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"Carry On"
By Fun

"Though I've never been through hell like that
I've closed enough windows
To know you can never look back
If you're lost and alone
Or you're sinking like a stone
Carry on
May your past be the sound
Of your feet upon the ground
Carry on"

"Be Okay"
By Ingrid Michaelson

"Open me up and you will see
I'm a gallery of broken hearts
I'm beyond repair, let me be
And give me back my broken parts

I just want to know today(x2),
I just want to know something today
I just want to know today(x2),
Know that maybe I will be ok"

Valentine's Day. The festival most dear to any young lady. And the extraordinary wealthy ladies of Ouran are no exception. Their conversation turns to what trinkets to bestow on the men in their hearts. There is another though, who was dying for that day to arrive.

"Honey-kun, what kinds of chocolates would you like this year?" One girl asked the blonde lolita sitting a few couches down from me.

"Mousse? Bon-bons? What color ribbon?"

"I'd be happy with any! I love chocolates and you all too!"

The girls around him squealed, igniting my already intense headache. I groaned and curled up into myself on the window sill, glad that no one had designated me yet, but I knew it wasn't avoidable.

"Kohaku-kun, straighten up! You have guests!" Kyoya said from across the room, sentencing me to my doom as he sent four overly-cheerful girls to my couch.

I got up from the window, hoping to be able to put on a smile and grin and bare it, but my vision wobbled and I grabbed the nearest stable object just to stay on my feet.

"Woah! You okay there, Kohaku-kun?"

It was Kaoru. I think. My head's so messed up I don't even know who's who right now.

"Yeah. I'm fine."

I let go of him and began to walk off, but he wouldn't have that. He grabbed my bruised forearm and I winced, gritting my teeth as he pulled me back.

"Fine? You don't look fine, You look like you're going to collapse any second now!"

Tearing my arm from his grip, I turned to him with a worn out glare.

"It doesn't matter. I need to host today or else I'll have more problems on my hands."

"I know about your family, Kohaku." Kaoru said suddenly, dropping the suffix from my name, and making me stop in my tracks. "Ranka-san told us… and I may not know what you're going through, but I know what it's like to be alone, believe it or not." He sighed and pulled a hand through his hair. "Just…try to tell us about it, okay? We may not understand what's happening, but that doesn't mean we can't help."

I nodded. "Okay…Thanks, Kaoru-kun."

He seemed a bit surprised, but laughed. "No problem, but you can drop the 'kun', Kohaku. We're friends, right?"

I gave him a small smile. "Yeah." I need to tell them. "Hey, Kaoru?"


"Can you and Hikaru stay after hosting on Valentine's Day? I…need to tell you something."

He smiled, probably sensing my nervousness.

"I'm sure we can do that."

I gave him another nod, just as a shout rang across the room.


I rolled my eyes. "Yes mother." I called out to Kyoya and walked over to my guests.

"H-Hello, ladies. Sorry t-to keep you waiting."

"It's okay, Kohaku-kun."

"Yeah. We don't mind."

I smiled slightly. "So, a-are you excited for Valentine's Day?"

They all nodded eagerly and I mentally chuckled. Girls can be so cute sometimes. Like baby animals. What about me? Fu-kun asked, tumbling out of my blazer and onto my lap. Yes. I suppose you're cute too, when you want to be. I smiled down at him, scratching his head.

"U-Um, Kohaku-senpai?"

My head snapped up. "Yes?"

The girl, obviously one of my more shy guests, fidgeted in her seat; keeping her gaze on the floor.

"W-What kind of c-chocolate do you want for Valentine's Day?"

I blinked at her, having never had anyone ask me something like that. Valentine's Day was never a big deal to me, since I'd never actually had a valentine; other than in elementary school where everyone was your valentine. The most I'd ever gotten, was chocolates from my grandmother. Stop it. Just don't think about it.

"I-Is something wrong, Kohaku-senpai?"

Having forgotten where I was for a moment, I adjusted myself, putting on a smile-albeit fake-on my face.

"Nothing's wrong. I-I just have a headache, is all. B-But, I'm happy with any chocolate you g-give me. I'm k-kind of like Honey-kun when it comes t-t-to sweets."


"Yup. I-I like chocolate covered fruit a-and chocolate raisins the best. If w-we're talking about r-r-regular candy though, I really like gummy bears and r-red licorice."

The girls had blushes on their faces as I fantasized about candy, when Fu-kun piped in. Ahem.

"Oh! And Fu-kun c-can't really have chocolate, but he loves bananas a-and strawberries."

I held him up and the girls cooed, the sound of Haruhi and Tamaki's conversation drifting over.

"Honey-senpai is in a great mood, isn't he? But he eats chocolate every day and night."

"Innocent Haruhi!" Tamaki said. "Valentine's Day is the day when his barometer for chocolate hits the top! Besides, receiving chocolate is a huge compliment for any man, right?"

I turned back to the guests at my table, apologizing.

"S-Sorry, but would you excuse me?"

"Aw, already?" One girl said, sadly.

I gave her a small smile. "Only for a m-minute. I'll leave Fu-kun here…i-if you want."


"But come back soon!"

Nodding, I handed Fu-kun off and headed over towards Tamaki, holding my head.

"You know that's not always true, Tamaki-kun." That caught his attention and I lowered my hand. "As much a-as I like chocolate and sweets, I don't take it as a compliment. I take it because someone went through a lot of hard work to make it, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste."

"Wow…that was-" Haruhi was interrupted by kya-ing girls, who had apparently been listening in.

"That's so cool, Kohaku-kun!"

"I never knew you thought that way!"

"I'll make sure to bring you some chocolate!"

"Me too!"

The noise was starting to get to me and I really didn't want the girls crowding around me, so I hid behind the one person in the room who could-and would-help me.

"Haruhi," I whimpered, ducking behind her. "Make it stop. It's too loud."

She sighed, politely asking the guests to disperse and I poked my head back out once they were gone.

"How's your headache?" She asked and I winced.

"Painful, but I can't just not host the days leading up to Valentine's Day. Kyoya-kun would kill me."

I took a peek at said person and, as though he knew I was looking at him, he turned to me and flashed his glasses.

"I know what you mean." Haruhi muttered, having seen our interaction.

"Yeah. I'm afraid to even ask for a day off. He's angry with me about something too."

"You don't know?"

I shook my head as Tamaki pouted in a corner for being ignored.

"I don't. He asked me 'if that was my preference' as I was shopping for ice cream, and I told him 'yeah, is there something wrong with that' and he stormed off."

"Well, maybe you should ask him. I'm sure if you ask the right question, he'll answer."

Glancing back at him, I responded, unsure. "I guess."

"Oh, and what should I do about you for Valentine's Day?"

"Huh. I haven't actually thought about it. I would say keep it until we head home, but I am planning on telling Hikaru and Kaoru that day."

She gave me a worried look. "Are you sure? I thought you wanted them to figure it out."

I purposely messed up my hair in frustration. "I do want them to figure it out, but…it's just…ugh, how do I explain this?"

She pat me on the shoulder. "Just tell me later. It looks like Tamaki-senpai wants to bug me about something."

Sure enough, Tamaki had managed to get away from the pestering twins and came over with a grin on his face.

"Haruhi! Incidentally, I love any kind of chocolate, but I'd be happier with homemade!"

He struck a pose, holding up a peace sign, and Haruhi gave a dull 'oh' in response. They stood there for a moment, when Tamaki began to repeat himself, thinking Haruhi hadn't heard him properly.

"I'd be happier-"

"You don't have to repeat it. I heard you."

"Er…well…I was wondering if Haruhi was going to give chocolate to her father." Tamaki said nervously, gesturing to himself, but Haruhi didn't notice.

"Of course." She said, lifting Tamaki's spirits only to bring them crashing back down to Earth. "It'd be better get some for my real father. I need to get some for you too, Kohaku. I should make them sugar-free though, you consume too much sugar anyway."

"Aw, that's not fair." I whined. "Honey-kun eats five times as much sugar as me and you're not making his sugar-free! Besides, I need my sugar! I can't function without it!"

"Like I believe that." She scoffed, picking up her forgotten tea tray and wandering over to Honey as he stuffed another forkful of cake in his mouth.

Uh-oh. I thought. I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner, but Honey's going to have a cavity. Which means…aw man! No sweets for three days! I'll die! Unless…I can find some way to sneak them in. I frowned in thought. I'll have to. Sorry Honey, but you might be on your own on this one.

"Honey-senpai, are you still eating cake?" Haruhi asked, setting the tea down at his table. "You'll get cavities, you know."

"Don't worry! I brush my teeth properly."

Maybe I should stop him. I contemplated. But would stopping that one piece of cake keep the cavity from showing up? I doubt it. I fidgeted nonetheless. Poor Mori too. My conscious won out in the end, and I went over to his table the moment the fork entered his mouth. Pain flickered across his face for a brief instance, and he lowered his fork.

"Honey-senpai?" Haruhi questioned; a knowing yet disbelieving look on her face.

"It's nothing…" He murmured.

Haruhi, the twins, and I quickly surrounded Honey and began to try and pry his mouth open to confirm out fears.

"Open your mouth just a little!"

