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She watches as his eyes slowly flutter open and find hers. Something had changed in them. She could see the way he was looking at her differently. She probably could guess hers reflected the exact same look because he reaches up and gently outlines her jaw. Amanda gives him a shy smile and he smiles back. Her breathing nearly stops when his hand makes its way to her hair and starts playing with it. His hazel eyes are trained on the loose piece he is handling. She is captivated by the focus and the way his eyes sparkle when he does.

Josh sees Amanda glance at his lips. His heart is beating rapidly. He shouldn't be having this moment with her. She is Kyle's ex and one that Kyle probably isn't totally over. But he can't stop staring at her eyes and her lips. He can feel her own nervousness because her breathing is rapid as well. And then the thought enters his mind: Kiss her. Somehow it isn't as scary to think that. He is actually excited to think about his lips on hers, and a plan quickly forms in his head. He trails his hand from her jaw to hair and starts to twirl it around, deciding whether this is worth it to try. But then again, when has thinking ever worked out for him?

Slowly and carefully, he starts to pull the hair closer to him and as a result Amanda's face comes closer to him. By now he is taking short, quiet breaths to see if this really happening. He looks back to Amanda and finds that adorable confused look on her face. Smiling, he drags the hair over his lip.

"I have a mustache." He says so quietly that he can barely hear himself but he knows she heard him because her face lights up with laughter. He wants to make her laugh as many times as he can. Right as he is about to say something else to get her closer, Amanda opens her mouth to speak.

"There is something on your mustache." Amanda's voice is quiet too but not as shy. Josh's curiosity is peaked and he peeks down to try to see if anything was on it but there was nothing.

"No there is-" He is shut up by the feeling of her lips on his. It felt wrong, wonderful, and amazing all at the same time. He glanced up and saw that Amanda's eyes were closed, probably trying to enjoy it so he decided to also. Like Kyle said, with his other senses blocked the nerves in his lips amplified and it made the kiss seem even more amazing. His heart skips a beat when he instinctively sucks at her bottom lip and he feels her mouth opening to let him. And as soon as Amanda's tongue swipes across his lips, something unexpected occurs. The natural reaction his body is used to, happened and he hopes to god she won't look up and see it but he can't take that risk. So, even though his heart breaks, Josh nibbles lightly on her tongue before sealing off the kiss.

"Why'd you stop?" She is out of breath and is slightly panting but she doesn't care. That was one of the most wonderful kisses she has had. Kyle was never that bold. Her eyes search Josh's face for something wrong, like she made a wrong move. She was feeling unusually bold today, she did initiate the tongue kissing but he didn't reciprocate which did disappoint her.

Amanda watches Josh carefully as he sits up and immediately grabs a pillow. She follows the pillow and finally understands as he puts it around his… area. She blushes profusely and turns her head up towards the ceiling. She lets out an awkward chuckle.

"I- I haven't had contact like that in over a month. My body kind of got out of control there. Sorry." Josh's voice is quiet and she can tell he is trying to not seem embarrassed but he is. Heck, even she is. She can feel his eyes looking at her but she can't make herself look down. It would shatter the moment when she knows he is going to say that it shouldn't have happened because they are both a mess. As reality settles in, Amanda's eyes start to sting a little but she takes a deep breath and holds strong. She has to; he isn't going to hurt her.

She hears the bed shift around and she fears that Josh might have left but the bed dips towards her.

"What are you-" She is instantly stopped in her tracks when Josh's lips graze over her neck. She shutters and feels butterflies in her stomach. His soft lips put more pressure on her neck as he begins to kiss gently and works his way up to her jaw. Her breathing by now is ragged and shallow, and something stirs lower than it should be but she ignores that. She can't go there.

Her eyes flutter shut for a moment but then curiosity takes over and she glances down to see that Josh is kneeling right in front of her. Her neck is getting tired of staring up so she turns to the left so Josh can continue leaving a trail of kisses. She has never had this done before and it feels incredible. Not being able to contain it anymore, Amanda lets out a small mew of appreciation. She feels Josh chuckle during his kisses. Slowly his lips get closer and closer. She waits in anticipation as Josh kisses the corner of her mouth. When he pulls back, she watches as he licks his lips and it sends tingles everywhere. Right as he is leaning in, her brain makes her stop him by putting her hands on his shoulders. His eyes were in a fog but now clear up and look at her questioningly.

"What are we doing?" Her confidence disappears as the hurt from previous relationships show. His eyes soften and he lets out a small chuckle.

"I don't know." Well that statement ruined the mood. She shifts around so that Josh is no longer that close to her. She knows she is blaring the party-pooper vibe but her mind won't let her heart get broken.

"I need to know because if we continue like this, I know I will get used to it and grow to love it but I can't do that not knowing if there are any doubts or reasons why we shouldn't." Now her heart is beating quickly with fear, not lust. She averts her eyes from looking at his. He grabs her hands which causes her to look at him.

"I don't know what we are doing but I do know that I like it. I know that I haven't felt like this since Andy left and I know that I am probably taking advantage of you so we should probably stop." His voice dies down at the end, clearly he too is upset that it has to stop but he leans in and plants a chaste kiss on her lips. She closes her eyes and tries to enjoy the kiss even though it is bitter sweet. After a too short of kiss for her liking, Josh gently separates from her by scooting to the end of the bed. He blushes when he finally takes the pillow off of himself.

"So what do we do now?" She asks softly. She is afraid of the answer but the worse is over. Josh's head lifts up from his slouching position and he smiles kindly at her.

"We wait until you and I are okay again from our respective breakups." His eyes have a slight twinkle in them that lets her know he has a plan and is determined. She smiles back at him, finally realizing he is stopping because he wants something more than a broken hearted girl.

"But that might be a while…" Amanda counters back, waiting to see if he is willing to wait for her. He shakes his head slightly.

"I will be there every step of the way helping you so when that day comes we are both ready for whatever we have." Josh stops smiling for a second. "I couldn't start something right now, knowing that you won't have all of me because I still miss Andy. But I promise, I will get over her." He looks at the clock and it reads 1 am. She sees the time too and realizes her mom will be coming in any moment to send Josh home anyway. So she slides off her bed and stands up as Josh does the same. They both walk quietly and slowly down the stairs and linger by the door.

"And I promise that I will get over him. But I need your help to do that, okay?" The vulnerability of the moment is getting to her nerves but she can't stop, not now after they are making progress. Josh casts an egotistical smile her way, one that reminds her of the real Josh, and chuckles.

"I am sure my killer hugs will do us both some good. Flirting might help us too." His eyes sparkle with mischief. She laughs gently too. He always knows how to lighten the mood.

"Really? Because last time I checked, coworker flirtations were strictly forbidden."

"You have to talk to the manager about that one. Maybe if you-"

"Do this?" Amanda interrupts Josh's statement with a kiss. She feels him smile through the kiss. They separate and both lean back against the door frame on different sides.

"I think the manager will allow it. Just for you though. No one else can, that would be sexual harassment." She raises an eyebrow, entertained by where Josh was heading with their third person scenario.

"I suggest you go home Josh. Your parents must be worried." Her mom is suddenly right there, in the middle of them. Josh smiles shyly and nods. He strolls off her porch and reaches the gate before turning around.

"See you around Amanda." He says it with such sincerity and hope that even her mom just lets a slight smile reach her face before going back to the seemingly permanent scowl. They both watch as he walks home.

"Come inside and go to bed. You have work tomorrow." The mention of work and therefore maybe seeing Josh brings a smile to her face. Amanda happily goes back inside her house to dream of the possibilities. She can't wait to see what Josh blurts out next.

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