Early Author's note:

I'll just say that Cupid gets his just desserts. Have a fun time with this one.

Chapter Seven: Karma and Love

White golden doors burst open with lightning licking at the handles and panes. Zeus entered the white chambers of Cupid with thunder dying down from his eyes. He looked about the room, but Cupid was not there. Zeus closed his eyes and focused on finding Cupid. Thunder and lightning crackled in the sky behind him from the open doors.

White eyes snapped open, and golden sandaled feet made their way toward the hallway on the left of the room. Zeus made no attempt to be quiet. He had told Hermes to send a scroll of Cupid's wrongs and punishments to Cupid. Thus, his feet made the floor crackle from the pressure and lightning burns.

He made his way down the hallway, not caring to spare the white walls and the porcelain floors. Zeus made sure that his wrath was evident in Cupid's home, so all would see what treachery against the balance of the realms can cause. He came upon the end of the hall. White eyes went from the lace curtains to the being occupying the balcony outside gold trimmed panes.

Cupid was leaning against the white railing when heard Zeus thunder into his home. He waited for the god of the sky to find him; he knew the other would find him. He sighed, knowing Zeus was already behind him.

He turned his head and eyed Zeus's ominous form. His eye hand to wander up, for Zeus was ten feet tall compared to him. "How gracious of you to accompany me on this fine evening, Zeus," said Cupid in a monotone manner.

Zeus ignored the lack of respect from the other and stated, "Hermes has sent you the scroll." His white beard fluttered in the blowing wind.

Cupid clicked his tongue and nodded. He brought up his right arm to show the golden scroll in his hand. His golden hair billowed about wildly in the wind.

The god of the sky nodded. "Show to me your wings, Cupid," commanded Zeus.

"As you request," said Cupid with bitterness. He dropped the scroll over the balcony and used both hands to grasp the railing firmly. With a deep breath, the god of love released his eagle wings. The white feathery appendages flapped in a relaxed manner.

Zeus only gripped each wing in each hand at the bone and tore the wings from Cupid's back. The bone snapped easily under his power, creating a loud crack as lightning and thunder appeared together in the sky.

Cupid cried out from his wings being torn at the bone. When he felt his wings were gone, he slumped against the railing in an effort to support himself as well as minimize the pain. His back stung with vigour, burning his every sense of dignity. Golden locks dripped over the white railing, for Cupid had fallen to his knees and leaned his forehead against the back of his palms.

Hearing his own bones crack and snap wasn't pleasing. The sound echoed in his ears and vibrated throughout his body, making the god of love bite his lip. His warm skin tingled from the extremely hot golden blood oozing from the torn skin and ripped muscles.

Zeus looked upon Cupid's form with apathy as he held each wing in both hands. White eyes gazed upon the prominent, splintered bone poking from the golden flesh. Being satisfied with the pain inflicted upon the other, Zeus announced, "Now that you are without your wings, you are to be confined to your chambers for a thousand years. Others may visit you, but I doubt any would. As of now, a barrier blocks all possible escape routes within your home.

"Cupid, let this be a lesson to you, for you and other gods will not be allowed to interfere with the fates of the spirits. Yes, I have heard about your challenge to those spirits, and I am greatly disappointed in your choices to make their lives hell.

"Be thankful that I decided not maim you further than this." Zeus turned his back upon Cupid. He looked over his shoulder and added, "Your wings will be confined in my chambers. When you have been released from your thousand year prison, you will do my bidding for another thousand years. After that, I'll think about giving you your wings."

Zeus walked through the hallway and out the front doors of Cupid's home. When he stepped from the last step, Zeus looked at his son, who arrived upon his step out the doors. "Ares, do not spare pity for the wretch inside these walls. He shall suffer his punishment well," said Zeus. Then, a wave of lightning engulfed the god of the sky and disappeared.

Ares only nodded, then his eyes went to the doors. He sighed and walked up the step; he entered the home and immediately spotted Cupid leaning against the wall. Ares frowned sadly when Cupid eyed him with anger. His red eyes wandered over the other's body; thus, he caught the dribble of blood sliding down the other's legs and pooling at the floor by burnt marks.

"Have you come to gloat?" snarled Cupid. His green eyes were focused on Ares's entire being. "If you have, then leave! I do not want to hear of your merriment." He pushed himself off of the wall and stumbled to stand straight.

"I have not come to gloat," replied Ares in a calm tone. He did not want to lose himself in an argument. His anger wouldn't match his father's, but he was more about physical pain.

"Then what do you want?!" snarled Cupid. His chest rose and fell with angry breaths. His nostrils were flared, and his eyes were narrowed. When Ares didn't answer, Cupid growled and turned toward his personal chambers. He painfully held his stature as high as possible; looking pitiful in front of Ares wouldn't be pleasant.

He threw the lace curtains aside and made his way to his pillows. Cupid dropped on top of the first mound and laid there. His breaths were deep and hurtful, for every breath caused the torn flesh on his back to throb even more. He rested his heated face on a cool pillow and closed his eyes. Just as he was going to nap away the pain, Cupid heard light footsteps making their way toward him.

"What do you want, Ares?" he repeated. "As you can see, I am trying to go about my punishment in peace. Would you be so kind as to leave me alone?" He didn't bother to open his eyes. He didn't hear a reply, so he just sighed and tried to nap again. His eyes shot open when he felt a searing burn on his back.

Cupid threw back his head and howled out in pain. He clawed at the pillows beneath him, and his muscles were tensed throughout his body. When the burning stopped, Cupid slumped against his pillows, panting. He opened his eyes and lazily looked back. Cupid only stared at Ares, who held a pink bottle in his hand.

