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After the day was done and no one needed him, or he needed an upgrade, Bartholomew Kuma could finally transport himself back to a small place he called home. She waited there for when he came back every day or whenever he could and she welcomed him home with a loving greeting each time he popped up. He met her a few years ago on a large island in the West Blue while he was on a mission for the government to kill a certain man. Kuma wasn't even on the island for an hour before he saw her face and right after that the target was murdered so he could get to know her.

Although this time when Kuma returned home his girl wasn't there on the front porch waiting for like she normally was, so he went around back to her garden, alas, she wasn't there either. In which he went inside the house and saw her sitting beside a small bed in the corner with something in it. As Kuma approached her the object in the bed stirred awake and began to cry. "Bartholomew I know how you've been gone for a certain amount of time, and when you were last here we made love, so I might as well introduce you to your son, Reuben". She smiled. "You named him after your father, love how sweet". Kuma said with a very tiny smile. She looked up at Kuma and then at her crying babe. Kuma somewhat glanced away as she began to breastfeed her son.

"Why have you returned here my sweet, I thought you said that you weren't coming back"? She questioned. "Well I had to say goodbye and to see you one last time". Kuma said sadly. "I'm not coming back after I leave this time my love". She looked back up at him and sadly nodded already knowing his fate and his mission and what it would cost him.

After they both had they fill of silence Kuma walked over to his son and his with his giant hand he stroked the child's head. Then he slowly kissed her for a long and quiet moment. Once he released their lips and walked into the doorway and stopped one last time to look at them both. "Maybe I'll see you again in another life my Angel". Kuma said. The door closed and the wind slowly blew inside the household of the mother and her child.