"It's nothing. I said it's nothing." Honey called out, trying his hardest to keep his mouth shut.

"Honey-senpai, hold still!"

He continued to struggle and I hurried and began barking orders to control the situation.

"Kaoru! Hikaru! Grab his legs!"


"Haruhi, try and pull away one of his hands!"


With that done, I moved in to grab his other hand but, seeing that I would accomplish my goal, he struggled even further.

"No! No! I'm okay! It's nothing!"

One of the twins lost his grip on Honey's leg, stumbling back, as said appendage hit me hard in the shin. I grit my teeth, but grabbed Honey's chin in one of my hands just as Mori walked in the door.

"Mori-senpai, come quick!" Hikaru shouted.

"It's a cavity!" I responded as well, and immediately we all moved aside as Mori threw Honey on the couch, prying Honey's mouth open.

The guests went nuts, excited at the position Mori and Honey were in, but I sat back down on the window sill; rubbing my, probably bruised, shin. My head still hurt and I mentally groaned, knowing what was going to happen the moment Mori lifted his gaze.


"Ah…yes, understood." Clearing his throat, he addressed the guests. "Until Honey-senpai's cavity is taken care of, sweets are off limits! Also, to show our support, our club will refrain from participating in Valentine's Day this year!"

"No!" Honey and I called out.

What could I say? Even if I did know this was going to happen, that didn't mean I wanted it to.

"Now way, Takashi! It doesn't hurt! It doesn't hurt!"

"It's prohibited." Mori said stoically and Honey cried loudly.

I followed suit, hugging Honey, as we both watched the hosts removing anything sweet from the room. Feeling someone's foot nudging me, I glanced up at the confused twins.

"Why are…"

"…you crying…"


"T-This means I can't have anything either! I'll die without sugar!"

"You can't be serious." They sweat dropped and Haruhi came over, rolling her eyes.

"Kohaku eats just as much as Honey-senpai in pure sugar. Not as much cake, but between pudding, ice cream, soda, and candy…" Haruhi sighed. "He'll probably have to stay over at my house or he'd be snacking the moment he came home."

"T-That's not true!" I said confidently. "If Honey-kun can do it, so can I!"

"Really?" Haruhi asked in disbelief.


"Uh-huh." She said, tossing my bag at me as Fu-kun wandered up to my shoulders. "We'll see about that."

Thus began mine and Honey's days of misery.

(No one's POV)

Host Club guests usually gather in groups and keep an eye out for their favorite Host Club members, and today was no different. The only thing that changed, was the topic of their conversation.

"Aw, I feel so sorry for Honey-kun." One guest said, watching Honey, Kohaku, and Mori walk to the club room. "I've heard the Host Club isn't participating in Valentine's Day."

"It must be hard on him, Kohaku-kun too. He likes sweets just as much, or so I heard."

The other girls nodded, when one spoke up.

"I know I shouldn't say this, but Honey-kun looks like-"

"A bunny rabbit!"

As the girls kya-ed over Honey's bandage, Mori leaned over to Honey.

"Mitsukuni, your bag."

"I can carry it myself." Honey said sadly.

"That's not it. Show me."

Handing over his bag, Mori turned it upside down, allowing for all the candy Honey had to come tumbling out. Having been caught, Honey grew more depressed. Patting him on the back, Kohaku sighed. "Sorry, Honey-kun."


"Hm?" Kohaku glanced up at Mori, who held his hand out.


He took her bag and, doing the same thing he did with Honey's, he dumped out a pile of candy, pudding, and soda bottles.

"Uh…I was just looking?"

"Uh-huh." Honey said, backing her up. "We weren't going to eat any."

"Really?" Mori asked, taking both of their bags and handing them two pamphlets of assorted sweets. "If you just want to look, then here. It's just like the real thing."

Honey's eyes welled up as Kohaku used the back of her hand to wipe a spot of drool. Not far from them, one of the guests sighed as she spoke with her friend.

"It's too bad. I already bought a bunch of chocolate for Honey-kun and Kohaku-kun."

Catching both of their attentions, Kohaku and Honey watched as the girl promised to give the chocolate to her friend. Honey began crying again and Kohaku sniffed at the loss of her own sweets, as Haruhi and the twins watched from a distance.

""Ouch. That's pretty rough."

"Well, you've got to be tough with those two. Kohaku especially. He had to sleep over at my place just to keep him from eating sweets. His house is full of them."

"Yeah, well, I didn't realize Mori-senpai could be that firm. I never thought he'd do anything to upset Honey-senpai." Hikaru said with a shrug.

"Hikaru-kun, Kaoru-kun, aren't you upset about skipping Valentine's Day?"

"It would be suicide to accept chocolate when Honey-senpai isn't getting any." Kaoru stated.

"And anyway, it's a bother to exchange gifts."

"Every year we need an extra car just to lug back all the candy."

The two of them shrugged, ignoring the other guys around them who were upset. Thinking about it, Hikaru put a hand to his chin.

"The only ones disappointed are milord and Mori-senpai's fans. They're mostly the shy types, but more than that, most of them are in earnest. Usually Mori-senpai accepts their chocolates warmly. That's his way of rejecting their love."

Tamaki? Well, he is a drama king. Haruhi thought. And poor Mori-senpai too. This has to be hard for both him and Honey. Then she suddenly remembered something.

"Oh, hey. I need to go by the library. I have a book I need to return."


"We'll go to the club…"

"…ahead of you then."

They waved and split up, going their own directions. When the twins reached the club room, they were a bit surprised at Tamaki's cheerful mood.

"Tamaki-sama, I'm so disappointed. I really wanted you to taste the custom-made chocolates from my patisserie…"

"Don't be sad, my lady. It was probably better this way." Tamaki clutched his guest's hands tightly. "No matter how elegant the chocolates, it would have melted away from the passion of our love. Our promise need not be tangible!"


"We needn't have worried about him." The twins sweat dropped and as Tamaki walked over, Hikaru gave him a high five. "Wondrous, milord. Nice act."

"Naturally! No matter what circumstance, customer satisfaction is our top priority!" Posing dramatically, he began a monologue. "To begin with, to wheedle gifts from a woman is a fail as a gentleman! In my native France, as in other lands in the west, it is customary for a true gentleman to offer his woman a bouquet of flowers. Look! Even Ko-kun understands and is diligently putting on a smile for his customers!"

Tamaki gestured towards Kohaku who, oddly enough, was smiling at her guests and having a good time as well. If one looked closely though, they could see her gaze travel towards the kitchen doors occasionally.

"Wow! What a role reversal, Tono!"

Kyoya walked over, looking happier than normal.

"He might be trying to justify the fact that Haruhi isn't giving him any chocolate."

The moment he said that, Tamaki went to his corner of woe, making Kaoru sweat drop. Good guess, eh?

"Where's Haruhi-kun?" Kyoya asked, noticing the absence of Kohaku's other half.

"She went to the library."

"Oh well." Again? He thought, but smiled nonetheless. "Men, keep your resolve. 'No matter what happens, don't give Honey-senpai or Kohaku-senpai any sweets'. Those are Mori-senpai and Haruhi-kun's orders, all right?"

The two twins stared at Kyoya, as he walked away with a cheerful whistle.

"Kyoya-senpai seems darned happy."

"He's happy not spending money on Honey-senpai and Kohaku's sweet tooth."

"So Haruhi-kun's the one who dragged me into this." Kohaku said from behind, startling them. "That means I'll have to up my game. She already locked me out of my apartment."

"Really, Kohaku?"

"Then where'd you get those sweets from this morning?"

"Those were already in there." She waved off. "I always keep something on hand. It's trying to break into my own apartment that's going to be a problem."

While Kohaku walked off, thinking deeply, elsewhere on campus Haruhi sneezed. What the-I shouldn't be coming down with a cold…If anything, Kohaku's probably talking about me. Glancing at the clock tower, Haruhi groaned and began running down the hall. Drat. I'm late again. Is getting to the south wing faster from the courtyard?

As she ran, she overheard a girl talking to someone. Now, normally she wouldn't be nosy, but when the Host Club was brought up, she stopped and hid behind a pillar.

"I heard that the Host Club isn't participating in Valentine's Day…but, I really wanted you to accept my feelings." The girl looked up, but Mori was silent. "You can't? Is it because you already have someone important in your heart?" She looked down, obviously upset at Mori's silence. "There's someone else, isn't there? I-If you accept my chocolate though, I'll be able to move on."

"I can't accept it."

Wow. He's really dedicated to Honey-senpai, but I feel like there's something more. Someone suddenly came up behind Haruhi and covered her mouth, whispering in her ear.

"Shh! It's me, Haruhi-san! It's me!"

The person released her and she turned around and saw someone unexpected.

"S-Shindo-san? What are you doing here?"

"Well first off, security in this place is horrible. I was able to waltz right in no problem!" He said, hands on his hips. "But I came here to see Ko-chan! I promised her dinner, after all."

Haruhi rolled her eyes as he smiled, and then she realized Mori had already walked off. Following her gaze, Shindo let out a sigh.

"Ah, love birds~ Always causing drama."

"You saw that?

"Well yeah. I was lost and heard some juicy gossip about some girl confessing, so I came to take a look."

