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Kyoya glared down at his laptop in frustration as his limo prepared to take him and Tamaki home from Nekozawa's beach house. Said blonde was huddled in a corner of the limo, still upset about being called an S&M pervert and nearly being left behind; should Kyoya have not decided to return and pick him up. Although, Kyoya was beginning to regret his action due to Tamaki's mumbling interrupting his thoughts. Pushing up his glasses, he frowned at the idiot.

"Tamaki, might I suggest stopping your insistent muttering?"

Tamaki glanced up, tears pouring down his face as he shot up and grabbed at Kyoya's clothes.

"B-But those devilish twins called me a pervert and took my daughter away from me!" He wailed.

"I could care less, Tamaki, seeing how I have my own problems to take care of at the moment."

Tamaki grew quiet at Kyoya's demanding tone and twiddled his thumbs as the clacking of keys filled the tense silence of the limo. Gathering his courage, Tamaki spoke up.

"I-Is there something wrong, Kyoya? You seem t-to be in a bad mood."

"It is none of your concern."

Now, most people would drop the subject, but Tamaki isn't 'most people' and when one of his friends is troubled, he made it his job to fix it. Thinking back, Tamaki wondered what could have possibly put Kyoya in such a foul mood, when he remembered a certain white-haired host acting more timid than usual earlier that morning.

"Does it have something to do with Kohaku-senpai?"

Kyoya's typing faltered and Tamaki grinned at having discovered what Kyoya was trying to hide from him.

"Ah! So it does have to do with our senpai!"

"Stay out of it, Tamaki." Kyoya growled out, but Tamaki didn't hear him.

"Oh! I wonder what happened to make mommy so upset with our son-"

"I said 'enough', Tamaki!"

Kyoya's stern voice echoed in the small space and Tamaki went dead quiet, but he wouldn't give up yet.

"You shouldn't keep these things bottled up, Kyoya. It's better to talk about what happened, that way you are able to fix the problem before it gets worse."

"Then what do you expect me to do? You don't even know what happened, so how can you act as though you have all the answers?" He snapped.

"I just don't want my family to be broken up."

At that, any anger Kyoya had towards Tamaki faded and he sighed, resuming his typing.

"We had an argument. I asked him what he was hiding from us and when he didn't respond, I lost my temper."

Tamaki nodded eagerly as he thought about what Kyoya had said.

"Did you apologize?"

Kyoya paused in his typing briefly, before resuming.

"Yes, but I doubt this will be fixed by a mere apology."

Tamaki was a bit surprised that Kyoya had, indeed, apologized to Kohaku, but he felt that Kyoya had done something a bit more than just arguing.

"Kyoya…you didn't…hurt him, did you?"

The typing stopped, confirming Tamaki's fears, and Kyoya closed his computer; setting it aside and removing his glasses as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

"As I said before, I lost my temper and-"

"You hit him?! Oh, my darling son!"

Kyoya hit Tamaki on the head with a glare.

"Shut it. I did not hit him…Although, I fear what damage I may have caused did more harm than I intended."

Putting back on his glasses, Kyoya turned away from Tamaki and stared out of the window as the scenery passed by in a blur.

"Well…I guess you'll just have to make it up to him then."

Shocked at Tamaki's response, Kyoya turned around to see his friend grinning brightly and Kyoya laughed.

"Something that simple? Tamaki, you surely are an idiot. I highly doubt 'making it up to him' will work."

"Why not?" Tamaki asked, innocently.

"Bringing his laugh down to a slight chuckle, Kyoya pushed up his glasses.

"He is more intelligent than you think, Tamaki. He knows how to twist people around his finger better than most men I've seen. Who's to say he hasn't already planned on leaving the Host Club?"

"He wouldn't do that." Tamaki said seriously and Kyoya raised a brow. "I know he wouldn't do that, because I have never seen anyone who wants the Host Club as his family more than Kohaku-senpai."

Silenced by his friend's words of wisdom, Kyoya turned back towards the window.

"It seems you know more about him than me."

Tamaki laughed. "Ahaha! Maybe you're right, but maybe it's just because we're so similar. After all, you always make it up to me when we fight."

Kyoya sighed. "I suppose I could come up with something. It would be problematic if our profits were effected."

"Aw." Tamaki whined. "You sounded so cool just now, until you got to the profits, that is."

"Yes, yes." Kyoya said with a slight smile. "But one must always consider the pros and cons of every situation."

Tamaki smiled softly and shifted his gaze out the window. Same old Kyoya.

I couldn't sleep. Ever since Honey and Mori dropped me off a few blocks away from my apartment (had to keep it a secret even if Kyoya and I were fighting) I hadn't been able to do anything except think about what happened at the beach between Kyoya and I.

I tried everything to get my mind off it. Boxing, eating, meditating, sleeping, and writing but I thought while I ate and meditating did nothing. Everything I wrote was crap and when it wasn't, I could see our argument within the pages. Boxing was just as bad and any music I listened to also reminded me of what happened. With a sigh, I clambered out of my futon and went to the kitchen, being careful not to bother Fu-kun as he slept.

This is ridiculous. Why am I so bothered by this anyway? He's just going to pretend nothing happened. I took out a soda and went to sit in the living room. That's all I did though. I couldn't do anything but sit and think and, before I realized it, Fu-kun was dashing in with my ringing alarm clock. How do you turn this thing off?! I've tried everything and-Hey, are you okay, kid?

I looked over at him with tired, black rimmed eyes, and nodded slowly before getting up and taking the noisy alarm from him; shutting it off.

"I'll be fine…and if not, I'll just pretend I am."

He gave me a concerned look, but I ignored him and got ready for school; being sure to pack at least 3 sodas and more than a handful of snacks to keep me awake during classes.

"Let's go, Fu-kun. I'm going to be late." I said blankly as I stood in the doorway.

You don't have to go, you know. You can stay home if you don't feel up to it. I turned around and glared at him.

"I would freakin' love to, Fu-kun, but if I did that, all hell would break loose." He scrambled up to my shoulder as I started walking to school with clenched fists. "Tamaki would freak out and demand that the hosts come visit me or something stupid like that. Then Kyoya would call to make sure I wasn't just ditching my hosting duties. That is, if he even wants to speak to me after what happened."

Have you figured out what to do about that yet? I shook my head and spoke, ignoring the odd looks I was getting from people who saw me talking to myself.

"No. Knowing him, he'll either ignore me as much as possible, pretend nothing happened, or work me to the bone. If I'm lucky, he won't do all three."

Well, can Haruhi help? She could talk to him, couldn't she?

"I suppose, but I doubt she'll be of much help. My best bet is to see how he acts and respond accordingly. Besides, it's best I worry about the plot first. I can't seem to remember what happens next."

I popped a sucker in my mouth and thought about what I could remember of the plot. Let's see, I know Karuizawa is coming up soon, but there was a bunch of other stuff before that…hmm…There's the newspaper club, Honey's cavity, the visit to Haruhi's house, and the Halloween thing, and then- I suddenly stopped walking, the sucker falling out of my open mouth, as I finally remembered what happened next.


"Hey! Look out!"

Fu-kun scurried down my shirt as someone hit me from behind and I fell forward, just barely able to catch myself from crushing Fu-kun. I winced as all my weight landed on my right wrist, but managed to roll myself onto my back and come nose-to-nose with the person who pushed me. Vibrant green eyes stared back at me and I could see the concern hiding within them as he lifted himself off me and helped me up.

"You should pay more attention to where you stop. You nearly got ran over."

I glanced around and realized that I had, indeed, stopped in the middle of a street and he had saved both me and Fu-kun from being hit by pushing us onto the sidewalk.

"Thank you."

I turned back towards him and froze. Damn, he rivals the Host Club as far as looks go. He had black hair that was slightly long with bangs that had been pinned back. He also had a number of piercing; three on one ear, four on the other, as well as a tongue piercing that I spotted when he spoke earlier.

"Well, you're welcome." He smiled and my heart skipped. "Although, I wouldn't have expected running into someone from that rich school 'walking' of all things."

