, he yelled out, "Rukia! Don't come near! Just stay with Orihime and Nel!" He staggered to stand as his mask cracked. His eyes widened when Grimmjow appeared.

"You're mine, shinigami!" growled Grimmjow. He was already in his release form. Grimmjow slashed at Ichigo's face and continued to assault Ichigo's body with kicks. When he got Ichigo on the ground, Grimmjow raised his arm to slash at the other's face, but he was cut off by a whack to the head.

Ichigo stared up in shock when Grimmjow's body was hit aside. He looked to the attacker and saw a lanky Espada.

"Yo," said the Espada. "My name's Nnoitra Jiruga Gilga, the quinta, and I'll be killin' ya this evenin'!" His lips were set up in a grin, revealing his upper teeth.

"Getsuga Tensho!" roared Ichigo as he swung his blade from his position on the ground. When Nnoitra backflipped out of the way, Ichigo quickly got to his feet and glanced at a groaning Grimmjow.

"Nnoitra!" roared Grimmjow. He quickly got to his feet and dashed for Ichigo, who caught him in time to block a slash.

Rukia had just made it to Orihime when she spotted Nnoitra on the battlefield. "Ichigo!" she yelled.

"No, Ichigo!" yelled Orihime. "Don't die!"

"I'll help," said the child at the women's feet. She walked toward the edge of the pillar.

"You'll be killed," said Orihime in worry. "Don't go, Nel. I don't want you dying out there."

Nel looked back. Here eyes were no longer large and glittery, but they were dull with wisdom. Her body expanded, ripping the green cloth she wore. Her face matured, and her chest and thighs plumped out. Her hair grew until it reached the peak of her rear end. Nel gasped when her transformation was complete. "I shall be fine," she said.

Nel looked out onto the battlefield and glided down. As she neared the struggling Ichigo, she roared, "Nnoitra!" When the quinta did look up, Nel swung her body, so her leg connected with Nnoitra's chest. Her target's body flew into the opposite pillar.

"Nel?" asked Ichigo when he spotted the blow. Is that really her? he asked himself. He was hit in the gut by Grimmjow's leg.

"I'll take care of Nnoitra," said Nel as she stood tall with pride. She walked toward the pillar.

"I'm over here, shinigami!" roared Grimmjow. He pun again to land another blow, but he was blocked by Ichigo's black sword. Fuckin' shinigami and his sword, he inwardly cursed as his blows were blocked.

Ichigo cursed as Grimmjow laid a series of blows to him. He continued to block with his sword. Grimmjow...never gives up, does he? Damn it! He flash stepped aside when Grimmjow came to hit him with both fists.

As the fighters were about to engage in another series of attacks and blocks, they were forced to their knees by a high wave of spiritual pressure.

This power, cringed Ichigo. What is it? Who is it? Ichigo gasped when the pressure was lowered. He looked up; thus, his eyes widened at the sight. Along with the others, Ichigo gazed upon a beautiful man, who was being supported in the air by a pair of eagle wings on his back. The man's skin glowed gold, and his eyes burned with a fiery green. His chest was chiseled with muscle that was soon consumed by a white toga. His long, wavy locks were flowing down his back in chest in golden streams. Sandals adorned his feet, and silver gauntlets shielded his forearms. Despite his masculine features, all focused on his face, where the mouth was curved seductively and the nose was straight and the cheekbones created a masculine definition.

"Who are you?" asked Ichigo. He was mesmerized by the other's green eyes.

The floating being chuckled and said, "I am Cupid." He snapped his fingers and Orihime and Rukia were assembled with the group. Such a lovely set of girls, he thought. More fun for me. Cupid gave his charming smile toward the girls, who blushed and looked away.

"Cupid?" asked Ichigo. He stood to his feet and said, "But... Cupid is a Greek god. The Greek Gods don't exist. They're a myth." He yelped when his body was presented before Cupid with just a snap of Cupid's fingers.