"Right." She sighed. "If you want, you can come with me. I'm heading over to the club right now, although I'm already late."

"Thanks, Haru-chan! It's okay if I call you that, right?"

"Sure. But use 'kun' around the guests."

"Cool! So what's this club about, anyway?"

Haruhi explained what the club did and answered any questions Shindo had about it, when he asked about something odd.

"Neh, Haru-chan, what can you tell me about Ko-chan?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

Shindo reached up and fiddled with one of the many piercings in his ear.

"I mean…like the other day, when we went shopping? I seemed to have struck a nerve by joking around about her femininity. I don't want to hurt her again and I just wondered if there was anything else I should know about her."

Blinking a few times, Haruhi dared to ask, "Do you…like Kohaku?"

Shindo grinned widely. "You bet I do!"

"W-What?! B-B-But you're gay!" Her eyes were wide in shock and her mind couldn't seem to wrap around what Shindo just admitted.

"That's what I thought too, but there's just something about her that I like. I can't seem to pinpoint it."

"Wha-But-Agh!" Haruhi groaned, tugging frantically on her hair. "How can this happen?"

"Well~ When two people get together-"

"That's not what I meant!"

Shindo laughed. "I know, but it's so much fun messing with you! I can see why Ko-chan likes it."

"Great. Another one." Haruhi muttered.

"So you haven't answered my question, Haru-chan. Anything I should need to know? Oh! And I already know about her family. Ranka-chan told us when you and Ko-chan left to do shopping."

That idiot. Haruhi thought, but she put a hand to her chin as she pondered how to answer Shindo's question.

"Your best bet would probably be to just ask her. She's similar to Kyoya-senpai in that way. If you don't just ask her bluntly, she'll find a way to skip around the question. The most I could tell you would be that she's lonely and self-conscious. It may not sound like much, but because of that, I think she just wants to find someone she can talk to without worrying about what they'll think of her no matter what."

Haruhi gave a glance as he thought that over. I think he has a lot of what Kohaku needs, but it all comes down to what she thinks about him versus the others. I hope she makes the right choice though. Who knows how much more she can take before the damage starts becoming irreversible.

"I'll keep that in mind, Haru-chan. I'll ask what I can and work with what I get." He smiled down at her as they reached the doors of the music room. "After all, I don't want to fall behind the others, now do I?"

Shindo winked as the doors were opened and he caught sight of Kohaku; running over and pulling her into a hug as she blushed in embarrassment.

"Ko-chan!~ I found you!"

Stuttering in shock, Kohaku tried to explain to her guests that Shindo was not her boyfriend, but was unsuccessful in that as he told her why he was there.

"I'm here to take you out to dinner of course! We promised, remember?"

"Kya! A dinner date with another guy!"

"So moe!"

"N-No!" Kohaku shook her head, face getting redder by the minute. "I-I don't remember that!"

"S-So you're not going to go? But I already made reservations and everything."

Shindo's eyes teared up and the guests watched from the edge of their seats. Even the other hosts had their full attention on the supposed couple and, with the tears and the added pressure, Kohaku reluctantly gave in.

"O-Okay. I-I-I'll go, Shindo-kun."

The girls erupted into applause as Kohaku lowered her head to hide her embarrassment, and Shindo's tears magically dried up.

"Yay! I get to go on a dinner date with Ko-chan!"

"I-It's not a date!" Kohaku responded, but Shindo just grinned as he rested his chin on her shoulder.

The other hosts were watching in amusement. At least, most of them were. The twins, for instance, were holding each other up and laughing hard at Kohaku's humiliation, while Honey was content enough pouting about his lack of sweets. Haruhi had simply rolled her eyes and went to start passing out tea again, as Mori sat on the couch next to Honey, dealing with his own problems. But he couldn't help glancing at Kohaku with the smallest of frowns. It was Kyoya though, who made the first move.

"Yamanaka-san, could you leave? You are interfering with our business. You may wait outside until our club hours are over."

All eyes went to Kyoya as he pushed up his glasses and Shindo glared, tugging Kohaku closer.

"Why do I have to wait outside? I don't see how what I'm doing is causing any problems."

The two of them had a stare off and, if you squinted, one could see the lightning spark between the two.

"U-Um…" Kohaku nervously waved from her position in Shindo's arms. "P-P-Perhaps, Shindo-kun could wait inside? A-As long as he doesn't bother anyone. That was he doesn't i-interfere with the club and he can still w-watch?"

Kyoya scoffed and turned away, thus ending the conversation.

"I'll take that as a 'yes' then." Shindo said with a large smile. "I'll be waiting for you Ko-chan~"

With that, he pecked her on the cheek and the girls went wild once more. Kohaku groaned, ducking her head again, and Haruhi came over to pat her on the back.

"Now you know what it's like with Tamaki-kun, neh, Kohaku?"

Kohaku looked up with a frown. "Yeah. Thanks."

"You're welcome." Haruhi said, ignoring Kohaku's sarcasm.

They went their separate ways and resumed what they were supposed to be doing as hosts. By the time they finished, Kohaku was completely drained. Once Shindo had showed up, all of her guests kept asking questions about their relationship, or lack thereof. A pair of hands began massaging her shoulders, and she sank further into the couch with a moan.

"My God that feels good."

"That's because you're so tense, Ko-chan."

"Mmm….And I wonder who's fault that is, Shindo-kun."

She peeked an eye open at Shindo, only to find him smiling like an idiot.

"Only because I love you." He said with a wink.

"Uh-huh, sure." She replied, voice full of sarcasm.

Getting up from the couch, she held her arm out for fu-kun and began to clean up with the other hosts. Once everything was put away, the hosts left one by one, until the only two left were Kyoya and Tamaki. Kyoya was packing away his laptop and papers, while Tamaki waited diligently by the window.

"Did you two fight again?"

Kyoya pushed up his glasses as he put his notebook into his bag.

"I don't believe I know what you are talking about."

Tamaki turned his head and walked over with a flourish. "You know, Kyoya, there was this quote I learned the other say. I believe it was, 'Denial is a river in Egypt'."

Kyoya scoffed. "I can only wonder where you heard that one."

"Yes, well what I'm saying is, that I know something happened between you and our senpai again. Do you want to tell daddy about it?"

"No. I don't." That sent Tamaki to his corner and Kyoya picked up his bag with a sigh. "But I don't really have a choice, now do I?"

Tamaki shot up from his short depression with a smile, grabbing his bag and following Kyoya out the door. On the way out to their limo, Kyoya went on to explain what had happened that day in the grocery store between him and Kohaku; being sure to leave out his feelings towards a certain black haired pest.

"So…you're jealous."

Kyoya frowned. "I do not get jealous."

"Everyone gets jealous! We just get jealous for different reasons."

"I am not jealous and I have no reason to be jealous." Kyoya snapped. "I am simply vexed by Yamanaka-san's presence."

Knowing that Kyoya wouldn't admit to being jealous, Tamaki tried a different tactic.

"Okay…So you don't want Shindo-san around the Host Club? Or just around Ko-kun?"

Kyoya scowled. "What kind of question is that? Of course I don't want him around us. What does it matter if he's around just Kohaku-kun or if he's around everyone? Either way, it's an annoyance. The man himself is an annoyance."

Well, that didn't really work. Tamaki thought. Time for tactic number two!

"What about Mori-senpai or the twins? Does it bother you when they are around Ko-kun?"

The limo went silent until Kyoya finally spoke.

"I see what you're doing." He said. "You have somehow come to the conclusion that I have…feelings for our senpai."

"Wha-I never-" Tamaki tried to cover up his error, but Kyoya silenced him.

"It is quite obvious that that's what you're thinking and I assure you that I have not, and will not, EVER feel that way towards our senpai, let alone another male!"

Tamaki had crossed the line and they both knew it. The limo was silent once more and the moment they pulled up to Kyoya's house, Kyoya got up; giving Tamaki a scathing glare.

"I suggest you never bring up this subject again, if you wish for things to remain the way they were." He growled, slamming the limo door behind him.

Watching Kyoya's figure as the limo drove off, Tamaki let out a sad breath.

"But Kohaku's a woman…"

(Kohaku's POV)

"You really went all out, didn't you?" I asked, sitting across from Shindo in a rather ornate restaurant.

He smiled in response, sipping his water as we waited for our food. "My uncle owns this place, actually, and when he heard I had a date coming he opened it right up."

I felt my face heat up for the billionth time that day. "S-Stop calling me your date!"

"Isn't that what this is though? Two people going out to have fun and learn more about each other? Sounds like a date to me, Ko-chan.~"

I face palmed; knowing that, in a way, he was right but at the same time, wishing I was elsewhere. Taking a rather large gulp of my water, I discreetly scratched Fu-kun's head to get his attention. C-Can't you help me out? I don't know what he's doing! Hopeless kid. He wants to know more about you, right? Ask what he wants to know.


"Your orders." A waiter interrupted, and I used that distraction to avoid what I was going to ask.

The two of us ate quietly for a moment, neither of us wanting to start up a conversation it seems, until Shindo gathered up enough courage to do so.

"So, what can you tell me about yourself? Likes, dislikes, hobbies, topics to avoid…Things like that."

