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-Hermione Granger

I sighed as I rubbed the shampoo through my hair, wracking my brain for any form of memory I didn't already remember from last night. Sadly however, nothing came to mind.

Waking up this morning had been a shock, and not a pleasant experience. First off, my head decided it wanted to trade functions with my heart and beat, beat, beat. Over, and over again. Then, to my slight horror, I realized that my head and heart weren't the only parts of my body that were beating. Feeling the dull ache from the juncture between my thighs I glanced around the room, finding clothes strewn all over the floor, and not to mention my shirt had somehow found its way on the top of our dresser.

Then suddenly, without warning, the bed had started to sink. When I glanced to my left, my eyes met the bare chest of Draco Malfoy turning over on his side so his back faced me.

Biting my lip, I slowly pulled the covers up to look underneath them, then slam them back down to cover him back up. Underneath, Draco lay just as naked as I was.

So gathering the information of a) I had drank quite a bit of alcohol the previous night, plus b) the aching between my thighs, c) our clothes thrown unceremoniously around the room, and d) both Draco and I naked as the days we were born, only one conclusion could be met.

I, Hermione Granger, had actually slept with Draco Malfoy. Then after the initial shock I gathered up some clean clothes and went into the bathroom where, when I glanced in to the mirror, my revelation as it were, was proven further.

Now self-consciously touching the couple of purplish marks surrounding my neck I shut off the water and get out of the shower, tugging my white towel snug around my body.

Moving back over to the mirror and wiping it clean of steam, my mind was drawn back to what I actually do remember from last night.

We brewed Amortentia in a muggle bar. Alright sure, we were in our own private room above the other patrons downstairs, but still. We brewed Amortentia, the most powerful love potion in the world,in a muggle bar. Then we all took turns sniffing it like we were part of some drug induced cult.

Ginny was thrilled when she smelled the potion and got a whiff of what she quite drunkenly identified as 'Harry's man scent'.. What she meant by that we didn't really want to know exactly.

Then Luna went, and even she seemed amazed by the scents she smelled. She didn't want to tell us what she had smelled at first, however after another round of whiskey's, we got them out of her. Although, somewhere deep in my drunken mind, freshly mown grass, parchment, and spearmint toothpaste sounded vividly familiar paired up with Amortentia, but I couldn't place it.

Not to mention it's not exactly what I thought would describe Neville. Although, now that I think it over the grass could stem from his love of Herbology, but I'm not entirely sure about the toothpaste and parchment, but I'm not a huge Neville enthusiast so I guess anything could describe Neville out of a love potion and I'd be surprised.

Then after some other girls took whiffs of the potion it was my turn. Although I tried to pass it up saying I'd already smelled it before in 6th year, but they weren't having any of it. So I sighed and leaned forward over the cauldron and took a whiff of it, only to have what filled my senses shock me so much I nearly fell face forward into the potion.

Three smells hit me one by one, but all at once at the same time. One of the smells was something woodsy. Not as someone who frequented walks in the woods, or who liked taking long hikes, but some one who maybe once lived in the middle of the forest, or around a lot of trees.

The second scent that flooded my nostrils had a spicy tinge to it. Something like Cinnamon or Ginger, which of them I'm not entirely sure.

The last scent however is the one that threw me the most. Axe body wash. The very one I knew was in the shower in my bathroom at Hogwarts.

Pulling myself out of the memory and tossing a look over my shoulder, my eyes sought out the affronted bottle.

Draco Malfoy. Every scent I smelled last night was him in some way. The woodsy bit could stem from his childhood of living in Malfoy Manor, he could've smelled woodsy whilst we were going to school but I was never close enough to him to gather notice how he smelled, not that I would've taken notice anyway.

The third scent was obvious and sitting on the shelf in the shower, but the second one was puzzling. Nothing about Draco screamed Cinnamon or Ginger, at all. Unless...

She watched as her eyes grew wide as she glanced at the mirror then ripped it open to reveal the medicene cabinet in the back. There sitting on the shelf next to his toothbrush of course, was his Cinnamon flavoured toothpaste.

Shaking my head I shut the mirror door and slouched against the sink, then nearly jumped out of my skin when there was a knock on the bathroom door.

"Hermione? Are you in there?" His voice carried through the door, sounding... worried?

"Uh, yeah. Just finished showering, I'll be out soon." I answered as I began to dry myself off.

"Could've woken me up, I could've helped." He answered back.

I narrowed my eyes, and back to regular Malfoy we go.

"Didn't really need your help."

"Oh I know, just would've been some fun."

I snorted as I tugged on my bra and shirt. I'm sure he thinks it would've been. He most likely remembers most of what on last night.

After quickly pulling on the rest of my clothes I threw the towels I had used in the laundry bin for the house elves to pick up later and went to open the door.

Draco was leaned up against the wall next to the door with his arms crossed over his still bare chest. However now, he had the decency to put on a fresh pair of pajama pants.

"Morning." I greeted, glancing up at his face and meeting his eyes.

"Morning," He smiled slightly. "How's your head?"

Only then did I realize that my head was still throbbing. I groaned and he chuckled.

"I figured as much. There's a Sobering Potion on the night stand next to your wand, I got up last night and figured you might need one in the morning."

Looking over at the night stand, sure enough it was there, right next to my wand. Moving my eyes around the room, our clothes had been picked up and placed at the edge of the bed.

Meeting his eyes again I muttered a 'thank you' and began making my way over to the night stand but before I could even take 3 steps Draco had grabbed my arm and spun me around so he could plant his lips on mine in a soft kiss.

As I kissed him back, memories started weaving in and out of my mind. Me pushing him down onto the bed, kissing him. Him tugging at my clothes. Seeing him overtop of me, and under me. Heavy breathing, soft touches and kisses everywhere. The taste of cinnamon. A fire burning in the pit of my stomach that only he could put out.

As he drew back I kept my eyes closed, not ready yet to meet his eyes.

I heard him chuckle slightly, then felt his fingertips brush over my collarbone and neck.

"A glamour charm should cover those right up. I wasn't aware you bruised so easily. Sorry."

Opening my eyes I looked up at him. He had a slight smile on his face, but I could tell he was dying to smirk.

"Oh hush up, why'd you kiss me?" I questioned as I crossed over to the night table to pick up the potion.

"Wanted to before you're breath was assaulted by the Sobering Potion. Quite the bad after taste it has."

"I wouldn't know."

"Ah. Of course not, forgot with whom I was speaking for a moment."

Looking over at him he had the smirk plastered over his lips, back to looking himself. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Oh go take a shower already. I have to go check on the other girls to make sure they aren't all dead."

He laughed.

"Fine, but Weaslette's alive, may want to check on Potter though. She grabbed him and drug him Merlin knows where right before you grabbed me."

Feeling the heat rush to my cheeks, I turned away from him and was met with another laugh before the bathroom door thunked shut behind me.

Sighing, I tilted back my head and took the potion, then nearly spat it back up. If it tasted this bad going down I didn't want to know of the after taste.

After placing the bottle back on the night table I grabbed my wand and rushed out of the room, eager to get alone and put all my thoughts together. Or at least, all the thoughts that I have.

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