Cupid flashed his straight teeth, making Ichigo swoon a little with half shut eyes. "I do exist," said Cupid in a charming manner. He took Ichigo's hand and kissed the back of it. He smirked when Ichigo's breath stopped for a moment. "I am the god of love, Cupid," reassured he. "I can make love happen between any forms." He snapped his fingers, lowering Ichigo's body to the ground.

The god of love lowered himself as well, and his wings disappeared. "I don't take well to being called a myth," said Cupid, "so let's all reassure ourselves that I am the real deal." He gave a seductive look to Ichigo and said, "You of all, should know that I speak no lie." He chuckled when Ichigo blushed.

"Bullshit!" called out Nnoitra. He pulled up his zanpaktou and slung it forward in a challenging manner. "I don't believe in higher beings than myself." He jumped over the group and brought down his weapon upon Cupids head.

This will definitely be fun, thought Cupid. The movement Nnoitra moved in seemed incredibly slow to Cupid, so he brought up his hand and caught the blade at its edge with his thumb and forefinger. When Nnoitra cursed him, Cupid smiled and crushed the blade's edge with the same fingers.

Nnoitra jumped back with a shocked look. He stared at his blade with disbelief. "You bastard!" cursed Nnoitra. He jumped up and stuck his tongue out, creating a cero. "Cero!" he yelled, and the energy flashed at Cupid.

Again, Cupid saw the flash come at him in slow motion, so he stepped aside and appeared at Nnoitra's side. With a raised hand, Cupid slapped Nnoitra to the ground, creating a large crater the size of a lake. He lowered himself slowly to the ground and turned back to the group, who stood in awe at the god's power.

Cupid smile and reassured, "I did not kill him. It was only, as you humans call it, a love tap." He stepped toward the group and said, "You're all probably wondering why I'm here." The group nodded. Cupid smirked. "I'll show you."

The god of love pulled out his bow and an arrow. When he heard Nnoitra groan, he shivered with glee. Cupid appeared at Nnoitra's side, making sure everything was visible to the gazing group. He raised his arrow and slashed it across Nnoitra's chest.

"Son of a-" started Nnoitra. His outcry was interrupted by Cupid's foot to his face.

After appearing in front of the group, Cupid raised himself in the air as he strung his arrow. The white arrow had Nnoitra's blood on it. He looked for a target and spotted the maiden who fought the lanky man. Aiming for Nel, Cupid released his arrow.

"Nel!" cried Ichigo when he noticed the arrow was aimed for her. He tried to jump in the way to deflect the weapon, but he did not know that Cupid's bow was the fastest shooting weapon in the world. Ichigo was too late.

Nel grunted when the arrow pierced the upper left of her chest. She fell back onto the ground with a gasp.

All but Grimmjow rushed to Nel's side.

"Don't be sad," said Cupid twirling his bow in his hand.

Rukia looked back at the god and said, "That was uncalled for. She did nothing to harm you!" She blushed when Cupid blew a kiss her way. Who the hell does he think he is? God or not, he shouldn't be shooting those who have done no harm! Rukia mentally cursed. She patted Orihime's back, for the strawberry haired girl was starting to sniffle.

"She'll be up in no time," called Cupid. He heard Nnoitra still coloring his name with curses from the crater. He chuckled. Cupid pulled another arrow from his quiver and asked aloud, "Who's next?"

The group looked to him then to each other.

"I have a plan!" said Rukia to the group.

"What is it?" everyone including Grimmjow yelled.

Rukia yelled back, "Run like hell!" With that, she grabbed Orihime's hand and dashed away.

Ichigo and Grimmjow did the same.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Ichigo mentally chanted. He was flash stepping with his sword still at his side. "I can't be caught!" he said to himself. His eyes widened when Cupid appeared in front of him. "No!" he yelled. Ichigo turned his foot to make a cut past Cupid, but he was still to slow.

Cupid smiled and caught the other by the wrist. He pulled Ichigo to him and held him at the base of his back. "You're quite beautiful. Did you know that?" asked Cupid to the other, who blushed.

"I'm a guy!" he yelled in defense and began to push on Cupid's chest.