I shook my head, trying to control the heat that was rising to my face. "I-I'm not rich. I just have a, uh, sponsor…I guess you could say."

He nodded with a laugh. "Aha. Okay then. I suppose that makes sense. Ah! My name's Shindo Yamanaka, by the way."

"Oh, I-I'm uh, Kohaku Nishimura. T-Thank you again for helping us."

He blinked in confusion. "'Us'?"

Fu-kun took this as his cue and he popped up from my shirt, giving Shindo a once-over before making himself comfortable on my shoulders again.

"This is Fu-kun."

"Oh cool! A ferret! I wish I had one."

Shindo took a step closer and I quickly took a step back. I may not be stuttering as much as I normally would around him, but that doesn't mean I was comfortable with him.

"I-I really need to get to school, Y-Yamanaka-san."

He smiled again. "Right. Sorry about that. Maybe we'll see each other again sometime."

I nodded back timidly and turned to leave, giving him a small wave over my shoulder as he shouted out his goodbye.

"Bye, Kohaku-chan!"

Did he just-I turned around in shock, but he had already disappeared in the crowd. H-He knew that I was a girl. H-H-How?! It takes people forever to find out, but he just knew. Maybe you slipped up? I shook my head as I started to jog through the school gates.

"I didn't screw up…He knew."

Is it that important to you? My face grew grim as I hurried up the steps to the third floor. You wouldn't understand…I doubt anyone would. With that last thought, I put him in my school bag and walked into class, even more depressed than I was that morning.

I had spent most of class sneaking sweets and trying to plan out what I was going to do about the Zuka Club as well as Kyoya, but Shindo kept popping up into my head and I was getting off task. My wrist was killing me too. Knowing me, I probably broke it, if not sprained it earlier when I fell. I rubbed it gently with a wince. Writing had definitely become a chore and I could visibly see it shaking as I tried to keep a grip on my pencil.

"Definitely sprained." I muttered, pulling my sleeve down to cover up the swelling that was beginning to show.

"Do you have something you need to say, Nishimura-san?"

I jumped slightly as the teacher glared down at me. He'd been out to get me ever since I was late my first day. Although, correcting his English the other day seemed to make him hate me more.

"N-No, sir."

He smirked. "Then answer the problem on the board."

I glanced at it and, now that we were in math, I noticed it was a pretty advanced calculus problem that I doubted was something we needed to know. He was obviously trying to embarrass me, but I did decent in my college calculus course, so the problem was relatively easy to solve.

"There." I said, putting the chalk down and pinching the bridge of my nose. "Is that all?"

The teacher's mouth was hanging open in shock as I sat down. He stared at me before shaking his head and going on with the lesson. Idiot.

The bell rang not much later and Honey ran over to my desk, tugging on my sleeve.

"Neh, neh, Ko-kun. Guess what?"

I sighed and let Fu-kun out of my bag as I grabbed a soda.

"Let me guess…Afternoon classes are canceled?"

"Aw! How'd you know?" He pouted.

"Lucky guess. You and Mori-kun can head over to the club. I promised Haruhi-kun that I'd walk with him."

"Okay! Let's go, Takashi!"

Mori nodded and gave me a look. As soon as Honey was out of earshot, he turned to me and spoke.

"You okay?"

I gave him a half-hearted smile. "I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Too many things on my mind, you know?"

Mori, being Mori, didn't push me into telling him anything, but he ruffled my hair like he always does.

"Don't think too hard."

"Ah. Thanks Mori-kun."


"Huh?" I stopped in the doorway as he strolled past; a ghost of a smile on his face.

"Call me Takashi."

A long-forgotten flush spread across my cheeks as Mori gave a small wave over his shoulder and picked up Honey. When my poor, worn-out mind finally started functioning again, I almost wish it hadn't. T-T-Takashi?! T-That can't be right. I mean…why me?! Agh! This is too much With him, Kyoya, Shindo, and Lobelia?! I put my palm to my head.

"I'm going to die…Or go insane."

Two pairs of arms grabbed me in that instant and pulled me forward where I met eyes with Haruhi. It wasn't hard to guess who had grabbed me, at that point.

"Hey, Haruhi-kun." I muttered with a small wave.

"Uh, Kohaku-kun? Why are you here?"

"I knew the twins were up to something, so I came to help."

Hikaru and Kaoru grinned.

"See, Haruhi?"

"Kohaku-kun came to help!"

"Now you can go get more coffee!"

She sighed and pulled me away from the twins.

"Fine, but we better not get yelled at for being late to the club."


They both smiled while Haruhi grumbled about 'rich bastards not being able to buy their own coffee'. This pretty much continued all the way to the store while I zoned out, still worried about what I was going to do about all these problems.

"You okay, Kohaku-kun?"

I tuned back in again at Haruhi's voice and gave her a smile.

"Of course!" I lied. "I was just thinking about someone I ran into this morning on my way to school."

She looked at me, a bit disbelieving, but rolled with it.

"Who'd you run into?"

You're going to tell her? Yeah. For all we know, she might know him.

"He said his name was Shindo Yamanaka. He has longer black hair and lots of piercing. Do you know him?"

She thought for a moment before nodding.

"I think so. I believe he went to the same school as me back in middle school."


I must have sounded a bit too excited, because she gave me an odd look.

"Why? Do you like him?"

My face flushed in embarrassment. "N-No! I just didn't expect you to know him."

She rolled her eyes. "Right…Well, don't get your hopes up. He's gay."

"That's how he knew!"

Haruhi jumped, not expecting me to shout, and she nearly dropped her bag of coffee.

"K-Knew what?"

"He knew I was a girl…which is why I'm worried." I mumbled, thinking about Benibara. She may not be gay, but she might as well be with how observant she is. I doubt I could fool her…unless…

"Hey, Haruhi-kun. Can you promise me something?"

She raised a brow. "Sure. I guess."

I smirked. "Promise me, no matter what, that you will go along with whatever I say today and I'll answer your questions when we leave today. Okay?"

"Uh, okay."

"Oh, and watch out for that banana peel."

She looked at me, confused. "What banana pe- Ack!"

I couldn't help but chuckle as she fell and a pair of hands saved both her and the coffee from eating pavement.

"Are you alright?" Benibara said. "It'd be such a pity to damage that cute face…young maiden."

Haruhi looked up at her, even more confused than she was a few seconds ago.


She glanced at me and I smiled. "I told you to watch out for that banana peel."

"Thanks senpai." She said sarcastically.

"Glad I could help. Now if you'll excuse me-"

"Hold it!"

I froze. Damn, I thought I could get away with that. Guess not. With a sigh, I turned my head around.


Suddenly Benibara was in my face and I grit my teeth against the pain as she grabbed my wrists.

"You…Are also a young maiden?"

She seemed to be unsure and a little piece of me was…upset. But I had to keep the show rolling.

"I-I don't know what-"

"The large eyes and long delicate fingers, but you also have broad shoulders and a masculine face. I seem to be…dare I say it…lost as to what you are.That's it. I'm done. "I'm a guy. Gay, but still one hundred percent male."

She dropped my hands as though she was burned and Haruhi blinked in confusion until I gave her a wink. She rolled her eyes again, but nodded and walked over towards me as I massaged my abused wrist, unnoticed.

"Kohaku-kun is right. I don't know who you are, but isn't it a bit rude to be going around and accusing guys to be girls?" She said, keeping to her promise.

Benibara seemed surprised at this, before she sighed dramatically and pulled Haruhi close to her.

"Oh my lovely, maiden, where are my manners? I am Benio Amakusa. Now, would you happen to know where Music Room 3 is?"

"Well yes, but-"

"Wonderful!" Benibara cut her off. "Lead the way then."

Haruhi sighed, having given up in fighting her and turned towards me, only to find me tied up and gagged as Benibara started dragging me towards the school doors.

Personally, I don't even know how I ended up in this mess. One minute I was watching Haruhi's struggles in amusement and the next, I was like this. Fu-kun, the lucky rat, managed to escape and had already ran towards the music room. And I doubt it was to get help. Well, let's hope there's an elevator in this school, because I don't know if I'll live should we take the stairs. I paled at the thought and tried to untie the ropes, holding back tears as my wrist ached unbearably.