The pink bottle glowed with its golden cap dangling. Froth was foaming at the mouth of the bottle with bits of smoke rising out in small wisps.

Cupid knew where Ares got the bottle: his mother, Aphrodite. "I'm surprised you came here in one piece, Ares," said Cupid in a lazy tone. "I'd thought my mother would have laid you in bed and kept you there all day."

Ares ignored the smart remark and asked, "Feel better?" When Cupid nodded lazily, Ares nodded and said, "Good." He capped the bottle and set it down on a nearby pedestal with Cupid's head.

"Why have you healed me?" asked Cupid. "I've scorned you, I loathed you, and I sneered at your appearance. What gave you the courage to even approach me?" He got to his knees and turned himself to sit on his bottom. He ignored the heated squish from his blood below him. Cupid felt his back and felt relief at feeling nothing by healed skin.

Ares looked down at Cupid and replied, "Because I pity you, and I admire you." He knelt on both knees and added, "And, you have the most interesting ferocity." Ares removed his helmet, letting his black locks flow freely. He set the helmet aside, then he removed his gloves. Lastly, he removed all of his armour and set it all aside. Ares wore nothing but a cloth that clung loosely to his hips. He crawled closer to Cupid, who backed away farther up his mound of pillows.

"What do you think you're doing?" hissed Cupid. Green eyes widened when rough hands grabbed his thighs and spread them apart. "No!" he yelped. Cupid slapped away the hands and turned to flee farther up his pillows, but he was cut short by a hand on his ankle. He yelped as he was pulled onto Ares's lap.

Cupid struggled to get free, but he was stopped by a hand on his crotch. He looked down and held his breath at the sight of Ares's hand snaking under his toga. "Release me!" he demanded. Cupid made to elbow the god of war in the face, but he arm was blocked and brought behind his back.

Ares held onto Cupid's captive arm as tightly as possible. He didn't think Cupid would still have that strength. He then pushed himself up onto his toes and planted Cupid on the pillows.

Cupid still struggled to get free. His captive arm was being held tightly, which only caused him pain if he tried to pull it free. He used his free arm to support himself from being suffocated by his own pillows. He hugged the pillow to his chest to relieve the discomfort. Cupid looked back and snarled, "What do you think you're doing?!"

"I admire you," Ares whispered after he bent over Cupid's form. "I admire you so much that I desire to make love to you." He placed a gentle kiss on Cupid's neck.

The god of love blushed and retorted, "You cannot make love to me, Ares. I am in love with Psyche, and you know she is my wife." He made sure to emphasize the last word. His heart was beating rapidly, and his stomach turned with a nervous motion.

"I know," waved off Ares. He pulled up the skirt of Cupid's toga and ripped the guarding underwear. He saw Cupid turn to him to protest, but Ares would not have that. He immediately sealed the other's mouth with a deep kiss. As he occupied the other with his tongue, Ares soaked his fingers in Cupid's warm blood and trailed it toward Cupid's entrance.

Cupid felt the offending fingers going toward his hole, and he didn't like it one bit. He tried to turn his head, but Ares bit his lips to keep him there. He yelped into the forceful kiss when two fingers plunged into him. His body was reacting strangely, too. His skin was heating up, and he was becoming erect.

This cannot be! Damn you, Ares! Damn you to the deepest pits of the Underworld! Cupid mentally cried. He moaned into the kiss when the fingers brushed against his sensitive gland. He started to pant breathlessly as his eyes lidded. His energy was no longer focused on fleeing, for he was focused on trying to hide his enjoyment from feeling his gland being hit repeatedly. Despite the odd feeling of the fingers digging and spreading inside of him, the pleasure that came along with it was fantastic. After a few more hits, Cupid started to push back onto the fingers. His mind was too hazy to notice that he was literally screwing himself on Ares's fingers.

Cupid moaned loudly after breaking the kiss, for Ares pushed at his gland one last time. He felt the fingers slide out of him, so he relaxed, feeling relieved that the intruders weren't there to make him moan out like a harlot.

Ares grinned at the state Cupid was in. He never knew that the other's blood was so encouraging. He had felt the blood warm up his fingers, so he figured that the warmth added to the other's pleasure. Thinking of pleasure, Ares used the excess blood to coat himself thoroughly. He clenched his teeth at the high jump in the temperature in his pelvis. He looked down and chuckled at his erection, which was stand out in an angry manner. He reached a hand down to help himself to the god in front of him.

The god of love felt his cheeks get separated, so he assumed that the worst was to happen. He gripped the pillow and readied himself for the plunge. Just as he assumed: Ares slid into him in one thrust. Cupid clenched his teeth and shut his eyes tightly. He didn't think Ares would be that big, and he didn't think his little hole could stretch that much. His thighs quivered as they supported his weight and touched Ares's hips.

Cupid let out his breath and rested his head on the pillow in front of him. He ignored the assurances of comfort coming from Ares and focused on trying to deal with the pain. Just as he was going to try to pull away, he felt his insides start to heat up. Then, Ares thrust into him, hitting the sensitive gland and making Cupid moan.

Ares bit his lip as he was sucked inside. He enjoyed the fight the other's hole was putting up against him. As he pulled out for another thrust, the muscles would greedily suck him back in. "You're so beautiful, Cupid," commented Ares. "You and your tight ass." He thrust again and moaned at the muscles tightening their grip on him.

