A what if story for An No Exorcist

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What if...Satan had taken Rin at a younger age?

"Fujimoto!" I turned at my name being called,

"We looked everywhere sir, we can't find Yukio or Rin" I frowned

"Where could they be?" I muttered to myself when a shrill cry rang out as Yukio appeared crying and running with blood smeared across his cheek

"DAD! DADDY!" He wailed and fell flat onto the ground. I rushed over and picked him up and he sobbed

"Monsters took Rin! They took him and tried to kill me!" He sobbed and I froze. I called a priest over and nodded

"Check on the Koma Sword" I whispered and held Yukio close to me...he had Rin...if he get's his hands on the sword...Rin will become just like him...I turned as he returned

"It remains sir" He replied

"Good, we need to guard it more than ever now" I said and Yukio looked up

"We have to save Rin!" He sobbed and I nodded.

"I know Yukio...I know..."

"DAD! DADDY PLEASE HELP ME! DADDY!" I screamed thrashing against the bubble faces and the burning man in front of me answered my cries

"I am helping you, I'm taking you home where you belong" he said as blood poured from his eyes. I wailed and suddenly a thick dark sluge poured into my mouth as I was swallowed into the bubbles.

I woke with a start on a cold stone floor, I scrambled up and cried out

"DAD!", a man approached clothed in dark robes, his body burned with a blue flame and his horns were twisted in spirals of flames. His eyes were red and he grinned

"Such a pathetic thing you are" I felt the air leave my lungs as he kicked my chest and I cried out. He scuffed and snapped his fingers, a demon rushed forward and picked up the wailing child

"Get the whelp out of my throne room, clean him up while your at it, he reeks of urine" the man ordered and I was carried to a room, I began to thrash and scream and bite and suddenly gentle hands began to remove my clothes. I screamed

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" I bite down on a hand and the creature frowned.

"Sorry my young prince, would you like to undress yourself?" It asked pulling it's hand away.

"I want my real dad! I want him now!" I demanded and it frowned

"I'm Sorry my young prince...but he doesn't want to see you" The demon replied and reached for my shorts,

"I must bath you my young prince" It said and I growled removing my clothes. It's eyes widened and I sat down covering myself,

"Sorry my young prince...you were born in Assinha...and I was surprised, here" it said picking me up and placing me in a tub of warm water. I tried to remain tense but the creature began to clean me and I relaxed yawning.

"Would you like something to eat after this?" It asked and I nodded sleepily, It pulled my out and pulled a black roube over my head and I yawned again. It smiled...I think, it was more a scowl than smile. I followed it and creatures of all kind gaped or stared at me, we finally stopped in a cavernous hall

"sit, I'll bring you something to eat...but I don't know what to feed you...will demon food work for him?" It asked another creature, it looked more human and was also dressed in a black robe...only with a weird symbol printed on the back.

"Satan's son? Just give him something he's familiar with" he said and walked away, it turned back to me and I mumbled

"Rice is easy to fix" it nodded and hurried off. I stared lazily ahead and the flaming man entered, he glared at me and I glared back as best I could. He chuckled as my failed attempt, it came back with rice and I downed it in a few bites.

"You were hungry weren't you young price?" I asked taking the bowl, I grinned and looked down at the flaming man and frowned. He was eating some sort of red liquid...BLOOD!

"Would you like to try some of the curry young prince?" It asked. I nodded and glared at the man...why did he take me away from dad? I wanted to strangle him! Kill him! Do something where was dead at the end of! I growled and suddenly part of the stone table I was sitting at was crushed where my hands were place. I froze and the man stood walking forward I was expecting to hear


'Demon Child' or something else...instead he ruffled my hair

"Good job, seems you are my spawn-" he began, I burst into tears and he removed his hand.

"More like a pathetic spawn" he growled threateningly to me, I sobbed and hiccupped

"I WANT MY DAD!" I screamed and he grinned

"I am your dad"

"NO YOU NOT!" I shouted and the man gasped as I threw a part of the broken table and it collided with his chest. I glared and felt my anger peak, I lashed out and suddenly I was knocked back with a slap to the face. Not by the man who stood gapeing and laughing at me but another humanlike creature with a long nose and pointed eyes

"How dare you, such a brat of a son you are!" He snapped at me. I felt myself lifted and suddenly slapped again, the man stopped chuckling and gripped the other's wrist

"A bit firey...I suppose you could be my son with that temper of yours" he chuckled and I screamed

"I WILL NEVER BE YOUR SON! I'M HUMAN! HUMAN!" I cried out until my throat was raw. He frowned and I coughed bitterly into my sleeve

"Take him away, he needs rest...Tengu!" he ordred, the man with the point nose turned

"Be sure to educate him on Gehenna..his lessons start tomorrow" He ordered and walked away. Tengu glared down at me and kicked my ribs, I cried out and he smirked

"Pathetic child...Lord Satan will surely trade you away...then the demons can have fun playing with a child for once" He chuckled and I kicked and thrashed when It grabbed me.

"I'm the boy's caretaker Tengu" It hissed, I whimpered and it carried me to a room.

"This room is all your's my young prince" It said gently placing me in a soft bed and I cried.

"I want my dad!...I want him...I promise not to do things like before! Just let me go hime!" I sobbed and It covered me up and left leaving me curled into a ball crying.

His eyes...they're just like hers...a deep blue that seems to swallow you up...heh never thought I'd be reminded of the surrogate...

Well it's the end of chapter 1...you like!