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It took multiple series of desperate hesitations, nervous outbreaks, and awkward laughter before Boomer finally let her in. Dr. Jennings scurries her way through the living room, asking Boomer to join her. "You know, I could just go to your office." The Rowdyruff informs. In fact, he's so for the idea, he nearly steps out the front door.

"They told me it was better here," Jennings folds her arms, walking towards him, "If your tantrums break anything, at least it's in your own home." She cocks her head to the side, smirking. "You're not getting out of this. You called me, remember?"

It was only yesterday. God it was terrible. Boomer sounded like an idiot. Dr. Jennings listened from the other line before she figured it out. He was calling to seal the deal. He was her new project. She was determined to go farther than any doctor before.

Jennings read many cases on Boomer. Every doctor he'd associate with, she'd spend hours, on end, talking to. When she actually met him, he didn't seem so bad. That was through observation, though. She only caught a glimpse of him before he'd walk right out of the building. A total of three times.

Now was her chance. She could prove all the others wrong. All the ones who failed, the ones who were afraid. It's her turn to tame the so-called "beast".

Boomer looks like he got away with murder. He's so unsatisfied. She just stares at him. Observing him. He sighs loudly to break her concentration. "Sorry! Uh- here..." Jennings swims through her bag. She pulls out document after document. Boomer rolls his sapphire orbs.

She's completely unprepared! Jennings brushes her caramel bangs out of her face, along with releasing a huff. "Oh, right! Um- Bubbles can you come in here?" She hollers. Boomer looks up immediately.

"Why do you need her?" He spits, concerned and disgusted. Jennings places petite glasses upon her nose, reading clearly.

"All members of the family or household must be present during therapy sessions." She smiles, glancing up. Excitement shines through every pore.

Bubbles enters, returning the smile from Dr. Jennings. She stands in the doorway of the hall, accidentally making eye contact with Boomer. He catches it, standing tall.

"Okay, we can do this at the clinic-"

"Sit!" Jennings points a pen at him. She points the threat until he plants himself on the sofa. "Bubbles, sit there please."

"Uh-" Boomer holds his tongue. His blood boils when the Powerpuff sits right next to him. He has nothing against Bubbles, at the moment. His dagger eyes are more aimed towards the high spirit, never-gets-a-hint, brunette.

"Let's begin." Jennings quickly searches for a notepad.

Boomer eases off a bit after a few survey questions. Height, weight, ect. That's all a hoax. Jennings has all that information in possession already. She's simply testing his ability to answer and communicate. This will prepare her for future, possibly uncomfortable, questions. Much like...

"Before I evaluate your daily behavioral health and activity," Jennings places the pen behind her ear, then intertwines her fingers, placing them on her knee, "How's the sex life between you two?"

Bubbles' cheeks flare up, while Boomer's mouth hangs ajar. Jennings waits patiently. Boomer can see Bubble's stiffness from the corner of his eye. He manages to speak first, "Um... we... we're not in a...relationship." the word burns his throat, similar to vomit.

"Oh." Jennings retrieves her pen, clicking it once. "So... how's your sex life-"

"We're not friends with benefits, either." Boomer states as strongly as possible. Jennings puts her hands up in defeat,

"I know, I know!" She laughs, "I'm kidding. You need to relax. Both of you." She waits for assisted laughter. It falls silent. She coughs, looking around the room for an escape. Boomer looks at Bubbles, his eyes read that this chick is insane! The Powerpuff waits until all eyes are off her to smile slightly.

Boomer has an interesting way of answering things. He receives questions that aren't too difficult, yet he answers as if his life is on the line. All while doing so, he can't break his eyes away from Bubbles. The Powerpuff insisted she sit out of the way, putting herself right in front of him on the recliner.

He'll watch Jennings ask the question, then divert his eyes directly to Bubbles. It's scary. Him sharing his past outbreaks. Nearly every word he pours out seems like a warning threat. He "snapped" something in every one of his stories. Whether it be his temper, or a physical object.

"Okay, Bubbles?" Dr. Jennings startles the Powerpuff, "You have anything you want to share? I mean, I know it's-"

"Sorry?" Boomer slices the potential conversion, "Who's name is on that paper?" He hesitates for emphasis. "She doesn't need to say anything." He stands up, enforcing the idea it's time for Dr. Jennings to leave.