After a moan, Cupid scolded, "You greedy bastard! I hope you're happy!" He moaned when Ares thrust into him roughly. Just as he was going to scold again, Ares set a rough pace, making the god of love moan and stutter useless protests.

"Cupid," came a feminine voice.

The god of love looked up with lidded eyes, which went wide at the sight of Psyche. "Psyche!" he exclaimed. He held back a moan when Ares thrust into him again. He looked back and scolded, "Stop, you bastard! My wife is here!" He looked back at Psyche, who had an expression Cupid didn't expect.

Psyche stood there in her lace dress. She was blushing, but she was also giggling. A peach soft hand covered her pink lips as she giggled. "Oh, Cupid," she giggled. She looked up behind her husband and smiled as she greeted, "Hello, Ares. I see you're enjoying yourself."

The god of war nodded and replied, "How do you do, fair Psyche?"

"Well," replied the wife. She looked back down and said, "Cupid, darling, I have to go to a meeting with the other goddesses. I shall tell them of this event."

Cupid's face turned red with embarrassment. "Dear wife, surely you wouldn't do that," he begged more than stated.

Psyche brought down her hand and squealed, "Why not? This is just like the stories and human books we read. Oh! Artemis and Athena will be thrilled to know that we have a pair of our own here. I must be off! I must tell them!"

"Dear wife, please, do not tell the other goddesses," begged Cupid.

"I shall hear none of it," declared Psyche. She smoothed her brown hair and added, "I'm off. Enjoy yourself, dear husband, and Ares, try not to break him." She squealed and bounded off to tell the other goddesses.

"Take care," called Ares with a smile and wave of his hand.

Cupid was dumbstruck. He could not believe what just happened. He expected anger and jealousy, but his wife reacted so calmly. Dear Zeus, save me!

At the time Zeus was inflicting punishment on Cupid, Hera had descended to the spiritual realm, where she found Orihime and Nel putting Ichigo together. The goddess had to stop and appreciate the beauty the young orange haired spirit had.

She walked toward the pair of women, who gasped at her beauty and presence. Hera put a finger to her lips and shushed them. "Hush," she added in a whisper. "I shall not harm you, nor shall I harm this young man." She gestured to Ichigo.

Orihime asked, "Who are you?" Her eyes were large with admiration. She drooled at Hera's flowing gown that was sparkling white, and she awed at Hera's black curled locks dropping down the goddess's back. She shuddered in excitement at Hera's blinking purple eyes and gentle smile.

"I am Hera," announced she, "the goddess of marriage and fertility." She looked from Orihime to Nel. With a bright smile, Hera asked, "Whom may you be?"

"I'm Orihime," announced the strawberry haired girl. She looked down when Hera smiled at her response. Orihime was excited that the other was there, but she couldn't feel any spiritual pressure from the goddess. She peeked at Nel, who looked puzzled as well.

"I'm Nel," announced the green haired woman. She gazed upon Hera with interest, then she asked, "Why are you here, Hera?"

The goddess giggled and looked to Ichigo. "The challenge has been passed. There is love between this young spirit and another. Zeus sensed it himself," she replied. "Cupid cannot reward this young man, so I have come to bestow a gift in his stead. Zeus asked me to do so before he went to discuss matters with Cupid." She looked back to Nel and added, "Do not tell the others of my presence. I have concealed my power, so that your fellow companions may not interrupt me. Keep my presence a secret, and I shall watch over your marriages most carefully."

Hera nodded once with grace when the girls said they would comply. Purple eyes wandered to Ichigo, and soft hands tenderly touched Ichigo's cheeks. She used one hand to open Ichigo's mouth, while the other hand brought up a white orb that glowed brightly. She guided the orb to Ichigo's mouth with her hand and lowered the orb into Ichigo's throat.

She closed Ichigo's mouth and guided the orb to the young man's abdomen. After the orb was settled in place, Hera removed her hands and looked toward the women. With a smile, Hera said, "The gift shall be watched by me throughout its life."

The girls gaped at Hera, for they knew what she was talking about.

Seeing the disbelief, Hera added, "When the time comes for its arrival, I shall send Artemis to help you. Remember: the gift is to be protected and nourished. Do this, and I shall reward you with a promising gift for each of you." With those last words, Hera faded from sight.

Orihime and Nel looked at eachother, then they squealed. Little did they know that their squealing brought Ichigo back to consciousness. They stopped in midair when Ichigo yelped. They came back to the ground and quivered at Ichigo's rage.

When Ichigo woke up, he didn't expect to find himself in Grimmjow's room and on Grimmjow's bed. He remembered that he saw two superior beings beating down Hercules, who he was glad was gone. He recalled the thundering being and held his breath when he thought, Was that Zeus himself?

Ichigo reached a hand up to his head and rubbed at his throbbing forehead. He stopped when his lazy eyes saw a pink. He looked down and yelped at the attire he was wearing.

Without caring about the pink stilettos he saw on his feet, Ichigo got up, ran to the bathroom and stopped in front of the mirror. Both hands were rested on either side of the mirror as he gazed at his image. He lashes were curled with black mascara, and his lips were covered in pink lip gloss. He swore he saw a touch of blush on his cheek bones.

Brown eyes wandered to his hair, which was longer than before. The orange locks spilled down his spine in layered falls with braids coming from under and resting on his chest. A gloved hand went to his neck and fingered the pink choker with diamonds, which was counted to six.