"Love knows no label," countered Cupid with a smirk. "In fact, one's beauty can become one's demise; such has happened to the beauty, Narcissus." He nuzzled the other's hair and he prepared to pierce Ichigo's skin with his arrow. Cupid's actions caused Ichigo lean in with lidded eyes. He chuckled to himself as he brought the arrow's tip across Ichigo's thigh.

"Ahhhhh!" yelped Ichigo. He was set down on the ground, for he felt exhausted. Why do I feel so tired? he asked himself. That Cupid...is...a sort of pervert. Ichigo took his time breathing as he lazed in the sand.

Now where is that blue haired man? thought Cupid as he looked away from Ichigo's form. He spotted a blue blur running in the opposite direction.

Grimmjow was panting as he flashed away from the scene. No way am I getting cut or pierced. That's bullshit! he cursed to himself. He was near to nowhere, so Grimmjow wondered how to avoid contact at all costs. He felt the back of his neck get pinched; thus, he stopped his running. Grimmjow gulped and looked around frantically.

"Awwww," came Cupid's voice. "You're just like a kitten." When the other started thrashing about, so Cupid released him into the air.

"Bastard!" cursed Grimmjow as he regained his footing in the air. He turned to defend himself, but he was stopped by a painful feelings. He looked to his chest and saw a white arrow piercing the upper left of his chest. Damn it! It hurts! It fucking burns like hell! cursed Grimmjow as he stared wide eyed at the arrow. He felt dizzy, so his eyes shut as he gasped.

Cupid caught the falling Espada and set him on the ground. Such a pretty feline, he thought as he gazed upon Grimmjow's face. "Now for the last two," said Cupid. He looked around and spotted the running girls not too far away. These creatures are such fun, thought Cupid. He quickly flashed over.

Rukia sensed the god getting closer to her and Orihime, so she quickly thought of a kidō spell to give her time to escape. When she felt the god come within close range, Rukia quickly turned with her arms outstretched. She chanted, "Bakudō-" Rukia was cut off by a hand trapping her mouth. Her eyes were wide with fear as she looked into Cupid's eyes.

"No binding spells," said Cupid. He released the girl's mouth and gave her a seductive look, making the girl go limp with interest. "Now be a good girl," said Cupid, "and stay still." He pulled out another arrow.

Orihime noticed that Rukia was no longer with her, so she turned to see Cupid caressing Rukia's face. "Oh no!" panicked Orihime. "Rukia!" She watched as Cupid slashed Rukia's abdomen with his white arrow; thus making the girl drop to the ground. Oh no! What should I do? Orihime asked herself. How shall I help Rukia. Why does this Cupid torment us?

Cupid looked in Orihime's direction, and he admired the worry in the girl's face. He placed the arrow on his bow and aimed for the frozen girl. He smiled as he released the projectile weapon. When the girl flew back in the air with the arrow sticking out of her heart, Cupid put his bow away. Time for the fun to really begin, thought Cupid.

The god then appeared back by a pillar. He snapped his fingers twice, making the unconscious group and the tired group appear before him. The unconscious group was laid out in a neat row, while the tired group was disordered in its own way.

"You bastard!" cursed Nnoitra. "How dare you-" He was cut off by Cupid's touch to his cheekbone. When Cupid's thumb tracked his cheek lovingly, Nnoitra blushed and looked away.

"That's better," said Cupid in a loving tone. He walked away until he was in front of both groups. He directed his attention toward the conscious group and announced, "You probably don't like what I did to you, but I assure you that you will love it." The angry looks he got told him otherwise. Their expressions are so fun, thought Cupid.

"The whole point of this is to amuse me," said Cupid.

"Jerk!" yelled Ichigo. His face was flushed with anger and frustration. Cupid made a quick move to trace his chin lovingly. His face turned red, so he looked away and said, "Stop doing that."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," said Cupid as he crossed his arms. He looked to the rest of the group and said, "I shall explain everything. I am not putting you through this to punish you, even though you all looked intent on killing each other thoroughly." Cupid gestured toward the unconscious group and said, "They'll wake up on my command."