"Uh, could you untie Kohaku-senpai? I don't think we should drag him up these stairs."

Haruhi's voice never sounded so heavenly.

"Hmph, fine." She untied me and I immediately took off running, waving back at Haruhi.

"S-Sorry, Haru-chan! I'll see you in the club room!"

"Ah! Kohaku-kun!"

I winced as her angry voice followed me up the stairs and down the hall. I'm really sorry for this, Haruhi, but that girl's crazy!

The doors to the Host Club opened as usual despite the fact that two of the hosts were missing. Kyoya, as much as he wanted to, did not add this to either of their debts since the twins were the ones who decided to send them out to get coffee in the first place. Other than that, everything else seemed to be going as usual.

Today's theme was knights, after all, and Tamaki was getting really into it. He took the hands of one of his customers and kissed her knuckled, speaking softly, but clearly.

"Ah, princess. Even if the world ends, I wish to be your knight, protecting you with all my life."

"Tamaki-sama~" She swooned.

"Oh, how gorgeous! A knight's armor looks perfect on Tamaki-sama!" Another girl exclaimed.

"The Hitachiin brothers look marvelous too!"

"I'd like Mori-kun to protect me!"

The girls continued to praise the hosts, when Honey noticed Mori glancing at the door. Guessing what was wrong, Honey turned towards Mori and held his hand.

"Don't worry, Takashi. I'm sure Ko-kun will be here soon."

"That's not it."

Mori walked to the door and opened it, allowing a swift blur of white to run in and burry itself in Kyoya's school bag. The whole club went over, a bit confused and Kyoya pulled Fu-kun out by his scruff, setting him down on the table as he scrambled around.

"Neh, Takashi. What's wrong with Fu-kun?" Honey asked innocently.

Mori picked up F-kun and began to calm him down.


The twins glanced at each other and then gave the ferret a glance.

"But if Fu-kun is here…"

"…then where is Kohaku-kun?"

"Haru-chan too!" Honey exclaimed, which had Tamaki freaking out.

"My darling son and daughter are missing?! Quick Kyoya! Call us a search and rescue team!"

Kyoya pushed up his glasses. "I hardly see that as necessary."

Tamaki grew even more frantic and held Kyoya by his shoulders, shaking him.

"But what if something happened o them?! They could've been kidnapped or worse!"

"You're overreacting."

The twins smirked, seeing their chance to mess with Tamaki.

"Yeah, boss. Besides…"

"…aren't you supposed to be…"

"…a knight?"

"Yeah! Go save them like a prince, Tama-chan!"

Honey smiled, holding his sword up triumphantly. Tamaki did the same and shouted out, "You're right, men! I shall go out and save my darling Haruhi-"

"And Kohaku-kun." The twins interjected.

"-and protect them with my life!"

The twins turned towards each other and shrugged as a girl nearby spoke out.

"Is that so? But isn't 'to protect with my life' quite a selfish vow?"

Tamaki paused in his conquest to save Haruhi and Kohaku, and stepped up to the two ladies who were sitting on one of the couches.

"It can't be helped, Suzuran-chan. Men are lowly creatures who value their pride above all. They can't protect themselves, and yet they believe women owe them something for it." The second girl said as the other complimented her. Tamaki bowed, always the gentleman, and questioned them.

"That's a rather strict view. What kind of vow would you prefer?"

The girl went to answer, when the door was slammed open and Kohaku stood there gasping for air.

"R-Run…" She looked up, face pale as she continued. "A devil…A d-devil is c-c-coming."

Her eyes quickly scanned the room before footsteps were heard behind her and her eyes widened. Fu-kun jumped out of Mori's arms and she scooped him up before sliding across the marble floor and hiding behind Honey and Mori's couch. Peeking over the top, she stuttered out, I-I'm not here. Okay?"

The hosts slowly nodded, not sure what was going on until they spotted the so-called 'devil' standing in the doorway with a hand on Haruhi's shoulder.

"You were speaking of vows earlier?" Benibara said. "Well, I would never leave her alone. If we fight, we fight together. If fate decrees, let's die in each other's arms."

"Haru-" Tamaki started out, but was interrupted as Benibara bowed and kissed the back of Haruhi's hand.

"I swear never to leave your side, even after my final breath."

The guests were blushing in shock at seeing a 'supposed' love between two 'boys', while Tamaki was freaking out at seeing anyone, especially this 'man', touching his darling Haruhi.


The two girls from earlier walked over to Benibara as Kohaku peeked over the couch again, with Fu-kun hanging onto her head.

"She's a demon."

The other hosts heard her, but Tamaki was a bit occupied.

"You're late Benibara-sama."

"What a troublemaker you are, and where'd you find somebody so cute?"

The three girls swarmed Haruhi quickly and Tamaki grew more and more crazed.

"I found her outside with a white-haired barbarian." Kohaku flinched and ducked lower behind the couch. "Even with her disguise, I knew right away. Look at there bright female eyes."

"Really, such potential! She'll shine when polished."

"Her skin is flawless!"

Kohaku suddenly realized something and hurriedly handed Fu-kun off, running towards Tamaki as he went to convince Benibara that Haruhi was a male.

"Wait! You're mistaken! This is definitely a guy!"

"Hand's off, lowlife!"


The room went dead quiet as Tamaki stared up from the ground at Kohaku, who had just been punched in the face.

"K-Ko-chan?" Honey's quiet voice broke the silence and all eyes turned to the host, who still had her head down.

Mori took a step forward but Kohaku held up her hand, stopping him, before bringing it up to her face and lifting her head. The complete and utter calmness that showed on her face sent shivers up the spines of anyone and everyone in the room. She walked up to Benibara and gazed at her as she struggled to keep face under Kohaku's stare.

"I-It's your fault you know." She said with as much confidence as she could muster. "You shouldn't have interfered."

"Is that so?" Kohaku stated calmly. "Well then, since you're disguised as a male and want male and female equality, I should treat you as such, yes?"

Kohaku's fist swung out, but just before it made contact with Benibara's nose, it stopped.

"You see, Benibara-san, if you want your equal rights…" Kohaku lowered her fist and glared at the Lobelia student. "Then you need to be prepared to accept everything that comes with it."

With that, Kohaku turned and walked into the kitchen, the door closing softly behind her, and the group turned towards Benibara with anger.

"Hmph." Benibara said with fake confidence. "They're dumber than I thought. A light-headed group, lacking history, and filled with street trash."

"Who are you?" Tamaki asked as he got up from the ground. "You're not from Ouran."

"That's right!" Benibara loosened her tie as her and the other two girls removed the Ouran uniforms to reveal another uniform underneath. "Saint Lobelia Academy, second year! Benio Amakusa!"

"Second year! Chizuru Maihara!"

"First year! Hinaka Tsuwabuki!"

"We're the Saint Lobelia Women's Academy's 'White Lily Club'! Otherwise known as the Zuka Club!"

The twins, distracted for the moment, started laughing and clutching their stomachs as Tamaki did the opposite and gawked. He other hosts though, were glancing at the closed door to the kitchen. They wanted to go in, but they wondered what they would do once they did.

Mori, for instance, was silent. No one but Honey could really tell how worried he was, but if he were to move, he knew he would do something uncharacteristically clumsy. That, and he mentally questioned if checking in on Kohaku would help or if she would even respond. He, personally, had never seen her that way before and he doubted anyone else had as well. Just then, he spotted Haruhi making her way to the kitchen with Fu-kun, and he finally turned away from the door. Help her, Haruhi.

To say I was upset or angry was an understatement. I was absolutely livid but, used to having many siblings who pissed me off daily, I had quickly cooled down. If anything, I was just tired and frustrated at this point. I agree that it was my fault I had gotten hit though. Had I remembered what was supposed to happen a bit sooner, I may have been able to block the punch but I had so many other things running through my head that I had been easily sidetracked. Even now, as I placed a wet cloth over my eyes and leaned against the wall, I was still thinking.