Glossed lips pursed when Ichigo looked down. Pink gloves tugged at his uncovered fingers and covered his arms. A pink corset was tightened around his waist with small pink bows placed randomly on the corset. White pearl beads lined the front of the corset just for show. White lace lined the top and bottom of Ichigo's corset.

The corset was only the top of himself. Ichigo gulped as he looked down. Pink undergarments hugged at his manhood and butt. The lower half of his cheeks were showing. Attached to the corset were pink and white striped straps that connected to the white nylons covering his legs. The finishing touch was the pink stilettos with pink bows at the outside of each heel.

Why does this keep happening to me?! he mentally complained. Ichigo stomped out of the bathroom and glared as nicely as possible at Orihime and Nel.

As he got closer, the girls shrunk and clung to each other. Ichigo took in a deep breath and asked, "Who did this?" He pointed to himself.

Orihime and Nel looked at each other and looked back at Ichigo.

"Well?" came Ichigo's voice.

Nel cleared her throat and replied, "Orihime and I decided to clean and dress you, Ichigo. We gave you a bath, and then we were gonna put a spare shinigami robe on you. Rukia was nice to provide it, but Grimmjow blew the robes to bits. And he said that we should put that on you. We tried to reason with him about it, but he wanted it that way."

Ichigo's left eye twitched. "That bastard!" he bellowed. "Where's Zangetsu?" He began to click and clack about to find his weapon.

As Ichigo was busy, Nel and Orihime quickly escaped. They ran down the hall and past Aizen, who was busy rocking out to a song on his ipod. He had his eyes closed as he was making pelvis thrusts in the air.

Nel and Orihime had to stop to look at Aizen questioningly. They gaped at the man when he made his down a different hall singing out like Elvis.

"Ya ain't nothin' but a hound dog," sang Aizen from around the hall. "Cryin' all the time...Ya ain't nothin' but a hound dog... Cryin' all the time!"

Nel and Orihime could hear the man grunt from thrusting his hips and singing in a deep voice. The women looked at each other and shrugged. They figured that must have been keeping the shinigami distracted for hours. They continued their run down the hall and burst into Nnoitra's room.

Before Nel and Orihime burst into Nnoitra's room, the trio, Rukia, Nnoitra, and Grimmjow, was having an argument.

"Mine's bigger."

"No. Mine's bigger."

"You two obviously are blind if you can't see that mine is bigger."

"I still say mine is bigger," said Grimmjow as he leaned back on his chair. He grinned at the others' faces. His blue hair was combed in a messy manner, and his clothes were fresh from the human world mall. He had on a black tuxedo with shiny black shoes on his feet. Bandages were wrapped around his torso, and bruises were a dark purple on his chin and chest. Most of the injuries were covered by the tuxedo. All the piercings were in place, too, especially the tongue ring. Pantera was still hanging at his side, just in case. He had taken the time to both dress and heal himself well. After all, he would need the fresh look to help himself.

Rukia glared as Nnoitra stuck out his tongue at the flashy Espada.

"Mine is way bigger than yours," countered Nnoitra as he sat back with his legs wide open. He had bandages wrapped around his abdomen and head. His only eye was slightly bruised, and he had bruises along his neck and chin.

"Pft!" retorted Rukia. "Mine is obviously bigger than both of yours," she said in a calm tone. She stuck up her nose as she took a lick of her ice cream cone, which had four scoops of vanilla ice cream. The black haired shinigami didn't take a beating. She, like the other two women, was still clean and neat.

Grimmjow sat up with his ice cream and said, "If ya keep lickin' it, yours won't be bigger." He leaned on his knees as he held his cone of four scoops. He glared a premature victory glare at Rukia.

"I agree with the pussycat," added Nnoitra. He held his cone of four, too. "Besides, mine is bigger." He held up his cone for Rukia to see. He stuck out his tongue at Rukia when the girl stuck out her tongue.

"I only licked my cone," said the shinigami. "And, mine is still bigger than yours." She thrust her cone out to compare with the others.

"Not likely," replied Grimmjow as he took a lick of his cone. He leaned forward more as he tried to emphasize his size by licking the ice cream in a lewd way.

After blushing and cursing the Espada for his dirty mind, Rukia got to her feet and walked to the tub of ice cream on the coffee table in the middle of the group. "Well, how do you like this?" she asked in a mocking tone. She picked up the ice cream scooper and scooped up a ball of ice cream.

"She's goin' for the big one," said Grimmjow with wide eyes. He sat at the edge of his seat as he watched the ice cream scooper with clear focus.

"She's gonna do it," said Nnoitra as he eyed the ice cream. His eye followed the ice cream, but he looked at Rukia to see if she was joking.

Rukia smirked at the intense attention she was receiving for her bold move: another scoop of ice cream. Without much delay and with plenty of focus, Rukia piled the ball on top of her cone. When the scoop stayed in place, the trio yelled, "Oh!"

Rukia looked at the others with pride as she said, "Heh! Mine is bigger." She paraded near her seat and put a leg on her folding chair. She held up her ice cream and announce, "Seeing that mine is bigger, I declare myself the awesome queen of ice cream in all of Hueco Mundo." She smiled proudly, ignoring rants of displeasure from the Espada.

After Rukia declared her victory, Orihime and Nel burst into the room. They shut the door and leaned against it as they took in deep breaths.

"Orihime," called Rukia. "Are you okay?" She gave a concerned look at the strawberry haired girl. She brought her leg and ice cream down. She put the ice cream back in the jug and ran over to Orihime. She touched the other's shoulder as she looked into the other's eyes.

