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Time Skip (Not being lazy, I just don't FEEL like writing 4 years of training down) Rin is now 10 years old and over the years has become quite obedient unless the orders violate is morals which he created himself, So to clarify, there's a time skip


"Nii-san?" I asked looking up at Amaimon, who was still taller than me by a good foot and a half, he looked down with a puzzled look and I sighed.

"How long are you going to stay attached to that Chandelier?" I asked glaring as he grinned back at me

"Few hours, maybe" he snickered. I huffed and bit my lip shoving my hands in my pockets, waiting for Mephisto to get back from some meeting with Vatican officials was, in a pure, blunt sense...Boring. I wasn't much of an anime freak like Mephisto or Amaimon and took no pleasure in reading or collecting Manga...or those stupid figurines covering a shelf in Amaimon's room back home. I looked out of the office window and stared lazily at the people rushing in and out of the school, Shiemi had once told me Yukio was trying to get a scholarship for this school, which I thought was a bit excessive since he was only 9 when he had told her this. I turned to see Mephisto walk in and grin

"Ahhhh, My brothers how are you?" He asked and I growled

"I told you not to call me your brother", he laughed

"Yes, you have...and I'm going to assume you kept count?" He asked taking a seat at his desk.

"Yes, I've asked you over 20 times this year to not call me your brother, my name is enough" I said standing in front of his desk.

"Yes...well then, what business do you have or rather, does father have with me?" he asked growing serious...if you could call it that...I pulled out a yellow envelope and handed it to him, he pulled out photographs and smirked

"And...these are?" he asked and I glared

"There pictures of you and a wanted demon...you seem to be helping her" I said and Mephisto laughed.

"You mean the demon that gave valuable information to the Vatican last year? Yes, I guess I did help bring her into custody of Vatican authorities...but you don't need to worry he is being punished accordingly" Mephisto beamed at me and I sighed

"Satan wants her brought back to Gehenna for 'proper' punishment" I said. Mephisto frowned and glared slowly

"So you mean Satan had ordered death for her punishment?" He asked

"Yes, but that shouldn't be a problem, my orders were to execute if we could not get her to Gehenna for her execution there...so are you going to let us take her back?" I asked reaching for Kukirara. Mephisto sighed and stood up

"She is in Vatican custody, if I were to hand her over to you, I risk loosing my cover and position...I can not give her to you..." He said and I smirked

"Alright, then we should be off, well wait 5-10 minutes before setting off the alarms" I said walking to the door. Amaimon followed and looked back at Mephisto

"I'll see you around Nii-san?" He asked and Mephisto glared at him

"I don't think it will be on good terms Amaimon" he replied. Amaimon nodded and I grabbed his wrist pulled him out the door

"Don't tell me he's mad at you again" I growled "He might be, after all I follow a younger half-breed around like a lackey would" He snickered and I rolled my eyes

"You choose to follow me around, you could stay in Gehenna if you wanted" I said and he laughed as he stopped at the end of the corridor.

"But then I wouldn't be your Nii-san, I'd just be Amaimon" he said as I opened Gehenna Gate, I looked at him skeptically "I'm sure you could pester someone into calling you Nii-san...one of the Utobachs perhaps" I looked at him smirking and he glared

"Y'know...if you weren't my little brother...I'd probably be strangling you" He growled

"Really? After I just said you could make the Utobachs call you Nii-san? Just like that you angry? Or is it because I'm mentioning the problem you had 3 years ago?" I snickered and he looked at the wall. It was unspoken of...but Amaimon had a problem with a Utobach 3 years ago. The Utobach had declared Amaimon was his Nii-san and had made Amaimon the laughing stock of every demon king when the Utobach had appeared everywhere Amaimon went crying happily it had found his Nii-san again. I entered the gate and stepped into the dungeons

"Who knows, maybe when I surpass you age...you can call me Nii-san too" I said beaming. He growled

"Not a chance, I am over a 1000 years old...you are 10 years old correct?". I nodded and walked forward and stopped in front of a cell

"Hello, we've been looking for you" I said grinning. The demon appeared to be a fox demon, she growled at me and I sighed

"Look, were here to take you back to Gehenna for judgement of you crimes, do you comply?" I asked and she snarled

"I would rather die the Vatican's dog than a prisoner of Satan!" I stared

"Your right... that's a better death" I said pulling Kukirara from the scabbard and pointed the tip at her throat.

