Haymitch couldn't help but stifle a drunken laugh. Even though he had almost been stabbed by the seam girl's steak knife, Effie was worried about wood.

But these kids weren't bad. Not bad at all.

He made the two tributes stand up, circling around them. They didn't look too skinny; the baker's boy was pretty fit, but the seam girl didn't look overly thin either. Sure, the tributes weren't bad, but he didn't want to get his hopes up. Hope is dangerous.

Hope was Haymitch's guilty pleasure, but not one that he often found pleasure in. So he tried not to get hopeful as he said "Okay, you don't interfere with my drinking, and I'll stay sober enough to help you.

While Haymitch was telling the tributes this, Effie grinned. Of course she didn't really believe that he would keep his promise, but the fact that he was telling them this was a good sign. These tributes were good. Effie, unlike Haymitch, didn't mind hoping that they could win.

But as Effie thought, Haymitch didn't really keep his promise; at least not in the beginning. While Effie was completing her paperwork for the games, she heard something from inside the kitchen. Her first thought was of course: Haymitch. She knew that he would be searching for alcohol in the refrigerators.

And of course, Effie was right. When she stalked outside to the kitchen a few hours later, she found Haymitch sprawled out on the floor.

And as she brushed the hair out of his face, she thought of it, and not for the first time. Yes, they all had their guilty pleasures, but Effie hoped that Haymitch never realized that he was hers.