God how I hate thinking. I mean, it's okay when I need to think, like in school or to solve some problem, but it was often that my mind just couldn't…stop. I wouldn't even be thinking about anything in particular. It would just jump around from subject to subject. I wonder if I should've punched her? How would the Host Club react if I did?…This cloth feels nice. She probably gave me a black eye though…Ah, Mori wants me to call him Takashi now…What should I do about Kyoya?

I suddenly heard the door click open and closed. The footsteps were soft and, judging from the fact Fu-kun had just crawled on my lap, I guessed that it was Haruhi probably to put away the coffee we'd bought. Sure enough, I head the cupboards being opened and the small clatters as she put the coffee away. Lifting up the edge of the wet cloth, I glanced over at Haruhi as she frowned and struggled to reach one of the higher shelves. I couldn't help but smile and I headed over to help, taking the coffee from her and reaching up to put it on the shelf.

"You looked like you could use some help, Haru-chan."

She turned towards me and winced. "Thanks…Wow. She really did a number on you, huh?"

I felt Haruhi's fingers gently press under my eye and I winced.

"Is it as bad as it feels?" I asked, handing a coffee container to Fu-kun as he reached down from the top shelf.

"Actually, I think it's pretty bad. You definitely have a black eye. Do you want some ice for it?"

I nodded. "Yeah, actually. I was too ticked off to find any so I just used a wet cloth."

"At least you're starting to sound like yourself again."

I turned around to stare at her back as she riffled through the freezer.

"What do you mean?"

She turned around with a bag full of ice and placed it against my face until I went to hold it myself.

"You've been acting weird all day. Even the others know something's wrong. I know you didn't get any sleep last night, but is there anything else bothering you?"

I bit my lip and debated on whether to not to tell her. Then, I remembered our promise we made earlier.

"I promise I'll tell you everything when we leave, Haru-chan."

I smiled and she sighed as Fu-kun jumped from the top shelf and landed on my head.

"Agh! Fu-kun!"

We all laughed as I scolded Fu-kun and then we finished making the coffee; Haruhi taking the tray so I could keep holding the ice to my eye.

"You ready, Kohaku-kun?"

"Yup, but you better keep those Lobelia girls away from me of I'm not going to be the only one with a black eye."

I smirked while she shook her head. "Just try not to get us into more debt."

"No promises!" I said as we walked out.

The hosts had already changed back into their uniforms and Kyoya must have dismissed the guests a while ago seeing how Benibara wasn't being mauled by my fans for hitting me. Fan-girls can be pretty crazy. The twins were off playing a video game on the couch and Kyoya, Mori, and Honey were standing too the side as Benibara threatened them.

"I don't care if your president is half-European or something, using your superficial looks to spread false love and play with pure female hearts is a complete degradation of women! Indulging your greed in the name of 'club activities' and involving a delicate female flower? Unforgivable!"

"Huh? What's she talking about, Kohaku-kun?"

I sighed. "Don't mind her, Haru-chan. She's just trying to force her feminist opinions on a group of guys who could probably care less. Besides, she's just like a female version of Tamaki running a club very similar to what we're running."

Benibara's gaze shifted to me angrily as Haruhi 'oh'-ed in understanding and I gazed back at her with a smirk.

"Something wrong, Benibara-san? The way I see it, both our clubs' purpose is to make women happy. If there's something wrong with that statement, please, correct me."

My eyes narrowed at her and she was taken aback, not wanting to cross me again but also wanting to make some sort of comeback.

The best she could do was, "I-I will have the Host Club disbanded immediately!"

Kyoya, this time, spoke from his place over by an unconscious Tamaki.

"I understand your intent…but since our president is out cold from the culture shock, can you come back later?"

"Um, Tama-chan is sleepy right now." Honey said as he tucked in Tamaki's Kuma-chan next to him.

"Then slap him awake!"

"My, so violent. Are you sure you aren't the barbarians in this picture?" I said, taking a seat in a chair and sipping a cup of tea as Haruhi approached the fuming Benibara.

"Um…I made some coffee. Would you like some?"

Already knowing what was going to happen here, I ignored the drama as Honey and Mori walked up to me.

"Are you feeling better now, Ko-kun? You were all scary before when the mean person hit you. Takashi and I were worried."

I smiled and ruffled his hair, being careful not to let it show how much that simple movement hurt my wrist.

"Yup. I feel a lot better now, Honey-kun. Sorry if I scared you."

He smiled back and shook his head. "It's okay, Ko-kun! Does your face hurt a lot?"

I lowered the ice and shook my head. "Not really. I'm really strong too, so it doesn't hurt."

"How strong, Ko-kun?"

My eyes widened and I leaned over towards him, speaking softly so only he could hear.

"You wanna know how strong?" He nodded and I leaned closer. "I'll tell you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone, okay?"

"Uh-huh! Uh-huh! I won't tell!"

"Okay. I'm as strong as…" I trailed off, building up the suspense as Honey bounced up and down, eagerly awaiting my answer. "Kyoya-kun and Takashi-kun combined!"

Honey's eyes widened, either from what I said or from me calling Mori 'Takashi', as he looked between the two hosts; turning back to me moments later.


I nodded. "You bet! And you know what? Since you were so worried about me, if you bring me my school bag, I'll let you have some of the candies I brought with me today."

"Okay! Stay here, Takashi!"

I smiled as Honey bounded off in search of my school bag.

"What did you tell him?" Mori's deep voice responded from next to me.

"Hm? Oh. He asked how strong I was." I stopped there and watched Mori scrunch up his brows slightly, waiting for an actual answer to his question. "Aha, sorry. I just wanted to see what you'd do if I stopped. Anyway, I told him that I was as strong as-"

"Neh, Ko-kun! I found it!"

"Guess you'll have to wait a while, Takashi-kun."

He almost frowned, but gave a slight smirk when I said his first name.


Taking my bag from Honey, I pulled out my last soda and all the snacks I had left, and placed them all on the table.

"Pick whatever you want, Honey-kun. You too, if you want some, Takashi-kun."

Honey cheered and began grabbing snack after snack off the table while Mori declined and settled for just watching him. I finally glanced back at the others to see how Haruhi was doing just as Benibara pulled her away from tending Tamaki's burned finger.

"I cannot keep a lady at this club, knowing its current state! I will start the transfer process immediately and welcome her into the Zuka Club!"

Everyone stood around shocked, but I just yawned and continued watching, not amused in the slightest. Maybe it's because I'm so tired. I'm already acting like a jerk.

"W-Wait a second!" Haruhi called out. "There seems to be some misunderstanding…like the idea of the Host Club having a shallow history."

The twins popped up. "It is shallow. This institution is only two years old."

"Tono created it when he started high school."

Only slightly perturbed, Haruhi brought up something else.

"And I've never heard of Tamaki-senpai being half-European."

Honey took this chance to rain on her parade as well.

"No. Tama-chan is half-European. His parents are French and Japanese."

"You, er, say greed, but it's not like we're taking fees from the customers."

"It's more like a point system based on the amount the girls buy from our club auction site." Kyoya said, sliding his laptop around for Haruhi's viewing pleasure. "Look, Haruhi-kun. Your used mechanical pencil has gone for 24,305 yen."

"What?! I thought I lost that pencil! I never heard of any of this! I didn't know we were taking money!"

If you think about it though, I'm sure the Zuka Club takes money from their own customers for their shows. They have to have some profit in all of this or else they wouldn't be able to pay for their own fees.

"Did you think we went providing this service for free?" Kyoya questioned. "We have event fees, costume fees, the customers' beverages…The profit is virtually nonexistent."

I frowned thoughtfully. Then what is all that stuff he writes in his black book? It can't be just student information and profits if we have none.

"That doesn't give you a right to sell people's belongings!"

"It's not stealing. We found it on the ground."

Haruhi glared at the twins, who sipped their coffee innocently, when Tamaki hurried over and shoved his bear-topped pencil in her face.

"Wah! I'm sorry, Haruhi! We weren't hiding it from you! Here, I'll give you my pencil!"