"I, uh, like the Host Club and I don't like being woken up in the morning. My hobbies? U-Um, writing and reading, I guess…and topics to avoid? What do you mean? Things I don't like talking about?"

My brows scrunched up in confusion and he chuckled nervously.

"Eheh, sorry about that one. It just kind of popped out…but, before, when I upset you…I just didn't want to end up talking about the wrong things, you know?"

I nodded my head, understanding where he was coming from. "Yeah, no, I understand. I seem to be having the same problem with Kyoya-kun. Everything I say seems to make him upset." Shindo sighed, and I looked at him in surprise. "Something wrong, Shindo-kun?"

He shook his head. "Nope."

He's lying. I can tell, probably because I hang around Kyoya so much but…why is he lying?


Sensing my disappointment, he sighed once more. "Sorry, Ko-chan. It's not that I don't want to tell you, I just…Ah, forget it. I'm jealous, okay?"

I blinked in confusion. "Jealous? Of what?"

"I can't believe I'm saying this." he said, placing his elbows on the table and waving a hand at me. "I'm jealous of that dark haired, glasses guy."

"Kyoya-kun? But why? I mean, I know you two don't like each other, but I never knew why. I just assumed it was one of those 'hate on sight' things."

Shindo shook his head with a laugh. "Oh no! Nothing like that!"

"Then why? I don't get it." Clueless.

I glared at Fu-kun and Shindo gave me an odd look.

"Something up? I haven't even said anything yet."

I turned back to him and pointed at Fu-kun. "He called me clueless."

"He can talk to you?"

Not knowing where this conversation was heading I nodded. "Yeah."

"That's so cool! Is it like telepathic? You can hear each others thoughts and stuff?"

"Well, yeah, but you never answered. Why are you jealous of Kyoya-kun?"

"Well, because he's all you talk about, of course." Shindo waved his hand nonchalantly. "Here we are getting to know each other better, and the first thing we talk about is him. Any guy would be jealous if the girl he likes was always thinking about another guy."

Something about what he said had just made me stop and push my mental rewind button.

"Any guy would be jealous if the girl he likes was always thinking about another guy."

"…if the girl he likes…"

"…girl he likes…"

Suddenly it clicked, and my eyes widened as my mind went haywire.

"W-What do you mean, 'girl he likes'?! D-D-Do you…like me?"

Shindo opened his mouth to answer when that damned waiter stopped by again, holding two smaller menus.

"May I interest you two in some dessert?"

Shindo glanced at me. "You want anything?"

"N-No. I'm not allowed to have anything sweet until Honey-kun's cavity is filled."

He snapped his fingers. "Oh yeah! Haru-chan told me about that!…But haven't you been trying to eat sweets anyway? And since it's after club hours, you could probably get away with eating some if you want."

I frowned. "No. I'm not going to eat sweets if Honey-kun can't."

"Um, sir?"

Shindo, a tad surprised at my declaration, waved him off. "No, thank you. J-Just bring us the check."

The waiter bowed and left to go retrieve the check while Shindo stared at me.


"I just never expected that from you."

"Yeah, but Honey-kun's like a brother to me and I wouldn't want to ruin that just because of something trivial." I suddenly paused. "Hey! You did it again!"

"Hm? Did what again?"

"You distracted me so that I would forget what we were talking about!"

Shindo just laughed. "I guess I did, didn't I? But if you really want to know, Ko-chan…" He leaned over the table and suddenly, I felt something soft brush my lips. "I do love you."

My eyes grew even wider and I couldn't seem to do or say anything. D-Did he just k-k-kiss me?! But he's gay, right?! So how-Why-No, what do I do?! As my mind was self-imploding, my body began to move on it's own. My face was bright red and I had stood up from my chair; my hands shaking as Shindo stood up as well, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Ko-chan? Hey, are you okay? I know it's unexpected, but I really do love you!"

Finally, my mouth started to work again. "I-I-I don't…I don't u-understand."

"Ko-chan, what's there to understand? I love you."

I put a hand to my head, trying to stop the pounding, and backed away.

"N-No. You can't. it doesn't make any sense…Why…Why would you love me?"

Shindo's brows furrowed in confusion and even I hardly knew what was coming out of my mouth anymore. All I knew was that that question was all I wanted to know. Who would love me? I-I look like a guy but…I'm not…My friends were right. Everything they've been telling me this whole time was true. It has to be true. No guy would want me. So why is he saying this?

"Ko-chan." He said, grabbing my hand. "What are you saying? There's no reason why I wouldn't love you. You're funny, smart, cunning, kind…You're everything any guy could ask for!"

"No! I'm not! No guy would want me! Not like this! I-I can't be hurt again!"

Once I said that, I couldn't be there anymore. I had to get away from everyone; from Shindo, from the waiters and staff, from everyone. So I ran. I ran away from the restaurant and just kept running, not noticing my phone falling out of my pocket when Fu-kun went to hide in there.

By the time I stopped, I found myself on the outskirts of the school. I didn't know how I got there or how long I'd been running, but I didn't want anyone to find me, so I hopped the fence and climbed up one of the many trees next to the large pink building.

Fu-kun poked his head out of my pocket and hurried up to my shoulder, nuzzling my cheek in comfort. What am I doing here, Fu-kun? I'm screwing up everything. He stayed silent and just curled up around my neck like a scarf as tears fell down my cheeks. I'm so lost.

(No one's POV)

Haruhi glanced at the clock in worry before resuming her pacing. Kohaku hadn't returned from her dinner date with Shindo yet, and she was beginning to wonder what exactly they were doing that would keep them out so late. Wait. Why am I worrying? They're probably just goofing off somewhere. There's no need to worry.

She sat back down and picked up her book, just as the phone went off. The book was immediately dropped as Haruhi scrambled to grab the phone. Finally picking it up, she cleared her throat. Yup. Not worried at all.

"Hello, Fujioka residence."


Haruhi scrunched up her brows in confusion. Now why would Shindo be calling? Better yet, how'd he get my number?

"Yeah. Is something wrong? How'd you get my phone number?"

"Ko-chan dropped her phone and I found your contact."

"Dropped her phone? Doing what?"

Kohaku would never leave her phone anywhere. That's what connects her to her manager. Haruhi thought as she began pacing again. Something's definitely wrong.

"Oh man, Haru-chan. I really screwed up." Shindo said, worrying Haruhi even more.

"Shindo-kun, what happened? Where's Kohaku? Let me talk to her."

"I-I can't. I don't know where she is."

"How can you not know where she is?! You two went on a date! You're supposed to be together!"

"I know!…I know, but I really screwed up, Haru-chan."

Getting angry with Shindo for his lack of answers, Haruhi began putting on her jacket and shoes, preparing to go out and find Kohaku herself if she had to.

"What did you do?" She growled.

"I confessed and…I kissed her…"

Haruhi slapped her face. "You idiot. Kohaku's about as social as a frightened animal. Kissing her was about the worst thing you could do."

"Well how was I supposed to know?! It was all I could think of to express how I feel about her! You told me to be direct!"

"Not like that! Just telling her directly should have been enough!" She sighed, pulling a hand through her hair. "What did she say before she ran off?"

"It didn't make much sense, but she said, 'No guy would want me! Not like this!'…'I can't be hurt again'…"

Damn it, Kohaku. Why didn't you tell me? "Where are you?"

"I-I'm running up and down the streets near the restaurant."

"Okay. She's either lost, or she went someplace familiar. Kohaku hasn't been here that long, so there's only a couple of places she could go. Try the café by the supermarket and check there as well. The only other places are the school and the gym, but the schools' probably closed by now."

"Okay. I-I'll head there right now…What if we don't find her though?"

Haruhi went quiet. "I-I don't know, Shindo-kun."

"…Right. Well, I'll call if I find her."

"Me too." Haruhi said, before hanging up the phone.

Should I call the hosts? No. They have their own problems and would probably end up making a search party…but we could use the extra help…She glanced back at the phone and groaned, picking it up and dialing a familiar, but irritating, number.

"Hello." A blunt, business tone said on the other line.

"Kyoya-senpai, it's Haruhi. I need your help."

"Now what could I possibly help you with and at what costs will it effect me?"

"Look." Haruhi snapped, in no mood to talk business. "Kohaku's disappeared and I only called you because we could use the help in searching for her, and I didn't want the others to blow this out of proportion. So you either help or you don't. I'm not going to just sit here and discuss a business deal with you."

"…I'll send some men out to search. Is there anywhere he would go?"

Haruhi nodded even though Kyoya couldn't see her. "Yeah. I have Shindo-kun checking the café and supermarket. The only other places we haven't checked yet are the school and the gym."

"Very well. I will have someone check the campus and I will inform you should we find anything."

"Okay. I'll do the same."

They both hung up and just as Haruhi reached out to grab the doorknob, the door opened and her father walked in.

"Oh! Did you come to welcome me home, Haru-chan?"

"No, dad. Move so I can go."

Seeing that something was wrong, Ranka grabbed her by her shoulders, stopping her from hurrying out the door.

"Now hold on." He said seriously. "What's going on, Haruhi? What's wrong?"

"Kohaku ran off and Shindo-kun doesn't know where she is, so I'm going to help search for her."

Ranka quickly shook his head. "I'm not letting you out there."

