As I woke up from my slumber and struggled out of my sleeping bag and put on my light blue shirt and pulled up my hero skirt and slipped on my socks and shoes. Today was my 19th birthday was excited and once I found my rabbit hat I would quickly stumble downstairs to see cake with a "cake". Sure enough there was cake standing beside the table with a smile on her face

"happy birthday Fi!" she shouted.

"Oh Cake!, thank you" I said the cake had chocolate frosting with blue frosting on the sides it read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLUE"

In white frosting. At about 9:30 I blew out my candles I was officially 19 years old. About 30 minuets later there was a knock on the door, I ran to answer it but cake beat me to it. I stared at the front door as cake answered it.

"hello" she said.

"hey cake is Fionna here?" a boys voice spoke and as soon as I heard his voice I knew it was Marshall lee I raced towards the door tripping over cake and landing in his arms on accident.

"uh um.. Hello there" he said nervously helping me off of him,

"Oh hey and thanks" I said getting a hold of myself.

"Oh ya here" he said handing me what I assumed was a present.

"thanks again marshy" I replied while I studied the poorly wrapped present; by the looks of it I could tell he didn't have experience wrapping gifts that are soft. I ripped through the paper to find a red sweater.

"Oh thank you marshy, I just love it I'll put it on right now!" I said while slipping in the sweater.

"it's a little baggy" cake protested.

"well I think its perfect the way it is plus you say that I'm always growing" I replied.

"thank you Marshall lee I like it a lot!" I said with my "thank you a lot and I mean it" face on while I gave him a huge hug almost knocking him down. As he got a grip on his balance,

"wanna go for a walk rabbit?" he asked.

"Sure" I replied With a smile.