By: AngelDusterBuster

Summary: Two Roads, two pathways, two decisions. One decision is easy but wrong. One is hard but right. When times get tough, which will Harry choose?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of J.K Rowling's wonderful characters. Although quite frankly like every other person in the world with I did!

Chapter One: The Burrow

It was a dark, cool, summer evening and Harry once again was spending it as usual with the Dursley's. After much begging, Harry had actually convinced his Uncle Vernon to let him work on his homework. It had taken at least half the summer for Harry to convince him though.

This summer at the Dursley's had been difficult for him. Even now quite a few weeks from the horror's he'd witnessed, he still woke up at night shaking, and drenched with sweat.

He'd had almost every imaginable nightmare known to man the last few weeks. But had reluctantly decided not to be a bother, and hadn't told anyone about them. Owls from Ron and Hermione came almost daily now. Both of them obviously worried for their friend. Even the occasional letter from Sirius wasn't enough to get excited about anymore. They were all the same after all. Begging him to mail if anything strange happened.

"Boy!", bellowed Vernon Dursley's voice, "Get down here"

What'd I do now? Harry thought to himself. It seemed this summer his uncle was calling him on every speck of dust he'd missed while doing chores.

"Yes Uncle Vernon?", Harry called out as he neared the bottom of the stairs.

"Why did you tell those people where we live boy?", Uncle Vernon grew red with anger.

"What people?", Harry yawned tired from the chores he'd done today. And exhausted from hardly sleeping all summer.

"I don't know who it is but get him out of here", Uncle Vernon snapped shoving Harry toward the door.

Harry slowly walked toward the front door, and peaked around the corner. He was surprised at who he saw, "Mr. Weasley?"

"There you are Harry", Mr. Weasley looked as if he were putting on a fake smile, "Harry go get your things, you're coming back to our house"

"What's going on?", Harry asked.

"There's no time to talk Harry, just go get your things together", Mr. Weasley commanded watching Harry scatter up the stars.

Then he turned to Harry's uncle, "I'd be leaving if I were you"

"Excuse me?", Vernon turned to fix his eyes on Author Weasley.

"I assume you got the letter Albus Dumbeldore sent you. You just chose to ignore it", Mr. Weasley stated.

"We got the letter. We're not leaving because of your kind", Vernon snapped staring at the ragged cloak Mr. Weasley was wearing around him.

"You realize you jeopardized your nephew's safety by ignoring that. In fact your whole entire family. I suggest you get a move on. You won't be spared just because you're a muggle", Mr. Weasley explained.

"My family is not leaving because of a threat from someone like you", Vernon cruelly stated.

"If you stay here, you'll be dead by morning", Mr. Weasley frowned looking up seeing Harry pulling his obviously to heavy for him trunk down the stairs.

"I got my stuff", Harry announced, "Now are you going to tell me what's gong on?"

"Later Harry", Mr. Weasley explained turning one final time to Vernon, "Please, listen to me"

"I'll take it into consideration", Vernon laughed knowing he never would.

"Come along then Harry, no time for goodbyes", Mr. Weasley explained as they stepped outside, "There's a portkey set up right about here"

"Portkey?", Harry turned white.

"Come on Harry", Mr. Weasley panicked as it began to grow dark out.

"I...I isn't there another way?", Harry tried to say before he felt something thrown into this arms, and then the familiar sensation that he was flying.

When he opened his eyes he felt himself hit the ground. Dizzy he looked around and saw Mr. Weasley appear looking more worried than Harry had ever seen him.

"Come inside Harry, we'll explain everything", Mr. Weasley frowned.

"Mr. Weasley, what's going on!", Harry grew frustrated.

"Go inside Harry", Mr. Weasley commanded pointing at the door.

Harry knew from experience with Uncle Vernon that when an adult used that tone of voice you listened. And if you didn't you'd be in for trouble, so Harry sighed as he gave up and opened the door to the Burrow.

"Harry!", he heard Ron's mother's voice, "Thank goodness your alright"

"Of course I am", Harry stated as he felt Mrs. Weasley's arms around him.

When Mrs. Weasley released him he looked around the room. Immediately he could predict why he was here. Albus Dumbeldore, Professor Snape, two other people he didn't recognize and amazingly Remus Lupin were sitting around a table all staring right at Harry.

"Is anyone going to tell me what's going on?", Harry finally broke the silence.

"They wouldn't leave Albus", Harry heard Mr. Weasley's voice come from behind him.

"As I assumed...", Professor Dumbeldore look toward Harry, " know how there's protection spells on your aunt and uncles house correct?"

"Yes, that's why you make me go back there each summer", Harry stated.

"Well if anyone of those spells is even the least bit weakened an alarm type system I guess you could say, notifies me. Tonight this happened. One of the major protection spells seemed weak. Voldemort of course will know this soon, and will attack looking for you", Professor Dumbeldore explained.

"But what about Uncle Vernon, and Dudley and....if they don't leave...", Harry realized what Mr. Weasley had been telling his uncle.

"They'll die Harry", Professor Dumbeldore sighed.

Harry couldn't believe what Professor Dumbeldore had just said. The Dursley's had never been great to him, but they were his family. His only family. And nobody deserved to die at the foot of Voldemort. Not even them.

Harry felt Mr. Weasley place a hand on his shoulder, "It's getting late, maybe we should talk in the morning"

Harry felt close to tears and he knew Mr. Weasley must have sensed it. He was grateful that Mr. Weasley had gotten him out of the room. There was no way Harry was going to let Professor Snape see him so upset.

Mrs. Weasley guided him up to Ron's room where a second bed was still set up. Ron was asleep and Harry was glad. After Mrs. Weasley left however, that wasn't the case.

"Harry?", he heard Ron's voice, "is that you?"

"Yeah", was all Harry managed to say.

"So your alright then?", Ron asked.

"Yeah", Harry repeated.

"Everyone was really worried", Harry heard Ron get up and walk toward his bed.

"Yeah", Harry said once again.

"Is that all you can say?", Ron joked not realizing Harry was clearly upset about something.

"I'm just tired I guess", Harry explained.

"Did something happen?", Ron asked sitting down next to Harry.

"Dumbeldore said that my aunt, uncle, and Dudley will be dead by morning", Harry felt a tear slip down his skin.

"But you don't care about the Dursley's do you?", Ron asked.

"They're my only family left Ron. It doesn't matter how they treat me, they're still my family. And nobody should be left to die at Voldemort's laughter, not even them", Harry pushed the tear away.

"I'm sorry Harry...I should've known", Ron through his arm around his best friend.

"It's okay", Harry muttered.

"Professor Lupin's here. Did you see him?", Ron tried to change the subject to something happier.

"Yeah I saw", Harry replied.

"I think he was the most worried out of the whole lot", Ron told Harry.

"I wish Sirius was here", Harry suddenly said as if he hadn't heard Ron at all.

"I'm sure he wants to be", Ron assured Harry.

"Everything's always my fault. Cedric, now the Dursley's, that fact that Sirius has to hide...need I continue?", Harry asked.

"None of that is your fault Harry, you know that don't you?", Ron questioned Harry.

Harry didn't respond so Ron asked again, "Harry...surely you know those things aren't your fault?"

"Yes they are Ron. You know they are", Harry replied.

"That's not true. You'd never hurt anyone Harry", Ron exclaimed.

"I don't know Ron. If you haven't noticed wherever I go, bad things happen. Maybe the world would be better without me"

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