"I don't want it." She sighed.

"And I'll reveal the secret of my birth!"

"That was the one revelation I don't really care about."

Tamaki, on cue, went to his corner and I packed up my things to leave with Haruhi just as my cell went off. The hosts, finding it unexpected that I would even own a cell phone, turned to me as I answered it.


"H-Hey! It's, uh, Kintaro."

I frowned at my manager's nervous tone. This doesn't sound good. He's only seen me angry and sleep deprived once, so it's got to be pretty bad if he's already nervous.

"Is there something you need?" I asked, still trying to be professional as I stood from my seat. "The deadline isn't until two weeks from now."

"Y-Yeah, about that…T-The boss wants to shorten the deadline."

I stiffened and turned towards the window so the hosts couldn't see my face. I'd rather they didn't have to see me lose face if it could be avoided.

"Kohaku-kun?" Haruhi cautiously spoke, but I held up a hand for her to wait.

"Say. That. Again." My aura turned darker by the second as my manager finally spit out the next sentence in a rush.

"T-T-The deadline's been moved up t-to this Thursday!"

I pulled the phone away from my ear and turned towards the hosts who all flinched as I gave them a smile full of malice.

"Kyoya-kun. What is the least expensive thing in this room?"

He pushed up his glasses, not even bothering to ask me why, and flipped through his notebook for a second; stopping on a page before speaking.

"That would be the 200,000 yen, hand-crafted table you were sitting at."

I smiled appreciatively. "Thank you."

Turning towards said table, I punched it; splitting it clean in two before letting out a long breath and replacing the phone to my ear.

"Three days. You were saying I have three days to write three chapters I haven't even started on yet!" My voice rose with every word and I could practically hear my manager shaking on the other end of the phone.

"I-I'm sorry! I tried to convince him that it was impossible, b-but he was a fan a-a-and…I couldn't say 'no'! P-Please don't kill me, Nishimura-sensei!" (AN: as far as I know, that what all authors are called in Japan. If I'm wrong…oh well)

"Kill you?" I chuckled darkly. "Why, I would never kill you, Kintaro-san."


"No. I would skin you alive and then boil you in hot oil! 'Can't say no' my ass!"

The hosts flinched at my loud voice as well as my choice in language, but I could care less right now.

"I-I'm really sorry! I'll t-talk to him! I-I'll tell him it's impossible and-"

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose, picking up my ice and placing it back on my eye as a headache started to form.

"Shut up. I'll do it."


"I said, 'I'll do it'. I don't know how, with school and my club, but Ill make sure it's done by Thursday."

"Oh thank you! I-It won't happen again! I promise!"

"I want extra pay for this, though, and more vacation days."

"Yes! Of course! I'll see you then, Nishimura-sensei!"


I sighed again and hung up, turning back to the hosts who all stared back in some form of shock and fear; aside from the usual blank faced duo.

"Add the table to my debt, Kyoya-kun. Haruhi-kun, I suggest we go before I break anything else."

She hastily nodded and we walked out, her giving the Host Club one last glare. My life's going to suck the next three days.

As soon as the door closed, both the Zuka Club and the two angered hosts having left, the rest of the hosts grew quiet. Haruhi was definitely mad at them and the way Kohaku acted while on the phone had scared most of them.

"T-That was scary." Honey said, clutching his bunny close to his chest.

"No kidding."The twins said, simultaneously.

"Who would've known…

"…that Kohaku-kun…"

"Could be worse than Kyoya-senpai?"

Kyoya pushed up his glasses menacingly. "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing!" They called out.

Kyoya smirked and went over to the broken table, writing in his black book.

"He certainly has a temper, although it's only shown on rare occasions apparently."

"Nu-uh. Ko-kun was just having a bad day. He only brings snacks when he's sleepy and then he got his by that mean lady today. I would be cranky too."

"Ah." Mori nodded.

"Then who was…"

"…on the phone?" The twins questioned.

"His manager." Kyoya stated.


"Yes. Kohaku-senpai writes a series and, judging by his conversation, his manager 'couldn't say no' to someone and ended up getting Kohaku's deadline moved up to Thursday."

"Poor Ko-kun." Honey said sadly, just before the twins brought up another point.

"What about Haruhi?"

"Telling her the truth was like throwing gas on the fire!"

"The truth is the truth, and that's that." Kyoya said wisely.

"We probably shouldn't have sold the mechanical pencil."

"It could've been an heirloom from her mother."

"No, it had an electronics store logo on it."

"Think about it everyone." Tamaki finally spoke. "Haruhi acts indifferent, but she seems to have a preference for male clothing. On top of that, she's said certain things in the past…'I kind of enjoy having girls hassle over me'. 'Guess I'm a little bent that way'."

Tamaki walked over to the window solemnly, placing his hand against the glass as he continued.

"Why didn't I realize it before? Rather than being at the Host Club…maybe she's better off in the Zuka Club."

The hosts thought about it for a moment and they all came to the same realization.

"Wah! Haru-chan is going to transfer!" Honey cried.

"What do we do? With her brains, Haruhi will have no problem passing Lobelia's scholarship exam!"

"Lobelia may even be willing to take care of her Host Club debt." Kyoya, so elegantly, stated.

"Calm down, everyone, and listen to me! I have a great plan!"

Tamaki gathered everyone up and began telling them about his ingenious plan, not knowing that Haruhi wasn't even considering leaving the club. She was just trying to get to a supermarket sale and keep Kohaku from adding to either of their debts.

Trying to ignore the pain in my wrist and head as I carried my own groceries from the sale we went to, I glanced at Haruhi.

"So, fire away."


I rolled my eyes. "You have questions, yes? Now's the time to ask."

"Hm…" She thought for a minute and I patiently waited. "Why did you pretend to be gay? Did you know that the Zuka Club was going to be here? And how'd you know about the banana peel?"

I winced. These were the questions I was hoping to avoid. No, these are the questions you should've expected. Yeah. Guess you're right.

"Funny story about that."

She turned and glared at me, obviously not happy about me hiding things again. I sighed, preparing to tell her the same half-lie I told Tamaki.

"I'm kind of psychic. I know things up to a point and I know the past of certain people. I-I didn't tell you because I don't really like telling people…It's complicated."

I looked down at the ground, expecting her to lecture me for not telling her sooner, but she just sighed.

"Well…that explains a lot."

She didn't say it sarcastically or anything and I was…well, surprised.

"That's it? No, 'Why didn't you tell me? You could've saved me from being pushed off that cliff a few days ago!' or anything?"

She raised a brow at my fake, angry Haruhi voice and gave me a small smile.

"I'm sure you have your own reasons for doing what you did, and didn't, do. Besides, I'm more angry at the Host Club for selling my pencil."

I chuckled. "It's just a pencil, Haru-chan."

"But it wrote so well! I really liked that pencil!"

I laughed as we climbed the stairs up to our apartments. Setting some of my bags on the ground, I pulled out my keys and opened the door with a wince. I really need to wrap up my wrist and probably ice it too. Pus, I'll need some Advil for this headache. Benibara has a good swing.

"Go ahead and put your stuff away, Haru-chan, then come on over since I know you have more questions you want answered. I just need to get my work started."

"Okay. I'll be over in a minute."

I gave her a brief nod and gathered my bags with a grimace. Kicking the door closed behind me with my foot, I put away my groceries and grabbed an ice pack from my freezer before going to wrap my wrist.

"Fu-kun! Can you grab me a soda from the fridge?"

Why should I? You glared at me this morning!

"And you left me hog-tied with a crazy feminist! Ugh, just get me a soda and I'll peel a banana for you."

Fine. I finished wrapping my hand and taking my Advil for the headache, checking the bruise on my other wrist from my fight with Kyoya to see how it was healing. It's fine. Doesn't hurt nearly as much as my other wrist at this point, so it's practically invisible to me. Heading to my room, I changed out of my uniform and into a comfortable pair of baggy jeans and a plain white sweater. Grabbing my glasses from off the table in the living room, I sat down and started rereading the chapter I had left off on right when Haruhi knocked on the door.

