Hi :) So this is my first Harry Potter fic. And Im going to say right now, I am Canadian and other than stories on here and obv the books, I really have no idea how they talk so when the boys do come in there probably will be a random 'mate' thrown in there xD And no Draco in this chapter, however he does come in in the next one, and if this one is well liked enough I shall post it :) And it is short, but they will get longer.

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'You are hereby invited to the wedding of Harry James Potter and Ginerva Molly Weasley, on the date of July 22nd at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy at 2 pm. Reception will be held in The Great Hall. We hope you decide to come share our special day with us.'

Hermione sighed as she sat down on her worn out old couch and dropped the invitation on the table infront of her. Had it really been a year already?

You see, this time last year Rita Skeeter was having a field day. 'The Golden Trio to marry on the same day!' Most wizarding magazines and newspapers had for their headlines. It was true, I was going to marry Ronald, and Harry was marrying Ginny all on the same day. Just as eveyone thought. That is until the night before or big day, Ron came to my apartment looking horrid, and called off our part of the wedding, then left. Without an explanation. To say Ginny was angry was an understatement. I had called her once Ron left and told her what happened and within seconds she apparated to my apartment, her face so red it rivaled her fiery locks. But she took in my crying form and comforted me all night, saying she'd wait until the next year to marry Harry. Of course, I said she shouldn't just because of me but she brushed it off and insisted that if she waited this long to marry Harry, she could wait another year for me and Ronald to work out our problems.

And here we are. One year later, and my problems with Ronald; still unsolved. He distanced himself away for the year, so we couldn't really try working on anything.

Sighing, I picked up the reciever of the phone that sat on the little wooden table by the arm of my couch and dialed Ginny's cell phone, then curled my legs up on the couch underneath of me.

It was quite funny when Harry decided to get Ginny a muggle cell phone for her birthday a couple years ago. Watching her try to figure it out as if it was as tough as a Rubix cube was entertaining, but don't even get me started on when Harry showed her what a rubix cube actually was.

'Hello?' I heard Ginny answer, cutting off my memories.

'Hey Gin, it's Hermione.'

'Hermione! Did you get your invitation to the wedding? You haven't called or owled anything so we didn't know if you did.'

'Yeah I got it, but I don't know if I can go.' I said, suddenly intrigued by watching Crookshanks play with a ball of yarn he found.

'What do you mean? You have to come! You're one of my bridesmaids.' She said, already beginning to sound stressed out.

'I don't have a date.' I whispered.

'You don't have a... Hermione Jean Granger that doesn't matter. Ronald doesn't have a date either and he's still going to be there.'

Really? Ron doesn't have a date? Hmm..

'And what about that boyfriend of yours?' She continued.

Ah, mom always told me lies would have a nasty way of coming back around to burn us. You see, a couple months ago Ginny and Luna Lovegood were pestering me about the fact that I didn't have a boyfriend, while Ron had been seen with lots of girls. They were unsure if any of them were his girlfriend, but that didn't matter to them as they payed little attention to Ron anyhow. But back to the point, they pestered me so much that I told them I already had a boyfriend. One that worked in The Ministry of Magic. That was a mistake because Ginny then decided to go off on a guessing spree of who it could be, hence Harry working there as an Auror. I just said we weren't ready to come out as a couple and tell everybody yet. They pouted but remained quiet about it. Until now.

"I think he's working.' I lied, again.

'Can't he get it off? Please 'Mione, your really gonna miss Harry's wedding, and mine?' I knew she was pouting, plus she pulled the 'Best Friend Card'. I sighed, this woman.

'I guess I could see if he could.' I said which resulted in a high pitch shriek from Ginny to seemingly pierce my eardrum.

'Ouch, think I just went deaf.' I joked, placing the reciever back to my ear once the shrieking had stopped.

'Sorry, I'm just so excited I finally get to meet your boyfriend!' I laughed, with a hint of nervousness.

'Yeah, well I have to go. Bye Gin.'

'Kay, bye 'Mione. See you this weekend!' And she hung up.

Guess I better start looking for a boyfriend then. Quickly.

'Oh come on. Where are you?' I shouted to no one in particular, although Crookshanks did tilt his head and look at me oddly.

'Not you, bud.' I said crouching down by his bed in the livingroom and scratching behind his ear earning a purr, while eyeing the rest of my apartment that I hadn't already torn up. I really hate that when I need something I can never find it, ever. Then when I don't need it, it's always right infront of my face.

'Where could that magazine have gone to?' That's when Crookshanks' ears perked up and he ran into the kitchen. Furrowing my eyebrows I got up and followed him.

'Crookshanks? What's wrong?' Yes I talk to him, he keeps me company.

'Crookshanks wondered back over to me with a piece of paper dangling out of his mouth. I sighed.

'Where did you get that?' I asked, crouching down to take it from him. Looking at it, I began to realize just what exactly it was.

'Crookshanks! You found it! Thank you!' Standing up, I ran to the phone on the wall and dialed, but not before earning a purr back from Crookshanks before he ran back in the livingroom. You see, animals aren't stupid.

'Escorts R Us. How may I help you today?' A female voice said on the other line. Yes. I have gone so low as to actually ask for an escorts help. All that matters is that Ginny is happy on her wedding day and I will not be the cause of Harry suffering the wrath of the Weasley anger genes.

'Um hi. I've never really asked for an escort before.' I said nervously, only to get a giggle from the other end of the line.

'It's fine. My name is Mia Umbridge and I'm here to help you.' Umbridge? Only Umbridge I know was the one we had at Hogwarts. The one that liked cats, far too much. 'What's your name?' She continued.

'Hermione Jean Granger.' She paused.

'From the Golden Trio? Why do you need an escort?' She asked sounding surprised.

'Um Ginny Weasley is marrying my friend, Harry Potter. So I need a date to their wedding.'

'Oh right, I'm sorry about what happened last year.' I sighed.

'It's fine.'

'Well okay. How much are you willing to pay for an escort?' She asked, back to her bubbly self.

'How much are the best ones you have?'

'Anywhere between six and ten thousand dollars in muggle currency ma'am.' My eyes nearly buldged out of my head. I heard her giggle at my absence of words.

'I know its a lot of money, but it's worth it really.' She reassured.

'O-okay,' I stuttered before continuing. 'Around $6000 then.' I was really going to pay six thousand dollars to pretend to have a boyfriend? Oh boy.

'Okay, and prefrences you like and don't?'

'Um, taller than me, which is 5"6. Nice smile and eyes.'

'Okay.' She said as I heard her typing the information in. 'And age ma'am?'

'Around mine, 23.'

'Okay then, and when will you need him for?'

'For this weekend, plus until Friday of next week.' I silently prayed that I called with far too much short notice and that nobody would be left.

'Okay then, so a week. Well, we only have one guy available for that amount of time at this short notice, and his price is $6000.' I sighed, for what seemed like the 50th time today.

'Is the $6000 for the whole week or just per night?' I asked. I was not paying a grand total of $42,000 for some guy. No way.

'The $6000 would be for the whole week ma'am. But the rates could go up.' She added as I narrowed my eyes at nothing in particular.

'Go up how?'

'Well with this escort, he's known to up his price if the girl he's with submits to any...' She paused.

'Extra activities.'

'Oh.' I could feel my cheeks heat up just a little bit. 'Okay then.'

'Okay, I just need your address so he knows where he's going.'

After waiting a couple seconds once I gave her my address she continued.

'Okay. Mr. Draco Malfoy will be at your house tomorrow around 3.'

I swear, I felt all the color drain from my face at that very moment.

'Dr-Draco Malfoy?'

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