Orihime took in another breath and stood up straight. She down at Rukia and replied, "I'm fine. Just that Ichigo wasn't very happy." She gave the smaller woman a hug and squealed, "I'm so glad that you care."

"I presume not," muffled Rukia with a raised brow that twitched. She sighed at her position back in between Orihime's breasts.

"What happened, Nel?" asked Nnoitra as he got to his feet. He looked over to the green haired woman, who looked up at him. He tried to walk over, but his thigh protested at his movement. He tried again, but his thigh refused to flex to his will.

"Ichigo got angry with the clothes he had on," she simply replied. "We barely escaped when he went searching for his sword." She quickly ran to Nnoitra to help him sit back down.

Grimmjow got to his feet and stabbed his cone back into the jug of ice cream. He smiled a lecherous smile and said, "Thanks, girls. I'll handle him from here." He walked happily past the group and out the door. He had a shinigami to claim.

Orihime let Rukia go and gave her a kiss on the nose. When the other blushed, Orihime said, "Let's go to my house, Rukia." She saw Rukia hesitate, so her eyes dropped. "Don't you like me?"

Rukia looked up at Orihime and quickly replied, "Yes. I do. I really do. I can't help but feel small in your presence, but you somehow make me feel bigger than I really am." Rukia smiled and got on her toes. She kissed Orihime on the nose and said, "I like you a lot, Orihime. Come on." She held out her arm, which Orihime took with glee.

The pair left out of Nnoitra's room and returned to the living world.

Nnoitra groaned in pain as he was sat back down. He absolutely furious that he was extremely injured from the fight with Hercules. Nnoitra threw his ice cream at the jug, which tipped over from impact. He crossed his arms and grumbled.

"Nnoitra," called Nel.

The Espada looked up at Nel, who was smiling at him. "What?" he asked.

"I love you," replied Nel. She sat next to Nnoitra and leaned against him gently.

"Yeah, well," started Nnoitra, "uh! I love ya, too, Nel." His heart fluttered at the words he spoke, and his stomach churned in an excited manner. His lone eye looked at Nel, then he jumped.

"You do?!" squealed Nel as she jumped from her spot and hopped up and down. "How long have you been hiding your feelings?" asked Nel as she stopped jumping and looked at Nnoitra. Her hands were on her hips.

"Um...Thirty seconds," replied Nnoitra. He yelped in pain when Nel hopped onto his lap. His complaints were cut short by Nel's kisses. She wasn't light, and his wounds were screaming at him. "Nel," he grunted. He relaxed when Nel sat on him properly and kissed him gently.

"Sorry," she said. Nel hugged Nnoitra and rested her head on Nnoitra's shoulder. "I love you, Nnoitra," she whispered.

Grimmjow waltzed into his room and brought up Pantera from her sheath. His blade creaked from the weight and pressure Ichigo was inflicting. He looked at his Ichigo and asked, "Feelin' better, babe?"

Ichigo broke off the contact and growled, "I'll be better when I cut you in half!" He roared and brought Zangetsu down on Grimmjow again. His blade hit the ground after Grimmjow flashed away. "Damn!" he complained. He felt Grimmjow behind him, so Ichigo turned and swung his blade.

Grimmjow caught the blade between his hands and he pulled the sword from the other's grasp. "I thought I hid you well," said Grimmjow as he flipped the sword and held it by the hilt.

The orange haired shinigami glared and hopped up into the air. He spun to send a kick at Grimmjow's head, but his leg was caught. He yelped out in surprise when he was thrown through the air. He landed safely on the bed, but Ichigo wasn't through with Grimmjow. He went to the edge of the bed and got to his feet. He clicked his way over to the end of the bed to give the other a piece of his mind.

The Espada saw the defiance radiating off of Ichigo in large waves; he loved it. He showed Zangetsu to Ichigo, then he turned and hurled the sword at the wall.

Ichigo watched in horror as his sword was sheathed halfway into the wall. He turned his attention back to Grimmjow and stopped the upcoming insult when he saw how Grimmjow was dressed. Brown eyes drank in the masculinity of Grimmjow's look. Ichigo could say that he loved a man in a suit.

Grimmjow approached Ichigo cautiously and caressed Ichigo's jawline with his hand. He adored the stunned look on the other, and he awed at his lover's beauty. "Do you love me, babe?" he asked. Blue eyes focused on brown.

Glossed lips parted and pronounced a small "yes."

The Espada leaned in and whispered in Ichigo's ear, "I can't hear you." His cheek grazed Ichigo's when he retreated.

Ichigo's heart twisted with emotion. He couldn't deny the emotion any longer. He felt it during the fight with Grimmjow. Oh how he wanted to say "yes" to his question out in the battle field. The shinigami felt that the moment was both romantic and perfect. His gut twisted, telling him to say it already.

Soft hands made their way up to gently brush against the bruises that showed. Ichigo was pretty damn proud that his lover could take a beating and still walk around like nothing happened. He looked up from the bruises. Brown eyes focused on blue. "Yes," he said louder. "I love you, Grimmjow." He embraced the Espada and kissed him on the lips. The little kiss morphed into a deep kiss.

Grimmjow dipped his body lower and lifted Ichigo up by the legs. He put his hands under the other's bottom when Ichigo wrapped his legs around Grimmjow's waist. He walked toward the bed and rested his lover on the sheets. He climbed on top and continued kissing the other.

Ichigo's heart beat with incredible speed, and his stomach did flips. The kiss was beautiful. Not only did he get to feel up Grimmjow's pierced tongue, but he also got to nip back. Yes, he enjoyed biting Grimmjow. He sucked Grimmjow's tongue into his mouth and sucked on the pink flesh.