"Any last words or regrets you wish to say?" I asked and she growled her ears pinned back

"I hope you rip him to shreds My Lord" I proceeded to cut her throat out, I didn't understand why this had been the 3rd rouge demon this month who had called me 'lord' I hadn't thought about overthrowing Satan since I was 7 and realized defeating him was pointless...but I didn't get why everyone thought I would. I sighed and stretched

"Care to set off the Alarm Nii-san?" I asked and he grinned, I felt the ground shake as he raised a spire of Earth right up from the dungeon floor and into the ceiling

"How many floors did you hit?" I asked opening the gate he but his thumb and then replied

"Maybe 6 or 7", I nodded as the alarm went off.

"You go ahead, I have something to do" I said and he grinned slyly "Ooooh! Going to see the girl again?" he asked and I scoffed

"Yeah right" I blushed lightly and he winked

"Suuuure, Tell me how it goes lover boy, Oh! And can you send me somewhere close to the Manga store in the small town? They released more man-"

"Ok! Just hurry!" I said cutting him off and he walked through the gate and I sighed dismissing it. I dashed down a hallway and came upon a door, I pulled out an Exorcist key and turned it in the door, I quickly entered and closed the door behind me. I turned to see Shiemi's house and then the garden, her Grandmother looked up at me from her sitting position on the ground

"Ah, Rin...here to see Shiemi?" She said smirking.

"Yes Ms. Moriyama" I replied politely, she nodded

"She's in the shed getting more fertilizer for the flowers" I beamed and bowed before running to the shed around the other side of the house. I turned the corned and nearly ran head on into Shiemi

"OH! Shiemi, you ok!?" I asked hurriedly as my face turned red, she laughed setting down the fertilizer and beamed hugging me

"Of course I'm ok Rin, but how are you?" She asked smiling, I looked away felt my cheeks burn a little less

"Good, I kept my promise...I-I came to see you" I stuttered slightly and she beamed

"You always keep your promise, you come and see me every Saturday afternoon...you've never missed a day since you promised me" She said picking up her bucket. I helped her and picked up the bag of Fertilizer and followed her back to the garden, she set down the bucket and I gave her the bag

"So...How's Yukio?" I asked and she sighed

"Still top of his class...but he's been a bit violent lately...he had a fight with a student because they insulted Fujimoto" she replied frowning. I nodded

"How's Fujimoto?" I asked

"He's...he's been coming for medicine a lot more than normal...my mom says his lungs are scarred pretty bad from the demon you had to contain last year" she said and I sat next to her

"And...are you still planning on going to school?" I asked and she nodded

"I want to be able to learn about so much!...so I can find the Garden I told you about" she said smiling

"The garden of Amara?" I asked and she laughed

"What other garden has all the plants of the world?" she asked. I blushed and pouted slightly

"I was just making sure!" I said and she beamed, "I was just teasing" she said happily. I nodded and began to dig a hole as she mixed water with fertilizer.

(Amaimon) Ok you may become pissed off at me in a few minutes ^^;

I grinned and walked out on to the main street, it wasn't uncommon to see cosplayers here, so I wasn't too out of the ordinary. A small town near Tokyo, the most notable trait is the temple on the outskirts of the town, I stay clear of there. I entered the store and walked over to the new releases and I grabbed the newest releases of my favorite series when I noticed the cashier was a different person

"What happened to Mr. Hiroshi?" I asked and the man behind the counter grunted. I glared and placed the books on the counter pulling out my wallet and placed the amount on the counter, he bagged them and I nodded and left. I pulled a sucker from my pocket and unwrapped it placing the sugary treat in my mouth, usually I'd meet Rin at True Cross Academy town's station, but something felt off. I frowned and turned around, the street was deserted...I bit down on the sucker and moved swiftly as a bullet rushed past my ear.

"Shit" I muttered and began to run towards the outskirts and suddenly had to skid to a halt as another Exorcist appeared and I narrowly dodged that bullet literally! I raised a chunk of Earth and slammed it into the exorcist crushing him against a wall. I hit the treeline of the forest now and was rushing through trees summoning my hobgoblin when a shock went through me as a bullet buried itself in my back. I gasped and tripped over fallen branch and hit the ground hard nearly swallowing dirt, I pulled myself up and gripped my side running as fast as I could, I came into a clearing and groaned. A girl maybe Rin's age was standing in front of a shrine and stared at me in horror, I grabbed her closing her mouth and she whimpered, I moved the roots of an old tree and shoved her under following her, and gripped her mouth pricking her cheeks with my claws.

"Make one noise and I snap you neck" I hissed and she nodded slowly, I watched as the exorcists rushed through the clearing and I groaned lightly as the wound was finally starting to burn, damn silver bullets. The girl looked up at me, her eyes were a deep ruby red and I glared as my vision blurred, she frowned and I tried to keep my grip on her but my world faded to black.

"Oi! Oi!...Demon boy!" a voice called, I opened my eyes and saw the girl sitting on her knees and glaring at me.

