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Chapter Thirteen: Pathways

"You are the worst person I've ever met! Did I ever tell you that?", Harry glared at Sam, "of all people…I never expected you. I just thought you were unloved as a child or something"

"Oh shut up Potter…there's been a change in plans", Sam pulled his face next to Harry's, "I'm getting you out of here"

"What?", Harry laughed out loud, "are you just saying that to shut me up?"

"No I'm just saying it because it makes me sound cool", Sam rolled his eyes, "Actually believe it or not I'm getting you out of here"

"Why?", Harry mouthed staring at Sam in awe.

"Let's just say I'm sick of this shit", Sam looked around carefully, "Ready to run?"

"I guess…", Harry was still confused.

"Okay follow me then", Sam began to sprint down the corridor. Harry followed and ten minutes later out of breath Sam finally stopped, "Were almost out okay? Just hang in there"

"I didn't think you cared", Harry looked over at Sam.

"Look I'm sorry for all the things I've done okay? I've really screwed with your life, I know. But I want to make things right now", Sam looked Harry in the eye. And right then Harry knew. Sam wasn't lying.

"How sentimental", Harry jumped up hearing feet behind him, "Very good boys, nice attempt I must say"

"Dad!", Sam turned pale pulling Harry behind him, "I was just…I mean…"

"I know what you were doing", Voldemort stared at his son, "you were trying to save your brother"

"Brother!", Harry blurted out loud laughing, "were not related"

"Oh believe me Potter there are many things Lupin hasn't told you", Voldemort grinned at Harry, "For instance Sam is your brother"

"I'm what? But that would mean…", Sam mumbled on.

"At least one of you is bright…it means Lupin is your real father", Voldemort advanced on Sam, "and it means that your mother is Potter's"

Harry shook his head, "You're wrong right there. My mum is dead"

"So you thought", Voldemort fixed his glance on Harry, "I'm afraid you've been lied to again Harry"

Now it was Harry's turn to pale, "I don't believe you"

"Well that doesn't really matter does it? Because you'll never see Lupin again. But a partial family reunion is in order I do believe", Voldemort said snapping his fingers, "I present Juliana, your mother"

Harry shut his eyes as he saw someone else coming toward them. He couldn't comprehend what was going on. He plain didn't want to either. Voldemort was just trying to mess with his head. This was all part of the plan, the plan that Sam was apart of.

"What's wrong Harry? Ashamed of your family?", Voldemort laughed.

"No that'd be me", A strong voice called out.

"Malfoy?", Harry whispered seeing the blonde haired boy a few feet behind him.

"How fun the numbers are going up by the minute", Voldemort looked over at Draco.

"Are you alright?", Draco whispered in Harry's ear.

"My scar is burning", Harry muttered back feeling faint.

"Times up", they heard Voldemort shout.

Draco muttered one more thing to Harry before they separated, "You've messed with the wrong Malfoy"

"Oh have I?"

"RUN!", Draco shouted at Harry as he began throwing every hex he knew around the room.

Harry ran as fast as he could out of the building, waiting impatiently for Draco to run out. But instead…Sam and Draco ran out together.

"The fence", Draco shouted as death eaters began pouring out of the building after them. Harry ran through the opening in the fence. He felt the oddest sensation that he was flying, and then finally he passed out.


"Harry? Harry wake up", Ron tried to shake his friend awake.

"It's no use Ron. He's been out for a week", Hermione reminded her friend.

"How's Sam?", Draco asked.

"He's with his mum", Ron stated, "and Remus"

"So it's true then?", Draco started up, "They're brothers?"

"We don't know much", Hermione shook her head.

"Ron?", a small voice spoke up.

"Harry!", Hermione pulled in into a hug, "I'm so sorry about what's happened….Ron and I…we should've paid more attention to you. It's just hard one day you're here the next you aren't"

"Let him breathe", Ron pulled Hermione back, "How are you feeling?"

"I've had better days", Harry rubbed his eyes, "can I have my glasses?"

"Here you go", Draco handed them to Harry.

"Thanks…I'm really confused though. Where am I?", Harry looked around the room.

"Hogwarts", Hermione put a hand on Harry's forehead, "Well he's not warm…"

"Harry!", two voices shouted in unison as they ran inside the room, "Harry thank goodness your okay!"