Cupid announced the assigned persons. "Young Rukia, your challenge is Orihime. Master Nnoitra, your challenge is Neliel. Master Ichigo, your challenge is Grimmjow."

"When you say challenge, what do you mean?" asked Rukia with a raised eyebrow.

The god chuckled. Amusing, indeed, mused Cupid. He replied, "When I say challenge, I mean lover." He heard shocked gasps. "Now you're probably wondering a bunch of nonsense regarding gender and position, but I assure you, as I have told Ichigo, love knows no labels. Thus, you should all think of this as a benefit to you more than me. I'm giving you all a gift of sorts. I shall reward the one who completes his or her challenge successfully."

He looked at the group's faces and noticed shock was still there. "The reward," he said to distract himself from their faces, "is what ever you want. A favor of sorts if that's what you want to call it."

"Whoa. A favor?" asked Nnoitra. He was rubbing his head in confusion. He still couldn't believe this was all happening.

"Yes," answered Cupid. "I must warn you all, though. When these people awake to you, they will already be in love with their respective blood donors. You must know that love is fragile and easy to manipulate; thus, you should be careful about what you say to your respective lover. Their hearts are also fragile, while your hearts are still stable. Any results in the opposite of love will earn a fight with Aries for abusing my gift."

With those last words, Cupid snapped his fingers, causing the sleepers to awaken. "Good luck," he said in a dark tone. His wings appeared, then he vanished.

Rukia, Ichigo, and Nnoitra looked at eachother then at the awaken people. All rose to their feet, except the ones who woke up.

"Nnoitra," sang a sweet voice.

Nnoitra gulped and looked to the source of the sound. He saw Nel blushing and holding out her hand to him. "Hey there, Nel," said Nnoitra with caution. This is the same crazy bitch who tried to stop me from being stronger. The same crazy bitch who tried to kill me right now. Damn it! She's blushing and stuff. How the hell do I deal with this?

"Nnoitra, my love, come. Help me up," said Nel in a sweet tone. Her eyes glittered shyly as Nnoitra cautiously walked over and helped up the girl. The result was surprise kiss on the nose; as a result, Nnoitra had to turn away due to his super red face.

"Rukia!" called Orihime. Her cheeks were flushed pink, and her eyes were looking up shyly. "Hey, Rukia. You look really pretty today."

"Uh um... Thanks, Orihime," said Rukia as she rubbed the back of her head. Oh man, I'm scared. I don't know what to do. How do I fall in love with a friend? This is super weird! She walked over and helped Orihime to her feet. "How are you feeling, Orihime?" asked Rukia.

"Much better now that you're here," gushed Orihime as she gave Rukia a huge hug, making the smaller girl groan in pain.

Grimmjow got to his feet and rubbed at his chest. When he saw Ichigo looking at him, Grimmjow blushed and said, "My chest feels weird."

We're both guys! thought Ichigo. How does this work? I don't even like guys. Damn it all! Damn you, Cupid! Man, I don't know what to do. How do I do this? How do I do this with the enemy? Ichigo put on his best smile and looked at Grimmjow. "Maybe your heart is saying hello to you," said Ichigo. He didn't want to make Grimmjow cry or pissed off or any other emotion that made things go downward.

"Hmmm," hummed Grimmjow. "I think you're right, but my chest is all fluttery." He looked up at Ichigo and gave a charming smile. "I think it's 'cause you're pretty, Ichigo," said Grimmjow with a smirk. He waltzed up toward Ichigo and draped his arms on the other's shoulders. "I like you, Ichigo," stated Grimmjow as he buried his face in Ichigo's neck. "Mmmm. You smell nice, too." He gave Ichigo's neck light kisses until he buried his nose in Ichigo's hair.

Ichigo blushed at the action. Please, stop, thought Ichigo as Grimmjow continued to hug him.

Nnoitra, Rukia, and Ichigo all looked at eachother and were thinking the same thing: this was really awkward.

"What do we do now?" asked Nnoitra.

Author's note:

Lol! Classic Nnoitra question. Not a classic? Well it is now. Hahaha!

What do you all think? Please tell me. I was super excited writing this. :)