"But Kohaku's missing! We can't just sit here!"

"That's why I'll go. You stay here in case she comes back. I can't have you going out this late."

Haruhi frowned, not happy about what her father was saying, but knew she couldn't argue. Giving her a quick hug, Ranka headed out with a few final words.

"We'll find her. Don't worry."

They all searched well into the night, but no one had seen head nor tail of Kohaku. Once two o' clock came around though, Shindo had gone home as well as Kyoya. And when Ranka came home, he was faced with the task of telling Haruhi that they couldn't find Kohaku. The minute he walked through the door though, Haruhi already knew that Kohaku wasn't coming home that night and it was hard for her to keep composure.


"I'm sorry, Haruhi…but Kohaku's a strong person and I'm sure she's probably asleep somewhere up in a tree or something. Just watch. Tomorrow will come and she will be right back at school, pretending nothing happened. She'll be okay. I promise." Ranka gave her a hug and sent Haruhi off to bed, hoping that what he said was true and that Kohaku was okay.

The next morning, Haruhi went to school as per norm, but couldn't help but scan the halls whenever she could, for a head of white. At one point, it got so bad that the twins began questioning what was going on. By the time Haruhi got around to going to the host club, she was a nervous wreck. I haven't seen Kohaku all day. If she really is here, I'm definitely going to hit her for all the crap she put me through last night and today.

As her and the twins walked through the door, her eyes scanned the room and, with no white hair in sight, she frowned and went towards the kitchen. Of course, at that moment, Kohaku walked out of the kitchen with a tray of sandwiches. Haruhi's eyes narrowed as Kohaku looked down sadly, walking over towards one of the tables and setting down the sandwiches.

While Kohaku assorted the sandwiched on a smaller snack tray, Haruhi made her way over angrily. The instant Kohaku turned around and faced her fully, Haruhi's hand swung out; hitting Kohaku hard across the cheek.

"The hell Kohaku! You just decided to run off yesterday and then show up at school like nothing's wrong?!"

Kohaku stayed silent, keeping her head turned to the side as her cheek turned red.

"You couldn't even call and tell me you were okay?! I don't deserve to know what happened or anything?! Is that all I am to you?!"

"I'm sorry…" Kohaku muttered softly, not looking at Haruhi.

"That's it? You think a simple 'I'm sorry' is going to make up for everything?"

The silence from Kohaku told Haruhi everything she needed to know.

"Fine then. Don't expect any dinner tonight. You're on your own."

With that, Haruhi stormed past Kohaku and into the kitchen, leaving behind a group of shocked and confused hosts. Seeing how Kohaku hadn't moved at all, Tamaki was worried and shakily wandered over to her.


Kohaku lifted her head and turned towards Tamaki with a large smile. Lifting a hand to her cheek, she said, "Wow. Looks like I really upset her this time. Sorry you guys."

"Why are you apologizing to us?"

"Yeah. Shouldn't you…"

"…be apologizing…"

"…to Haruhi?"

Kohaku's face fell for a split second before the fake smile was back. "I'll do it later. She…doesn't want to talk to me right now anyway. I'll just finish setting out the sandwiches since we're supposed to open soon."

She went to do so with a grin on her face, but the moment she turned her back, it fell into a frown. Tamaki knew though. He knew that Kohaku was only smiling to cover up just how much she was hurt. He knew that she was hurt the moment she walked into the music room with bags under her eyes and sticks in her hair. It was obvious that she didn't sleep, but also that something had happened, because he could see it in her eyes.

She put on a smile for him then, just as she did now, but that hurt was still here. Kyoya had known something too. He was angry with Kohaku, but held I back when he saw the state she was in. However, Tamaki couldn't have his family be this way. As their father, he needed to help his two daughters overcome this situation. But first, he needed to discover what happened. So he walked off to the kitchen, in hopes of fixing what happened between Kohaku and Haruhi.

(Kohaku's POV)

You really should go and apologize, kid. I'm sure she was really worried about you.I mentally sighed as I finished setting up the sandwiches. I know, but…I can't. She wants to know what happened a-and I feel so stupid. Well, it is stupid. You're not helping. Sorry. No. I just…I deserve this. She deserves to be upset with me. I shouldn't have reacted like that with Shindo and now I screwed up with Haruhi because of it. Just apologize! I did! You saw what happened! Then…make it up to her. How? I don't know. Make her dinner or something. Like she does for you. Right. Like that'll work. It's worth a try.

A clap rang out and I straightened up as Kyoya announced that it was time to open. As I went to take my place at the couch, I spotted Tamaki leaving the kitchen with Haruhi and my chest clenched slightly. Great. Now I'm jealous of Tamaki being with Haruhi. You two are like a married couple that had a spat and you're jealous that she's seeking comfort from somebody else. What? Are you writing a soap opera in your spare time or something? Just saying. Yeah, well…shush.

After welcoming everyone like we normally do, it was decided that I would be paired up with Honey and Mori today, since I only had one guest. I didn't mind, especially since I was craving sugar at the moment and Honey's antics could help me get some if we worked together. But I thought you were going to support him by not eating sweets. I am, but that doesn't mean I'm going to avoid him like the plague. Besides, we're both being punished, so we're brothers in arms! I seriously don't understand you sometimes. I mentally chuckled. You're not supposed to. I make your life interesting. What fun would it be if you knew everything? Yeah, yeah…Oh hey! Looks like Honey's up to something.

Looking over to the right, I saw Honey cheerfully running towards Mori, no longer wearing his bunny ear bandage.

"Takashi! I think my cavity is gone!"


Honey looked over at me and I took my cue, hurrying over and pointing at his cheek.

"Look, Takashi-kun! His cheek's not even swollen anymore!"


"So can we have just one?" We both asked in unison.

"Mitsukuni." Mori said, before suddenly shoving a popsicle in Honey's mouth, causing him immediate pain.

"I guess that's a 'no' for the both of us then…" I trailed off, before spotting Mori still holding the popsicle.

"It's a long way before recovery." He said and I stood in front of him, pointing at the popsicle.

"Can I have that, Takashi-kun?"

He looked down at me, then at the popsicle, then at Haruhi. I glanced at Haruhi as well, my sadness returning as she frowned and turned away. Biting my bottom lip, I turned back to Mori and spoke softly.

"I-Is it sugar-free?"

"Ah." He smiled and I gave a small smile in return as he gave it to me.

I followed Honey around as I nibbled on the popsicle. It wasn't that I was avoiding Haruhi. It was more like I was trying to evade the complications surrounding the two of us. In reality, I was just hoping to forget everything that happened and move on, but I knew Haruhi wouldn't do that. A tug on my sleeve snapped me out of my thoughts, and I bit down on an empty popsicle stick. Aw.

"Yeah, Honey-kun?" I asked, glancing down at the smaller senior as he turned to stare at a group of guests snacking on sandwiches. "Ah, time for plan two then?"

He nodded and the two of us walked over to the table, large smiles on our faces.

"What're you drinking?" Honey asked.

"It's Darjeeling, Honey-kun."

"Hmm. What're you eating?" I asked, leaning forward a tad.

"U-Um, a small sandwich."

"I think tea goes really well with something sweet! Right, Ko-kun?"

I nodded in agreement, the two of us beaming. "Uh-huh! Something like cake or candy work best. Aren't you having any?"

"W-Well no, but I suppose that's true."

"Y-Yeah." The girls said nervously, trying as hard as they could not to give in to mine and Honey's deceiving smiles. Of course they couldn't, so instead they chose to run away.

"We're so sorry! Please excuse us!" They wailed and Honey rounded on me with teary eyes.

"Ko-kun! We're never going to get any sweets!"

"Well…" I thought for a moment. "Maybe we're just asking the wrong people."

"Okay!" He suddenly said, and ran off towards Haruhi.

"Ah! Wait, Honey-kun!" I called after him, but it was too late. "T-That's not who I meant…"

I sighed and watched as Haruhi handed Honey kelp; the same thing she'd been giving me every time I asked for something sweet. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out my own kelp that Haruhi had given me yesterday and began chewing on it. Scowling, I made a face at it.

"It's definitely not the same as chocolate."

I sighed again though, and continued chewing it. After all, it wasn't until the next day that I truly understood how much I relied on sugar. But more importantly, just how much I needed and relied on Haruhi.

"Fu-kun…I-I can't do this anymore." I groaned, putting my head in my hands and trying my hardest to avoid looking anywhere near my bag.

Haruhi had given up yesterday, thus returning my keys to my apartment since she wasn't making me dinner. We…still haven't made up yet, but after thinking about it all last night, I vowed to make it up to her before the day is done. The only reason I was whining to Fu-kun now was, not because I had spent the night in a sugar-lover's home without being allowed to touch anything, but because I had stayed up all night looking up recipes and creating a bento box of her only to have her avoid me all day.

"I mean, I went to her during her study period and she just sat there reading, even though I was trying to apologize! And at lunch, I couldn't even find her! Everyone I asked sent me in another direction!"

Fu-kun nodded attentively, just as I ran into someone.

"Oi! Watch where you're goin'!"

"S-Sorry." I muttered, keeping my head low as the large man and his friends glared down at me.

