I have learned much about these humans and their ways.

Sometimes it is a little funny.

Sometimes it is a little sad.

Sometimes I contain a laugh.

Sometime I release a sigh.

Sometimes I find it strange when they worship other humans,

and do not even realize. I search and search but I see no logic behind why some humans

are worshipped and others are kicked. I see no flag that indicates worthiness in a person.

The logic is strange.

How do these humans seem to know, or decide, who is admired and who is looked down upon?

They all appear the same to me.

Who makes the rules? Is it a skill that humans possess, to be able to decipher so instinctively?

I find that humans are so blinded by what they see.

Always favouring. Even favouring sight itself over the rest of the senses.

Hypocrites! They say love is blind, but it is they who are blind! When it is love that helps us see.

Sometimes, it hurts me how some disregard me, as if I am a child, never before seeing horrid sights, never witnessing cruelty, or understanding sadness, pain, just because I get the idioms wrong. And afterwards they think I do not notice I am being looked down upon. Silly humans. Do they not know that I have more acute eyes then they?

I do not know true power? – I rule a realm.

I do not know the world? – I know several.

I am naïve? – I have seen more corruption than what exists on this planet.

I am stupid? – I could explain the functions of this earth before they could.

I'm joyous and cheerful and carefree?

This I am.

But this does not mean I've never felt pain, of excruciating sorts.

Yes, they are my friends, but they can only understand so much about me.

How can they imagine, how can they know my world?

How can a blind man know colour? How can one imagine what they've never seen.

Raven looks at me and

sees one who is not serious nor solemn.

How can I show her that it is a decision to take the world lightly so it will not take away my joy?

Beastboy looks at me and

sees someone who is far-out and the "freaky,"

when really, to me, he is the freak.

Cyborg sees a girl who is too emotionally bound, too sensitive and insecure.

But I am more defiant and confident about my feelings than he will ever be.

I cannot say Robin sees me for who I am either.

After all, he knows not

that there was once a time where I've been raped several times a day.

Does he feel grief when he remembers the loss of his parents?

At the least they did not willingly lose him.

Furthermore, he has barely done the "scratching" of the surface to how much I've been abused by my sister.

Robin looks at me and

sees young and innocent, delicate and precious,

….but I think I will keep it that way.