The Espada wanted to enjoy his Ichigo thoroughly, so spread Ichigo's legs, stopping the kiss due to the other's surprise. Grimmjow settled in between the other's legs and continued to kiss the other. He trailed wet kisses from Ichigo's lips to his neck. There, he kissed around the choker, but the accessory kept slipping in his way.

With a growl, Grimmjow bit the choker in two. He spat the accessory aside and attacked Ichigo's neck again. He nipped and sucked at the peach soft skin, relishing the smooth feel and the sweet taste. He made sure to leave hickies all around Ichigo's neck; he only stopped when the skin was a shade of red or slight purple. The marks would definitely ward off anymore supernatural suitors.

Ichigo moaned and groaned in appreciation as Grimmjow kissed his neck. His fingers traced every curve and crinkled on Grimmjow's shoulders and made his way up to his hair. When he reached the blue strands, Ichigo's fingers combed through it. The other's hair was soft and smooth to the touch. The strands were so soft that they slipped through his fingers with grace and ease. He clenched the soft strands when Grimmjow bit down on him extra hard, making him arch up as well.

Grimmjow kissed his way to Ichigo's chest but stopped. He really liked the corset; he really did. Thus, he reached under Ichigo and undid the ties. He was glad the other arched up for him to undo the contraption. Then, he undid the straps connected to the nylons. The nylons were a must for Grimmjow. In his opinion, the nylons were required.

He tossed the corset onto the floor and continued kissing his Ichigo. He kissed the collar bone tenderly, making sure to show as much affection in his action before he got rough. The Espada made his way down and wrapped his mouth around Ichigo's nipple. As he sucked on the nipple, Grimmjow supported himself on one arm to have the other play with Ichigo's other nipple.

Ichigo bit his bottom lip and threw his head back as Grimmjow assaulted him with rough bites and sucks. His hands grasped Grimmjow's hair as he jumped at the rough bites. He felt his nipples hardening at the great amount of attention. He even moaned when Grimmjow pinched his dry nipple.

"Grimmjow," Ichigo panted out. His eyes were lidded with lust and desire. He looked down upon Grimmjow and bit his bottom lip at the sight of the other flicking his nipple with his tongue for good measure. Brown eyes were caught by blues. Ichigo opened his mouth to say something along the lines of "that felt good," but he was cut off by Grimmjow's new interest, his other nipple. Thus, Ichigo rested his head back on the bed.

His hands caressed Grimmjow's cheek and hollow mask. Ichigo learned to love Grimmjow's hollow mask. The sharp canines and pointed teeth made Grimmjow look so dangerous and so sexy. Ichigo traced the other's hollow mask with his finger and shivered in excitement at the thought of the graceful beast Grimmjow was. The thought of being loved and worshipped by a beast only he could tame made his willingness to give himself to Grimmjow so much more stronger.

Ichigo arched up when Grimmjow bit down, then he lowered himself when the other licked at him with affection. Seeing that the other was still intent on kissing him, Ichigo pulled the other up by grabbing at the flaps of jacket's collar.

Grimmjow was enjoying the time torturing his Ichigo with rough bites and kisses, but he liked Ichigo's demanding side. He went up to his lover and was caught in a kiss. He pulled at Ichigo's lips to let him have a taste. When he was allowed, Grimmjow plunged his tongue into the other's mouth and retraced his steps with his tongue.

As Ichigo was kissing Grimmjow, he pulled off the other's jacket, which didn't come off too easy due to Grimmjow's focus on the kiss. Ichigo then went to unbuttoning Grimmjow's shirt, but he was interrupted when Grimmjow pulled away and ripped the shirt off. Buttons flew everywhere, landing on the bed and skipping on the floor.

Ichigo ran a gentle hand down Grimmjow's bandaged abdomen. He traced the bandages and palmed the bruises as if to heal the other. He looked up at Grimmjow and smiled a soft smile.

After staring in awe at the care Ichigo was showing, Grimmjow went for Ichigo's lips again to show how much he cared, too. He moaned into the kiss as Ichigo traced his chest with care and lust dripping from his heart and into his light touches. His own nipples hardened, and his muscles flexed at the light touches from delicate fingertips.

As they kissed, Ichigo dragged his leg across Grimmjow's hip, making sure that he heel scraped along, too. He brought his knee up until the nylon scraped along Grimmjow's ribcage. Ichigo was biting his lip in a suggestive manner when Grimmjow stopped kissing to look at the leg and back at Ichigo.

Grimmjow grinned a sharp grin and gripped Ichigo's leg under the knee. He held the knee in place as he kissed Ichigo on the lips and kissed his way down the other's body. When he got to the panties, he chuckled at the wet mess. He had neglected Ichigo's main need for far too long. Grimmjow kissed the inside of Ichigo's thigh and made his way down.

He didn't pay attention to Ichigo's main problem, for he went to the other thigh and kissed it as well. He trailed downward and finally came to face Ichigo's concealed erection. He licked at the fabric and put his mouth on Ichigo without removing the panties. He made sure to lick and suck at the hidden flesh, just to torture his Ichigo. His ego doubled in size when Ichigo moaned at the teasing touches of his tongue and sucks. He looked up and smiled when Ichigo was looking down at him with lust evident in his face.

Grimmjow then pulled aside the panties and took Ichigo whole. The first thing that assaulted Grimmjow's senses was the taste. The precum was salty on his tongue but easy on the texture. He actually enjoyed the bitter taste, for it was Ichigo's flavor. The second was the soft feeling of the skin that slid along his tongue. The third was the surprising scent of strawberry.