"Oh? What's this?" The unknown student bent down and my eyes widened when I saw him reaching for Haruhi's bento, which had fallen out of my bag in the collision.

Quickly, I picked it up before he could. "I-It's mine. I-I'll be going now. Sorry a-again."

Man, I really need to get over my stutter. Before I could get anywhere, my jacket collar was grabbed and the man pulled me back.

"Now hold on a sec! Don't try to leave while I'm talkin' to you!"

"I-I have a club."

"Oh yeah? What club?" He leered, not believing me for a second.

"T-The Host Club."

His eyes widened, before narrowing. "What? Those jerks accepting faggots now?"


He rolled his eyes, before suddenly slamming me up against the wall. "You think I don't know about you? You're the shy type there and rumor is you're gay. And I just so happen to really dislike you."


I didn't really want to know why this guy hated me. I was just trying to buy me some time to come up with an escape plan. Fu-kun. You think you can run down the back of my jacket and go get the Host Club? You sure? Couldn't you just use some of that boxing that you do? I would, but that will reflect poorly on the Host Club now that he knows who I am. He sighed. You're too good sometimes, kid. Tell me about it.

"Why?! Because of you, my girlfriend broke up with me!"

"H-How is that my fault?" Now's your chance, Fu-kun. Go!

"She told me that she would've stayed with me if I was more like her precious Kohaku-kun!" Right as Fu-kun dashed from behind my ankles, the guy holding me spotted him and grabbed him roughly by the scruff of his neck. "The hell is this?"

"Let him go!" I shouted, more afraid of Fu-kun's safety than my own.

"You trying to call for help with this little rat?" Fu-kun struggled, but managed to sink his sharp teeth into the man's hand. "Ow! You little-"

Fu-kun fell however, before he hit the ground, I managed to get out of the man's grip and lunge forward; saving Fu-kun from a potentially painful fall. Nice catch. It's not over yet. The angered student kicked me in the side a few times, yelling about being bitten, before I kicked his feet out from under him and began running. I heard the three guys following me, but couldn't help laughing at the whole situation.

"This is hilarious!" I said as I weaved through a group of students.

What is funny about being chased by a group of bullies?! Nothing really, but this is probably one of the most used scenarios to move a plot, ever!

"Get back here!"

It won't be funny if they catch up! Don't worry. I've got a plan. How could you plan for this?! You'll see! Rounding a corner, I checked the room nametags with a grin.

"Should be…right around…here!"

I made a sharp left, pulling open a pitch black door and slipping inside; closing it as the sound of footsteps came and went. Grinning at myself as I stowed Haruhi's bento back in my bag, I descended the dimly lit stairs while holding onto my aching side.

"Phew. Haven't…ran like that…in a while…I need to get out more."

Where are we? One of Nekozawa's many secret passages. Don't you remember when I spoke to him a while back? I was prepared for bullies from Day One. Knowing where Nekozawa keeps his secret passages on certain days was just icing on the cake!…Crap. I thought of cake just now. You and your sugar. I rolled my eyes just as I reached the bottom of the stairs and was greeted by the Black Magic Club.

"How nice to see you again, Kohaku-kun.~" Nekozawa said, his Beelzenef waving at me. "Are you here to join? You get a free cursed doll with your club membership.~"

I shook my head with a sad smile. "S-Sorry, Nekozawa-kun. I o-only came here to escape a-a few punks and I'm already i-in the Host Club, so I can't join."

"Too bad. I always found your aura to be very intriguing. You are certainly welcome to join if you ever leave the Host Club."

"T-Thank you, Nekozawa-kun, but I was a-actually wondering if you could s-s-show me the path to the Host Club." Then I had a thought. "Oh! And what d-do you have as far as human skulls?"

His grin stretched far across his face as he chuckled. "Real or fake?~"

My grin widened as well and, once our business was complete, he pointed out the correct path and I went on my way. Why did you get that…thing? Well, you whine when I wake up you at ungodly hours of the morning and I can't exactly call up Haruhi over to share ideas about my story that early. Now I have someone else to talk to who will always agree with me. I smirked, but my growling stomach killed my mood instantly. I rubbed it, but winced when I put too much pressure on the bruised area.

"Gonna need to ice that…but I want sugar more."

I dropped my head with a sigh, and opened the second pair of black doors, leading into the Host Club music room. The moment they heard the doors open, all eyes went to me and my ruffled appearance. Shakily, Tamaki wandered up to me as I collapsed on the couch, trying not to think of sweets.

"Ko-kun? D-Did you just come from N-Nekozawa-san's doors?"

Glaring up at him, I went to growl, but instead came up with another alternative. I smirked and pulled out the skull, showing it to him and answering with a bored expression.

"I had to go pick up a friend."

(No one's POV)

Tamaki squealed and hurriedly ducked behind Kyoya while Kohaku went back to mentally steaming on the couch and Honey got up to pace in front of her. The rest of the hosts had then gathered at a table and it was easy to tell that Honey and Kohaku were beginning to scare them.

"Will someone talk to him?" Hikaru asked, gesturing to Honey.

"I'm too scared." Kaoru replied. "I didn't expect we'd ever behold his dark mode."

"Seems he's not the only one." Kyoya said. "Kohaku-kun appears to be in a dark mood as well."

Eyes went to Haruhi for a moment, until Kohaku suddenly got up; Fu-kun scrambling for the hosts' table. She headed straight for where the sweets are normally kept and Honey's grip on his bunny tightened as he awaited what she would find.

"Ack! The candy cabinet!"

"Don't worry." Kyoya told the twins calmly. "It's empty."

That was only partially true. The cabinets had no candy, however they weren't entirely empty, as Tamaki soon discovered. Kohaku reached into the cupboard and pulled out his bear, only to give it a look and pass it to Honey, who slammed it into the ground.

"Ah! My Kuma-chan!" Tamaki wailed and the twins told him to stay strong.

Just then though, Honey fell to the ground and Kohaku walked over to the couch again and laid down with a muffled 'thump'.

"They passed out." Kaoru said, with Kyoya beside him.

"It took three days. They lasted longer than I expected."

Tamaki, being very stupid and brave today, knelt down next to Honey and began shaking him to see if he was okay.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Kohaku suddenly said, her voice slightly muffled by the couch. "He'll probably chew your arm off at this point."

Sure enough, at that very moment, Honey lifted his head and sank his teeth into Tamaki's hand.

"Idiot." Kohaku grumbled, getting up from the couch and going to help Tamaki as he ran around the room.

The instant Tamaki ran towards her, she stuck out her foot and tripped him. As he fell, she grabbed Honey and pulled him off while Tamaki face-planted into the tile floor. Holding Honey off the ground by his collar while he struggled, Kohaku sighed.

"Honey-kun, as much as you want sweets, it's not nice to bite people."

Unfortunately, Kohaku must have said something wrong, because she was suddenly kicked hard in the ribs. She was forced to release Honey as she knelt to the ground, trying to learn how to breathe again.

"Stupid Ko-kun! You want it as much as I do! Jerk! Idiot! Freak!" Kohaku flinched. "We're not friends anymore!"

Mori abruptly stood up, having seen enough. "Mitsukuni, don't talk to Kohaku like that and don't attack people. It's unsightly."

Thoroughly pissed, Honey turned and flipped Mori to the ground.

"Takashi, you idiot! Why can't I have just a little! Stingy! Block head! Takashi…I hate you!" Honey yelled, tears pricking the corner of his eyes as he ran out the doors.

"Honey-senpai!" Tamaki shouted, running after him while the other hosts gathered around Mori and Kohaku.

"Mori-senpai, are you okay?" Hikaru asked.

A majority of the left over hosts were standing around Mori, since Haruhi was still mad at Kohaku and the other two had left the room. The only one next to her, was Kyoya, surprisingly enough.

"I suggest you lay down flat in order to catch your breath. Curling up, like you're doing now, will not help." He informed her.

Kohaku could only nod and gingerly lie down on the cool tile floor; an occasional grimace showing on her face when she breathed too deeply. She gripped her side as well, something Kyoya narrowed his eyes at.

"Is something wrong with your side as well?"

She opened and eye at him and smiled. "Knew you'd…figure it out…sooner or later."

He scowled and Fu-kun scuttled over, nudging her hand and lifting up the edge of her shirt a bit so Kyoya could see the dark violet blotch marring her skin. Kneeling down, Kyoya gently pressed the wound in search of broken bones, causing Kohaku to hiss in pain.

"Hey…That hurts you know."

"Who did this to you?" Kyoya growled and Kohaku rolled her eyes, lowering her shirt and sitting up painfully.

"Calm down. It was the ex-boyfriend of one of my guests and I took care of it."

"The hell you did." Kyoya said as he stood.

Frowning, Kohaku got up as well with another grimace.

"What? Are you mad at me?" She questioned. "Is it because you think I fought them? 'Cause I didn't."

He went to continue walking, but Kohaku wouldn't have that, and grabbed his arm.

"Hey! I don't want you to be angry at me, so tell me what's wrong! How am I supposed to fix it, if I don't-"

"You want to know why I'm angry?" Kyoya snapped, yanking his arm from her grip. "It's because you're being an idiot! Care more about yourself for once in your life!"

