By the next year Fionna had chosen whom she loved most and was Married to Marshall lee; Gumball who was hurt didn't let it show because he would have to see Jaden every weekend so he stayed strong for him but because of all the traumatizing things that has happened to Jaden from Day one of life he still is a little potty mouth; tends to grab jades boobs whenever he has the chance which he gets a fistful of hurt from jade who is a fast growing dame, that grows by the day she would have been 6 by time its Christmas.

Marshall lee and Fionna left both the cave and tree house and got a house close to the Candy Kingdom so that Jaden would be able by age 11 to walk to the Candy Kingdom by himself; jade is quit the charming little girl but it seems that everyday she gets even more beautiful, Jaden is a bit loud and tends to make messes he lives with Fionna And Marshall lee , who doesn't resent Him at all he actually thinks Jaden's a pretty cool kid. Marshall lee and Fionna still love each other to bits and pieces and Fionna still has him at Hello.

And when they take Jaden to The Candy Kingdom the walk together and hold each others hand and still say….

"Forever And Ever"