"Just come in, Haru-chan."

The door opened and before she could say anything, I pointed to where my own shoes were, not taking my gaze off the stack of papers in front of me.

"Put your shoes over by mine and get whatever you want from my kitchen, What's mine is yours."

She nodded and headed into the kitchen, just as Fu-kun hurried out with a bottle of soda. He dragged it to me and I gave him a nod before he dashed back into the kitchen; Haruhi watching this whole exchange with a disbelieving look.

"Did he just…bring you a soda?"

I nodded, flipping over the page I was reading. "Yeah. I told him I would peel a banana for him if he brought me a soda."

She blinked and then shook her head before walking into the kitchen. It didn't take long for her to return, holding a cup of tea, with Fu-kun on her heels dragging a banana. Haruhi took a seat across from me and I opened Fu-kun's banana, putting down what I had finished reading as I did so.

"So…you're psychic?"

I gave her a small grimace at her blunt question. "Sort of. I only know about things involving the Host Club. It's hard to explain."

"Okay…Who were you talking to on the phone before we left?"

"Kintaro-san. My manager. He called to tell me that the deadline for the next three chapters of my series has been moved up to Thursday. He, apparently, just 'couldn't say no' to his boss."

"That sucks."

Ever so blunt. "Unbelievably so." I said as I began typing.

"Um, what about those things you said to Benio-san?"

"Hm. Well, I knew from the start that she was only disguised as a male and, being female myself, I could've and probably should've, hit her back. I would've too but, for one thing, not all of the hosts know I'm female, and I'm better than that anyway." I said with a smirk.

"Not all of the hosts?"

"Hold on. One question at a time, Haru-chan. I also told Benibara-san something about equal rights. What I said makes sense too, if you think about it."

"I don't understand."

I tapped my temple, typing with one hand as I did so. "Think a little, Haru-chan. If she actually got her 'equal rights for women', what would that mean? It means there is no separation between men and women, and although I do support some feminist ideas, I don't support all of them. For example, if this happened, people wouldn't open the door for you or push in your chair and if there was a fight…well, men wouldn't have to hold back."

"I guess that makes sense. I never thought of it that way before."

"Then it's good practice for you. Gives you a view from a different perspective lawyer-san."

She playfully shoved me and I chuckled.

"Whatever. Now what about the hosts?"

I fixed my glasses that had been knocked crooked by her shove. "As far as I know, everyone knows except Kyoya-kun and the twins, but you and Tamaki-kun are the only ones who know about the psychic thing."

"Tamaki-senpai?! Wait a minute, why don't Kyoya-senpai and the twins know? I thought they'd be the first to find out. That's what happened with me."

I scratched my head. "Yeah. I thought so too, but I guess the twins are thoroughly convinced I'm gay and Kyoya-kun…" I frowned and rubbed my wrist. "He's too busy looking for other secrets that I'm hiding, so I guess he's completely overlooking the obvious."

"Other things?"

"Just the basic stuff, really." I held up my hand and began counting my fingers. "Things about my family, where I came from, my past, the fact that I'm psychic too. Thanks to that, I know about their pasts and I kind of…use that occasionally-"


I sighed, knowing that this was going to happen sooner or later. "I knew from the start that Mori-kun was silent, so I never pushed him into speaking. I knew Tamaki-kun enjoys being called 'king' or 'father' so I say that to get him out of his corner. I know Honey-kun, although he acts like a child, is also looking to be treated his age sometimes. You should already know about the twins; wanting to be a pair and individuals at the same time. Then there's Kyoya-kun, who wants to prove himself through his own means and is easily distracted by the possibility of gathering another piece of information, no matter how small, as long as it contains something important or useful…If anything, Haruhi-kun, it is the hardest thing for me to do…Not using what I know, to change things, to change people…It's…difficult."

"It's a burden, isn't it, senpai?"

I gave a small chuckle and got up to get another soda.

"Yeah, Haruhi-kun. It is the biggest burden I carry…just under the burden my family left behind."

I walked into the kitchen and set my glasses on the counter with a depressed sigh.

"I said too much."

That's not true. Fu-kun climbed up to the counter and nuzzled my hand comfortingly. I think you said just enough.

"Thanks, Fu-kun."

I grabbed another soda and a box of Pocky before returning to the living room where Haruhi sat looking guilty. Spotting me, she quickly began apologizing.

"I'm sorry, Kohaku-kun. I-I really shouldn't have brought that up."

I waved it off, putting a Pocky stick in my mouth as I resumed my typing.

"It's not problem, Haru-chan. I've accepted what happened a while ago. Any other questions?"

She seemed a bit reluctant to ask any more, but I waited calmly.

"Why were you so out of it today? And don't just tell me it's because you didn't sleep."

I gave a small smile. "Sounds like you know me pretty well, Haru-chan."

"Well, yeah. We're friends aren't we?"

"You bet. Anyway, I was just a bit worn out today because Kyoya-kun and I had an argument and I couldn't find a way to fix it."

A smirk began to grow on her face and I raised a brow at her confused.

"You wouldn't happen to like Kyoya-senpai, would you?"

"Huh? I don't know what you're talking about." I said, completely serious.

Haruhi rolled her eyes. "Never mind…It's getting a bit late, senpai, so I'm going to head home to start on dinner. Are you going to join us?"

I shook my head as she got up. "No. I'm probably going to be up all night writing this." I gestured to my typewriter and the sleeve of my sweater slipped up, exposing the bandages around my swollen wrist.


I flinched at her stern, motherly tone and glanced at her nervously.

"Y-Yeah, Haru-chan?"

"What did you do to your wrist?"

"Both or just this one?" I spit out in a hurry before face palming. "Idiot." I muttered.

"Let me change the question." She said, walking back over to the table and looking down at me angrily. "Kohaku-kun, what happened to your wrists?"

"W-Well…They're both a bit…" I swallowed thickly. "bruised."


"U-Uh…remember when I-I said I had an argument w-w-with Kyoya-kun?" Sorry Kyoya. I think I just threw us both under the bus.

Her face suddenly darkened. "I'm gonna kill him."

Startled at this unknown, protective side of Haruhi, I scrambled up from my place on the floor and grabbed her arm with my bad wrist; since the other was holding me up at the moment.

"D-D-Don't! I-It was my fault, Haruhi-kun!"

I winced and she, unfortunately, saw; her eyes softening as she looked me over.

"You attract too much trouble.:

I gave her a crooked grin and let go of her so she could turn back around.


"So what happened to your other wrist?"

"T-That was when I ran into Shindo-san."

Her face darkened again and I waved my hands, trying to clear up the misunderstanding.

"N-No! Not like that! I, uh, wasn't paying attention this morning and…kind of…mmhmm."

"You what?"

I fidgeted and spoke a little louder. "Nearly got hit by a car."

"Are you serious?!"

"I-I'm sorry! I told you, I had a lot on my mind this morning! A-And look! I-I'm okay!"

"No you're not! You could've been killed!"

Again. I thought with a slight wince. "B-But I'm not, see! I just think I sprained my wrist a little."

She suddenly knelt down and hugged me, leaving me a little more than confused. When she did let go, she hit me on the head.


"Idiot. Pay more attention."

I heard the fear in her voice and I understood why she had hugged me so suddenly.

"Y-You were worried?"

"Of course I was!" I flinched, seeing tears pricking the corner of her eyes. "Sorry, I just…Don't you ever think I wouldn't care about you, Kohaku. You like the sibling I never had."

I gave her a smile. "And you're the crazy, cross-dressing, maniac of a sister I've always wished I had."


She smiled back and then glanced at my wrist.

"You're sure you're okay?"

I looked down at my hand and flexed it, wincing. "I can handle the pain, if that's what you're asking."

She rolled her eyes. "You could probably handle any pain, Kohaku…I think I have a wrist wrap at home somewhere. I'll bring it over after dinner."

"Thanks, Haruhi."

Haruhi shook her head at the lack of a suffix behind her name.

"You're so childish, Kohaku."

I laughed and waved as she left, before taking a deep breath and staring down my typewriter.