He started to stomp off, their conversation having also caught everyone's attention, when Kohaku called out.

"It's all I know!" Kyoya stopped but didn't turn around as she went on. "I-I…I've always been the rock in my family. I'm the glue t-that held everyone together. I never…I never had someone else. You have to understand…"

She trailed off, holding her side and keeping her head down, but Kyoya just walked over to where the others were gathered; saying nothing.

"I'm sorry." Kohaku said softly, lifting her head with another fake smile and slightly red eyes. "I-I seem to only be doing things wrong lately. I'll just…be right back."

She slowly made her way to the kitchen, leaving Fu-kun to sit and wait outside the door. The twins also gave the door a look, before glaring at Kyoya.

"You could've said something, you know."

"Yeah. Doesn't he have enough problems already?"

"Although he's not the only one damaged."

They both gave Mori a glance.

"But he sort of brought it on himself."

"If it was going to hurt him this much, he shouldn't have started the whole thing."

Haruhi suddenly realized something and tore her eyes away from the kitchen door.

"On purpose?" She placed a hand on her chin.


"Mori-senpai. Maybe he…made Honey-senpai hate him intentionally?"

Mori avoided her eyes, knowing she had hit the mark.

"That's impossible." Hikaru said.

"To be hated by Honey-senpai would mean the end of the world to Mori-senpai."

Haruhi scrunched up her face. "Maybe Mori-senpai felt it was his fault that Honey-senpai got that cavity."

"It was my fault." Mori said, catching everyone's attention. "Mitsukuni's cavity is due to my negligence…I forgot to remind him to brush his teeth before his nap the other day."

"That's not your fault!" The twins yelled, completely shocked that this was what Mori was upset about.

"…What if he needs dentures?" Mori sunk into further depression while the others sweat dropped. "I couldn't forgive myself until Mitsukuni threw me to the ground."

Haruhi knelt beside him, curious. "Is that why you rejected that girl as well? Was it another way of punishing yourself?"

Mori glanced over at her, a bit surprised that Haruhi knew what was going through his head when she was so clueless to other's feelings towards her. Just like Kohaku. He thought. I wondered then, what would Kohaku think if I accepted the proposal? Should I have accepted her chocolate, would Kohaku be upset? And if Haruhi saw that, who's to say Kohaku didn't? Mori sighed, placing his head back in his hand, conflicted. He wasn't the only one. Haruhi seemed to have recognized something as well.

Mori's too nice of a guy to hurt a girls feelings. He coldly rejected that girl so that it would hurt him even more. Stopping Honey and not participating in Valentine's Day…It was punishment he inflicted on himself…I-Is Kohaku the same? I mean, I may have told her she can't have sugar as well, but she could easily get away with sneaking some. Then why hasn't she? She's hardly trying when she's with Honey and her argument with me seemed a bit…forced as well. Could she be punishing herself as well?

"That means both Honey-senpai and the girls were victims. For a second, it felt like he was the victim. But what's going on with him? All this for a simple cavity?" Hikaru said.

"How exceptionally clumsy he is." Kaoru said after.

The doors to the clubroom were pushed open and Tamaki gave a small chuckle as he placed his hand on Honey's shoulder.

"So, Honey-senpai, what should we do?"

Honey's eyes immediately teared up and he rushed in the room, tackling Mori in a hug.

"Wah! I'm sorry, Takashi! I won't ever forget to brush my teeth again!"

Mori seemed surprised that Honey had been listening in, but accepted the apology and pat Honey on the head. That's one problem solved. Tamaki thought, looking over the touching scene before turning to the kitchen doors. Now, onto the next one.

"Ah! I need to say sorry to Ko-kun too!" Honey unexpectedly exclaimed, jumping up and running into the kitchen with Fu-kun.

The hosts kind of glanced at each other, wondering if they should just wait there or if they should follow in after Honey. Tamaki was the first to move towards the doors and everyone followed after him, peeking in to find an interesting scene.

Kohaku had her head lying on her arms that were folded on the table, completely asleep, while Honey sat across from her; smiling and kicking his feet back and forth under the table.

"Hehe, Ko-kun's sleeping." He chuckled quietly as the others gathered around the sleeping host.

Leaning towards her face, Hikaru gave her a look. "I never noticed this before, but doesn't he look a lot less…stressed when he's asleep?"

"Yeah." Kaoru said. "When he's awake, it's almost like he's constantly thinking too hard about something."

"Mmhmm! Ko-kun looks cute when he's sleeping. Neh, Takashi?"

"Ah." Mori replied with a soft smile, ruffling Kohaku's hair.

Tamaki smiled and nudged Kyoya. "What do you think, Kyoya?"

He frowned. "I think he is stubborn and will get himself seriously injured one day if he doesn't learn to properly take care of himself."

"So you do care?"

"Not in the slightest." Kyoya pushed up his glasses to hide his frustration. "If rumor gets out that one of our hosts is constantly getting hurt and does not bother to take care of himself, how can we expect him to take care of our clients? We do not need our reputation ruined because of his negligence towards himself."

"But that's just the way he is!" Haruhi said, defending Kohaku. "He said so himself! It's all he knows! He only knows how to be strong for others because he had no one to be strong for him!"

"Then he should grow up already and learn to take care of himself. Waiting for someone else's strength will get him nowhere."

Haruhi opened her mouth to continue the argument, but someone stopped her by placing a hand on her shoulder.

"It's okay, Haru-chan." It was Kohaku, looking down at her with the first true smile shown in a while. "I know where Kyoya-kun is coming from and it's not the first time I've been told to grow up." She laughed a bit. "My mom used to tell me all the time. Besides, he has a point. I can't take care of others until I learn to take care of myself, right?"

Haruhi looked up at her with a frown. "I guess."

Kohaku leaned down to Haruhi with a smirk. "Thanks for sticking up for me though, Haru-chan."

Haruhi pushed her back in playful annoyance as Kohaku laughed about it. Good. Their fight is over. Tamaki thought as he joined in the fun by hanging off of Haruhi. I wonder when Kyoya will realize how much he cares for her though. He needs to recognize that before he can begin to understand her, but they'll be good for each other. He smiled brightly and continued to nag the two girls when Kohaku seemed to remember something.

"Oh! Haruhi, I made you something to make up to you, but you've been avoiding me all day and I don't want it to go to waste."

She hurried into the main room with everyone and, after searching through her bag for a while, she pulled out the bento and handed it to Haruhi.

"Here you go." She said as Haruhi opened it and her eyes widened.

"Y-you made this?"

Kohaku nodded, a blush lighting up her cheeks. "Well, I really was sorry and thought I should make it up to you for bringing me dinner all the time. S-So I looked up a bunch of recipes and made you lunch. It might be a bit jumbled though. I ran into some guys and it fell out of my bag by accident." She gave a small wave and pointed to her hand where, unnoticed by the hosts until now, there were a number of red burns and cuts. "Burnt myself a few times though. Cut myself too. Who knew it was so hard to make those little octopus sausages?"

Haruhi walked over and hit Kohaku on the head.


"Idiot. You didn't need to do this…but thanks, Kohaku."

Haruhi smiled and Kohaku did the same, until the twins shoved their way in to ruin the moment.



"We want some!"

"Hey!" Tamaki said. "If anyone should get some, it should be me! I'm their father after all!"

He posed dramatically, but the twins knocked him over unapologetically. "Whoops!~"

Kohaku laughed, until someone tackled her to the ground as well, ramming into her ribs painfully.

"Ko-kun! I'm sorry I hurt you and called you names! I'm super sorry!" Honey wailed and Kohaku shakily pat his head.

"T-That's okay, Honey-kun. I know you didn't really mean it but…ugh, could you get off? You're kind of hurting me."

"Oh! Sorry, Ko-kun!"

He got off her and Mori helped her up as she winced and touched her side. Mori gave her a look and she flushed a bit at being caught.

"I-It doesn't hurt too bad, Takashi. I'll be okay."


She sighed, knowing what he was trying to ask without him actually saying anything.

"I bumped into an ex-boyfriend of one of my guests. I didn't want to cause and trouble so I sent Fu-kun to get help, but he got caught a-and I couldn't let him get hurt so I protected him…is all."

Mori ruffled her hair again and she glanced up at him in confusion.

"You're not mad?"

He shook his head. "It's good to protect your friends, but protecting yourself is important too."

She nodded. "Right. I'll remember that. Thanks Takashi."


Kohaku chuckled and filed out with the rest of the hosts, hoping that tomorrow would be a better day. As she was heading out though, Haruhi mentioned something to her.

"Don't run off like you did, Kohaku. I was worried enough to risk calling up Kyoya-senpai."

Kohaku blinked, her mouth have dropped open, before she handed Fu-kun to Haruhi and started running down the steps towards the others' limos.

"Where are you going?!" Haruhi shouted after her.

"I forgot something! J-Just wait for me!"

Haruhi shook her head and looked down at the ferret in her arms. "I may never understand her." I know what you mean.

Haruhi blinked and looked at the ferret in shock. "D-Did you just-" Fu-kun tilted his head to the side and Haruhi put a hand to her head with a sigh. "I am seriously hanging out with the hosts too much."

