Hey guys i wanted to tell you sorry that i couldn't finish the story "Power Love" i just didn't feel like writing it and i was being lazy. This is my official first story and i hope you guys like it and please R&R and i'll try to update everyday i'll TRY

(Buttercup P.O.V)

You think life is perfect... well its not! I thought life is the best thing ever but it could all change. About a year ago my parents thought I was just wasting my life just because i didn't want to go college. They kick me out and what i needed right now is a place to stay and a job. I know why don't you go work in a fast food restaurant but I went to work in a stripper club.

~Present Day~


"uh.. what happen" i said still half asleep

"what time is it" I look at the clock which said 7:55 am

"oh shit I'm late" i said while putting on black skinny jeans and a shirt that says "HELL" and i put my hair into a ponytail and of course green converse with that i left to go to school. I take my skateboard and my I-pod. My whole life i thought maybe just get a job and I'm perfectly fine for the rest for my life but noooo! My parents thought i should go to college but hey more school no thank you! So they just kick me out and pretty must my friends abandoned me. Man, why does life have to be so hard and my job is okay i mean i get a lot of money but i don't enjoy though. I work in a stripper club and you may ask why buttercup why? Well, i get a lot of money and IDK i guess it just pop up in my mind. When i made it to school i saw the most guy alive and he is.. Butch Jojo.

(Butch P.O.V)

Well you all know your most favorite person in the world. In my entire life i always hated buttercup but there's something about her thats really weird. I mean like all the time i see her walking alone at night and i don't stalk her or something. I just see her okay. Anyways there something wrong and I'm going to figure it out