Written for the I'm falling in love again challenge (Dominique/Teddy), 100 days of Inspiration (Day Four) and the Greenhouse Competition (Begonia) at the HPFF Forum :)

Many thanks to colorful swirls for the amazing beta work – thank you!

everyone thinks she is a mess, with her scarlet lipstick, puffing habits and aching bitterness but you know better.

(she isn't a mess)

roxanne is a mess, with her fake laughs and pretend smiles and the life of a joker, which she can't be.

lily is mess, with her heartbreaker attitude, which breaks her own heart more than the ones she (pretends) to break.

molly is a mess, with her perfect grades and prefect badge that she never wanted.

lucy is a mess, with her competitive zeal, which makes her lose more than win.

rose is a mess, with her good girl heart that is lusting for the bad boy, scorpius.

victoire is a mess, with her sweet smiles and dairy milk kisses that she gives to a married man every night.

you can see beneath each and every one of them and see their m-e-s-s and the m-e-s-s that they have caused.

but dominique, she isn't a mess.

she is complete, whole, passionate, and something utterly different.

she is a cinnamon and hazel and you just can't get enough of her cold talks and icy looks.

you wish she was actually a mess, so you could be her savior and make her whole again

but she isn't

despite what they think, dominique weasley isn't a mess

she is just herself.