Finn tried to sleep that night, but he always kept on thinking of what might happen in the princess's tea party. He wondered if he should wear something fancy or not, what the big problem was, what he would say if he was given tea, and eventually his mind was filled with so many thoughts that he fell asleep.

The next day, Finn panicked. "Oh glob, I'm meeting a princess tomorrow so I should wear a fancy suit! But where would I get one? Do they still make those? Or what if I don't need to wear a suit? Oh glob, Jake, help me!" Finn cried out and nearly hyperventilated over breakfast. Jake handed him a paper bag and tried to calm him down.

"Slow down, buddy. You're acting like a sissy girl who's about to meet her longtime crush. Or maybe that applies to you…" Jake teased, and Finn punched his shoulder. "Stop that, man! I need serious help here!" Finn said, and then resumed using the paper bag.

Jake smiled, and then continued. "The invitation said nothing about wearing something fancy, but she is a princess, and it's extremely obvious that you like her, so let's get one before the 14th hour!" Jake announced, and whisked Finn out the door towards the nearest shop around the area before Finn could punch Jake again.

Finally they saw a store. It was owned by this sort of creature called Choose Goose. He wore a little suit and he didn't seem to have any bones. He also spoke in rhyme. When Jake asked him if he could give them a suit, Choose Goose said in his singsong voice, "If you want me to give you a nice, fancy suit, you better start looking for a song sheet for my lute!"

"Song sheet? We won't have time for that!" Finn complained. "Don't worry, we're adventurers, survivors; we can do it in no time flat. We still have 3 hours!" Jake assured him.

But their search turned out to be a challenge. They eventually learned that back when humans still lived in Ooo, the enemy banned all sorts of music and burned the music sheets. But the enemies eventually overlooked it, and some of the music sheets flew away from the pile and got stuck in branches, trees, behind bushes, everywhere. So it was hard to find, and by the time Finn and Jake found a song sheet, they only had one hour left before the tea party.

Choose Goose was happy with the find. He quickly gave them a black suit with a bowtie and began playing his lute. Finn and Jake rushed to a pond where Finn washed his face, put on the suit over his usual blue shirt and blue shorts, and tried to fix his messy blonde hair, which ended up still looking messy but in a more attractive way. "How do I look?" Finn asked Jake.

Jake gave him a "thumbs up" sign. "You look extremely handsome! Now get on so that we can get to the party quick!" Jake said, and he grew so that Finn could ride on his back. Finn carefully got on so as not to mess up his black suit and in about 15 minutes they got to the Candy Kingdom palace.

` Finn cautiously walked towards the palace gate, wondering if any guards would stop him. Instead, he saw this thing that looked and smelled like a peppermint, except it had scrawny arms and legs and wore a suit. "Hello, Mr. Finn, my name is Peppermint Butler" Peppermint Butler introduced himself with a nasal voice.

Finn waved at him. "What's up, I'm Finn" he replied. "Where's the princess?" "Follow me, sir" Peppermint Butler commanded, and they headed to the room at the end of the Royal Hall. Finn couldn't help but be mesmerized by the beautiful chandelier and the smell of bubblegum around the place. The floor was so shiny; Finn could almost see his own reflection on it. There was a fountain in the middle of the Royal Hall, and two marble staircases entwined to the other rooms.

When they reached the room at the end of the Royal Hall, Finn gasped. It was a very large room, filled with the color pink; there were many chairs and tables, lots of mirrors that showed an ocean view, and an orchestra played at the far end. Finn saw a familiar face at the center table, the largest and most grand table of them all.

"Greetings, Finn!" Princess Bubblegum said as she poured herself a cup of tea. Peppermint Butler pulled out a chair for Finn, poured Finn a cup of tea, and abruptly left the room. Finn looked around him. "Nice place you got here" he commented. "Thanks, this is the dining room. We have formal parties once a week and everyone in the Kingdom comes" Finn chuckled at the thought of all these candy people drinking tea. There was a short, silence between them.

Princess Bubblegum handed him a plate full of sandwiches with a pinkish filling. "Try these sandwiches, they're delicious!" "Mmm, I love sandwiches!" Finn said and he took one. He took a bite, and his face scrunched up. "This is…a very interesting filling. What is it?" he asked, trying to swallow the part of the sandwich he bit off. Princess Bubblegum grinned. "It's candy filling, silly! It's very sweet and also has some fruit in it. Isn't it tasty?" she said, taking a sandwich and biting it. Finn slowly put down the sandwich and swallowed with much difficulty. "It's a very odd filling, but it's good" he said politely. Another awkward silence occurred between the two.

"So," Finn began, leaning forward. "Why did you call me here?" "Oh, right!" Princess Bubblegum said, and daintily put down her cup of tea so gently it didn't even make a sound as it hit the plate. Her brow furrowed. "Something terrible is about to happen in the Land of Ooo. And I need your help, Finn the Human." And she began to explain:

"You see, a few months ago we learned that the Kingdom of Evil, which we thought had disappeared after the war suddenly stopped, sent us a very important message" Princess Bubblegum took out her purse and got a letter. It had many stamps on it and had fancy handwriting. It also had what Finn thought was a mark of blood, instead of wax. Princess Bubblegum handed it to Finn, and Finn slowly opened it. He found a letter inside, and began to read.

"To the Princess of Ooo,

We, the people of the Kingdom of Evil, are planning to attack your land once more. We are not yet done with accomplishing our long time goal: to take over every land on Earth and beyond. Our rule in this land stopped because we had to mourn the death of our great leader, King Vaduz. But now that his son, Hairo, has assumed the throne, we are ready to take over every land once again. And if you think you can beat us, we have a secret weapon. Our secret weapon is nothing like you can imagine. We will meet with you on the 21st Day and the 15th hour of this year to discuss more on this issue.


Royal Spokesperson"

Finn's eyes grew wide. "Wow, those people from that Kingdom sure are boastful and proud!" he said as he put back the letter. Princess Bubblegum frowned. "I'm very worried. These people never joke around. Whatever their secret weapon is, I'm sure our army of combined kingdoms in this Land won't stand a chance"

Then she looked at Finn, hope brimming in her pretty eyes. "So that's why I decided to choose you, Finn the Human, as our fighter!" Finn nearly fell of his seat. "What? From what the letter says that weapon might just flatten me within a minute! Why me?" he said.

Princess Bubblegum smiled. "Remember when you saved me from the Ice King? I saw that you are a very strong, very brave young boy and I thought that you are absolutely perfect for the job" Finn felt uneasy. This might just be his biggest mission yet, but he didn't feel deserving of the honor. Princess Bubblegum looked at Finn straight in the eye. "Please, Finn. Please do it, not just for the Land of Ooo, but also for me" she leaned over and placed her dainty hand over Finn's own. The hair at the back of Finn's neck stood up, and he got goose bumps.

"Well, alright" Finn said. Princess Bubblegum's smile widened. "Great" she said. They picked up their cups of tea, "clinked" them, and drank. And for the first time, Finn liked the taste of tea.