I know its short, but I felt like writing so I did.

"Eric! ERIC!" Holly Messer called, nervous as a clear liquid seeped through her sweatpants. She knew what it was and meant, and she was frightened. Eric had attempted to help her understand the shock in the past, yet being a bit of an egomaniac, Holly had ignored him. Now she regretted it.


Her messy-haired husband of nearly two years raced downstairs, clad in his pajamas and carrying their adopted daughter Sophie Messer-Novak.

"Yeah, what is it?" A lick of worry was laced into his tone.

"Where have you been?" She demanded in a shout, making Sophie frown tiredly. Holly had forgotten all about the liquid she was dripping on the sofa. "Where Eric, where?"

He frowned, adjusting their daughter on his hip, thinking that she was just having another mood swing. "Putting Sophie to bed…" Eric said slowly. Said toddler rested her head on his shoulder, as if to shield herself from Holly.

"Well, while you were busy with your shenanigans, my water broke," Holly muttered, noticing the look on Sophie's face as she stood shakily. More relieved than shocked, Eric retrieved her pregnancy bag from the cupboard "That's all you had to say." He slung the bag over his shoulder and slipped on his shoes. Holly headed out the door without him as he searched for his car keys. The minute she'd found out she was pregnant, Holly had forced her husband to trade his motorcycle for a mini-van. Obviously, he still didn't like the idea.

He met her outside moments later, Sophie clutching onto him. The three of them hopped in the car and Eric drove as fast as he could to get to the hospital, all the while mentally chanting, she's going to mess up my leather seats.

Eric and the girls arrived at the hospital in such good time that there was no doubt he'd been speeding. But Holly hadn't said anything, so he didn't care. He took his wife, daughter, and the bag into the hospital all in one swipe. Eric Messer was in the zone; the Daddy zone.

It wasn't a long time before he was able to snag a room in the maternity ward, and they were off.

A few painful hours later, Holly gave birth to a baby boy with light, azure eyes and a mat of brown locks. The nurses took him away for tests, and while his blissful parents and sleeping sister waited, Eric read aloud his birth certificate.

"On this October 10th, 2012, Peter Eric Messer was born at 12:41 A.M., weighing six pounds, eight ounces, at Memorial Hospital." He grinned, setting it on the nightstand beside his wife's hospital bed.

"Peter…do you think he's happy about us naming our son after him?" She asked, biting her lip. Peter and Allison were probably happy about them being their daughter's adoptive parents; they'd set them up all together. And as her husband had said, they were a family. Hopefully the new addition to their family wouldn't be a problem.

Eric nodded, rubbing the nape of his neck. "I'd think so, but I'm not happy about you beating the crap out of me during labor." That was just setting it nicely. She'd kicked, slapped, cursed – it was a wonder that Sophie could sleep through it.

Holly chuckled, looking over at the door as it opened and a nurse crept in, holding a bundle. "Sorry," She started, but quieted herself when the nurse motioned for them to be silent. The young man rested the sleeping baby in his mother's arms. Eric rose from his chair and strode over to them, smiling warmly. Holly threaded her hand through their son's hair, pecked the boy's forehead, and whispered "Hey there, Peter."