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Amon was no more. He was gone. No more Equalists, no more getting electrocuted every time you walked down the street. No more. But that didn't stop the young Avatar's nightmares. Each night was the same, lying down, praying for just one measly hour of sleep, only to wake up screaming and drenched in sweat.

Asami tried to help, coming in after Korra was woken by her own screams. She was actually sort of helpful, for she calmed her down like any mother would do. Asami and Mako were through, and now Mako and Korra were together, but Asami was selfless. She wouldn't just let Korra suffer if she could do something about it. Actually, Korra often cried during these sessions with Asami. God knew how much she missed her own family, and Asami was as close to family here as one could get.

When Korra cried, Asami allowed her to cry into her shoulder. Asami actually spent many a night in the spare chair in Korra's room, waiting for the usually tough Avatar to wake with a scream in her throat. The tough Korra was crumbling away like a rock, slowly turning into sand over a millennia or more. Asami thought… no she knew what would help. She knew it was probably the only thing that would help Korra cope, but…but… No, Asami thought. I just have to swallow my jealousy and any feelings I still have for Mako.

So the next night, after Korra woke from whatever one of Amon's terrible feats plagued the Avatar's dreams that time, Asami asked Korra a question that had been haunting the orphaned teen for a while now.

"Korra?" Asami asked, after most of the girl's sobs had subsided. Korra wiped her nose on the back of her hand.

"Ye-yeah?" Korra responded. Asami took a deep breath.

"Please don't take this the wrong way, it's not like I mind doing this but, um, I guess…I guess what I'm trying to say is-" Asami rubbed the back of her head nervously.

"Why don't you ever tell Mako about your nightmares?" Asami finished in a rush. Korra looked taken aback, and a couple new tears made their way to her eyes. Asami quickly backtracked.

"No no, I didn't mean-oof!" Asami's apology was cut off as Korra flung her arms around her, cutting off the non-bender's air.

"Because I don't want Mako to see me like this!" Korra said into Asami's shoulder. This confused the older teen. If Asami was in Korra's place, going to Mako would've been first on her list. But Korra was so head strong, Asami was surprised when Korra actually accepted her help. And now, Asami was going to make Korra go and see Mako, even if she had to drag her from this very room.

"C'mon, Korra. We're going to see Mako." She had at least expected some kind of protest, a wide eyed look or drop of the jaw, but all Korra did was look down and nod, as if she saw this coming. Korra swung her feet over the side of the bed and led the way, making a little flame in her palm to light the corridors and hallways. In a couple minutes, they had reached the Boy's Dorms, and more importantly, the third one on the right; Mako's.

Asami had to knock about twenty times before Mako answered. He was shirtless, making Asami's pulse race, but she knew that she was here for Korra. Mako rubbed the sleep from one of his eye's.

"Asami, Korra, what're you-" Asami quickly cut him off and explained in short bursts the nightmare situation to Mako. His eye's widened at the fact Korra had been keeping something like that from him. He had had absolutely no idea that was going on. He stared at Korra, sitting on the floor, looking smaller and more afraid that Mako had ever seen her. He nodded as Asami finshed up and thanked her, before she left and he proceeded into the hallway.

"Korra? Hey, Korra, come into my room." He said, kneeling down. She looked away, ashamed. Mako couldn't see her, but he heard his girlfriend sniffle. Mako couldn't take not doing anything, because he already did that for God knows how long. He picked Korra up bridal style and carried her into his room.

On the couple steps there, Korra started to cry. She simply couldn't hold any more tears. She rested her head against Mako's bare chest and stayed in that same position until Mako placed her on his bed. Once she was situated, he climbed in with her, wrapping his arms around her. She curled into his touch, leaned into him, his chest, his shoulder.

Much to Korra's astonishment, she started to relax, to feel like sleeping. Why had she waited this long? If she knew how Mako just zapped the terror away, she would've done this months ago.

"Sleep, Korra. It's okay, I'm here." Mako continued murmuring those comforting words, and in no time at all, Korra was asleep. But there were nightmares to be had.

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