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Penny sat down on the familiar brown leather sofa in her less familiar living room. Even though they had been living in their Brooklyn townhouse for the past four years, Pasadena would always be home for Penny. When she had gotten the opportunity to be the Production Manager at HBO's New York office, she couldn't refuse. Sheldon found work at the New York University in their physics department to research alternate dimensions and particle physics. Not only did Sheldon find a job in New York, but Leonard and Amy found work at the university as well.

The twins were on a play date with Leonard and Amy's daughter and Penny was taking the time that they were away to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a trashy magazine. She couldn't believe how much time had passed since she was just a waitress living across the hall from two nerdy scientists, barely making a living and struggling to achieve her dreams as an actress. As she thought about where she was now, a smile snuck onto her face. She was married to her lanky neighbor and they had two wonderful children together.

The door opened and closed and she heard the kids run up the stairs toward her room. She took a deep breath and one last gulp of coffee. Penny stood up and went to the front entrance to greet Amy. Penny smiled at her friend and embraced her in a quick hug.

"Hey Ames! How were the kids?" Penny asked while ending their embrace. Amy smiled and looked up the stairs for a quick second.

"They were wonderful, however there was an incident where Parker was being mocked by Sofia and Viola because he didn't know if he should use an integral or a differential while the girls were solving for the area under a curve." Amy said with a slight cock of her head. Penny sardonically smiled at her friend.

"I guess he gets that from me." Penny confessed. Amy nodded and looked up the stairwell.

"Well I would love to stay and chat, but I have to get Viola to her cello practice." Amy quickly said.

"It would be funnier if she played the viola." Penny quipped. Amy frowned.

"Why would it be funny in the first place?" Amy asked utterly confused. Penny smiled and dismissively waived her hand.

"Nevermind." Penny quickly said.

"Kids! Come down here!" Penny shouted up the stairs. Like little elephants they all came tromping down the stairs. Viola grasped her mother's hand and waved goodbye to Sofia.

"Bye Bestie." Viola said with a small smile.

"Bye Bestie." Parker mimicked in a teasing tone. Sofia looked at him with a fiery stare and then shot her eyes up toward Penny.

"Mom, he's doing it again!" She complained. Penny sighed and brushed her brunette bangs out of her face. Her soft green eyes were glossed with tears. Oh the troubles of an eight year old.

"Thanks again for watching them, Ames. Tell Leonard I say hello." Penny said. Amy smiled and left.

She knelt down and looked Parker in the eyes. He looked hurt and possibly left out. Penny knew how it felt to be normal in a house full of geniuses. She smoothed back his baby soft blond hair and gently kissed his forehead. His blue eyes sparkled with tears. Penny did not need a twin meltdown today. She had finally felt unwound and she was a temper tantrum away to sending them to Texas over the summer to pray with their grandmother.

"Parker, please apologise to your sister and make sure your room is clean before dad comes home." Penny softly spoke to her son. He was so much like herself, but so much like Sheldon at the same time. He was like a baby deer and she didn't want him to lock himself away for the weekend. Parker nodded and looked over to his sister, who was a genius like Sheldon, but a spitfire like Penny.

"I'm sorry, Sofie." He quietly said. She smiled and gave Penny a kiss on the cheek.

"Now go clean your rooms." Penny told them. With that they ran back up the stairs determined to clean their rooms better than the other. With Parker's almost OCD nature, he almost always won. Penny stood up and sighed. Sheldon should be home any minute, even though her day was fairly uneventful, she couldn't wait to see him.

She heard his car turn off in the drive way and she quietly walked out to meet him halfway. She smiled when their gazes met and quickly walked into his embrace. She squeezed him tight and breathed in his clean scent. Her head rested on his chest and she listened to the rhythmic beat of his heart. His hands ran through her soft blond locks, sending a shiver down her spine. She let out a small sigh and pulled away. Sheldon smiled at his wife and Penny gently touched his cheek.

"I missed you today Doctor Cooper." Penny said as she grasped his hands into hers.

"I missed you too Mrs. Doctor Cooper." Sheldon said just before he softly kissed her lips. Penny sank into their kiss and felt emotion overcome her. Tears escaped her soft lashes and she pulled away to brush them off of her cheek.

"Penny, what's wrong?" Sheldon asked with concern coloring his voice. Penny sniffled and then offered a quick smile.

"Nothing, Sweetie. I just- Sheldon I want you to know how happy I am with you. I am so glad you asked me out on a date forever ago." Penny confessed. Sheldon let a laugh escape his lips.

"Penny, I love you so much." He said pulling her into another hug.

"And I you." Penny softly said against his neck. Her attention turned to the house and her kids came bursting through the front door.

"Dad!" Parker said running toward Sheldon. Sheldon knelt down and braced himself for their hug attack. Penny watched as he hugged their kids and she swelled with pride. Sheldon softly spoke to his kids as he led them inside. Penny stood in the driveway for a moment just appreciating all that life had given her. She honestly couldn't be happier.

"Mom, are you coming?" Sofia asked. Penny nodded and started up the driveway, following her family into their small Brooklyn townhouse, quietly closing the door behind her.