The girls did well, Grimmjow thought.

He sucked up and pulled off with a pop. He didn't stop, though. He licked up the side of Ichigo's erection and took in only the tip. He swirled his tongue around the top and dipped it into the slit. Next, he slid the whole length into his mouth again to suck. He bobbed his head and looked up to see Ichigo biting his fist to muffle his moans. He felt his hair get fisted in a tight grip, and he felt Ichigo bucking his hips. He quickly held down the other after letting go of Ichigo's leg, which resulted in more hair tugging; he'd be damned if he said that he didn't like the rough touch of his lover. Though, the quiet moans were a bit of a problem.

It wasn't fair. Grimmjow came off of the other and ripped the panties off of Ichigo. He knew what would make Ichigo moan out for him. Grimmjow threw aside the panties and proceeded to kiss the other's scrotum. He kissed each and sucked on both. He focused on loving the soft skin and the tender flesh. The other still didn't moan out loud, so Grimmjow resorted to desperate measures.

Grimmjow propped Ichigo's hips up in the air as he sat on his calves. He spread the cheeks with his thumbs and swooped down to drive his tongue into Ichigo's entrance.

Ichigo released his fist and cried out in pleasure. The warm and wet feeling of Grimmjow's mouth on his dick was great, but the feeling of the other's tongue tickling his nerves was just as great. He felt the tongue wiggle inside of him, then the wet flesh was thrusting inside of him. Ichigo cried out more.

"Grimmjow!" he cried. He fisted the sheets as Grimmjow continued to eat him out. The pleasure was so good. Ichigo felt like Grimmjow was tracing the entire alphabet inside of him. He moaned when Grimmjow kissed his hole and went back to swirling his tongue inside.

Then, he arched up as Grimmjow added a finger to the fray. He felt the finger replace the tongue, and the difference was the depth of the play. The finger wiggled about and moved in and out.

Ichigo shifted a bit at the weird feeling. The deeper feeling was really odd. The finger pulled back, making Ichigo think that the weird part was over, but he was wrong. Grimmjow went back in with two fingers. The stretch was more than a little uncomfortable. The fingers were spreading and digging into him.

The muscles around Ichigo's rectum were tight and unwilling. Grimmjow frowned at this. He looked up his lover's pained face and commanded, "Relax. I don't want to hurt you. Relax."

"Relax! How about you-" started Ichigo.

Grimmjow cut him off with a discovery press to the prostate. He smirked when Ichigo moaned for him to hit that spot again, so he did. He pressed on the sweet spot a few more times.

"Oh, Grimmjow. Oh! Right there," moaned the orange haired shinigami.

The Espada just did as he was asked. As he plunged his fingers deeper and spread them wider, he always hit the other's sweet spot. Because he kept hitting Ichigo's sensitive gland, Grimmjow heard more and more moans. The sounds rung in his head and sent the blood to his pelvis.

The moans from his lover were addicting to hear, so Grimmjow purposefully hit the other's prostate with more vigour. The louder cries just added to Grimmjow's painful erection, which was concealed by the dress pants. He needed more moans, so he pushed against the spot again. Grimmjow got what he wanted: a loud outcry for more. And he would give the other more.

Grimmjow pulled out his fingers and went to work on the buttons of his pants. He popped the buttons and zipped down the fly. Then, he pulled down his pants and freed his own neglected erection. He sighed at the cool air hitting the hot skin. Grimmjow continued to pull the pants down until they hung at his ankles. Decency wasn't needed.

When he was back on his knees, Grimmjow reached back and pulled out a bottle of lube from the jumbled pockets. He almost forgot about it. He tried to move forward a bit, but the pants were bugging him. He kicked off the shoes and wiggled out of the pants. When he was completely bare, he smiled and went back to the process of loving his Ichigo.

The Espada opened the bottle and poured the cold fluid onto his length. He clenched his teeth and hissed as the cool liquid threatened the heat of his erection. He quickly closed the bottle, tossed it aside, and went to work on spreading the lube thoroughly.

Ichigo was in a lusty haze when he heard the cap of a bottle. He looked up at Grimmjow and narrowed his eyes at the bottle. He watched the liquid pour down on something, so Ichigo rested himself on his elbows to get a better look. His eyes widened at the length that was Grimmjow's. Grimmjow was Hercules huge, Goliath huge, really huge.

Has he always been that naturally huge? Did he have a growth spurt? Is related to Hercules or Goliath?! Why is he that big? Ichigo questioned mentally.

He looked up when Grimmjow positioned himself between his legs. Ichigo took in a deep breath. He knew what was going to happen, so all he had to do was prepare for it. With a shuddered exhaled, Ichigo laid back and spread his legs wider, hoping that the position would reduce the pain.

Ichigo looked up at Grimmjow, who was staring down at him with emotion swirling in his blues. Love. The emotion had to be love. Ichigo gripped the sheets and nodded at Grimmjow, who nodded back. He felt the blunt tip at his entrance, then he felt the tip pass his tight ring of muscle. The stretch made Ichigo yell in pain.

The stretch was too much. Ichigo clawed at the sheets as he bit his lip. He swore he felt his pelvis splitting in different directions, too.

Grimmjow saddened at the look of pain on Ichigo's face, so he quickly made his way to kissing Ichigo. He swallowed the other's pained whimpers, hoping that his kisses would distract the other. He slid in slowly. The tightness and the heat was beckoning him to thrust in roughly, but his sense told him to think of Ichigo first. After a few moments, Grimmjow felt his hips touch Ichigo's bottom.