Harry couldn't help but smile, "Hey"

"I'm so sorry Harry…it's all my fault", Sirius pushed Hermione aside, "I shouldn't have left you alone"

"Calm down…I'm alive aren't I?", Harry laughed hugging Sirius, "But I have a lot of questions"

"And I hope to have all the answers", Remus finally spoke, "Harry I just want to say--"

"All I want to know is if its true", Harry took a deep breath.

"Which part?", Remus sat down on the edge of Harry's bed.

"Was that my mother. My "real" mother", Harry kept his glace fixed on Remus.


Harry swallowed hard laying back against his pillow, "Wow. And Sam?"

"Your brother", Remus looked over in the corner of the room where Sam was hidden.

"Dam…", Harry slipped out, "are you sure?"

"Harry he's not just your brother", Sirius laughed, "I suppose it's hard to tell the resemblance"

"I must have the most messed up life in the world….one minute I have parents…then I don't….now I do. And now I have a brother?", Harry tried to comprehend, "talk about a headache…"

"I want to know why Harry got to live the glory life and I had to live through that for fifteen years", Sam suddenly spoke from the corner.

"Glory life?", Harry laughed pulling himself into a sitting position, "What glory life?"

"Here we go again….", Ron rolled his eyes, "they sure are brothers…"

"Before you two beat on each other…some explanations are in order", Sirius pulled a chair next to Harry's bed, "come on Sam get over here"

Sam looked confused, "What?"

"Whether you like it or not you're part of this crazy family", Sirius smiled at him, "so get used to it"

Sam smiled back walking over toward the rest of the group.

"So first things first", Remus took a deep breath, "Harry I have to apologize again for lying to you. As you found out tonight, your mother isn't dead. I didn't abandon either of you, I want you both to know that. Julie…your mother is involved with the dark arts. We found that out too late"

Sirius continued, "Remus surprised her one night by finally getting the courage to tell her he was leaving her. She got angry and took off. Taking Sam with her"

"Why me?", Sam interrupted.

"You and Harry were both babies. She was to far into the dark arts to be able to even tell her own children apart anymore. She meant to deliver Harry to Voldemort. But she grabbed you Sam. Which leads to Harry. There was no possible way that I could've taken care of Harry for reasons you all know. So James and Lily took him in", Remus looked up at the two silent boys.

"You've both been through equal crap", Sirius looked from one boy to the next, "so neither of you should feel guilty of what they other's been through. The important thing is that now, your back together"

Hermione let out a cry, "That's so sad…like something you'd see in the movies"

"Ugh…girls", Ron slumped down into a chair, "you cry about everything!"

Sirius rolled his eyes, "Okay…Ron I think it's time for you to get some sleep"

"Says who?", Ron looked up at Sirius jokingly.

"Says me…now get out of here", Sirius followed Ron and Hermione out of the hospital wing.

"Anyone else feel uncomfortable?", Sam laughed hoping to breath the silence.

"Harry…", Remus looked over at him, "you haven't said a word. Are you alright?"

Harry shrugged, "I just have such a headache. Ten times worse then the first time. It's pretty weird to think a year ago I had absolutely no family. No dad, no mom, no siblings…and now I do. Just out of no where"

"I think I'm going to go", Draco spoke up, "hope you feel better Harry"

"Wait", Harry climbed out of the hospital wing bed, "I need to talk to you"

"It can wait till tomorrow can't it?", Draco stared back at Harry.

"No", Harry shook his head, "I just want to…I mean…"

"Harry you would've done the same", Draco interrupted, "just don't expect that everyday!"

"Wouldn't dream of it", Harry grinned, "so…does this mean…"

"I forfeit. The never-ending feud ends here", Draco grabbed Harry's hand shaking it, "I'll talk to you tomorrow"

"Okay…", Harry watched as Draco too disappeared out through the door.

"I'm going to get some sleep as well", Remus muttered goodnight to each boy before walking out of the room.

"So…", Harry climbed back on the bed, "brothers eh?"

"I guess so", Sam nodded, "alright Potter I'm waiting…you always have more to say then that"

Harry looked up at Sam once more before shutting his eyes. He knew his mind wasn't going to allow him rest tonight, "All I have to say is, this could lead in for an interesting future"


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But really, I love you all for loving and supporting this story. I really do realize what I did hear was a rushed unpredicted ending. But that's only because I feel this story needs to end. I have so many ideas for the sequel so…just keep watching for it.



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