The Last Memory

Finn held the sword in his hand as he tried to regain his breath. His sword was stained with the blood of the monster he dared not to say its name. His heart was pounding faster and faster, adrenaline rushing into him. His mind searched for a strategy to bring down the monster.

The monster in front of him, with its meaty arms, lunged at him and almost made him fall. Finn dug his feet into the sand to remain firm, then pushed forward and charged, his golden sword rose into the air. A scream escaped his mouth, urging himself to go faster, be stronger. But the monster was unbeatable. He pushed Finn away with a loud, sickening grunt, and Finn was sent flying.

Thankfully Jake was there. Jake stretched up and caught Finn. As Jake quickly brought Finn down, he asked his best friend, "Are you still ok?" Finn nodded wordlessly. When Jake brought him down Finn tried to stand up but sharp pain shot up his left leg. He grimaced when the truth fell upon him. Fighting the monster with a broken leg is as good as dead. But he had to get the sword of Justice; he just had to. It was his mission, the only thing keeping him alive.

Finn tried to walk but he fell to his knees, tears jumping up into his eyes. The monster saw that he was weak and laughed a deep, gut-wrenching laugh that would haunt your dreams for eternity.

But Finn never gave up, no matter what part of him was broken. He stood up and tried to ignore the knife-like pain in his leg. He removed his hat, the hat that had always kept him strong. His golden hair, as golden as the sun, waved in the wind. Finn reached into his backpack and got his arm protector, and put it on. According to Lady Rainicorn it was strong enough to deflect anything. He didn't need to be inflicted once again with the monster inside him to defeat the monster before him. This time, he will face this monster as a human, not the Finn who had destroyed lives.

His golden sword shook slightly, but Finn held it confidently as he walked towards the monster, step by step, as his gray cloak trailed behind him.

That memory may be his last, but it was a memory worth keeping.