"Three chapters in three days. Definitely not impossible, so it's time to kick some butt." Snapping a Pocky stick in my mouth, I went to work. Nothing like a good old-fashioned challenge.

I got no sleep that night and I had wrote certain pages during class that I would need to type up later. Talking to Haruhi had really helped and I could now focus on what I had to write without the fear of Kyoya or Shindo or anything, for that matter, interrupting or influencing my work. At least, that should've been the case if Honey and Mori hadn't dragged me off to the Host Club as soon as school let out. Knowing what they had planned, I was thoroughly against the monstrosity the twins were trying to put me in.

"No way in hell!"

"But senpai!"

"no! You have about the same amount of chance of getting me in that dress as you do of making Kyoya-kun wear one!"

Just then, Kyoya walked out of the dressing room wearing a frilly, elegant, violet dress and holding a fan. Crap. I forgot about that. I glanced back at the twins as identical smirks covered their faces.

"Uh, could I rephrase that?"

"No way, Kohaku-kun." Kaoru spoke from my right while Hikaru spoke from my left.

"Yeah. Kyoya-senpai is wearing one…"

"So now it's your turn!"

Needless to say, I ran. I may be a girl, but I am completely against wearing any form of girly clothing. But they don't know that! So why are they so forceful about this! I'm pretending to be a guy for Pete's sake! Looking for somewhere to hide, I had few options. Mori was still in the changing room and none of the other hosts would be willing to help me, so I hid behind the next best thing. Unfortunately, that particular 'thing' was actually a person. The same person I still hadn't found a way of making up with; Kyoya.

"Come out, senpai."

"You can't hide behind Kyoya-senpai forever."

I peeked out with a frown. "I don't have to hide forever. I just need to hide until you run out of time to trap me in that…thing."

The twins rolled their eyes. "It's called a dress, senpai."

"I don't care what it's called. I'm not wearing it."

They both frowned and I could tell they were trying to come up with a plan, when something…unexpected happened.

"Hikaru-kun, Kaoru-kun. Stop terrorizing our senpai and go get ready. He wasn't here to listen to the plan anyhow." Kyoya calmly stated.

The twins shared a glance then shrugged, heading to their changing room as I slowly came out from behind where Kyoya was sitting. Unsure what to do or say, I stood there for a minute, fidgeting. I-I think he's making it up to me for the argument before, but…what do I do?

"Is there something you need, Kohaku-kun?"

I blinked at what he called me since he actually said my name in a friendly manner, before a smile lit up my face.

"Nope, but thank you, Kyoya-kun." Ju8st then, I thought of something that could be fun. Or it could reignite our previous argument, but I'll risk it. "And Kyoya-kun?"


"I'll tell you something interesting. Just this once."

I could tell I had his full attention and I mentally laughed as he held up his fan to cover the lower portion of his face. Hiding a smirk, most likely. Leaning forward with my hands shoved in my pockets, I smiled brightly.

"You look really good in that dress!"

My God, you should've seen the look on his face. Even with the fan covering half of it, I knew he was thoroughly unamused at my little joke, if not a little pissed off. I laughed and stood straight again.

"Come on, Kyoya-kun! I'm not going to give in that easily. That's the way you like it, right? Challenging? Why should I give it to you so easily, when I know how much you want to pry it out of me yourself? I'll give you a hint though…Everyone in the Host Club knows except you and the twins."

I walked over to a table to continue writing my manuscript with a smirk, just barely hearing Kyoya say behind me, "Challenge accepted."

(AN: this part is in third point of view, but it focuses on Kyoya. Hope he's not too OOC)

That brat. Kyoya thought. Senpai or not, nobody challenges me like that! Flipping through his notebook, he reached Kohaku's page and wrote down what he had learned.

He certainly knows me better than I thought. He knew that dangling that piece of information in front of me like that would catch my attention…but to do that so blatantly and then tease me? He's lucky I don't have him shipped out to Africa in a wooden crate! And then the hint the gave me…

"Everyone in the Host Club knows except you and the twins."

Kyoya glared over at Kohaku, not bothering to hide his angered expression behind his fan.

He knew that would set me off, comparing me to those two idiots…but this gives me a chance. Kohaku made one fatal mistake…He underestimated my information gathering abilities and told me who knows, and that bumbling Tamaki couldn't keep a secret from me if his life depended on it. So, yes, senpai. Challenge accepted. As you said, I will pry out your secrets with my own strength and you better make it worth it.

(AN: sorry about all these AN's, but I'm switching to general third person now. I don't want you to be confused)

Tamaki had been watching Kohaku and Kyoya's exchange and couldn't help but smile at how they were 'getting along'. Most people wouldn't see it that way, but as said before, Tamaki isn't 'most people'.


"She's coming!"

Clapping his hands once, Tamaki addressed the group of hosts.

"Alright me! Places!"

Everyone went to their place on, or next to, the couch and Tamaki gave Kohaku a glance.

"Would you mind opening the door for Haruhi and our guests, Kohaku-senpai?"

Looking up from her notebook, Kohaku blinked behind her glasses and nodded, walking to the doors and pulling them open with a bow.

"Welcome!" They all stated and the Lobelia girls, plus Haruhi, froze in shock.


"Haru-chan! Haru-chan! Look, I'm a princess!"

Honey twirled around in his dress and even Kohaku was having a hard time keeping a straight face.

"What is the meaning of this?! Do you mean to insult our culture?!" Benibara shouted, but Tamaki was prepared for this.

"Insult? Absolutely not! This is all according to plan! A super-secret plan that will make even crying kids smile! The 'Two in One' plan!"

They were in shock once again as Tamaki continued his monologue.

"You protected girls of Lobelia probably won't understand this, but common folk have a weakness for bargains! Haruhi may feel attracted to the Zuka Club, yes. However…if she chooses our club, she'll have brothers and sisters! Two for one! She can enjoy a Zuka Club atmosphere while at the Host Club!"

The twins hurried over to Haruhi with identical smirks.

"How's this, Haruhi?"

"Who's more beautiful, your dad or us?"

Kohaku snorted and bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing as Haruhi still stood there in shock.

"Haru-chan! Haru-chan!" Honey called out as he pouted cutely. "You can call be 'big sis'."

Benibara took a step forward, angry and red faced at this outrage.

"The you maiden will not be fooled by a drag act! Cease this idiotic-"

"Pft!" Kohaku couldn't hold it in anymore.

"Ahaha!" And neither could Haruhi. "I-I knew you guys were w-weird, but…this…is the limit! Ahaha!"

"I-It's so illogical! Ahaha! I s-saw them earlier too…a-and I still c-can't stop laughing!"

Kohaku and Haruhi slid to the floor clutching their stomachs as tear pricked the corners of their eyes.

"Is it that funny?" The twins and Honey asked, throwing Kohaku and Haruhi into another fit of laughter.

Seeing their chance, the three of them assaulted Kohaku and Haruhi asking the two of them to call them 'big sis' or 'little sis'. Finally, having their fill of fun, they gave Haruhi and Kohaku a break to catch their breaths. At least, they gave Haruhi a chance. Kohaku only had a second before she ended up laughing harder when the twins held up Fu-kun in a little pink dress and a small, ferret-sized blonde wig. Haruhi gave another quiet chuckle before standing in front of Benibara.

"I'm sorry. It takes all kinds, and I think your unique way of looking at life is…interesting, but I have a dream I want to fulfill. That's why I came to Ouran. I never had any intention of leaving. I couldn't leave without paying off my debt anyway." She glanced at Kohaku who was till pointing and laughing at Fu-kun. "Anyway, I couldn't leave Kohaku here with you guys either, He's already a bit odd."

The hosts were either cheering or sighing because they dressed up for nothing, when Tamaki finally realized something.

"If you never meant to leave, why'd you get all upset yesterday?"

"You sold my belongings! Of course I was mad! Besides, I had to get to the supermarket for a sale and needed to get Kohaku out of here before he broke anything else."

