So first Kyle XY fanfic. Hopefully this won't suck and it will remind us of why we loved that show. I know the pair I am writing about is probably the last thing on everyone's mind at the end of the series but I just needed to explore where it might have gone. Review if you think I might be on to something or if you have thought about this too. :]

There was something different about him: the way he slumped when he was making coffee or the way he wouldn't sarcastically banter with anyone that he normally would, like her. Andy had realized that although he was trying his hardest, Josh couldn't handle not being with her everyday, and so she ended it. She had been there. She had seen the held back tears and the swearing at the computer. Sadly she watched it unfold because it happened, not privately, at The Rack. Immediately after Andy had said the words, Amanda realized she had to close the store whether or not she could. She saw that Josh was restraining himself for the sake of the customers and the vain was protruding out of his neck that was of a sign of it. As soon as the bell sounded as a sign to say the last customer was out, the whole place erupted with the sound of his scream. At first she was hesitant to stay but then, right as she was about to slip out the back, she caught Andy's eye out of the corner of her eye. Although it was only communicated through a computer screen, Amanda realized that she had to stay and help Josh. That look passed between them was the last thing she or Josh saw before his screen went black. Josh couldn't handle it: he started yelling at the screen that he loved her and he would find her. She had to physically stand in Josh's way to stop him from leaving and driving away, determined to reach Andy. It was intimidating at first, staring into the eyes of a boy who had his heart broken but was drowning in denial, but it got better when the energy of yelling and restraining the tears had gotten to Josh and he just sat down. The last thing she saw was Josh being lifted up by his dad and whisked away to his home.

So that is how they got here; a month into it and nothing had changed. The first week she had expected it but she thought being around Kyle and his optimistic outlook would help maybe a little but it didn't. She had been surprised when he showed up to work the next day, determined as ever to ignore the previous event and bury himself in work. She even thought that he worked every day the first week and a half until Mrs. Traeger pulled in her mom authority and restricted his working hours to only 4 days a week.

It got better though. Amanda finally got to see a smile, not a genuine one but a smile none the less. She could see the frustration growing in Josh when a girl tried to aimlessly flirt with him but he remained calm. When the girl was about to give him her number that is when she saw it: a polite smile that didn't reach his eyes as he told the girl that he couldn't. It startled her, even brought a little hope that he would maybe be improving but she realized he was trying to spare the girl anything, no matter how small it was, like he felt by being rejected or dumped.

But what really is shocking her most is the way she misses his smile, his witty sarcasm, and the way he tries to light up the room no matter what. Like right now, she is staring at him, waiting for him to mystically to change back to him old self and make the feeling go away.

"I can feel you staring you know." The sound of Josh's voice pushes away all the thoughts crowding her mind. A couple weeks ago, Josh might have said that with a charming yet annoying ego but there was nothing besides dry truthfulness and a slight hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Just wondering when you will stop living in this place and get a life." Amanda says that with the most playful tone she can swing right now. Josh turns from his spot at the cashier's counter and looks at her with no amusement. It hurts her to see him filled with unhappiness. They are friends yet Josh can't help but push her away.