"That's fine. Next time, you'll get to chit-chat all you want." The petite brunette scrunches her nose playfully. Boomer guides her to the door.

"Doubt it."

"I'm going, I'm going!" Jennings laughs, waving to Bubbles. She stops, turning around.

"What?" Boomer attempts to turn her back.

The woman holds her stance, hiding a smile behind her lip bitten between her teeth. "Be nice to her." Jennings pushes Boomer back, stepping out and closing the door herself. The Rowdyruff knocks his head against he door frame, his forehead rests firmly on it. After an aggravated sigh, he finds himself looking at her again.

Bubbles stares down at her hands. She did that during the whole session. That's one reason he couldn't help but watch her continuously. He pulls away from the door, bee-lining to the recliner.

There, Bubbles feels the shadow upon her. She looks up, dark blue meets light.

"Let me see." Boomer holds out a hand. A few seconds later, he's holding hers, palm up. The cuts from the shattered bowl remain. They're at the stage of forming scabs, yet still pretty gruesome.

During the time Dr. Jennings was here, he made absolutely sure she didn't catch these. Oh there would be so many questions. Ones he can't instantly lie about. She shattered the glass. Why? Supposedly an accident. When? She was alone, I left. Why is she here anyway? Um, there's... she...

He stops, dropping her hand. "Cover them up next time."

Bubbles feels so unsafe now. It was a relief to have an actual person accompany them. Dr. Jennings is sweet. She's open and kind. She's respectful too. She never asked why Bubbles was there in the first place. She seems to be determined. Good, that's probably all it takes to get through to him.

The day went on and Boomer didn't say anything more. Not even to himself, like he occasionally does. The only interaction they had was when he pulled her to the couch, put in a movie and still didn't say a word. Silence is a word familiar in both their minds. No matter what wants to escape their mouths, they shove it out of existence.

The movie ended nearly an hour ago. Bubbles forces her thoughts down by hunger. Earlier she contemplated on eating when Boomer was in the room, she decided against it. But now, he's in his room. Been there for a while, actually.

Bubbles already finds herself in the kitchen. She wants to open the fridge, but a hand stops it. Boomer "flashed" in, unknowingly to Bubbles' ignorance. She feels a jolt rush through her when he traps her against the counter.

"Eating lunch without me?" The first words he's spoken since this morning. Bubbles relaxes, taking note in how warm he is. He's panting faintly, too.

"I could've waited." She feels her jittery nerves fall flat. Boomer doesn't like her tone. It's simple, and firing back at him. He breathes out onto her face. She closes her eyes. Boomer takes notice in their position. His lower stomach sends tingly signals all throughout. He steps back, his recent private activity flashes through his mind. He wipes his face, coughing.

Bubbles proceeds to open the fridge. Boomer just makes his way over to the pantry. From both sides of the kitchen, the sound of rummaging echoes around. The Rowdyruff comes out a winner when he reveals a box of cereal.

"Here." He shakes the unopened box. Bubbles turns, her heart dropping. Boomer holds the only cereal that fulfilled half her childhood. Shining in the light, Lucky Captain Rabbit King Niggets, forces a smile out of Bubbles.

"I didn't you know you had those." She walks towards him, Boomer pulls them back.

"Yeah, I have for a while actually. But! You can only have them if you stay out of all upcoming sessions between Dr. Jennings and I."

Bubbles feels chills consume every inch of her. The way Boomer said that, he sounded so lively; so playful. It was beautiful. She laughs, reaching up for the box.


"Promise?" He puts the cereal high out of her reach. Their noses could touch if they weren't stiff as boards reaching for their potential snack.

Bubbles lowers herself. She finds honesty written in his eyes. He waits for an answer. Her adorable characteristic turns into a smirk. "I think she likes you." What should sound like a child, sounded sophisticated and newsworthy.

Boomer sighs, finally giving her the box. "Join my brothers on that one." He denies. Bubbles continues the refreshing conversation while opening her prize.

