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"I think it was ... Butch" I said.

"What do you mean" Brick said.

"Butch been hanging around with buttercup and I heard they had a fight" I said. I think it was him I mean he always hang out with buttercup and they just had a fight. Also I saw him the night before Buttercup caught kidnapped.

"Who's Butch" Bubbles said.

"Its just this dude who hangs out with buttercup a lot" Brick said.

"But are you sure it was him" Boomer said.

"Yeah Blossom what about Mitch" Brick said. I totally forgot about Mitch.

"Nah he's too stupid to kidnapped buttercup" I said. I mean the guys an idiot and who will ever kidnapped their own ex- girlfriend. Its ridiculous.

"What are you guys talking about" Bubbles said.

"It just another guy but he went out with Buttercup" I said.

"BC had a boyfriend and she never told me oh hell no when we rescue her she is telling me everything" Bubbles said.

"Don't worry about it" Boomer said.

"Should we call the cops" Brick said. I keep wondering if it was really butch I mean mitch is close to buttercup but still.

"No lets go to his house and lets get things straighten up" I said.

"Okay who knows where he lives" Bubbles said and then we all shrugged.

"let me call him" Brick said and he started to talk to butch but he put speaker so we all could hear him.

"sup brick" Butch said in the other line.

"Hey can me and some of my friends come to your place" Brick said.

"Umm sure i guess"

"Okay we will be right there" and hen brick hanged up.

"Lets go" I said and then we were heading to his place.


I can't believe it was butch well I don't know who Butch is but from what Blossom said he sounds like a bad guy. We made it to his house and now we are just waiting for Butch to open the door.

"What if it wasn't him" Brick said. Him and Blossom are fighting because what if they got the wrong person.

"I'm positive" Blossom said.

"What if you are wrong" Brick said.

"You just don't believe me do you" Blossom said. This is going to be ugly.

"No it just that sometimes you make mistakes" Brick said.

"The only mistake I ever made was to go out with YOU!" Blossom yelled.

"Guys just stop fighting" I said but they both ignore me.

"Fine then we shouldn't be together" Brick said.

"Fine" Blossom said.

"Finally I can have some peace and quiet because you wouldn't shut up" Brick said. Before Blossom can say anything thing Butch open the door.

"Hey guys" Butch said calm as ever you know for a criminal he doesn't act like one.

"Can we come in" Boomer said.

"We can talk outside" Butch said.

"Okay?" Blossom said confused

"Did you hear the news today" Brick said.

" No no one watches the news these days only old people do" Butch said laughing.

"Anyways did you know that Buttercup got kidnapped" Brick said and when Brick said that Butch couldn't make eye contact with us and didn't let us in.


"Anyways did you know that buttercup got kidnapped" Brick said. Who the fuck will kidnapped Buttercup.

"Its okay they'll bring her back anyways" I said. I didn't really mean it but i really don't know why I said that it just came out. I don't know If i have feelings for her. Now my heart hurts.

"Why you little -"Blossom said and then she got on top of me trying to choke me! The fuck!

"Blossom its okay lets just go" Boomer said. They all started walking away until Blossom said" Fuck you" and flick me off.(A/N: i know butch P.O.V is really short but I couldn't really think what to make him to say)


" I think we should call the cops" I said. I didn't really trust him so he should learn his lesson.

"Why, he just a asshole who can't understand his feelings" Blossom said.

"Didn't you see his eyes, he didn't make eye contact and he didn't let us in" I said.

"Your right at least someone got their facts right" Brick said starting a fight with Blossom.

"Just shut up I don't have time for you" Blossom said

"Guys just shut up I'm gonna call the cops now" I said I hate when people fight.

"whatever" Blossom said.

"fine" Brick said

I started to call the cops

"911 what's the emergency" The operator said

"umm yes we have a suspect for the case of Buttercups kidnapped" i said

"Okay please state the name and location and then police forces will be there soon"

"Its Butch and he lives at fake place name and i don't know street"

"Thank you" and then she hang up(A/N: I just made up those street names if they are real I really doubt that though I'm sorry I didn't know)

"What did they say" Blossom said.

"They are going to be here" I said.

"We should to the corner and watch" Brick said.

"Lets go"

10 mins LATER

The cop came and they were all outside and getting ready to arrest Butch.

"Heres the moment we all been waiting for" Blossom said and then all of a sudden we heard a scream.

"Get your hands off of me" I said resisting

"You are under arrest for kidnapping buttercup" The police officer said.

"The fuck" Butch said fighting and that boy was fighting for his life.

"You have the right to remain silent, whatever you do or say will be use against you in court, you have the right to have attorney if you don't have one the court will assign you one" The police putting butch in the backseat.(A/N:BTW I learn that in history class I can't believe I use it)

"I didn't do anything really" Butch yelled and then they drove off.


What the hell did I do. They said I kidnapped Buttercup. I would never and I mean never kidnapped her... never. Then I thought for a moment Blossom or Brick must have call the cops. When I get my hands on them they are so died but I wonder what are they are going to do to me. I think Imma cry but I can't I'm too macho. Right now I'm just praying not to go to jail and hope BC is okay.


My head hurts soooo much but not as much as my heart. I started to cry and I looked around the room. It was just pure black I couldn't see much. I sat at a corner and started to rock my self to sleep but then I heard a scream.

"Please forgive me I will NEVER and I mean NEVER do that again" I heard a female voice say.

"Get in there" and then I recognize that voice it was that big scary looked dude who chased me down when I saw mitch at the parking lot. I saw a girl about my age wearing almost nothing. Like a mini skirt and then I tight really tight shirt. She started to cry so loud I feel bad. I went next to her and maybe I can ask her where the hell am I?

"hey I'm Buttercup"

"Hi I'm Angela"

"why are we here" i asked.

"you really don't know do you" She asked.

"No I barely woke up and I just wanna go home"

"Well you can't"

"Why" I asked okay now I'm scared.

"These is where WE all come here" Angela said crying more.

"What do you mean WE"

"Prostitute" (A/N: It means you have sex for money)

After I heard that I started to cry hard. Then all I could think of is where the hell are you Butch? I... miss you. Why aren't you here. I cried as hard as I can. Why.. why. Then the door opened and the most horrible disgusting person came in.. Mitch.

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