"Mel," a voice said. I felt a gentle shaking.

"Mel, wake up," the voice came again. I think it's Seamus…

"M to trd to gt up. One mr hr," I mumbled.

"No, Mel. Get up. Now," Seamus said.


"Fine. Be like t'at, t'en." I suddenly felt the sensation of falling. Then the sensation of hitting something hard. The bastard had pushed me out of bed.

"Seamus Finnigan, I'm gonna murder you," I said darkly as I picked myself up. I saw his face turn white before he dashed for the door. I run after him and the chase began.

I ran down the stairs after him. He jumped the last few stairs and bolted right. I was hot on his heels. He slid under a table and got up. I jumped over it and landed on him, both of us falling to the floor. I started ringing his neck and shaking him. If this was a cartoon, he'd have X's for eyes and his tongue would be hanging out. But this was real life so he was screaming and trying to pull my hands from his neck.

"Uh, Mel… I think that's enough," Harry said cautiously from behind me. I heard Ron say something like, "Bloody hell. I'll never make that girl mad…"

I stopped shaking him but didn't remove my hands from his neck and hissed like a snake. My green-blue-gray eyes glared into his wide, green ones.

"Now let go, Mel," Hermione ordered me like an owner to their dog. I let go, but didn't break my glare. I slowly got off him and stood up, still not breaking eye contact. I did the 'I'm keeping my eyes on you' hand motion and started backing up while still pointing my fingers at him. I tripped over a bucket of water and fell to the ground. I shuttered at the bucket, picked myself up with what dignity I still had, and turned and huffed away. I went back to my room and changed into my uniform in the bathroom. I rearranged the purple ribbon I had tied into a bow around my head that went under my hair and kept my bangs out of my face. I was a little nervous about today… Today was the day I got on my first train… It couldn't be worse than the plane, though. Nothing could be worse than flying. I shivered at the memory of my first plane ride; Maggie had had to give me a Dramamine and a Benadryl so I could sleep through the whole trip.

When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Seamus- in his uniform by now- holding the picture of Sasha and me.

He noticed that I had come out and asked, "Who are t'ese kids?"

"That's me and my best friend, Sasha, from when we were seven," I said, walking up beside him.

"Why are yeh covered in dirt?"

"Oh, we had just been fighting. This is a picture of the moment she and I became friends." I took the picture from his hands and smiled.

"It looks like yeh and Sasha are really close," he pointed out with a smile on his own face.

"Yeah," I smiled, "We really are. We're sisters. Not by blood, mind you, but by heart."

"It must be hard for yeh to be so far away from 'er t'en." I felt a pang in my gut.

"It really is, but I need this. I need to go to Hogwarts. I need to learn to control my magic…" I sat on the bed and stared out the window, "I've hurt people before…"

"Sasha?" he asked as he sat down next to me and put a hand on my shoulder.

"No, thank God. But every time I really lose my temper, something bad happens."

"Do you lose your temper often?"

"When I was younger, about middle school, yeah. I was starting to get fed up with school and Ms. M's crap and would, ya know, explode every now and again…" He chuckled.

"No, literally, things would explode. But any way, I've gotten so scared of myself when I'm mad that I've taught myself how to stay calm," I explained plainly.


` "I've just stopped caring about most everything," I shrugged, " I've told myself that nothing's really worth getting too upset over, crap happens. Like when Ms. M would have the garden rearranged, I'd just sigh and plough on, put everything back where it belonged."

"Oh, um… T'at sounds… great…" He said hesitantly.

"Well, I mean, it's been really good for me, ya know? Less stress, fewer pimples and such."

"I guess," he said, more ok with it.

Mrs. Finnigan poked her head through the door way.

"Are yeh two ready for breakfast?" she asked.

"Yeah, mum. We'll be down in a second," Seamus answered.

"Alright t'en, hurry up!" she said cheerfully and with that, she disappeared.

"So. Are yeh ready, Melinda?" Seamus asked as he stood up.


*small omniscient POV*

Mrs. Finnigan came down the stairs and pranced over to her husband.

"Peter!" she practically squealed, "Yeh won't believe what I saw!"

"Really now, Lucy?" he asked.

"Melinda n' Seamus where sittin next to each ot'er on the bed and Seamus had 'is arm around 'er~! I t'ink t'ey might be a couple all ready," she winked.

"Ah, t'at's me boy! He finally took my advice!"

"Now shh! Here t'ey come!" she hushed as the fore-mentioned "couple" came down the stairs, laughing.

*omniscient view end*

"Hahaha! Yeh really said t'at?" Seamus asked with a large smile on his face. I had just finished telling him about the time I looked Ms. Moutler in the eyes and told her she looked like an ugly dog..

"Yeah, true shizz," I laughed with him. We walked over to where his parents were. Both of us noticed that they were smiling a little too much.

"Mum, Da, is somet'in wrong?" Seamus asked, "Are ye feelin alright?"

"Yeah, we're fine, Seamus, me boy!" his dad seemed much too cheery. Seamus and I looked at each other. We were both more than a little worried, not to mention scared.

We deduced over breakfast that they must think we were a couple since Mrs. F did see Seamus's hand on my shoulder and all. We weren't gonna tell them though, why ruin their happy mood?

Seamus watched as I picked apart my "full English" breakfast. I was having a hard time at keeping the beans away from the rest of the food so as to not RUIN IT as I dissected the still runny yolks from the eggs.

"What are yeh doing to t'at poor breakfast, Mel?" he asked.

"I don't really like baked beans touching anything else and I HATE egg yolk. It's evil."

"Evil, got it," he laughed and returned to his own breakfast.

We arrived at King's Cross Station and they were now expecting me to run at a solid wall.

"I'm not gonna do it, Seamus. I'm not gonna run at a solid wall," I explained for the fourth time.

"But it's not solid, Mel! Like I've told you for t'e hundredt' time!"

"It's only been four times."

"Quit staling!"

"You go first!"

"Fine! I will!" He huffed. He charged at the wall and when he didn't smash into it, I was ...sort of miffed… He stuck his head back out of the wall.

"See, not solid," and then pulled it back in. I needed to get used to this magic stuff fast. Or my temper might get the better of me…

"It's yehr turn now, deary," Mrs. F prompted. I took a big breath and held it. I run toward the wall and closed my eyes. I heard a swoosh noise and stopped. I opened my eyes and looked around.

To drop my jaw was all I could do; the place was just so breath taking.

"Get out of t'e way, Melinda!" Seamus ordered as he pulled me to the side just in time for his parents to come out at the same spot I had been standing in.

"I swear, Mel, ye're takin years off me life," Seamus said, exasperated. I only partially heard him, though. I was too busy looking around. When I looked back, I didn't see him. I searched the crowd with my eyes and didn't find him or his family. Oh, Shit…