He took his lips away and stared at Ichigo lovingly. "I'm all the way in, babe," he said in a soft tone. "Tell me when to move." He supported his body with the strength of his arms, so he wouldn't have to put his weight on the other during adjustment. He clenched his teeth when Ichigo's rectum tightened around him. He started to take deep breaths to keep from pounding into the wonderful bliss.

Ichigo moved a bit to adjust himself. He still felt full and uncomfortable. He thought about telling Grimmjow to just pull out, but he was stopped by a sensational feeling in his gut. He wasn't sure if it was emotion, but he knew it felt good. The feeling drowned away his pain and heated up his body in a blissful way.

"Move," whispered Ichigo. He felt Grimmjow slide out and push back inside of him. He didn't feel anything other than the movement and the gush of the lube spilling from his hole. Grimmjow slid out again and went back inside with a harsher thrust; Ichigo felt nothing, just another gush of the lube.

Grimmjow had felt Ichigo warm up, and he liked it. The feeling added to his pleasure, and when he was told to move, he had stepped into heaven. The warmth just made his skin tingle and his body flush. The tightness just encouraged him to move more. He grunted as he moved again and again and again. He could feel the warmed lube running down his hips and spreading around Ichigo's thighs as he continued to thrust.

There were no moans yet. Grimmjow didn't like that. He was getting all the pleasure, and Ichigo wasn't getting any. Grimmjow wanted his lover to feel everything he was feeling, so he angled himself and thrust in again.

"Right there," moaned Ichigo in a pleased voice. He felt the other's erection brush smoothly against his prostate. His entire core felt waves of relief and pleasure from the brush. Ichigo wanted more. No, he needed more.

Grimmjow smiled. He found the other's sweet spot again. He thrust more confidently and started up a rhythm that pleased him. Every time he pulled out, Ichigo's hole would pull him back in. He loved it. He loved the sensation of being sucked in.

"Ah, ah, ah, AH! Right there," moaned Ichigo. His body shifted up and down the sheets as Grimmjow pounded heatedly into his hole. His long hair spread out in a messy fan. "Uh! Ah! Ah! More!" he cried. His breath hitched when Grimmjow pulled up his legs and settled them on his shoulders. He felt more exposed, which turned out to be a good thing.

He felt Grimmjow reach deeper into him. The sensation of feeling full was wonderful; the connection was unbreakable. Ichigo felt like he was one with Grimmjow by just being connected in the sensual way. "AH! That's..Uh..Ah! Grimm...uh! Grimmjow! Ah! Harder!" His wish was granted when Grimmjow pounded into him at a bruising pace. He could hear their hips connecting in wet slaps from the sweat and lube. His bottom was stinging from the rough contact with Grimmjow's hips.

Ichigo wanted to sing from the increased amount of contact between Grimmjow's dick and his prostate. The continued sensation was too promising of everlasting love and wholeness. He could feel emotions swirling in his heart and radiating throughout his body. He loved Grimmjow. He loved the Espada so much. "Grimm..Uh Ah! Babe!" moaned Ichigo as he pulled on Grimmjow's shoulders.

Hearing that pet name made Grimmjow lose himself. He summoned as much pressure and focused it on his thrusts. He sat back on his calves, slid Ichigo's legs into the pit of his arms and gripped the other's hips violently. He quickly brought Ichigo up with one arm and proceeded with pounding into the other. He slammed Ichigo down onto his own thrusts. He grunted with every other thrust and moaned with almost every thrust.

Ichigo clung to Grimmjow. He wrapped his arms tightly around the other, so each hand touched the opposite shoulder. His breathy moans and sweet groans filled his lover's ears, and his long hair bounced in sync with Grimmjow's thrusts. "Babe..BABE!" cried Ichigo as he threw his head back and clawed at Grimmjow's shoulders. He was there. He came violently on their chests and Grimmjow's bandages, and his rectum tightened around Grimmjow.

Grimmjow roared against Ichigo's neck as he came inside of Ichigo. The warmth and tightness was too much. He laid Ichigo back on his back and slowed his thrusts to finish himself. When he was finished filling the other up, he pulled out and laid next to his lover. He looked at Ichigo and chuckled at the other sleeping soundly.

"I love you," said Grimmjow as he stared at his unconscious lover.

Two weeks later...

Ichigo stared at the pregnancy test in shock. He couldn't register the sounds of Orihime's and Nel's happy squeals, nor could he comprehend the cries of congratulations. He looked up and asked himself, "I'm pregnant?"

Sure I puked, but how does that come even close to pregnancy? I'm a guy for goodness's sake! How the hell did I get pregnant? he mentally ranted. Brown eyes widened. His white shirt ruffled from his angry shudders.

He got to his feet and yelled out in anger, "Grimmjow!"

The End

Author's Note:

Woo! Cupid got it! lol I'm sure you all caught that Cupid's blood was an aphrodisiac. ;) And, I think that was the best lemon I'll ever write in my life! I'm talking about GxI's part. I don't care for Cupid and Ares. Speaking of the two, don't bother mentioning that they're related because they're not related in this story. I know I shouldn't mess with Mythology like that, but it was for the best.

Ichigo and Grimmjow won the challenge, and their prize is a kid! Yay!

I hope you all enjoyed the story. If I get five requests, I'll write an epilogue about Ichigo's birthing process with Artemis and the baby. I'll post the epilogue separately, though.

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