The hosts all turned towards Kohaku, who was slowly picking herself off the floor with a few chuckles whenever she spotted someone in a dress. They all shivered when they remembered the state the table was in after dealing with Kohaku's small release of anger. Just then, Benibara turned around with the other two Lobelia students.

"I'm not giving up, young maiden! I swear to you…I will rescue you and destroy the Host Club!" Walking past the couch where Kohaku had sat at, she paused in her step and pointed at the back of Kohaku's head. "And I will extract my revenge on you as well!"

Kohaku didn't even acknowledge Benibara's presence and she stomped out in a fury, slipping on a banana peel the moment the Host Club doors began to close.


"That was weird."

The two twins took off their wigs and headed to the changing rooms with everyone else aside from Tamaki, Kohaku, Haruhi, and Kyoya, who had just walked out of said rooms.

"Tamaki, I suggest you change out of your outfit.

"Okay!" He bounded off, happy that Haruhi was staying, while Kyoya stood over by her.

"So how'd they get you in that dress, senpai?"

Kyoya pushed up his glasses, the light flashing off them menacingly and Haruhi held up her hands in surrender, sweat dropping. "Right. I won't ask."

"That would be best. Although, I have a question for you." Haruhi raised a brow. "Kohaku-senpai has given me a 'hint' as to what he is hiding in exchange for keeping him out of a dress this afternoon. He told me that 'everyone in the Host Club knows' except the twins and I. Might you inform me as to what it is he's talking about?"

Haruhi smiled and walked towards Kohaku on the couch.

"I'm not going to tell you, senpai. It's his secret and I doubt any of the other hosts will tell you too. If Kohaku told you this, then I believe he has put a lot of trust in the other hosts. He's like you in the fact that he really thinks things like this through. I don't think he would risk telling the other hosts his secret without knowing that they would keep it a secret. I'll tell you this though…it's pretty obvious."

Kyoya nearly snapped his pencil with the force he was exerting on it, but he calmed down and wrote Haruhi's hint in his notebook for later reference when he suddenly heard her chuckle.

"So that's why Kohaku didn't respond to Benio-san."

Curious, Kyoya walked over and saw Kohaku completely asleep, her glasses slightly askew on her face as her headphones dangled around her neck playing fairly loud music.

"What if I wanted to break

Laugh it all off in your face

What would you do? (Oh, oh)

What if I fell to the floor

Couldn't take all this anymore

What would you do, do, do?

Come break me down

Bury me, bury me

I am finished with you

What if I wanted to fight

Beg for the rest of my life

What would you do?

You say you wanted more

What are you waiting for?

I'm not running from you (from you)

Come break me down

Bury me, bury me

I am finished with you

Look in my eyes

You're killing me, killing me

All I wanted was you

I tried to be someone else

But nothing seemed to change

I know now, this is who I really am inside.

Finally found myself

Fighting for a chance.

I know now, this is who I really am.

Ah, ah

Oh, oh

Ah, ah

Come break me down

Bury me, bury me

I am finished with you, you, you.

Look in my eyes

You're killing me, killing me

All I wanted was you

Come break me down (bury me, bury me)

Break me down (bury me, bury me)

Break me down (bury me, bury me)

(You say you wanted more)

What if I wanted to break...?

(What are you waiting for?)

Bury me, bury me

(I'm not running from you)

What if I

What if I

What if I

What if I

Bury me, bury me"

Kyoya raised a brow at the song as Haruhi turned off her ipod and removed her glasses, setting them on the table.

"Interesting choice of music to listen to while sleeping." He murmured.

Haruhi nodded. "Yeah. He told me once before that, because he came from a big family, it's hard for him to do anything without some sort of noise going on in the background now that they're gone. I think this song is his favorite too. I hear him playing it all the time."

Kyoya wrote that down in his notebook, not expecting Haruhi to tell him something so personal about Kohaku after he just tried to get information from her.

"I feel bad for not being able to help him." He stopped writing and listened to Haruhi as she went on. "He hasn't slept the past two days and with everything that's been going on, I'm surprised he can deal with it all as well as he does. In a way, he's kind of like you and Tamaki-senpai."

Kyoya raised a brow at that. "I agree with him being similar to Tamaki, but I do not appreciate being compared to him."

"Really, senpai?" Haruhi questioned, disbelieving. "He's more like you than you think."

She sighed and picked up the notebook Kohaku had been writing in. With every page she turned, her eyes grew wider.

"You've got to be kidding."

"Something wrong?"

Haruhi shook her head in exasperation, putting down the notebook.

"Yeah, actually. Kohaku hurt his wrist yesterday. I told him to use the wrist wrap I gave him and to ice it, but it doesn't look like he did…and with all the writing he did today…He's really got to start telling us when something's wrong."

"Which wrist?"

Haruhi looked at Kyoya in surprise and he rolled his eyes, kneeling down in front of Kohaku.

"Don't think I'm doing this because I want to." He told Haruhi. "It could simply effect the club if his injury became too severe."

"It's the right one."

He nodded and carefully looked over the wrist, being sure not to wake Kohaku up.

"He is right-handed, correct?"

Haruhi nodded. "That's why I was worried. At home, he types on a typewriter so it's not that bad, I would think."

Kyoya stood up. "Correct, but it would still cause some irritation. Did he wear the wrap at home?"

"Yeah, from what I saw. I just don't get why he wouldn't wear it here."

"He doesn't want others to worry."

"Huh?" Haruhi gave Kyoya an odd look, questioning how he would know. In response, he pushed up his glasses.

"You said so yourself, did you not? He is similar to Tamaki and I, so it is natural for him to want to hide what he is feeling. Be it because he wishes to appear strong and wants to keep his personal things personal, or he is simply being an idiot and doesn't want others to worry. He covered his black eye with make-up as well, which is odd in and of itself since he appears to despise such things."

"So you agree that he is similar to you?" Haruhi smirked.

Realizing his mistake, Kyoya sighed. "In some ways, yes, but he is more like that idiot than me."

"Uh-huh. Whatever you say, senpai." She rolled her eyes and glanced over at the changing rooms, knowing that the hosts will be coming out soon. "So how's his wrist?"

"Debatable. For now, I will assume it is a very bad sprain. It's hard to tell without waking him up and he will probably make it worse until he finishes his manuscript."

"So what do we do? We can't just tell him to stop writing. It's his job."

Haruhi was very concerned about Kohaku possibly having hurt her wrist more than she thought.

"Our best bet is to make sure he wears the wrap as much as possible and that he puts ice on it and rests it often. With his deadline being tomorrow though, I doubt he will waste the time he could spend writing with rest."

Haruhi sighed. "Well, I'll try to convince him while he's at home."

Kyoya nodded. "I will inform Mori-senpai as well, to keep him wearing the wrap during class. I expect you to convince him to get it x-rayed once he's reached the deadline."

"But how will he pay for it? He as about as much spending money as I do. He'll never agree to it, especially when he's just like you when it comes to money."

Kyoya sighed. "Take him to one of my family's hospitals. I will make sure his bill is taken care of."

"You'd really do that for him, senpai?"

Kyoya pushed up his glasses. "Of course. I'll just be sure to add the money to his debt."

Right. How could I expect him to do something nice for someone. Haruhi thought just as the rest of the hosts came out of the changing room; Tamaki tackling her in a hug while the twins went over to Kohaku with smirks and sharpies, to draw on her face. They were properly stopped before any damage could be done and Tamaki was sent to his corner while everyone else did what they normally did; eat cake, stay silent and watchful, and wrote down information.

Little did any of them know that Kohaku had, indeed, broke her wrist the day before and that her hospital bill would not be added to her Host Club debt. Why? Well, even Kyoya did not know why he hadn't decided to add the money to her debt. Perhaps it was because of what Haruhi said about them being similar. Or maybe it was because, somewhere inside him, he felt something towards Kohaku; be it friendship, or something more. Either way, Kyoya was determined to convince himself otherwise and, therefore, told himself he only did it to further 'make up' to her. If he didn't hurry and realize it soon though, it's possible Kohaku will be stolen away from him, or even be taken by the least suspected person that no one would expect to make a move. After all, Kohaku always seems to attract trouble.