"Ohhhh, so I'm not the only one." Her voice is a little too playful for his tastes. He shoots a look that shows they've gone too far with their banter.

Bubbles has already gathered cereal essentials. The only thing out of place is the humongous plastic bowl. This is a sign to maybe tackle the dishes. Boomer furrows his brows. He stares at her oddly while all that cereal fills that crater.

Annoyed by the thought of wasted food, he pulls out a spoon from the nearest drawer. He slides a chair next to Bubbles, inadvertently plunging his spoon into the colorful combination.

She looks up at him, his mouth now filled with the treat. A drop of milk rests on his bottom lip as he begins, "Silly lucky Captain Rabbit King-"

"Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are for the youth." Bubbles chimes in. Two awkward stares in and Boomer does the best thing that could lift any spirit.

He smiles.

Bubbles' heart flutters. He had a cute smile. It was warm. It wasn't like his forced ones, the ones he makes when someone gets injured. It was perfect. It was the only thing missing from his rough blond hair, blue eyes, and little freckles.

The two sit there in silence, well it could do without Boomer's slurps and chomps, but it was still nice. Bubbles feels weird, though. Her heart pounds abnormally. It scares her. She stares no where else but the bowl. Guess she's not as hungry as she thought.

She steals a glance from Boomer, realizing out of everything, she just wants his stupid smile.

"There's nothing wrong with him." Dr. Jennings slaps an opened envelope on the desk of her coworker. The man, about the age of thirty, lifts his feet from the desk, setting his salad aside. He looks up while Jennings removes her jacket. He grabs the package, opening the flap.

The man has caught interest, "Boomer?" He flips through all the assorted papers. Jennings sits at her adjacent desk, blowing her bangs out of her eyes.

"How'd you get stuck with him?" The man tosses the package across his desk, lifting his feet back up.

"I took his offer." She informs. Her coworker cracks a smile,

"That disaster called you?" He fills his mouth with ranch covered leafs.

"Yeah," she wants to agree but her thoughts trail off as new ones take place. She bites her lip, staring at the pen she used during the session. "I don't get it. All those reports of destruction..." she lowers her voice to talk to herself.

The man sighs, "Oh boy, here we go." He slips the salad container into the mini trashcan under his desk. Jennings looks up, slightly confused.


The man releases a single laugh, "Maya, you've been goin' on about that Rowdyruff for a year now. Not what you expect, is it?"

"That's not what I mean!" Maya snaps while giving a small chuckle, "At the most I expected a caged animal. I mean what the hell am I supposed to do? He's taken seven different medications, all reported negative. He's at least attempted therapy sessions," She's standing now, pacing by the window.

"I don't know, maybe he's just mad." The man suggests, straightening his buttoned up shirt, tucked within his pants. He tugs at his tie before continuing, "You've seen what he can do." He points to the hall. There, a huge gaping hole is being worked on by construction workers.

Maya laughs, "He didn't do that."

"I know, but still." Her coworker grabs a binder, aiming for the exit. Maya puts up a hand to stop him.

"Not mad, just confused." A lightbulb flashes above her bright mind.

"Oh no," the man rubs his temples, cursing himself for ever taking this job opportunity.

"No, think about it! He's unaccepted by society and forced to live like us, even though he's capable of so much more." Maya finishes, completely pleased with her hypothesis.

"Unaccepted by- that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard."

"James! Think, he was a nuisance at a young age, now that kind of behavior is way out of line. He has nothing pertaining to his potential. And don't tell me he's not unaccepted, you should see the weird looks he gets in public." She breathes excitedly, believing she's made a breakthrough.

"Maybe he gets weird looks because he's an attractive young man." James tries to state a matter-of-fact. Maya catches her tongue. She never really took a moment to look upon Boomer physically. He was handsome, yes. But his mental health rises above that.

"Never mind. I'm not even close to beginning. I probably won't be even after our first five sessions." She folds her arms, finding her way back to her desk.

"Hey, aren't you finished for the day?" James holds himself around the corner.

"Yep." Maya lifts a folder in the air, placing it down to read. She did this often. Never left her desk. James concludes she's telling him to leave so she can plant herself there all night. Or all week.

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