Meanwhile, Kyoya had just begun to get into his limo with Tamaki, when Kohaku shouted his name and he mentally sighed. What now? Kohaku stopped in front of him with one hand on her side and the other on her knee, as she tried to catch her breath.

"Might you hurry this up? I would like to leave." Kyoya said bluntly, adjusting his glasses.

Kohaku quickly straightened up, taking in a deep breath before bowing low at the waist.

"I'm sorry for making you worried! And I promise to never do what I did again without giving you proper notification!" She half-shouted, eyes shut and still bowed.

Proper notification? This…idiot! Kyoya let out and undignified "Pft."

Kohaku, confused, looked up in question.

"You…" Kyoya said, putting a hand up to the side of his head with a smile. "You surely are the biggest idiot I have ever met."

With that same smirk on his face, he bent down and flicked her on the forehead as he climbed into the limo.

"And I wasn't worried."

Rubbing her forehead as he closed the door to the limo, she smiled brightly and Kyoya mentally frowned when he felt something in his chest. Odd. Seeing how happy Kohaku was though, he couldn't help but want to tease her more and rolled down his window with a stoic expression.

"Expect to be working hard tomorrow, Kohaku-kun. My services do not come cheap, after all."

Surprisingly, she smiled and gave him a mock salute.

"I look forward to it, Kyoya-sama!"

Rolling up the window with a shake of his head, Kyoya chuckled.

"What kind of moron looks forward to work?"

Tamaki also chuckled, surprising Kyoya who had forgotten he was in the limo.

"Only Kohaku-kun would look forward to working with the renowned Shadow King."

Pushing up his glasses once more, Kyoya cleared his throat.

"Yes, well, at least I'll actually be getting something done."

"Aha! Don't be such a stick in the mud! After all, tomorrow's Valentine's Day!"

"Don't remind me." Kyoya grumbled. "I still need to find a florist who will deliver over twelve dozen roses by tomorrow."

"Oh!~ You'll find someone, Kyoya. You always do."

Tamaki smiled and Kyoya smirked, dialing a number on his phone.


(Kohaku's POV)

Valentine's Day had finally arrived, much to the joy of Honey and I because, along with Valentine's Day, came the fact that Honey's cavity had been filled and the sugar ban was finally lifted. (AN: I know it wasn't lifted until after Valentine's Day, but roll with it) Of course, I was working to help set up the club room and move the dozens of flowers, so I couldn't sit down and enjoy the sweets like Honey. But, I was having fun in my own way.

"Kyoya-sama!~ Where do you want his bunch of roses?"

"Over there is fine."

I smirked and walked a ways away from where he wanted me to go.

"Over here?"

"No. Over there."

I moved in the opposite direction. "Here?"

He sighed with a roll of his eyes. "Are you trying to annoy me?"

I smiled. "Just trying to have a little fun."

"Well, try to enjoy yourself a little less. We have customers we need to serve."

Chuckling, I placed the bouquet of roses on the table as he asked, before taking my place and welcoming the large group of girls with the others. Needless to say, Honey and I received the most sweets and, as soon as club hours were over, I chowed down on a bag of gummy bears.

"My God, I missed this!"

Haruhi walked by our table, stopping when she heard me.

"You can't tell me you didn't have one sweet this whole entire time."

I fake gasped, putting a hand to my chest in feigned shock.

"What kind of person do you think I am, Haru-chan? I assure you, I supported Honey-kun 100 percent and didn't touch a single sweet."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Not even when I gave you back your keys?"

"Nope. The only time I even went into the kitchen was to make you that bento."

"What about the popsicle?"

Mori had wandered over and passed Honey another cake as he answered for me.

"He asked if it was sugar-free."

Haruhi was still shocked. "W-Well, you must have had something when you went out with Shindo-kun."

I went to respond, but the man himself had entered the room and beat me to it.

"Not quite, Haru-chan." Shindo said with a smile. "He specifically said he wouldn't eat desert on account of Honey-san. That is, before he snuck out on me."

He said it playfully, but I could see the confusion and possible hurt lacing his eyes. Not wanting to attract anymore attention from the curious hosts, I left Fu-kun in charge of guarding my sweets and pulled Shindo out the door for a bit more privacy; passing a girl on her way in. I knew I needed to talk with him, but it would be much easier without the hosts trying to eavesdrop. Stopping next to a window a ways away from the music room, I let go of his hand before bowing like I did to Kyoya the day before.

"I'm really sorry about running like that. It was just-"

A hand touched my chin and Shindo straightened me with a small smile.

"it's alright, Ko-chan. It was my fault for rushing things before I got to know you. You have a good group of friends though. Haru-chan properly chewed me out that day for kissing you."

My face turned a deep shade of red at the remembrance of what had happened and Shindo laughed brightly.

"Ahaha! Don't be like that, Ko-chan! If you get any cuter, I might end up doing it again."

He winked as I somehow managed to get redder.

"B-B-But I-I don't…I don't like you like that, Shindo-kun!" I said, bowing again. "I'm r-really sorry, but I c-cannot return your feelings."

Surprisingly, he chuckled and helped me up again.

"No need to bow, Ko-chan. I kind of figured you didn't feel the same…after you ditched me at dinner."

"S-Sorry." I muttered, bowing my head.

"It's okay. I don't mind. It was my treat anyway, but there is something I want to know."

I glanced up. "W-What?"

He fiddled with his earring, nervously. "It's about what you said before you ran out. 'I can't be hurt again'? Did someone hurt you, Ko-chan?"


His eyes widened as I shuffled a bit.

"Could you…tell me about it?"

"I-I…had a friend who liked me and took me to a-a-a dance. I was, well…as I am now; a bit boyish. And I didn't know how to dance. He…tried to get me to, was even willing to teach me…but I felt like we didn't deserve to be together. He was cute and I was…" I chuckled bitterly and gestured to myself. "This…S-So I told him I wasn't going to dance and that he could dance with the other girls. They-the girls-got mad at me for not dancing with him…Told me I-I didn't deserve to be with him. I knew it was t-t-true, but being told by someone else…We both ended up crying in the bathrooms. H-He thought I was being mean a-and I knew I could never have that kind of relationship…"

"Ko-chan…" He said, but I gave a weak attempt at a smile.

"It's okay. I-I've gotten over it for the most part. Even helped him get together with my best friend."

He hugged me and I tensed, unsure about what to do, but eventually gave in and hugged him back. As my hands gripped the back of his shirt, I shoved my tears back as best I could. This is what I need. Just someone else who's strong and will let me lean on them for a while. I-I don't need a boyfriend…just a rock to hold me down.

"I'm sorry, Ko-chan. That kid didn't know what he had."

Shindo pulled away with a smile and gently wiped away the few tears that had leaked out as I smiled back. I may not have loved Shindo like a boyfriend however, he was definitely very close to me, even though we've only known each other for a little while. Shindo then reached into his pocket and pulled out a black rose, handing it to me with a soft smile.


He pressed a finger to my lips. "Shh…Just because you're a bit boyish doesn't mean you don't get a Valentine."

I took it and tucked it in my blazer, as Shindo grinned.

"Well, I better get going. Don't want the hosts coming after me for stealing you away."

"Lucky you." I said. "You get to avoid the interrogation."

He laughed and pecked me on the cheek, causing me to flush.

"See you later! I put your phone in your pocket!"

I sighed with a smile and waved as he ran off. I couldn't really be mad at him, after all. Just because I don't feel that way about him doesn't mean his feelings will change right away either. The moment I walking into the clubroom though, I was bombarded with questions, as expected.

"If you really want to know, I got my phone back and told him 'no'."

"No what?"

I smirked. "Now that is a secret."

With that, I sat back down and ate my sweets. After all, a little bit of mystery only makes things more enjoyable. Yet, some secrets need to be told in order to evade further complications. So, once the other hosts had left, I took a deep breath as the twins came over.

"So what did you…"

"…want to tell us?"

"I-I'm not gay…I'm a girl." I replied quickly.

The twins glanced at each other before looking back over at me.

"Y-You're serious?" Hikaru asked, and I nodded.


"Why didn't you tell us?" Kaoru questioned.

I wrung my hands together, afraid of what they were going to say when I told them the truth.

"I-I've always been mistaken for a guy anyway, so I just stopped telling people the truth. T-Then I started seeing how long it took for people to figure it out and…it became a game. I-It helps me learn who my real friends are because some people don't treat me any differently from when they thought I was a guy…but there are some people who hate me for not telling them…and I'm sorry for not telling you two. I'm just afraid that you'll be mad or will treat me differently."

I gazed down at the floor as Hikaru's voice echoed in the large room.

"I can't believe you lied to us."

I flinched, squeezing my eyes shut in preparation for him to yell at me, but two arms wrapped around my shoulders instead.

"But we can't be mad at you just for that." Hikaru said.

"Yeah." Kaoru smiled down at me. "Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you're not our friend."

"You're still Kohaku."

"T-Thanks, you two. Oh, but don't tell Kyoya-kun. He's the only one who doesn't know now and I want him to actually figure it out."

They smiled, giving me two thumbs up. "You got it."

We all grinned and headed home-the twins giving me a lift-as I felt a huge weight lift off my back. I guess being friends with the hosts isn't such a bad thing after all. With this, I can definitely carry on.