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I sighed as I slid into the warm water and I frowned as I glanced behind me at my tail. It twitched and swayed and I shivered, is there anything else about me now that's different? I looked at my reflection in the water and glared. Pointed ears, sharp teeth...and a hard to miss tail sticking out of my backside! I shivered and reached for a towel, I dried off quickly and dressed. I turned and jumped growling at Caretaker, I froze and grimaced

"You startled me...sorry" I said quickly tugging down my shirt and Caretaker nodded.

"Dinner is ready" Caretaker said and I followed after it, I felt my tail brushing against my legs and floor. I sat down in the dining hall and looked up at Satan busying himself by talking with Tengu. I frowned as Amaimon ruffled my hair and sat next to me.

"So Rin accustomed to your tail yet?" He asked and I shrugged

"I don't honestly know what to do...about my tail...or how to think of it" I muttered softly. I stared at Satan and began to eat what was most likely my usual. Rice and not much else. Amaimon smirked and I frowned puzzled, I looked down and stared...it was some sort of bright red rice with a black sauce with a slimy texture. I choked and he snickered

"Well you were eating it rather quickly a minute ago" he said smirking still. I swallowed and pushed the bowl away, a Ukobach entered with a bowl and looked rather unpleasant, it was angry and it snarled at Amaimon and placed the bowl in front of me. It was a bowl of fried rice and Amaimon giggled

"I just wanted to see if he'd eat it, he was so out of it he didn't even realize what he was eating" he said and I quickly began eating the fried rice. Ukobach watched and slowly calmed down, he returned to the original state and Amaimon sighed as I smiled

"Could you teach me...maybe how to cook?" I asked and he paused for a moment before replying

"Certainly my young prince" he replied and I grinned.

"Thank you...thank you so much!" I beamed and finished my meal as Amaimon finished his. I looked at Satan focused on a glass of dark red liquid and Tengu sitting next to him talking away Satan's time. I got up and proceeded to the other end of the table

"Sir" I said clearly. Tengu turned and glared at me

"I want to try unsheathing the sword again" I stated with a glare.

"Well...isn't that interesting" he said with a grin,

"I want to try again...we could practice?" I suggested and Tengu glared.

"You've already wasted enough of his time for the day, go finish you book studies" He commanded and I bit my lip.

"No, I have to get better with my powers...I want to practice more now!" I shouted and froze. Satan was glaring at me now and I felt a lump in my throat form before I could continue.

"Fine, you'll meet me in the throne room after I finish my meal, Understood?" He asked and I nodded hurriedly. I turned at went to my room to collect the sword.


I stared at him and chuckled

"Persistant child" Tengu turned back to me.

"More like a pest your highness" He growled. I frowned staring at my glass

"And why is that Tengu?" I asked smirking, Tengu frowned and grunted. I nodded and sneered

"He'll do better to be a leader than some crazed weapon hissing and snarling while ripping his enemies apart...as entertaining as that would be...if he were controled...he could take over Assiah within a matter of hours" Tengu was silent and glared at me

"But if you became attached to him...would you be able to kill him when your done with him? His powers will eventually surpass yours making you obsolete and forgotten" Tengu said

"Don't worry, when he's given me what I wanted, his life will end and Mine will begin" I said standing. I walked slowly to the throne room and paused in the entrance...the boy was trying to pick up the sword with his tail and it always ended up tangled itself in his legs. I smirked and approached him, he froze and rapidly tried to untangle himself only to end up face first on the floor. I picked him up and pulled his tail away from his legs,

"You still good enough to practice?" I asked bitterly. His nose was bright red and he was holding back tears from the fall, he nodded and I set him down,

"Draw the sword...and then come at me with all of you might" I commanded. He gripped the hilt and pulled, I studied his reaction. He gagged and suddenly burst into flames, I smirked as he charged forward and with one motion he was on his butt growling at me. He tried to attack again and I smacked him back onto his butt again, another 5 trys and he didn't even look like a child anymore. His rage was apparent on his face and his flames were becoming more intense. I stared at him ready for another charge and realized, Tengu made a point...he would surpass me eventually, just by studying his raw power I could see it growing almost to my level. He dashed forward and I readied myself to slap him back and He jumped. I made contact and suddenly he did something different. He bit down on my hand...and he bit down hard. I grimaced as blood rushed into his mouth. He immediately let go coughing and spurting

"Sheath the sword" I growled at a servant. She complied and I froze, the sword was sheathed...but his flames weren't leaving, he stood glaring at me, there wasn't any pupils in his eyes, his teeth with about as sharp as mine and his finger nails were claws starting to take on a blue color. He lunged at the servant and I gaped as his claws ripped through her arm, he grinned at me and I smiled as he licked his claws.

"So this is what he can become...I'm impressed" I said as the 5 year old stepped forward smirking darkly. I think what I felt was pride at what a monster he could be, but that turned to dread as he jerk forward and fell to his knees coughing up blood. I don't know how to explain it...but I felt something take over...something I would never do for any other demon. I began to panic, I knelt next to him and glared

"Your body can't contain all of this power...it's killing you" I muttered and gripped his throat hoping to force him into unconsciousness. He went limp and the flames vanished, his body returned to its normal stat. I stood frowning is disgust, whatever instinct had just taken over, I did not care to feel again. Tengu approached from his place next to my throne

"Impressive" He said slowly. I nodded

"He's quite the little monster" I said glancing at the half healed bite,

"We at least know what to expect in his future" I said as he began to stir. He slowly lifted himself up and looked up at me with a dazed look

"Again" He demanded and I felt my eyes widen at him. He stood shakily and grinned at me. I felt something well up inside of me...the same thing I had felt for Yuri when she died...and I had realized a fact I'd overlooked so many times...



I felt my body aching everywhere, but I still stood with determination. I had to get better, gain control, I had to if I was ever going to get what I wanted. I wanted to be there for my brother when he needed me, I wanted a father figure...and I wanted to be the one take betray Satan at the end of it all. He stared at me and shook his head

"No, your body needs to heal" He ordered

"NO! I need the practice now!" I demanded and he slapped me causing me to stumble back onto my butt.

"Do as your told child!" He snarled and I glared up at him,

"How am I going to get better if you keep stopping me every time I get hurt!?" I growled and this time it was Tengu who sent a quick slap to my face to shut me up. I stood again and spit out blood in Satan's direction...so much for a father figure. I grabbed the Koma sword and stormed out of the throne room. Only to have my legs give out as soon as I was 3 feet away from the throne room. A servant rushed over and the pain was starting to get to me. Istarted to hold back sobs as each and every muscle in my body screamed at me.

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