"I need to get the bullet out, remove you coat and shirts" She ordered and I sat up instantly regretting the action, I growled

"Get lost before I decide to kill you" she stared bluntly.

"If you were going to kill me...you would have killed me the moment you woke" I glared and she began to unbutton my vest, I froze as she continued to to weave her fingers unbuttoning them and remove the fabrics

"If you would please get on your stomach" she said setting my clothes aside. I glared and pushed a claw to her throat

"Why are you doing this?" I hissed. She blinked and I watched as a faint blush crossed her face before fading again

"I hate demons, I honestly do...but you...you I'm going to help" She said her voice shaking. I drew blood as I pressed deeper and tears began to form

"Get the bullet out and then I want you out of my sight! Got that?" I growled and she swallowed

"Yes" she whispered. I laid down on to my stomach and she quickly went to the wound, she pulled out a bottle and I glared

"I swiped this bottle of saké as disinfectant" she said pouring some on to the wound. I growled as it burned a bit and she reached into the wound gripped the bullet, I jerked with a snarl as she ripped it free tearing more skin with it. She dropped the bullet and was shaking as the wound began to heal immediately, she looked frightened and I grabbed my clothes

"You have until I put my shirts on to scram" I said and she began to back away. I turned around and began to button the back up and glanced behind me, she stood behind me not facing me

"Can I see you tomorrow?" she asked.

"You're a bit young to be meeting people" I muttered and she tensed

"I meant as my guest in these forests...I want you to accompany me on a picnic or an outing into the forest some time" she said shaking. I whipped her around snarling

"What don't you get about me being older than you?" she cowered and bit her lip

"Your different from the other ones I've seen! They always tried to scare me but you...you look human" She whimpered and I sighed. I shook my head and smirked

"Fine, I may come back tomorrow" I said and she grinned a faint blush crossing her pale cheeks,

"Now get!" I barked. She hurried off and turned

"Your manga is by that shine!" she called before running between the trees. I glared and grabbed my bag, what have I gotten myself into.


I bid my goodbye to Shiemi as I walked through the door into True Cross Academy Station, I leaned against the wall waiting for Amaimon and blushed lightly. Shiemi was such a sweet girl, I couldn't imagine another girl like her. Shiemi was the only one for me, I looked up as Amaimon approached with a bothered expression. I got off the wall and walked up to him,

"You look...er, Unhappy?" I asked. He shrugged

"Ran into some Exorcist, kinda killed my mood" he replied. I nodded and walked into an Alley opening the gate, he stepped through and I followed. I blinked and Amaimon just stared as Azazel and Iblis broke their lip lock blushing fiercely, I turned and walked the opposite direction

"Sorry to interrupt!" I called and Amaimon just walked into his room with a dark look. I bit my lip and walked into my room and slowly smiling, Caretaker had set out a clean clothes, Caretaker began the frown that was a smile

"Dinner will be ready in a bit my young Prince" it hissed. I nodded and it left as I began to change my clothes, I walked to the throne room and stopped

"The Exorcists are getting bolder" I heard Satan's voice growl. I froze and listened harder

"They attacked Amaimon today, they also have attempted to capture Egyn" he said and I frowned Egyn was the Demon King of Water, he came to my 8th birthday and nearly drowned me on accident. Now Amaimon was speaking

"I know, and no one has heard from Beezlebub in days either" Amaimon said bitterly, Satan and I decided to walk in. He quickly stopped frowning and stood with a neutral expression,

"How was your time in Assiah?" He asked and I glared.

"It was good, I took care of the demon like you ordered" I said and he grinned

"Good, Good...anything else you would like to inform me of?" he asked and I looked away.

"Are you aware of Azazel and Iblis?" I asked, He looked puzzled

"What about your brothers?" He asked and I quickly back tracked

"Nothing just that they agree to help me train is all!" I said forcing a smile. He smiled

"That's great, considering I can't teach you anything else that you don't already know" he said walking down the steps of his throne, I glanced at Amaimon who smirked at me. We entered the dining hall and I bit the inside of my cheek nervously as Azazel and Iblis avoided looking at me, I sat next to Amaimon who was acting himself again, I mentally sighed with relief. I had been worried about the serious behavior he had been sporting. I smiled softly as the Utobach that was teaching me to cook sat on my shoulder telling me about a new recipe he had learned, I looked at the empty seats of the table that had usually been filled by other demon Kings on special occasions.

Only 3 of the seats were filled, Azazel, Iblis, and Amaimon...and at the head of the Table was Satan and at the end of the table was me. It was beginning to dawn on me that Satan was right...the Exorcists are starting to wipe the demons out.

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