Summary:Butt dialing is a bitch… more double entendre fun.

"Hey, I'll call you back. Regina wants to see me in her office for a "debriefing" and I have no idea how long it will take her before we finish," Emma apologized to Mary Margaret as she slowly trailed into Regina's office.

"Call me when you get off?" Mary Margaret asked innocently.

"Definitely," Emma confirmed before hanging up her phone and sliding it into her back pocket quickly.

"Ah, Ms. Swan. You have displeased me," Regina started in right away.

"When have I ever pleased you?" Emma rolled her eyes and stood before Regina, who looked her over with an impassive stare.

Regina smirked before pointing to a stack of files. "I specifically asked you to file all of these reports, and they are still as unorganized as ever. I am going to teach you a lesson right now."

Regina backed Emma up into the file cabinet until the metal handles dug into her back. She deftly unbuttoned Emma's jeans and pulled them down, along with her panties, to her ankles.

In the debriefing process Emma's phone redialed the last number she had called and Mary Margaret cheerily answered thinking that Emma's meeting really had been that short. Little did she know…

"I don't plan to beat around your bush, dear. I'm going to start with the rudimentary basics. Filing requires alphabetization. A skill you seem to be sorely lacking in," Regina sunk to her knees and Emma couldn't help but widen her stance as fingers traced over her thighs.

Emma swallowed in anticipation, "I am more of a hands-on learner."

Regina dipped between her legs and traced a perfect capital "A" with her tongue. Emma's knees felt weak. Regina instructed, "Call out the letters as I go, so I can make sure this is sinking in."

"A…B…C…D, lower case h, cursive Z,…number 8…..Ohhh," Emma was already feeling the telltale muscle contractions, Regina could reduce her to a nonverbal state so very easily.

"That wasn't an O, dear, try again," Regina barked in annoyance.

"More cursive please…and T's, I fucking love Tttttt's!"

Mary Margaret tried to puzzle out why Emma needed help with the alphabet. She wondered if Emma had never learned to read. It would explain some things like how she always bought the wrong brands of grocery items even when specifically instructed. Poor Emma was meeting with Regina to tutor her in reading. Bless her heart. Was Emma crying?

"How many fingers is this?" Regina roughly thrust a finger into her.

"1…2…2..1…3!..Fuck…4? Infinity?!" Emma screamed as Regina continued to spell her name with her tongue over her clit and pound and curl fingers inside until Emma came in a shuddering mess. She sunk down the sturdy file cabinet, as Regina sat back and licked her fingers.

"That was certainly…informative," Emma struggled to catch her breath; "and might I add, you have the most beautiful face that I've ever cum across, Regina."

"Thank you Ms. Swan. I do hope you'll take this lesson seriously, or next time I'll have to go deeper. Much deeper," Regina threatened.

"Can I teach you something too?" Emma asked suggestively.

"Please Ms. Swan, I either come first or I don't come at all," Regina sighed, but none the less she was rubbing her thighs together in an effort to relieve the frustrating burn of arousal.

Emma shrugged, "maybe next time." She slowly pulled up her jeans and her phone fell out onto the floor. She saw the screen was lit up and the call timer counting. In a panic she placed the phone to her ear, "Hello?! What did you hear?"

"Oh, Emma-nothing..I was just worried because I know how you two like to get into it, and Regina can really push your buttons," Mary Margaret lied to spare Emma's secret shame of illiteracy, "I thought you were going to call me when you got off and my phone rang so…"

"Uh…I just got off. I was going to stay and help until Regina gets off, but I think she just wants to take care of herself. See ya soon!"